Summary: generation 3

Note: This page contains spoilers if you haven’t read from the beginning. It is a length-of-usual-post page for you to catch up on my story. 

Generation 3

Gemma “Emmie” Rosenthal

Emmie as a young adult

Emmie on the family tree (up to generation 3)

Traits: Unflirty, Star Quality, Adventurer, Heavy Sleeper, Eccentric

Lifetime wish: Seasoned Traveler (fulfilled during her generation)


  • Grandparents: Madelyn Rosenthal †, Frederick Rosenthal †

  • Parents: Fidelio Rosenthal †, Grace Rosenthal †

  • Siblings: George Rosenthal †, Gilbert Rosenthal †

  • Husband: Seth Robinson †

  • Children: Samien Robinson †

  • Grandchild: Hailey Nathifa Rosenthal †

  • Great-grandchildren: Clinton Cavender, Rebecca Calloway †, Ronald Rosenthal

Generation 3 begins when Gemma visits the waterfall where her parents first kissed. She tells us her story- after having sex with Tony, he dumped her for her cousin Rosie. She is excited for the special Communication studies connected with traveling.On the last day before her trip Rachel, Raphael and Rosie visit her house and tell them that Eddie has escaped. Later Gemma has a dinner with her grandparents, parents and siblings. She eavesdrops the conversation, in which Grace admits having bipolar disorder.

On the first day of her trip to Egypt, Gemma meets five new people she will spend her studies with- pilot and professor, Jamiee Chester, tomboy lesbian girl- Bobbie Westfall, bisexual Charlotte Mulligan (both from intolerant societes), son of farmer- Dennis McCarthy and Seth Robinson, who is the one she most gets along with. Seth was adopted by a couple from Twinbrook (he orginiates from Egypt), he doesn’t speak Simgyptian and is named after a god of disorder and violence. The name was the last will of his biological mother who died after giving birth to him while his father had died of cancer a few months before. Gemma feels attracted to him, although she neglects it.

During Gemma’s stay in Egypt Bobbie and Charlotte get together and she continues her friendship with Seth while getting a grasp of local culture (snake charming, learning songs, talking to locals). Her mood worsens when she receives a message from Rosie telling her that she’s married and pregnant with Tony. She realises she will soon be going to The City of Love as a single.

In France Gemma still can’t get over the message she got from her cousin. Bobbie is chosen as Gemma’s pair for the next 4 months. She writes to Rosie about how Gemma met a cute foreigner (Seth). Bobbie is also moaning at the idea of talking to locals while Gemma’s quite enjoying it. The exploring continues with frogs legs (as vegetarian Bobbie vomits) and sightseeing. Drunken from nectar Bobbie reveals her real name as Barbara.Gemma discovers that she’s getting over Tony.

In China Gemma is all natural and feeling much better. She and Seth have a conversation and finally kiss. Later she talks to Jamiee about whether she should agree to Seth’s offer of travelling with him to Twinbrook. Her fortune cookie says she’s going to go to some sort of an exotic place. She hopes for her relationship to last.

During the last evening of her trip Gemma is by the fire pit with all of her colleagues. They share their plans. Bobbie and Charlotte are going to live in Isla Paradiso together. Dennis will stay at his farm. Gemma decides to call her dad and ask about an offfer of the travel to Twinbrook, to which he agrees. In the end they take a memorial photo with the help of Charlotte’s camera.

In Twinbrook and meets Seth’s parents- his mother- Kelly Robinson, who’s a valued firefighter and his father- Francis Robinson, who’s an interior decorator, their house is decorated with their sculptures and they are fans of her parents’ books. Seth feels down as his parents achieved so much while he only has booby prizes from football competitions. Gemma finally tells him the back story of her parents divorce and tragic death of her grandfather. He then proposes and she agrees, although worries about what she’ll do now.

At home Gemma, Seth and his parents meet her dad, who looks pretty miserable, her mom, who doesn’t leave the couch due to depression connected with her bipolar disorder and the death of her parents and the rest of the family- including Lisa and her cousin Raymond’s daughter Laura and Tony’s and Rosie’s Alice. Raphael is out on studies. She talks with everyone and buries the hatchet with Rosie. Then her dad takes her for a talk and explains his thoughts- Mariah Reddings told him that she is the daughter of Mr. Livingston, the policeman investigating the case of Ethan’s murder. He also thinks that Tony is Mariah’s son and trying to protect his family, he wants them all to move to Twinbrook. Gemma can’t believe that her dad really made such a decision.

Gemma moves to Twinbrook and lives with her dad and brothers. She finds her mother really hard and it makes her want to marry  more as an escape. Grace doesn’t attend her wedding, but Emmie invites Rosie. Gemma marries Seth and then moves in with him. They share a wedding night (Gemma still doesn’t really like sex) and some time later she finds out she’s pregnant. She still kept her maiden name Rosenthal, but wonders what will be with the child.

