About: The Author

Hello, here is a page where you can find out something about this person who is hidden behind these pixel people you read about on this blog, so…

Hi there, I am Jowita, known also as ziutobol12345678 and loladiamond01, and I’m the author of neverdoitagain, as well as a long-time simmer (as of lately, also a pose creator for The Sims 3), Marina and the Diamonds fan and a bit socially awkward Pole. If I put my personality into a Sim, my traits would be the following: cat person, absent-minded, perfectionist, sense of humor and hopeless romantic (yes, I am one and no, it doesn’t make my Sims have their happy endings, a training for myself, you could say).

Have fun reading and thank you for staying with me 🙂

15 thoughts on “About: The Author”

  1. And here I was referring to you as loladiamond all this time while your name is Jowita, I’m so sorry! We own exactly the same Sims games lol, I used to have the Sims 1 too (no expansions), but I lost my copy! Meh, not that I would play it anyway. The Sims 3 will always be my favorite though. And I want to say again that your writing is beautiful, despite English not being your first language! ❤ 🙂

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    1. Haha, don’t be. Lola is a nickname I have at home, one of them. Diamond comes from Marina and the Diamonds’ fan. I surely prefer this name to ziutobol12345678 I have on the ts3 official page. People sometimes refer to me by this and it gets weird because Ziuto is the nickname of my brother, not me. I had ts2 installed for a very short amount of time and then got bored because I’m too much of a ts3 addict to start playing it, haha. I sometimes regret not owning University Life, but it makes me imagine more creative ways of studying. Oh, you are so sweet what’s funny is I think the same about you! ❤️ I am still ashamed of messing up OCD and bipolar disorder, lol.

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  2. Haha, on the official forum my nickname is sof2106 (not really imaginative back then, haha!) I appreciate TS2 for several reasons (many aspects of it were very well thought for the time), but everything changed with TS3 and I can’t imagine going back. TS4 for me was a huge mess unfortunately and while I kind of enjoyed it for a little time, the main feeling was boredom. Ok, I’ll stop my ramblings lol!! Thank you so much again for your sweet words! ❤ And don't be ashamed, I think it's easy to mess up something like that, especially because it's very specific terminology and, again, not your first language 🙂

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    1. I know those terms since my dad is a psychiatric, but it goes more complicated in another language, haha. TS4 was boring to me. The animations in TS2 are cute. The Sims Medieval feels like TS3 as it is based of it.

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  3. Hey there, I’ve finally found some time to go through your lovely site 🙂 ~ I’ve been referring to you as loladiamond as well, would you prefer Jowita? I never would’ve guessed English wasn’t your native language, it’s remarkable you are able to publish and write in it – I don’t think I’d be able to unless I spent ages trying to learn another language 😅 It was nice to learn more about you, you’ve inspired me to write more in my about page 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to go through my page. Actually, I’m completely okay with being referred to as either Jowita or loladiamond01, a towar that’s the nick I created myself, the one I use is my brother’s account, so it feels all lot weirder. Lola is the nickname I have at home anyway. Thank you so much, English isn’t my first language indeed. 🙂 Oh, it would be lovely to find out more about you.

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  4. I’m happy I learned more about you, Jowita! It takes an extra effort to write in a language that isn’t your mother tongue and I greatly appreciate that also because I do the same and know all too well myself how challenging this sometime becomes! Never give up 😉

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    1. Aww, I think you’re doing great. I also greatly appreciate everyone who writes a story that isn’t in their mother tongue, you included. It is quite a challenge. I sometimes find myself stumbling upon my words and trying to move something from my own language that I can’t translate to English. And it’s so frustrating comparing yourself to other writers that are native, not to mention hunting your mistakes all the time and never being able to catch all of them. Such a struggle, but worth it since it’s all about self improvement!

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  5. I understand that you go with your real name – Jowita is beautiful and sounds very exotic in my Swedish/ French / English ears! Just popped over to YouTube to see what the fuss about Marina and the Diamonds was all about, and that girl has a very nice voice and eye candy “props” (I know, I clicked on Heartbreaker!)
    I go by jillbg on the sims forums, and Jill is my real name. So, now I’m off reading some of your stuff before my teen son gets up and steals all the Internet connection there is!

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    1. Thank you so much. It sounds exotic in Poland, too, in fact, but recently the popularity of it increased here. And well I just feel more comfortable this way. Lola is a nickname I have at home and I usually go by this name when it comes to my closest family.
      Well, Marina is so much more than just HTBAH and Primadonna. Honestly, she has some very meaningful songs like Starring Role, Teen Idle, Obsessions or Savages. I try not to bet overboard with too many titles, but I’m such a fan.
      Ha, ha, if you wish. Oh, poor you with the son. It’s nice to meet you, Jill!

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