Chapters: generation 2

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 Generation 2

Fidelio “Dellie” Rosenthal


Traits: Artistic, Bookworm, Loner, Light Sleeper, Nurturing

Lifetime wish: Professional Author (fulfilled during his generation)


Chapter 2.1 Upside Down

Chapter 2.2 Finding Out

Chapter 2.3 Lies

Chapter 2.4 Whose Side am I Taking?

Chapter 2.5 Just in Time

Chapter 2.6 Call me Uncle Dellie

Chapter 2.7 Welcome to Aurora Skies

Chapter 2.8 A New Opportunity

Chapter 2.9 Written on the Pages

Chapter 2.10 The Date

Chapter 2.11 I’m Happy

Chapter 2.12 The Pure Kind We All Dream Of

Chapter 2.13 Things I Didn’t Know About

Chapter 2.14 Rosenthals welcome the Cousins

Chapter 2.15 My Very Own Children

Chapter 2.16 Meeting the Family

Chapter 2.17 Cousins meet the Cousins

Chapter 2.18 Who’s the Real Hypocrite?

Chapter 2.19 What does the Future Hold?

Chapter 2.20 The Family Secrets

Chapter 2.21 Never-do-it-again pt.1

Chapter 2.22 Never-do-it-again pt.2


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