Custom Content, Mods

Note: Every link opens in a new tab.

I don’t use custom content in every way possible, though I have (or had) some. These are the links to them. If there isn’t anything different, I won’t link anything (I skip repetitive parts).

I created all of my characters (except Twilight the cat and Suki/Heather the dog, as well as occasional cameos with characters from other stories), but I take no credit for things listed below.

1. Mods I have installed (please check out my guide to mods for more detailed information):

2. My Defaults:

3. Sliders:

Jonha (Base, Butt, Hip, Waist)  Hat Slider (only in chapter 2.11 and 3.11, then threw it), Facial Age Slider

4. Characters:

5. Lots:

6. Worlds

7. Genetics:

8. Poses (in order of appearance/ downloading):

9. Hair, clothes and others, sorted by chapters:

Tools I use:

Useful tutorials:

Cheats I use:

  • testingcheatsenabled true (you can make it automatic by Overwatch mod I linked above)
  • moveObjects on
  • hideheadlineeffects on (hides sims’ thoughts and crystals hanging above their heads)
  • moviemakercheatsenabled true (to make sims do EA animations when needed)
  • constrainFloorElevation true/false and setterrainoffset {value} for placing lots (see the tutorial here). I have a mod that allows me to type the abrevations of those cheats.

I guess that’s all. I hope someone finds it helpful.

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