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    1. Thank you very much. I recently reorganized the menus so I could make a ton more pages for the stuff that I felt should have had the separate one instead of making it randomly to my chapters as side notes. And yes, I am a perfectionist. It hurts, lol.

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      1. The blog looks really great! I didn’t get the chance to see the old version, but this layout and organization feel so clean!

        I don’t like cluttered spaces, websites included. I’m a ‘perfectionist’ myself, but over the years I have understood that perfection is something we believe exists and try really hard to make everything perfect without realizing that it cannot be achieved, it can only be ‘immitated’. I know my writing isn’t perfect, I know I am not perfect either, but I do my best to make it so and that’s my idea of perfection. (It doesn’t hurt anymore this way as much as it used to when I was too hard in myself.)

        P.S. Try it, too! 😉

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      2. I am immediately discouraged to catch up on a site when it is badly organized and I’m having it hard to keep track of it. That’s why I want to keep my site as well organized as I can possibly can, so I don’t get lost in it and people don’t as well.
        Wow, very great idea of perfection. I need to try it out.

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      3. Oh, and by the way I am glad that my theme is so supportive when it comes to phones, because I’m on my phone most of the time and not all websites are easy to manage when you’re not on a computer.

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