The Grind as an Adult Club

Upon request, I decided to upload a simple edit that I did of The Grind club that comes with Late Night EP. I needed an adult (strip, to be exact) club for the story, and so I added the poles, and some blue lighting to it. You can also see it in chapters 6.2 and 6.3, but the lighting is edited in there, and stronger than it is in-game.

CC used: The Exotic Pole (here are the poses to use with it)

EP’s and SP’s used: Pets, Generations, Showtime, Late Night, Ambitions, Outdoor Living, Fast Lane.

Lot Size: 30×40 (like the original)


(.package, to be put in the Library folder)


(.sims3pack, to be put in the Downloads folder, and then installed via launcher)



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