Chapters: generation 1

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Generation 1

Madelyn “Maddie” Rosenthal


Traits: Commitment Issues (which was later swapped to Bookworm), Loves the Outdoors, Workaholic, Perfectionist, Ambitious

Lifetime wish: Dynamic DNA Profiler (fulfilled during generation 2)


Chapter 1.1 And His Name Was Ethan

Chapter 1.2 How It Went Way Too Far

Chapter 1.3 Game Made to Lose

Chapter 1.4 How Am I Supposed to Love Life?

Chapter 1.5 Throw Up Life

Chapter 1.6 Brand New Start (once again)

Chapter 1.7 Family Mode ON

Chapter 1.8 Can It Get Any Worse?

Chapter 1.9 Answered Prayers

Chapter 1.10 Life’s Lame

Chapter 1.11 Three Boys and a Girl

Chapter 1.12 Oh My Dellie

Chapter 1.13 Who is Edward Rosenthal?

Chapter 1.14 Something’s Wrong

Chapter 1.15 A Birthday of Dellie

Chapter 1.16 An Argument

Chapter 1.17 A Weekend for Ourselves

Chapter 1.18 An (Young) Adult Type Of Trouble

Chapter 1.19 To The Job With Your Socks Pulled Together

Chapter 1.20 What’s Up With Freddie?

Chapter 1.21 Never-do-it-again pt. 1

Chapter 1.22 Never-do-it-again pt.2


Bonus Post – Starting from scratch


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