Couple Bed Pose Dump

Hello! I’m just so proud that I finally got this done that I decided to spam your readers twice. Finally! I feel so relieved that I got to finish them. I hope you enjoy! These are bed conversation poses (with a few romantic ones), because I feel like there are never enough of them for storytelling purposes. Enjoy! ♥

Jowita's Poses

Hello, guys! Welcome back!

This project dates back to July 31st, so it’s taken me nearly a month, but it feels like so much longer than that. What is this, you ask, smarter ones will then look at the name of this post. 😛 Yes, these are bed poses – mostly conversation stuff with some more romantic ones in between. I based all of these poses on a YouTube video. You can watch it here if you’re interested. It features a cute gay couple whom I love watching and it’s admittedly pretty silly, but since most of this video is conversing on the bed, I thought it’d be fun if I used it for reference, so I first screenshoted this video, ending up with 37 pictures and then I got into Blender, started working on a male ring, appended another male rig and a double bed, and here is the…

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