While playing the game there were a few times when funny things happened. I decided to move them all to this bloopers page. I also made pingbacks below to the chapters where this stuff happened. Enjoy!

Freddie when his son caught him while playing tag.


Maddie as a perfect mother.


These creepy ponytails sometimes creep onto my males’ head when they have birthday.


This picture is of a really poor quality. That is because I took it when birthday alert for Eddie popped up and had to work on it somehow. But it’s still hilarious.


Gemma and Seth literally synchronized during the chapter when they first met.

I should probably change Story Progression’s settings, because Rachel and Raphael became explorers in my game. Excuse me, but please don’t randomly take out sims from my library.

Our little prince Sam got  a little off.

And as a teenager, too.

I was definitely not kidding you in the epilogue of generation 3. Look, even a Chinese man showed up while Gemma was planting tomatoes:

And here are some bloopers from the photo session for the blog’s new header image:

As you can see, Dellie is crying over his grandson. The real reason of his crying is because he’s a loner and surrounded by too many people, but hey, isn’t that hilarious?

Dellie: Oh no, and this disappointing daughter of mine again? Maddie: What are you talking about?!

Since when Gemma’s a taxi driver and driving her dad with the use of her taxi?

So Cedric’s wife in fact caught her husband red-handed while I was taking pictures. She didn’t seem to care much, but when I told them to stop posing and they became a hybrid, she sat on the airmchair and watched them carefully.

This is what happens when you are a reporter, who is also a handyman. Always have your wrench and your microphone on hand!

Hailey didn’t seem too fazed with her father’s outburst.

Gemma died some chapters before her actual death in my game, which happened near the end of Hailey’s gen. She literally died during her concert! A bit ironic considering she did have a special concert after her story death.

So this happens when you’re trying to be a child forever. A friendly warning to all those Peter Pans brought to you by Sharicka Dawkings.

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