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In this page so-called blogroll,  I would also like to feature a YouTube channel I especially like,  it’s run by my friend and you can visit her there –  ITenanyeI Niamh  and a complete love story of my friend Jack’s TS3 couple, be prepared for a nice dose of humor with Made For Each Other .

Blogs I like and follow:

More than one site by one author:

By audreyfld: Starting Over – Escape to Nowhere (complete) + New Beginnings

By bmitjessesue: Stories By Bee  + Poses By Bee

By heatherfeather19: Anything Is Possible + WAYFARE + The Lee Baby Boom

By sensationaltragedy: Bad Sims 3 Gameplay + A Heart Breaker’s Tale

By socallucyfan: Once Upon a Legacy + One Moore Legacy

By Violincat: Our Different Paths + Sims Stories of Violincat

Other stuff in alphabetical order:

Absolutely Cuckoo

A Twist In The Tale

AQ Stories


Eternally Yours

Faoiltearna Sims

Forever Darkness

GC Sims


Have I Got A Story For You!

Katie’s Sims

Loewe Legacy

Matthews’ Random Legacy

My Random Valentine

Noble Doubt

Not Just a Book Sims

Once Upon A Time Series

Pixelated Dreamz

Sempreviva’s Sims

Set Apart


The Clemonte Family Legacy

The Fairwood Legacy

The Grey Witches

The Hayes Legacy

The Hourglass Legacy

The Hunter Legacy

The Kingston Legacy

The Mayfields

The Musketeers

The Ordonez Legacy

The Quinn Family

The Ursine Legacy

The Windsor Legacy

The Wolfe Legacy

Through Parting Glass

twinsimskeletons- SOL & other sim stories

Winters Valley

You name it, I’ll pose it!

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