Chapters: generation 6

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Generation 6

Ronald “Ron” Rosenthal


Traits: Absent-Minded, Savvy Sculptor, Perfectionist, Athletic, Mean-Spirited

Lifetime wish: Perfect Mind, Perfect Body (working on it)

Generation 6: Introduction


Chapter 6.1: Not Ruining My Day

Chapter 6.2: Totally Ruining My Day

Chapter 6.3: Two Generations Back

Chapter 6.4: Plans for the Future

Chapter 6.5: A Definite Loss of Hope

Bonus Post: Goodbye, Hailey

Chapter 6.6: Unforgettable

Chapter 6.7: Not My Tiny Dancer

Chapter 6.8: The Bracelet

Chapter 6.9: Taming the Feeling

Chapter 6.10: Two Times the News

Bonus Post: The News

Chapter 6.11: A Ray Of Hope

Chapter 6.12: Sunshine

Chapter 6.13: Unforgettable pt.2?