Chapters: generation 3

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 Generation 3

Gemma “Emmie” Rosenthal

Traits: Unflirty, Star Quality, Adventurer, Heavy Sleeper, Eccentric

Lifetime wish: Seasoned Traveler (fulfilled during her generation)


Chapter 3.1 Run Away from Trouble

Chapter 3.2 Egypt pt.1: Not Only Beautiful Views

Chapter 3.3 Egypt pt.2: A Grasp of Culture

Chapter 3.4 France pt.1: Too Much Sadness or Too Much Fun?

Chapter 3.5 France pt.2: City of Love

Chapter 3.6 China pt.1: Wo ai ni

Chapter 3.7 China pt.2: Let My Fortune Be With Me

Chapter 3.8 Saying Goodbye (or not!)

Chapter 3.9 What Now?

Chapter 3.10 What Have I Really Missed?

Chapter 3.11 Still a Rosenthal

Chapter 3.12 New Inventions and a Baby

Chapter 3.13 Worthless

Chapter 3.14 Life isn’t all Ros(i)es (unless it is)

Chapter 3.15 All I Ever Wanted was the World

Chapter 3.16 Samien aka “To Be Heard”

Chapter 3.17 A Decision and a Reunion

Chapter 3.18 Our Belated Honeymoon

Chapter 3.19 Happy For Once

Chapter 3.20 Out of the Pink, into the Gray

Chapter 3.21 Never-do-it-again pt.1

Chapter 3.22 Never-do-it-again pt.2


Bonus Post: It’s Too Late

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