About: The Blog

Neverdoitagain is a sim story blog (simlit) that is written in a similar to a legacy way, although it is not a legacy challenge and doesn’t follow its rules. Neither is it a game-driven blog. It may contain serious topics like suicide, violence, drugs, rape and a little bit of profanity (very rarely, but there is a lot of it in generation 4). I put up a warning in the beginning of each chapter that may contain such themes. It is written in a diary form and it’s told by the heir of each generation. Also, a fair warning: the writing at the beginning is a bit messy (due to it being my first story in English), it gets better as you go, though. Here you can read about my endings and why they have to be so unfortunate (does contain spoilers).

Here are the rules:

  • heir can be either a woman or a man, but there is a different sex every other generation
  • heir must be a young adult when she/ he starts adding to a diary with their prologue
  • heir is chosen by the author
  • because of  Sims ways of writing, diary/journal has both computer and notebook form
  • each heir has their own diary
  • heir’s main home must be built by the author
  • heirs’ lifetime wishes can be fulfilled either during their generations or during the following generations
  • traits of born-in-game characters are randomized (starting from gen. 3)
  • something bad happens in the end of each generation, which makes the heir carry the weight of their parent’s decisions; makes the heir say the never do it again phrase in the epilogue
  • each generation has a prologue, an epilogue, bonus post(s) that don’t follow the heir’s narrative, and consists of 22 chapters, in which chapters 21 and 22 are named by [gen.name].21 Never-do-it-again pt.1 and [gen.name].22 Never-do-it-again pt.2. <generation 4 additionally has an introduction and due to the nature of chapters’ naming, chapters 21 and 22 are slightly differently called>
  • chapter 20 of each generation contains a warning of something bad in the horizon
  • extra posts always appear on the blog on the author’s birthday (October 19th) and blog’s anniversary (May 20th), every one hundred posts and sometimes on other occasions, such as the need for showing things not from the heir’s perspective/ inaccessible for the heir. These occasionally appear, usually on Wednesdays.

Also a couple of first chapters have bad quality photos due to moving this story from memories on thesims3.com. It’s fixed now! 🙂

The story begins with Madelyn Rosenthal arriving to a new town with a bunch of hard experiences. She is determined to start anew, but when a tragedy strikes and her past reaches her, she has to make some decisions on who to trust.

Later on we are reading about the adventures of her son, Fidelio Rosenthal, who reaches adulthood surrounded by pain and tears. Will the best time of his life turn into a disaster? How to handle the family tragedy?

The story continues with Fidelio’s daughter, Gemma Rosenthal, who also has a hard time with her parents and best friend, who’s her cousin. She looks forward to the studies connected with Communication that may be a way to run away from trouble. What will she experience in Egypt, France and China?

The next heir is Gemma’s son, Samien Robinson, who begins his life with a deep-rooted hatred for the other people. He is determined to become the person everyone would like. Is pretending to be someone you’re not a good idea?

The torch is passed on to Sam’s daughter Hailey Nathifa Rosenthal, a talented vocalist, who suffers from daddy issues and is attracted to older men. She has big dreams of becoming a well-known singer. Is anything going to stop her on the way?

The 6th heir is Hailey’s son, Ronald Rosenthal, who struggles with dyslexia and romantic issues concerning his ex-girlfriend. When his twin sister, Rebecca, suddenly goes missing, Ron doesn’t hesitate and decides to go on a wild goose chase with his best friend to find Becca. Will they manage to do so and what if she doesn’t really want to be found?

I hope you’ll find this story enjoyable to read.

12 thoughts on “About: The Blog”

    1. Thank you very much. I recently reorganized the menus so I could make a ton more pages for the stuff that I felt should have had the separate one instead of making it randomly to my chapters as side notes. And yes, I am a perfectionist. It hurts, lol.

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      1. The blog looks really great! I didn’t get the chance to see the old version, but this layout and organization feel so clean!

        I don’t like cluttered spaces, websites included. I’m a ‘perfectionist’ myself, but over the years I have understood that perfection is something we believe exists and try really hard to make everything perfect without realizing that it cannot be achieved, it can only be ‘immitated’. I know my writing isn’t perfect, I know I am not perfect either, but I do my best to make it so and that’s my idea of perfection. (It doesn’t hurt anymore this way as much as it used to when I was too hard in myself.)

        P.S. Try it, too! 😉

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      2. I am immediately discouraged to catch up on a site when it is badly organized and I’m having it hard to keep track of it. That’s why I want to keep my site as well organized as I can possibly can, so I don’t get lost in it and people don’t as well.
        Wow, very great idea of perfection. I need to try it out.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oh, and by the way I am glad that my theme is so supportive when it comes to phones, because I’m on my phone most of the time and not all websites are easy to manage when you’re not on a computer.

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