Here is a list of all non-story posts and pages that I have made so far and links to some extra content.

Family Tree (on familyecho)

Family Graveyard

Interview about my writing (on RosemaryMarie’s blog)

Awards (contains a list of all awards this blog has received so far with the links to the award acceptance posts)

Character Challenges (links to the posts, in which some of my characters respond to questions that are supposed to help you get to know them better – Original Character tag, mood boards and Gender Bend challenge)

Celebrating my 1 year anniversary (a video that commemorates my first year on wordpress)

Celebrating my 2nd blogiversary! – Alternative Universes (a bonus for my 2nd anniversary)

100th post special(trivia quiz on the story)

Pride Month 🌈

Favorite blogs (a list of the blogs I follow)

Bloopers (funny scenes that didn’t make it into the story)

Ethan’s story by liesemietze(alternative life of Ethan from generation 1)

My Marina Diamandis (my sim version of the singer Marina and the Diamonds)

Tips for taking photos (tips for taking nice photos for beginners)

Tutorial: how to recategorize your CC

About my endings (why my endings are so unfortunate and why it can’t be the other way)

Who are followers?(who followers are to me)



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