Ethan’s Story by liesemietze

SPOILERS: up to the end of generation 1.

I have a German friend, her name is Doris and I met her on the official TS3 site. I consider her sims very impressing, especially the male ones, and she’s also the reader of my story. You can find her long and detailed comments under the nickname of liesemietze. They always are very enjoyable to read, I love the insight and I appreciate them so much. And Ethan is one of her favorite characters, because, as you know if you have read from the beginning, Ethan has been killed by Freddie in the 4th chapter.

Some time ago I was talking things over with her and she said that she’d like to give Ethan a second chance in her game. And you know what? She downloaded him and after a slight makeover, he looks stunning. What’s more, Ethan is now called Ethan Szymański, because his original surname was Berger, which sounded very German to her while Szymański is a Polish surname. And now Ethan is his own grandson- a grandson of Ethan Berger. Didn’t she plan it extremely wisely?

For the readers out there, Doris agreed to take some pics, I could post in here to show you how Ethan is handling his second life. If only Eddie could see that 🙂

Aren’t the pics just so beautiful? I’m tickled pink she chose to play with my sim. I know some of you felt very sorry about Ethan, so it’s nice that he can actually get a life now.

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