Summary: generation 2

Note: This page contains spoilers if you haven’t read from the beginning. It is a length-of-usual-post page for you to catch up on my story. 

Generation 2

Fidelio “Dellie” Rosenthal


Dellie as a young adult


Dellie on the family tree (up to generation 3)

Traits: Artistic, Bookworm, Loner, Light Sleeper, Nurturing

Lifetime wish: Professional Author (fulfilled during his generation)


  • Parents: Madelyn Rosenthal †, Frederick Rosenthal †

  • Siblings: Edward Rosenthal †

  • Ex-wife: Grace Rosenthal (Sheldon) †

  • Children: Gemma Rosenthal †, George Rosenthal †, Gilbert Rosenthal †

  • Son-in-law: Seth Robinson †

  • Daughter-in-law: Mildred Rosenthal (Helgason) †

  • Grandchildren: Mark Rosenthal, Mason Rosenthal, Samien Robinson †

  • Great-grandchild: Hailey Nathifa Rosenthal †

  • Great-great-grandchildren: Clinton Cavender, Rebecca Calloway †, Ronald Rosenthal

Generation 2 begins with Fidelio being not sure how he can write about himself while not being just another of the book characters. He feels really confused about what he has learned about his father, too. Dellie finds himself in the middle of the whole thing – he is the one to help his family – broken mother and brother- stand again.

During the funeral he explors the cemetery on his own and is amazed at the fresh flowers on Ethan’s grave while mom was all the way with him. Eddie comes to him and asks what he was doing with his father’s grave. Later they have a talk and it turns out that his brother knew from the age of eleven when he stole mom’s diary and read it in the form in which it was then. He only knew part of the truth- that his real father was murdered, though. He didn’t know anything more. Dellie admits to him that he got into the university that he applied to. But Eddie has some other news, which he later tells to their mom as well. He went into a club and made a girl pregnant. Later Dellie has a talk with Maddie and lies to her about not getting into the university. He decides that his family’s stability is more important- he decides he will live with mom and support her.

Soon after Fidelio’s peaceful reading is interrupted by his mom arguing downstairs. It turns out that the policeman (Mr. Livingston), who was digging in Freddie’s case, had the audacity to come there and act rudely and hurtfully towards his mom, who can’t stand it and kicks him out. Later he promises he won’t tell Eddie the truth. Maddie tells him her plans about the move. Dellie wonders by whose side he would be standing in the whole case if it ever comes to this.

Soon after Eddie introduces his girlfriend, Rachel, to a family. It’s the girl that’s pregnant with him. He then decides to propose to her and she accepts. It is decided that they will all move out when Rachel gives birth. Dellie starts working as a babysitter and despite some trouble, he really enjoys children’s company. Few months later little Raymond (Ray) is born and the family moves in to Aurora Skies. Eddie and Dellie decide it is high time they gave up the mourning.

Rachel and Eddie soon tie the knot while Mariah Reddings, a principal of prestigious Nature and Nurture Learning Academy sends an interesting job offer to Fidelio. Dellie decides to attend the meeting and Ms. Reddings makes up a special learning program for him, so he doesn’t have to go on studies. She feels for him as she, herself, had a child and had to put him up for adoption, so that she could pursue her dreams and career. While looking for Simlish books in the library (for the learning program) Dellie meets a girl, who is a huge fan of Gone with the Wind and has a slightly quirky personality. She gives him the crossword from literature, in which her name is the password and offers a meeting.

Grace and Dellie enjoy a date (even though Grace is acting weirdely with asking if he likes her boobs), which ends up with a kiss. They are developing a one year relationship and meanwhile Madelyn ages up to an elderly lady (Fidelio gives her a cat-Twilight-on her birthday). Dellie finally finds happiness, being surrounded by his beloved ones. It doesn’t take him long to propose and marry Grace- in spite of getting not quite positive feedback from his mother and brother.

Soon after Grace and Fidelio move out and it turns out that she is pregnant. They pay a visit to Eddie and Rachel, but his brother can’t stand it anymore and bursts out with his two boys- Raymond and Raphael- around. People from Eddie’s job don’t think he is reliable and won’t give him promotion while he has two children and one in a way. He is jealous of his brother always having it easy. Dellie makes a promise to himself that he will do his best to help Eddie out. Soon after he persuades Ms. Reddings to support Eddie, who is really grateful.

