Summary: generation 1

6 thoughts on “Summary: generation 1”

  1. A summary page is such a genius idea, I want to read your newest posts as you publish them and this shall help me catch up 🙂 Maddie is a really pretty sim and she has definitely faced some hardships.

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    1. Thank you so much. I tend to get overboard with the long summaries. Maddie was created with custom eyes, hair and skin, I only had base game installed at the time. I have generation 3 summary as well, I realized I forgot to put the link up on my summary page.

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      1. Yeah I remember my base game sims were so basic but yours still managed to look so pretty ☺️ I read the summaries for gen one and two, I plan to actually read all the chapters of three since it’s the one you are updating now~

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      2. Have fun with it. I had the base game installed, because I was scared that my computer wouldn’t run all of the EPs, though I am now playing with everything I have and it runs pretty well. Thank so much for giving my story a go! 🙂

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