There is a burglar in their house, but everything ends well. She tells Seth about her pregnancy and he’s a bit disappointed that they won’t go on a honeymoon.Gemma motivates him in his trainings for the sport career. She also has a passion- inventing. In the end she gives birth to a boy named Samien (a name of Simgyptian origin after Seth suggested it- means “to be heard”) with Seth’s surname- Robinson. She found the pregnancy fascinating,  but labor was a struggle and so she decides she won’t have any more children.

Gemma tells Seth about her not wanting to have a larger family. He’s okay with it, although warns her that his parents probably won’t be. Samien is  a smart toddler, but Gemma, who argues with Seth about whether or not he should be called Sam in short, finds it concerning that he laughs at their quarrels. The inventing brings her to making a dog toy. It makes her feel worthless and disappointed, when suddenly someone rings at the door. It’s Rosie and they have a talk while her son doesn’t want to share his dog toy with his cousin Alice. Later Rosie helps Gemma get a makeover and suggests that she started a business with toys.  She thinks it’s ridiculous. Gemma continues working on toys and selling them to the consignment store, but gets lost in her dreams of becoming famous and neglects her family. When she finally realizes what she’s done, she tries her best to support her son, getting him everything he wants. Seth isn’t so sure about this and tells her that they’ve been called to a principal’s office of Sam’s school. She can’t believe that her son is the bully until she sees him attacking the other boy. She’s devastated.

After a few more years with no one having the ability to straighten Sam, Gemma- with Seth’s suggestion- and her husband make a decision to send him out to a boarding school. When she enters Facebook, she discovers a message from Bobbie and a reunion between the old mates from studies is planned. Sam goes with his parents and he’s really bored until he discovers his passion for martial arts. When Sam leaves home, Gemma is constantly worried and cleans a lot to feel more at ease. She and Seth have their birthdays to adults and some time later it appears that she forgot about their anniversary. Seth isn’t mad and he bought the tickets to Maldives for them. They have a really great time and Gemma feels her feelings for her husband getting stronger. At home she learns to live without Sam and her life finally seems okay- she gets recognition in Twinbrook as an inventor and it’s all good between her and Seth and decides to get a tattoo done- a golden star symbolizing her chase for fame and how devastating a result it could have had on her family. She is happy for once.

Gemma gets into gardening- she plants  tomatoes in front of her house. The hobby makes her neglect her parents until she gets a phone call from her brother George, who asks her to visit their mother and help her out. Gemma finds out that Grace lives in a big pink house, has pink hair and believes she’s happy. She has no idea how to stop her mom and worries that her mental disorder may make her do something similar in the future. Then she visits her dad, who warns her about something bad happening to her- he has such a feeling. She finally leaves, wondering what it is all about.

Gemma almost doesn’t feel strong enough to write. She describes the chain of decisions (including Seth leaving on a match without her and Rosie leaving for a meet up with her followers as a personal trainer). Anthony visits her and she lets him inside. It ends with a rape.

Gemma cries all the time and reads support forums on the topic of rape. When Seth comes home, she decides to tell him everything. He is very angry and wants to come for Anthony, but Gemma tries to stop him since there is a storm outside. He eventually dies by electrocution when a lightning strikes him directly.

Gemma feels really bad because she had a miscarriage. She also drives to Aurora Skies to the waterfall spot, where ends her diary with some conclusions- everything was set up in China, when Seth got the prophecy “don’t let a dragon enter your garden with tomatoes”, the dragon being either Anthony or a lightning. Seth’s name comes from a god of storms and deserts, which makes sense for the cause of his death. Analyzing other diaries brings Gemma to a conclusion that there might be some sort of a curse that is passed on to each of the heirs in their family. She hesitates, but finally passes the diary to her only child, Samien.

Find out more about Gemma through her and Rosie’s character tags.

9 thoughts on “Summary: generation 3”

  1. Oh my… your story truly has been a wild rollercoaster of drama and tragedy! I really like the summaries, I remember everything that happened now, but I’ll still go and read the chapters later 🙂 Is it okay if I make summary pages on my blog like yours? They were very helpful reminders and I’m sure that my readers will need a recap of everything that happened before I post the next chapter (after over a year… sigh).

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    1. Yes, it’s been a mess, I’m sure of it. I am glad it helped you remember everything, they were nice to make and I always reminded everything to myself. I kind of got that idea from Kymber, so I guess you should ask her first? Haha, anyway, go on. I think it’s a great way for everyone to remember more details.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Another nice summary! I found the connection between the origin and meaning of Seth’s name and the cause of his death very interesting.

    P.S. I don’t want to be correcting your own summary but I believe that in the last paragraph where you reference the message on Seth’s paper from the fortune cookie you meant ‘tomatoes’ and not ‘potatoes’ 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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