Chapters: generation 4

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Generation 4

Samien “Sam” Robinson


Traits: Diva, Can’t Stand Art, Adventurous, Disciplined, Evil

Lifetime wish: Martial Arts Master (fulfilled during his generation)

Introduction: Samien’s Life in the Boarding School


Chapter 4.1 I Am…Broke, but not unemployed

Chapter 4.2 I Am…So Dumb–PRIDE

Chapter 4.3 I Am…Sure that the Revenge is Sweet–GREED

Chapter 4.4 I Am…Back to the Same Old Story–LUST

Chapter 4.5 I Am…Her Victim–ENVY

Chapter 4.6 I Am…Drinking till I see two Heathers–GLUTTONY

Chapter 4.7 I Am…In Need of a Change–WRATH

Chapter 4.8 I Am…Lazy & Screwed–SLOTH

Chapter 4.9 I Am…Grasping at Straws

Chapter 4.10 I Am…Happy with not being a Proud Father

Chapter 4.11 I Am…In for an Adventure

Bonus Post: Toddlerhood of Hailey Nathifa

Chapter 4.12 I Am…Sick of Homophobia

Chapter 4.13 I Am…A Teeny-Tiny Step Forward

Chapter 4.14 I Am…Not as Close

Chapter 4.15 I Am…Halfway There

Bonus Post: Childhood of Hailey Nathifa

Chapter 4.16 I Am…Sparing my Life for a Sparring

Chapter 4.17 I Am…Not so Sure about it

Chapter 4.18 I Am…Closer than Ever

Bonus Post: Teenagehood of Hailey Nathifa

Chapter 4.19 I Am…the Grand Master!

Chapter 4.20 I Am…Doubtful (and still a father)

Bonus Post: A Good Fuck

Chapter 4.21 I Would…Never-do-it-again pt.1

Chapter 4.22 I Would…Never-do-it-again pt.2



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