Summary: generation 6

Note: This page contains spoilers if you haven’t read from the beginning. It is a length-of-usual-post page for you to catch up on my story.

Generation 6

Ronald “Ron” Rosenthal


Ron as a young adult


Ron on the family tree (up to generation 6)

Traits: Absent-Minded, Savvy Sculptor, Perfectionist, Athletic, Mean-Spirited

Lifetime wish: Perfect Mind, Perfect Body (working on it)


  • Great-great-great-grandparents: Madelyn Rosenthal †, Frederick Rosenthal †

  • Great-great-grandparents: Fidelio Rosenthal †, Grace Rosenthal (Sheldon) †

  • Great-grandparents: Gemma Rosenthal †, Seth Robinson †

  • Grandparents: Samien Robinson , Heather Knight

  • Parents: Hailey Nathifa Calloway (Rosenthal) , Reginald Calloway

  • Siblings: April Calloway †, Clinton Cavender (½), Rebecca Calloway

Generation 6 starts with Ron talking about his unique group of friends and how his girlfriend, Sharicka, left him, figuring out that first love never lasts. He also talks about his synesthesia (he sees people in colors; Clint in green, Shari in red and Becca in hot pink) and dyslexia. He’s now in Bridgeport with his half brother, Clinton, who has a scheduled meeting with his biological father.

When Ron and Clint visit Cedric, he argues with him, as he doesn’t let him take part in the talk. Eventually, he comes home and facetimes Shari, who shows him a drawing with a couple who looks like them on it. She gets mad and disconnects when he asks who the guy is. Then Clint comes home and acts weird. They finally agree to go out and Ron’s best friend wants to ‘let go of the tension’ and hook up with a girl. After visiting several clubs, they walk into the strip club. Ron is ashamed and doesn’t want to look up when two girls jump on the bar in front of their faces. Then he notices a tattoo on the girl’s leg. He doesn’t even have to look up to realize the girl is Becca.

Everything is explained in the next chapter where, after Becca and Clint argue in the club, the boys and her are invited to a man’s office. The man turns out to be the owner of the club as well as their great-grandfather (Heather’s father). He calls up security on both Ron and Clint and kicks them out when they don’t want to cooperate. Eventually, Becca, Clint and Ron meet up in the boys’ apartment few days later and she explains how she wants to inherit their great-grandfather’s clubs and then use the money to build her own laboratory as a marine biologist. The boys, however, don’t have any clear plans for the future. Becca and Clint also apologize to one another and he cries, realizing it’s a definite loss of her on his part. It’s a few months later that Ron, now living in Bridgeport with Clint and enjoying it, calls Shari on Facetime and hears the news of his mother being dead, which causes him to cry.

In the bonus Ron along with other closest friends attend Hailey’s funeral during which Frank gives a touching speech.

Ron decides to move out to Storybrook County where his dad bought him a house. He invites Shari over and quickly becomes aware of the ring on her finger. He is mad at Shari for getting engaged and decides her to cancel it. Eventually, Shari ends up crying and Ron insults both her and her mother, to which she replies that he can forget about her. Ron becomes aware of the weight of his mistake.

Few months later Ron discusses his favorite show with Clint who also convinces him to go to Shari’s wedding (they have exchanged apologies and she invited him). He regrets showing up but he meets Shari’s soon-to-be husband, John, step-sister Brittany and Clint’s girlfriend Emily. When it is revealed that there won’t be a traditional dance of the newlyweds, Ron suggest that Shari dances with him, knowing how she loves dance. She agrees without giving it a second thought.

Ron and Brittany are both invited to Shari’s house, where they are met by her, John and their puppy. She and her husband explain that his parents don’t approve of Shari and they basically eloped. The girl says it means a lot to her for Ron and John to like one another (but Ron makes a lot of mean remarks directed at her husband). Ron also notices Shari’s wearing a bracelet he gave to her when they were sixteen and she’s constantly playing with it. Eventually, Brittany leaves and Ron asks her to go to the bar with him to get to know one another, where they share a talk.

Shari invites Ron over and he is surprised to see she prepared two wine glasses for each of them. As she is done with hers, she asks for Ron’s, to which he responds with downing his. Then as Shari looks very miserable, Ron is trying to comfort her, but things take an unexpected turn and Shari starts making out with him, saying they have to tame the feeling. Ron tries to stop her, as she has a husband, but he’s feeling dizzy and quickly gives in. They spend that night together.

The next day Ron finds Shari in the bathroom and she confesses that she’s pregnant with John. They argue and then, as Shari calls Ron her biggest mistake, he finally leaves. At home he picks up a newspaper from which he finds out about Rebecca C. being murdered. Soon after his dad dies after reading the news and Ron is constantly crying at home. One day Brittany shows up and confides in him about her dark past (her mom committed a suicide). She promises that she’ll help him get over the loss, knowing what it’s like to feel absolutely alone in a difficult situation.

Ron and Brittany get along really well. They run together in the morning and eat Britt’s vegan dishes in the afternoon. When it gets colder, Brittany takes Ron to the gym and one day they end up kissing during an exercise Britt came up with. They quickly become a couple, but it’s a great shock for Ron when Britt confesses she’s expecting. Then, they share a talk, during which she tries to comfort him, and eventually arranges a meeting with her friends from studies, Christa, Rob and Allie. Ron attends it, but overreacts after Christa’s negative reaction to Britt’s pregnancy news.

It has been a few months and Ron and Britt move to a new house that was arranged by Britt who also tells Ron she’s expecting a girl. Finally, Ron decides to follow Britt’s advice to finally get out of the house and decides to attend a scultping class. He meets Shari there.

Ron is having it hard to concernate when attending his classes, because he is still attracted to Shari. Soon, they start working together on a project that could give them a chance to work with a furniture company. Meanwhile, Britt gives birth in a birthing pool, to their daughter Belinda, Bindie for short. When Shari and Ron finish their project, they get carried away, and have sex.

Ron now has a furniture company called ShaRon with Shari, whom she continues to have an affair with. At home, he is still with Britt, and their daughter is now a toddler. They are frequently visited by Britt’s friends, Christa and Rob, who ask them when they are getting married. Britt doesn’t want to because of her emotional trauma from childhood, and Ron is content with the life he has. When he and Shari get off for a business trip to Twinbrook, they share a serious talk, during which Shari expresses her doubt about the future of their relationship, and admits being scared.

Ron finally invites Clint over, but the whole meeting is very awkward, as not only are, along with Shari and Ron, Britt and John present there, but also Becca and their past is often mentioned, which hurts all Clint, Shari and Ron. Meanwhile, Shari’s son, James, and Bindie play together with Shari’s dog. When John decides it’s time to go, Ron proposes to Clint to go to a bar, but when Shari asks if she can go, too, John expresses concern. She admits to having migraines, and then leaves. Britt doesn’t want to let Ron go, but eventually does. Still, he notices her aura fading. When they are at a bar, Ron and Clint shares a talk, and Clint advices him to break up with Britt and be with Shari. Ron gets angry at Clint and leaves.