Summary: generation 4

Note: This page contains spoilers if you haven’t read from the beginning. It is a length-of-usual-post page for you to catch up on my story.

Generation 4

Samien “Sam” Robinson


Sam as a young adult

Sam on the family tree (up to generation 4)

Traits: Diva, Can’t Stand Art, Adventurous, Disciplined, Evil

Lifetime wish: Martial Arts Master (fulfilled during his generation)


  • Great-grandparents: Madelyn Rosenthal †, Frederick Rosenthal †

  • Grandparents: Fidelio Rosenthal †, Grace Rosenthal (Sheldon) †

  • Parents: Gemma Rosenthal †, Seth Robinson †

  • Children: Hailey Nathifa Rosenthal †

  • Grandchildren: Clinton Cavender, Rebecca Calloway †, Ronald Rosenthal

Generation 4 starts with a description of Sam’s days in the boarding school that talks about his struggles with the fact that he’s bisexual and how he dumped everyone he was in a relationship with for his fame.

Sam shares his thoughts on life in his new obscure house. He enjoyed boarding school, but there wasn’t enough of martial arts. Through his life he figured out that there is something wrong with him- he doesn’t feel sorry when something bad happens to others and on the contrary- he’s happy in such a situation. Because of that he is determined to pretend to be someone he’s not.

Sam shows the the only house he was able to afford. Then he puts on his contacts, which he always wears since he hates the natural gray color of his eyes. During the job interview he gets a job in the police, which is supposed to help him gain people’s trust. He’s still short on money and develops a crush on his partner, Cedric Parsons.

Sam is on his shift with Cedric. Although Cedric is his complete opposite and a “good guy”, Sam can’t help his crush on him. When asked about his interests, he admits that he used to love martial arts, but can’t train now. Cedric has a training dummy in his home and invites him over. At his place, Sam eventually loses control over his emotions and tries to kiss him. Cedric pushes him off. Sam feels very akward at what his pride caused him to do.

Samresigns because he can’t stand working with Cedric. He wants a piece of clothing he can’t afford.While walking through the streets at night and smoking, he meets three guys from the Llama Corp Co. He decides to join the suspicous organization and it helps him get his revenge on Cedric, who gets fired, because he wasn’t good enough with catching the criminals. Sam feels great that he fulfilled his greed for both money and revenge.

Sam is in the same old story– he gets involved in many relationships. He is lonely and hires a butler called Heather Knight. He sleeps with her and is amazed at how good she is and how easily she agreed to sleep with him. He then, still in awe, proposes an open-ended relationship.After some time he decides to find out what her secret job is and finds her in the club making out with a stranger. After a quarrel, during which Sam slaps her across the face, Heather leaves his house. After that Sam finally realizes how she wrapped him around her finger and decides to drown his sorrows in alcohol and adopts a dog called Heather. One day he faints after too many drinks and someone catches him. The “savior is Sam’s first male romantic interest he dated in high school, Aaron. He drives him home and when Sam is back, he sleeps after the bender and is angry as he wakes up. He shaves his hair and gets a tattoo done- a sword symbolizing the fight going on inside of him.

Sam barely wants to do anything because of sloth- he still is rude to Aaron when he tries to contact him and ask about the reason of his drinking. He eventuallycomes to a conclusion that good night’s sleep is very important. In the end he gets a phone call from officer Parsons, which turns out to be Cedric, who wants to schedule a meeting with him. He’s scared.

During the meeting Sam finds out that Heather drowned, but she had given birth to his daughter before that. He is supposed to be taking care of the child and doesn’t want to believe that she’s his, but the test results taken before the birth show that the child is connected to his mother. He makes a phone call.

In the next part Sam visits his mother and grandfather that now live together. His mother is insane, but figures that his daughter can make their family great again. She compares him to Anthony, believing he should’ve been his son as he totally doesn’t take after Seth.  Child’s name given by Heather is Nathifa- a Simgyptian name, meaning “pure”, but it is decided to move it to her second name and she is named Hailey Nathifa Rosenthal.  Sam’s, finally having gotten rid of her, gets caught up in his work and taking care after his dog. He eventually decides that it’s not quite what he wanted out of life and convinces his boss that martial arts would be good, then sets off to China with his dog. He meets an interesting guy called Dequan there.

Then there is a bonus about Gemma and Dellie raising Sam’s daughter, who now has a nickname Hannah, and how it helps them heal from their bad experiences.

