Chapter 6.12: Sunshine Overshadowed

Warning: Slight NSFW ahead.


When Brittany knocked on my window early in the morning the day after we ‘sealed the deal’ that she was going to help me I wanted to back off. It would of been easier for sure to not wake up in the wee hours of the mourning to not try to stay awake, just to bury my head in my pillow and sleep halfaday then spend the rest of it crying, reminisceing, looking at old photographs and barely eating.. But Brittany had other plans. After she realized I wasn’t going out she tried to open the door and discovered that I actually didn’t even bother to lock it. Then she dragged me outta bed and said I had 5 minutes to get dressed or else she going to wake up Shari and get her to visit. That was like a cold shower. No I did not want to see Shari. Pregnant Shari. Distraught Shari. What ever. Either would hurt. I was up in no time and didn’t even take to long to find some workout clothes. Probably be cause most of my wardrobe were tracksuits anyways.


Ofcourse Brittany was wright and she could finally show me how she could out-run me.


I panicked hoping that I wouldn’t lose track of her, I couldn’t risk that with my lack of sense of orientation. That made me probably twice as fast as usual and after the excercise I was all wet from the sweat and my heart was beating uncontrolebly in my chest. And yet Brittany was always a few steps a head of me looking like she wasn’t even trying. Or maybe she was. Trying not to get two far a head. Dam, I felt like I was dealing with a proffessional athlete.

Falling into a routine didn’t take me to long. Running with Brittany, than most likely spending the whole afternoon looking at the pictures – well, I didn’t have a job and didn’t need too with the money I’d inherited – and in the afternoon Brittany visited again with an other vegan dish for me to taste.




She truely loved cooking, discovering new recipes on the web and adding afew of her special touches to them. I never thought I’d fall in love with vegan cuisine – or that I would even eat like a vegan being the son of my dad who’s favorite food was steak – but it happend. And it wasn’t long until I discovered that I was actually looking forward to these afternoons with Britt. Not only due to delicious food but also because she was a genuinly fun person to be round.


An exellent listener, never judged (or if she did she never let that show), always came up with reasoneble solussions when asked for advice. I liked hearing about her studies and what she was learning there. She was a top notch student from what I’d gathered. I mean, you didn’t even have to talk to her just look at her beautiful, clear notes filled with neat handwriting. It did help that she was so pationate about the subject of her studies. She truly believed in the idea of helping people who struggled with eating disorders or just any one who woulda need her guidance. Britt also told me that her initial choice would be psychology but she wanted something at least vaguly connectted to sport. So nutrition it was.


I in turn told her about my straggles with finding an educational path that would truely suit me. With my bestfriend Clint failing in so many fields I was worried about my own potenssial failyear. Britt suggested so many options but the truth was I simply wasn’t ready. Not at that moment anyways. I still had a long way to go with Becca and I didn’t feel like I could truly focus on education. She didn’t pressure and said that she understood. Then my thoughts drifted of too Becca and I thought she surely would force me to do that. But I was going to pick something. Some time for sure. It just… wasn’t the moment.


With the begining of winter I started getting back in to my old ways. The days were shorter, colder, darker and so was me crying under the blanket and just wishing to dissappear in to the general darkness. I realized that was the end of my morning runs. It was simply to cold and two slippery for it to be safe anymore. And yet again Brittany was that glimmer of hope and came up with a solution. So gym it was. I admit it took some convincing on her part but I finally agread. And some how seeing all those pumped guys gave me the motivation to do some thing bout my body. Yes I may off lost  a few pounds by running but still I looked miserable and maybe even more so being slimmer. But you know it’s bullshit. I did that because I saw Brittany in a crop top emerging from the bathroom where she’d changed. And I thought I sure as hell was a dissgrace next to her. Also I ended up finally having my hair done as I should of done months before.

Oneday Britt thought that we should do some excercises together. I didn’t know though, that by ‘together’ she meant sitting on my back while I was doing pushups!


When I started protesting she fineally got up and laughed  saying she wanted to test me after I’d spent so much time pumping iron. She promised that I could rest in the next one.


Imagine my surprise when she positioned herself on top of me, with her hands rapped around mine. And then she said that I was meant to hold them while she would be doing pushups. She never went past the first one though because when she got closer, it seemed natural for me to reach for her face and plant a kiss on her ever-so-dry lips.



Ofcourse she fell straight on my body when I let go of her hands and I rapped my hands round her thin waist feeling all the hard muscles she worked so hard for and the hot sweaty skin. Britt returned the kiss and I could feel myself grow hard with her laying on top of me with just the thin material separateing us from oneanother.



