Summary: generation 1

Note: This page contains spoilers if you haven’t read from the beginning. It is a length-of-usual-post page for you to catch up on my story. 

Generation 1

Madelyn “Maddie” Rosenthal

Madelyn as a young adult


Madelyn on the family tree (up to generation 2)

Traits: Commitment Issues (which was later swapped to Bookworm), Loves the Outdoors, Workaholic, Perfectionist, Ambitious

Lifetime wish: Dynamic DNA Profiler (fulfilled during generation 2)


  • Husband: Frederick Rosenthal †

  • Ex-boyfriend: Ethan Berger †

  • Children: Edward Rosenthal †, Fidelio Rosenthal †

  • Daughters-in-law: Rachel Rosenthal (Witt) †, Grace Rosenthal (Sheldon) †

  • Grandchildren: Raymond Rosenthal †, Raphael Rosenthal †, Roselyn Mitchell (Rosenthal) †, Gemma Rosenthal †, George Rosenthal †, Gilbert Rosenthal †

  • Great-grandchildren: Laura Rosenthal, Logan Rosenthal †, Lincoln Rosenthal, Alice Mitchell †, Alexander Mitchell, Mark Rosenthal, Mason Rosenthal, Samien Robinson

  • Great-great-grandchild: Hailey Nathifa Rosenthal

  • Great-great-great-grandchildren: Clinton Cavender, Rebecca Calloway †, Ronald Rosenthal

The story begins with Madelyn Rosenthal arriving to Sunset Valley. She is a tall blonde with large breasts and one could think she is perfect. But Madelyn carries a bunch of hard experiences. She came here in hope of getting into some open-ended relationship, in which she can forget about the past.
Madelyn meets Ethan and they become a couple. Even though she tries to signal him what her desires are, he falls for her and then proposes to a woman. Madelyn laughs at him and declines. They stay apart for a few days until Ethan comes after figuring out she must have had someone that broke her heart before. She can’t stand it anymore and tells him her story – she and Freddie were close friends since he moved in to the neighborhood when they were children (they called themselves the Maddie and Freddie team), so it was no surprise they became a couple and married. Madelyn and Freddie had problems with infertility, though. Freddie, as a family oriented person, one day broke and kicked his wife out. That’s how Maddie appeared in Sunset Valley. She doesn’t tell Ethan that they’ve never divorced.
One day Ethan has a day off and Maddie has to go to her work as a policewoman. When she comes back, she faints out of sudden. She wakes up to see her only other friend than Ethan, Erin Kennedy, who’s her next door neighbor,with a concerned expression. Maddie finds Ethan’s body covered with blood and realizes he’s dead. She later kicks out the policemen reporting the case to spend some time alone and cry. Later Maddie puts a flower on his grave and spend weeks in her home.
One time she opens the door to see an unexpected guest- it’s her husband, Frederick. He comes to apologize and in hope she can forgive him and start afresh. Freddie shares the news with her – there was a mistake in a test and neither of them is infertile. Maddie cannot stand the pressure and vomits. She eventually agrees as she never stopped loving him.
Freddie and Maddie move in together, but it quickly turns out that the test results really were wrong- Maddie is pregnant with Ethan. Freddie agrees to raise the child with her.

Edward “Eddie” Rosenthal welcomes the world and his mother quickly finds out she carries another child, yet problems arise and she has a miscarriage. After having to use prevention, the couple eventually tries for a baby and they are blessed with another pregnancy. This time the woman gives birth to a healthy baby boy- Fidelio.
Maddie soon realizes being the only girl in the household isn’t all roses. Throughout the years Eddie is becoming more and more problematic- as a child he proposes to a girl and as a teenager he is a heartbreaker. Freddie, on the other hand, constantly changes his profession. The two of them develop a strong bond and he seems to be the only one truly understanding him. Meanwhile Fidelio is a quiet child, who isolates from his classmates. Maddie decides to become his friend and gives him a nickname- “Dellie”. When she is worried about her oldest son’s behavior, she talks it over with her very mature youngest- Dellie believes Eddie wants to fill a gap in his heart, but he has no idea why. Talking to him doesn’t leave her with much. On Dellie’s transition to a teenager Eddie gives him a mysterious sheet of paper, but Maddie doesn’t figure what it is. As teenagers boys develop their passions- Dellie is artistic and interested in painting and writing while Eddie is more into science- computers, handiness and Maths. When Eddie becomes a young adult, Maddie, Freddie and Dellie buy a car for him. He disappoints his parents when he refuses to go on medical studies. Soon after everyone is amazed when he actually gets the job. Meanwhile Maddie finally decides to do something for herself and starts working out. It comes in handy as a stress relief when Freddie starts acting strangely and doesn’t want to tell what’s going on. She doesn’t know what to think when he later buys tickets to Paris for them.

The day of their trip Maddie wakes up much later than usual. She walks around the house in search of her husband. It turns out that he lies on the floor of their bathroom. It doesn’t take her long to realize he has committed a suicide by overdosing the pills combined with alcohol. From the letter hidden in his pocket Maddie learns the whole truth- Freddie, as a policeman of high rank, was stalking her while in Sunset Valley. He found out that Ethan was cheating on her with Erin Kennedy and when he came to talk to him, he had evidence- the gun-which he took from his work. Freddie couldn’t control his emotions and shot Ethan. He escaped when Erin Kennedy walked into the house willing to end the thing with him. And when she later called the police, Freddie arranged the case to be taken only by him and faked someone into killing Ethan. He would have gotten away with if not for a young policeman who started digging into the case. To escape the prison and not get his family into it, Freddie decides to kill himself.
Maddie is broken. Once again in her life she has to be strong, when it’s almost impossible. She arranges it for everyone to believe that Freddie died of a heart attack .
In the epilogue devastated Madelyn admits no strength to write anymore. She has lived her life the way she believed was right and if she had a chance to live it again, she wouldn’t. She would never do it again.
The night of Freddie’s death, Fidelio finds his mother’s journal under his pillow. Maddie chooses him as an heir of generation 2.

Find out more about Maddie through her character tag and mood board.

6 thoughts on “Summary: generation 1”

  1. A summary page is such a genius idea, I want to read your newest posts as you publish them and this shall help me catch up 🙂 Maddie is a really pretty sim and she has definitely faced some hardships.

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    1. Thank you so much. I tend to get overboard with the long summaries. Maddie was created with custom eyes, hair and skin, I only had base game installed at the time. I have generation 3 summary as well, I realized I forgot to put the link up on my summary page.

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      1. Yeah I remember my base game sims were so basic but yours still managed to look so pretty ☺️ I read the summaries for gen one and two, I plan to actually read all the chapters of three since it’s the one you are updating now~

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Have fun with it. I had the base game installed, because I was scared that my computer wouldn’t run all of the EPs, though I am now playing with everything I have and it runs pretty well. Thank so much for giving my story a go! 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

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