Bonus Post: Goodbye, Hailey

Hailey's funeral.


Inspirations For My Story Throughout Generations

Warning: Contains a lot of SPOILERS if you're not caught up. Hello! Well, it’s a day before my birthday when I finally found the time to prepare something I’d want to share on that day.  So when you're reading this, it's my birthday already, happy birthday to me! This post will probably not be that… Continue reading Inspirations For My Story Throughout Generations


Generation 6: Introduction

Introduction to generation 6, just to make things clearer before the prologue.


Couple Bed Pose Dump

Hello! I’m just so proud that I finally got this done that I decided to spam your readers twice. Finally! I feel so relieved that I got to finish them. I hope you enjoy! These are bed conversation poses (with a few romantic ones), because I feel like there are never enough of them for storytelling purposes. Enjoy! ♥

Jowita's Poses

Hello, guys! Welcome back!

This project dates back to July 31st, so it’s taken me nearly a month, but it feels like so much longer than that. What is this, you ask, smarter ones will then look at the name of this post. 😛 Yes, these are bed poses – mostly conversation stuff with some more romantic ones in between. I based all of these poses on a YouTube video. You can watch it here if you’re interested. It features a cute gay couple whom I love watching and it’s admittedly pretty silly, but since most of this video is conversing on the bed, I thought it’d be fun if I used it for reference, so I first screenshoted this video, ending up with 37 pictures and then I got into Blender, started working on a male ring, appended another male rig and a double bed, and here is the…

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