It didn’t happen that day. But I wasted no time and she didn’t neither. It seemd natural and easy, not atall complicated. I’d never suspecct that dating some one could be so simple and care free. Not after I spent most of my teenage years chasing after Shari triing to please her when she never knew her self what she wanted. Britt always knew that and it felt good knowing what was a yes and what a big no. It was always refreshing that she never changed her mind once she’d made the decision. She was easy to be round with, easy to love and her presence made me blissfuly happy. It almost felt like she was what I’d been waiting for my whole life. And she made me forget… things. I didn’t forget about Becca’s death ofcourse but I somehow managed to push memories of Shari to the back of my mind, some thing I hadn’t deemed possible before. I started treating her less like a person I felt destined to be with and more like a thing of the past. The past and memories that layed six feet deep along with my sister. It sounds horrable when I write it but that was how I felt. As if I’d finally moved on and buried it all once and for all. Clint, Becca, Shari, every one, they were the past, but Britt was the present and I knew then that I wanted her to be my future…

But of course life put a spanner in the works as it always tends too and brought me some painful realizations. It all started when Britt told me she was pregnant. You should of seen my jaw drop to the floor. It was like being rapidly stripped away of my paradise. All at once I realized I wasn’t living in a fairytale and I hated it.


And suddenly I wasn’t so sure if I wanted Britt to be my future. I just wanted out and back to my responsibility-free life again. It did feel like I turned 18 all over again (even though it had been nearly 2 years since than) and realized I was reelly an adult. But this time it was much more painful. I couldn’t get out now and I was scared like hell.

Note: Sorry it’s up later than usual, but my real got too busy and I only got around to taking pictures today. Can you tell I had way too much fun picking Britt’s outfits? She really could be a model! Just look at my avi and you can tell how obsessed with her I am, lmao. And yes, I do know I’m speeding things up, but I kind of… I need an heir! Yeah, but I love Britt and I hope you like her, too. I find it very fun to photograph her and also, I made these exercise poses. Don’t even tell me about making kissing poses, I hate it SO much. Also, notice the yellow light! I wasn’t kidding about sunshine. But yeah, it’s later than usual, still, I hope you enjoy it. Cheers! ♥

35 thoughts on “Chapter 6.12: Sunshine Overshadowed”

  1. Wow….that was fast! I mean I expected them to eventually hook up but not a pregnancy. And I can’t believe Ron’s reaction….I would have thought he would be okay, but I guess he’s feeling trapped. 😱

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    1. I know. I’m sorry that I have to speed things up yet again, but Ron just had to spend half of his generation weeping over Shari…
      Yes, he’s not okay with it, because it’s a shock. He’s been with Britt for only a few months and he didn’t really treat their relationship seriously.

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      1. I guess it’s finally sinking in now that he and Shari really have no chance of being together… I don’t think that, despite all he might have said, he really gave up this thought. She left him so abruptly…

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  2. Oh, Ron, you wanted her for life until she threw that pregnancy curve ball at you. lol I don’t mind the speed up because I’m kind of a laid back reader. I just want to follow it wherever it goes. And I know it’s going to be good. 😀

    I can understand why Ron isn’t reacting well to the pregnancy since he’s barely over Shari and just gotten with Britt. I hope he steps up, though, and is a good father.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, he changed his mind quickly after learning he was going to be a dad, lol. I’m glad you’re okay with the speed up. I feel kind of bad about it, but I can’t devote as many chapter as I’d like to building up their relationship, so I packed as much as I could into this one. I hope it lives up to your expectations!
      Yes, that’s exactly it. He’s barley moved on and isn’t ready to start a family just yet. I hope he steps up, too, for the sake of their child.

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      1. I think you did a good job in this chapter of showing how their relationship evolved and what made him feel attracted to her. I really like Britt, too. She is so pretty and has a nice personality.

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      2. I’m glad you think I did well. I really wanted to describe as much as I could, because we haven’t seen Britt in the story as much so far, definitely much less than Shari. Actually, we both had our heirs develop their relationship in our chapters today. I think it’s no wonder Ron is attravted to Britt. Not only is she very good-looking, but they also share their passion for sports. And what I told Audrey, I do think he needs a strong woman and guidance, someone who would be similar to Becca to him. He gets lost really easily and I think he needs that support.