In China Sam a woman proposes Sam a martial arts training, but he deminishes her because of her gender. She tries to warn him about the other guy, but he does it anyway and the guy’s homophobic (references to Sam’s pink shirt). Sam learns that Adaeze (the woman) is lesbian and he admits being bisexual, Deq claims that he might be, too (he has never tried with boys before). Sam tries to kiss him in response, but Adaeze shouts that they can get arrested for showing affection publicly in China. Deq grabs Sam’s hand and they run to the bathroom, where they have sex. Sam ends up convinced that Deq lied to him.

Sam wakes up to Deq smoking. He starts coughing due to the smoke and Deq backs off. He takes Sam on the roof of the base camp, where he shows him his pink bunny toy and tells him about his childhood in the orphanage in Isla Paradiso and that he probably has African ancestors, that’s why he always wears bracelets. He says that this life has taught him how to lie. Then Sam tells him about his life, omitting many details. Then they head to the Academy, where they meet Adaeze with her girlfriend, Biyu. Sam tells her he wants the training after all and she tries to get him a dummy, but they are all occupied and the homophobic Shen doesn’t let go. Sam wants to fight him, but Adaeze stops him by proposing a sparring with her. She kicks his butt and then Sam hurts his hand because he picked the wooden board to break. After that he’s determined to break it and he manages to do it and gains a yellow belt.

After 4 months, he earns an orange belt and goes through a really thorough training- working out, breaking boards, sparings, training dummies and walking with books on his head. He’s also irritated because he’s attracted to Adaeze and even tries to talk her into having sex with him . Nonetheless, he’s happy taking photos with Deq, who has a journalist blog, and taking walks with Heather.

After 6 months Deq will leave to a new place because of his journalist job. He tries to give Sam advice to not be afraid of his sexuality and not overly manifest it. Sam gets angry and Deq leaves the same day. Then distracted at the training, Sam gets a meditation training. He spends 5 years meditating and having sparrings, all while still wearing a green belt. Heather’s still with him, but she’s getting old.

Then there is a bonus post about Hailey’s childhood and how she was musically educated. At the end her great-grandmother hangs herself and shortly after her great-grandfather dies, too.

Sam continues practicing with Adaeze and joins the tournament, in which he wins 5 sparrings. He isn’t allowed to fail a match or he will lose his rank. Adaeze tells him her story and he finds out she had a Simnese grandmother and grew up in Sunset Valley. She failed to prove that foreigners and members of the LGBT community can achieve the rank of the Great Master. Sam enjoys his fame and finds it to be better than being in a relationship. He also digs for ancient stuff and works as a con artist for money.

Sam and Adaeze tease each other and Sam admits he’d have preferred it if he had like only one gender and not both. Then the sparrings continue and Sam has to spar with Adaeze’s girlfriend, Biyu,when some woman acts weirdely toward Adaeze. It’s Wu Xio, who hates on her and Biyu’s relationship. Then Wu interrupts Sam’s another sparring and he almost loses. He has self-confidence issues and trains even more before he gets back into the torunament. Soon enough they have another quarrel with Adaeze when he finally manages to win a sparring and after his insults, she stops practicing with him. Sam is glad to be alone (his dog ran away and never came back) and practices on his own for another tour of the won sparrings.

Then there is a bonus, in which we find out that Gemma doesn’t let Hailey attend the baording school, her best friend she fakes a relationship with  is gay while she prefers older men. She also gets involved into a relationship with his father Cedric. In the end she dyes her hair tips blonde, as opposed to Gemma’s rules, and runs away to find her dad in China.

Sam finally earns the title after fighting the former Grand Master Deng Wang, and takes part in the celebration. Then he uses the gained money to buy himself a home. He’s frustrated when he realizes that his old addictions came back to his mind.

Sam is worried because it’s his 20th chapter and he is paranoid, afraid of something bad ahead. His daughter visits and convinces him to go home. Then he gives her the money so she can escape from Gemma when she wants to. As soon as he opens the door to his home, he sees Heather.

Then there is a bonus about Heather, which explains how she grew up as a prostitute and how she was the woman who Hailey wrote to on the support forums as a teenager.

Sam and Heather argue as Heather tries to make Sam realize some things. In the end, he strangles her.

Sam triumphantly stares at Heather for a long time, then packs the corpse into the rubbish bag and drags it with him at night, wanting to throw it into the lake, when he is interrupted by Cedric, who pretends to want to kiss him and then handcuffs him. Sam realizes how different other people’s sense of justice is to his.

In the end Sam gets a life sentence at 40 years. The diary is passed to his only child, Hailey Nathifa.

Find out more about Sam through his character tag and mood board.

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