Rachel gives birth to a baby Roselyn while Gracie- Fidelio now calls her that- to a baby Gemma. Fidelio is really happy having his own children, but it’s not the end. Gracie is pregnant again and it makes her easily irritated- she makes an affair when Fidelio gets home later than usual and reminds him the rules of her household which absolutely prohibid lying of any kind. Dellie loves his now toddler girl, Gemma, and baby George, but another one is again on the way- little Gilbert is born soon after.

Grace and Dellie, now as the adults, present their children to their parents. While Gracie is still on bad terms with her mom, Dellie is worried as his mom starts talking nonsense about meeting the ghosts of Freddie and Ethan. Afterwards they follow Maddie’s advice to arrange a meeting for the cousins- especially her favorite Rosie, who looks so much like Annie-the girl she never got to have. In overall, the meeting goes well as Dellie’s children and Rosie play with the block table while older kids and adults discuss. Emmie and Rosie decide to become friends and when they age up to children, they fulfill the promise as BFFs. Dellie is only worried about Gracie, who tries risky clothes to bring her youth back, but she gives it up in the end.

Girls’ friendship develop and Dellie buys Emmie earrings, so she could have them just like Rosie did. Gracie is not happy with them and they argue. She accuses him of neglecting the other kids. After some thoughts, Dellie admits to himself that it happened because of his mom always wanting the girl and then his urge to make Gemma the best granddaughter possible. He promises to himself that he will focus more on the boys, especially when George is a child now.

Maddie’s ghosts visions continue and the ghosts seem to be negative about  the future of Gracie and Dellie’s relationship. Meanwhile Emmie ages up into a teenager and feels bad about not being admired by all the boys as Rosie is. She would use her popularity to dump them, then. Dellie really doesn’t like her ideas. Time passes and Emmie begins using eavesdropping as a way of figuring out the family secrets that are kept away from her. She tricks her brothers into badgering Dellie about having a meeting with their grandmother in hope that it will clear things out for her. Her dad doesn’t agree and she later eavesdrops his conversations with Eddie- Dellie is talking him into visiting mom more often, also noticing that Eddie has really matured. It appears that the ghosts are also negative about the relationship of the two brothers. Gemma promises to herself that someday she will figure out the whole case.

During Fidelio’s visit at his mom’s she insists that he told the truth about Freddie’s death to everyone, but he is mad that she wouldn’t do it herself. Maddie says that he would find out anyway and Eddie walks into the room, both angry and sad. After his mom shows him the letter and him reading it, he tores in pieces the only thing Maddie has had left after her husband. Dellie comes home and finds his older children discussing flirting- George says that Emmie is heartbroken because of some Tony. He asks them to leave and tells Gracie the truth. She says that their relationship wouldn’t work out and that she would give him her decision about the divorce the next day. Dellie feels as if he already knows her answer.

During the night both he-on the sofa- and Grace-in their bed-have difficulty sleeeping. Dellie hears his wife crying. The next day she tells him that she wants a divorce, then she shares of all which she’s learned with the kids that can hardly believe it. Some time later Dellie finds out that his mother passsed away a few hours after his and Eddie’s visit, leaving a note saying: “to the next generations: pass on the truth”. It appears that the cause of her death was old age. Dellie visits her grave and puts flowers on her, Ethan’s and Freddie’s grave. Only Freddie now has one flower- apparently Eddie couldn’t forgive him. When it comes to the divorce trial, Grace gets custody of both George and Gilbert and only Gemma, as an adult, decides to stay with her father. Dellie then decides to go to his boss, Mariah Reddings, and resign. She gets really angry and it turns out that she has loved him all the time, but Dellie neglects her and leaves, wondering when he lost his compassionate nature.

Dellie finishes his story by summarizing all the past entries. He feels optimistic about living the happier lives of the characters in his upcoming books. The torch is passed to his oldest child, Gemma.

Find out more about Dellie and Grace through their character tags.

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  1. As I read through the summary I could see the pictures from the chapters… So much happened in this generation. This sums up everything that happened pretty well. I’d suggest to anyone to read the full story, though. It’s a roller-coaster ride filled with emotion and omnious forebodings 🙂

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