My Marina Diamandis

If you are my long-time reader, you probably now I am a great fan of a female singer named Marina Lambrini Diamandis, known professionally as Marina and the Diamonds. Well, guess what? I decided to create her in my Sims 3 game. Here is the result!

Firstly, my take on 2012’s How To Be a Heartbreaker from Electra Heart era (I could have picked a better hairstyle, but too late). It’s from a fun video with half-naked boy models, lol. Don’t think I only know and love her mainstream songs, yet it was my inspiration here.





And from Lollapalooza (the dreamy outfit from Brazil created by gramsims):



And the cherry(you can find her outfit from there on gramsims, too):



It was such  fun, but remember the credits go to Zodapop, Newsea, gramsims, S-club, pixelswirl, Cazy and liegt, not me.

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