Summary: generation 5

Note: This page contains spoilers if you haven’t read from the beginning. It is a length-of-usual-post page for you to catch up on my story.

Generation 5

Hailey Nathifa “Hannah” Rosenthal

Hannah as a young adult


Hailey on the family tree (up to generation 5)

Traits: Social Butterfly, Slob, Virtuoso, Friendly, Couch Potato

Lifetime wish: Vocal Legend (fulfilled during the transition from gen 5 to 6)


  • Great-great-grandparents: Madelyn Rosenthal †, Frederick Rosenthal †

  • Great-grandparents: Fidelio Rosenthal †, Grace Rosenthal (Sheldon) †

  • Grandparents: Gemma Rosenthal †, Seth Robinson †

  • Parents: Samien Robinson , Heather Knight

  • Children: Clinton Cavender, Rebecca Calloway , Ronald Rosenthal

Generation 5 starts with Hailey’s visit to a psychiatrist after her father got a life sentence and she ends it knowing what she should do. She decides to break things up with Cedric and makes amends with Frank who agrees to move out with her to Starlight Shores since he will study law there.

Hailey says to goodbye to her grandmother, whom she figured out she no longer hates, and Rosie who now lives with them. Rosie warns her not to get herself knocked up to which she laughs. As she arrives, Frank doesn’t want to meet the neighbors with her, so she meets Lanya and her twin sister Lydia alone and they go to the Summer Festival. After a hot-dog eating contest Hailey continuously pukes. When she comes home, she does a pregnancy test and it turns out positive.

Hailey and Frank share a long talk and it is decided that he will raise his step-sibling.

Hailey and Frank fall into a routine. She’s lazy and doesn’t do much during her days except for leaving mess all around her, watching TV, composing music and playing the guitar in the park. Hannah’s excited when she starts showing. One day she comes home after playing the guitar in the park and finds Frank making out on the sofa with a guy she doesn’t know. He turns out to be his boyfriend Waylon and Hannah is happy about them wanting to raise her child together. They soon get engaged and Hailey gives birth to a baby boy named Clinton. She writes Frank’s name on the birth certificate as his father. She feels as if she’s third-wheeling when Waylon moves in and he and Frank are so affectionate with each other and the baby. She runs low on self-esteem because of her weight, but eventually goes out to play the guitar. She also schedules her first gig at Mick’s Master Karaoke.

The performances goes well, although Hailey is distracted by a guy who walks in during the show. She eventually introduces herself and gives him her phone number, while his friends make fun of her. She then heads back home and Waylon tells her Reginald “Fast-Track Reggie” Calloway is a famous racing driver, to which she feels embarrassed.

She then can’t forget about him and he never calls. Finally she sets out to Mick’s Master Karaoke, where she meets Reggie, who hands her a piece of paper with information about his friend, who’s a music producer. In the heat of the moment, she kisses him, but he soon leaves her, angry. She comes back home to Waylon and they talk it over with him not treating her very seriously.

Frank and Waylon finally marry and Frank is happy to have convinced his mother to come. One day Hailey gets an unexpected phone call from the hidden number. It turns out it’s Reggie and they meet. He says he would like to take baby steps in their relationship and she agrees, but after 3 months she realizes she can’t go along with it and after convincing Reggie to invite her to his house, they sleep together. He discovers her C-section scar, so she tells him about Clinton, and she notices the picture of his family on the wall and she finds out Reggie’s dead daughter, April, would be her age if she was alive.

Reggie visits Hailey and they talk about an article that revealed Hailey’s past and what her parents did. He’s very angry. She asks him to marry her to prove to the press that he doesn’t care and, although stunned at first, he eventually agrees. He then proposes to her a few months later when they are in the middle of wedding preparations. Their wedding is a very big ceremony with all of Hailey’s relatives and famous celebrities there.

In the next chapter Reggie and Hailey share a personal talk during the night, in which he tells her about Amanda and she confesses she’s pregnant with twins.

Some time later Hailey’s down because Reggie is so caught up in his work and she feels jealous. She gets into songwriting and releases her debut album, Family. Suddenly, she gets a phone call from Rosie, telling her her grandma, Gemma, has passed away. When Reggie comes home, she convinces him to have one twin with her maiden name and one with his surname. Then she performs at Mick’s Master karaoke and eventually bursts into tears as she performs a song called Family, touching on the subject of her growing up.

Hailey calls Frank and asks him whether she’s a good mother or not, they talk for a while and she realizes Waylon and Frank argue over the pride parade. She offers taking caring of Clinton so that they can go and Frank agrees, although his husband doesn’t. Hailey realizes Reggie arranged a party without her knowledge and locks herself up in a nursery with Clinton. She then meets Candace “Candy”, who’s also pregnant and they share a talk. In the evening Hailey, Reggie and Clinton watch the news and she realizes a knife-wielding man attacked the pride paraders. Worried about Frank, she goes into labor 2 months early, giving birth to Rebecca Calloway and Ronald Rosenthal.

Candy becomes Hailey’s very good friend and they spend their whole days together with her kids and Candy’s daughter, Sharicka. Meanwhile Hailey and Reggie are having troubles, as he’s only around for sex with her, leading her to make a list of theories as to why he’s behaving this way and to have suspicions of his alleged betrayal. She talks about it with Candy a lot, but eventually she snaps at her, bringing up her ex, Darryll, and Candy leaves in anger.

Hailey can’t sleep, so she wakes up Reggie and they talk, which results in him finally realizing he’s been a bad father. Then she visits Hailey and asks her to move in, to which she eventually agrees.

Seven years later Hailey meets up with Frank, who tells her about his father visiting him. It is decided they’ll tell the kids that they’re connected by blood when the twins are 18 and Clinton 21. Hailey enjoys being a mother and discovering how it affects her and is glad she has support in Reggie and Candy. The kids grow into their own personalities – absent-minded Ron, artistic Shari and intelligent Becca, which continues later on in their teen years, when it’s also the time when Becca gets a tattoo done.

Few years later, when the twins and Shari are teenagers, Hailey is miserable due to her constant sore throat, which also prevents her from singing. Candy and Reggie finally convince her to have a doctor appointment and she finds out she has voice box cancer and will have to have a surgery performed on her throat. As she exists out of the doctor’s office, she almost bumps into a nurse who tells her her husband is also in the hospital. She finds out he had a car accident and likely won’t be able to walk due to the severe spine injury.  They share a talk, during which Reggie shares his thoughts about wanting to die. When asked whom she’s trying to deceive, Hailey responds that she’s trying to deceive fate.

In the bonus, where the announcement to Clinton is made, it is revealed that he slept with Becca and that she has a crush on her. Becca herself ran away and she is nowhere to be found. Clint and Ron want to go in search of her.

In the epilogue, Hailey travels to Twinbrook, where she finds out that the psychiatrist, Mrs. Turner, is dead and she ends up in her old office, crying for what her life’s become. In the end, she voices the fact that she will never sing again.

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