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  3. Sorry I’m late to the comment party!
    I liked that progression of Ron and Britt’s relationship, until the pregnancy happened. I see why, because Ron is just barely on his feet after everything that happened. That sweet relationship build-up was, of course, too nice to last in Never Do It Again. 😛
    Totally agree that Britt can wear anything. I was drooling over all her outfits here. 😀
    Can’t wait to see how this goes!

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    1. No worries! You must have been on your phone, because I had 1 view from Denmark 😛
      I’m glad you liked this progression. I tried as much as I could for it not to feel too forced and sped up, but I was impatient.
      Yes, Ron is just barely over these events with Becca and Shari, and the timing couldn’t have been worse. Yup, it was just too sweet 😛
      I think she has a very definite style, which is comfy and whatever she finds suitable. I actually picked one outfit for her that I wasn’t happy with. I liked her in it a lot, but I didn’t think it suited her style. You can see that on my avi and I snapped a few things. I think I’ll post them over on Tumblr. I have 4 pages worth of CC finds for Britt on the CC finds Tumblr, lol.

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      1. I tried reading it on my phone in the car home, but the pics wouldn’t load. 😛 I properly read it on my desktop!
        I look forward to seeing more pics of Britt. She’s definitely stylish. 😀

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      2. WP is crazy with those pics. Either errors, or they won’t load, or they disappear. They load on my phone, though, my computer usually has issues 😛
        Ah, Britt, yes, she is!

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  4. Uh oh! I was sitting here wondering if there are many stories where we’re so close to the male character when he panics about the child. Of course there are some, but something about this feels unique to me. Maybe because he was so into Britt and now he’s terrified. I really do feel like he’s so young, too, and yet I don’t always notice this when other sims around the same age have kids. Poor lost boy that he is </3
    Britt is a very beautiful lady, that's for sure. And they actually seem to have a functional relationship, which is rare for you! No wonder it didn't last long 😛

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    1. I don’t know if it’s original, I went with what Ron’s character suggested. He’s barely moved on from his high school romance with Shari, has been with Britt only for a few months and then he learns he’s going to be a dad. He’s always been pretty immature, too, so could be that’s why he appears young. Dellie, for example had to grow up fast to take care of his mom and brother. He was always the one boy other people took care of, that’s how two girls he lived with – Shari and Becca – got him wrapped around their fingers. He’s indeed a lost boy (not ready to be found, as the song goes :P)

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  5. Oh goodness. This is certainly not a good time for Britt and Ron to have a baby. He’s still grieving the loss of his family as well as getting over Shari. This is going to completely set off a nuke on things, huh?

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  6. I’m sorry for my late comment!! D: I was away for a couple of days and just returned yesterday!
    First of all, I looove your pictures! ❤ Is it only ReShade or do you also edit them after? They're fantastic, just so you know! 😉
    Oh Ron… what a mess he's found himself into. Just as soon as things started looking up, just when he started forgetting his grief and found a new exciting path in his life, things got way too serious. Honestly, I feel bad for him..! I wonder what he'll do, although I hope it's nothing too irresponsible or plain stupid!
    Britt is a beauty! ❤ And I love the fact that she's so honest and straightforward (the complete opposite of Shari)! Let's hope Ron doesn't totally blow it with her… but who am I kidding? My guess is that he definitely will!
    I also loved your exercise poses, I was going to ask you if you made those! They're awesome!

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    1. No worries! It’s totally understandable.
      Really? Aww, thank you! I was wondering if someone would pay attention to them. I use a lovely, yellowish preset I downloaded from tumblr, because I thought it really works for shots with Brittany (because Ron sees her as yellow). Sometimes I edit them, but mostly I use ReShade to avoid having to edit them later, so mostly all I do is just add the frame to them. Thank you so much. I never thought I’d be complimented for my pictures. I think Louise’s are the most beautiful. I really love her visuals. ❤
      It's definitely a mess! Things got serious fast, but damn, do we need heir(s)! He's not ready to become a parent, but the real question is are we ever ready?
      Thank you, I really love the way Britt looks! And she rocks every outfit I pick for her. She's very straightforward and honest, which is why she's a good match for Ron. As you can tell, he's a typical "guy" here – totally clueless when it comes women's signals and games, lol. Plus, I think I've mentioned at one point that he tends to be brutally honest himself.
      Britt is a keeper! But of course, Ron will have to mess it up. She's too good for him!
      I'm so glad you like the poses. I plan to publish a couple exercise pose pack tomorrow, as it's Valentine's Day! ♥

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  7. I couldn’t say for sure, but my guess would be that everyone has that moment when they realize they have completely stepped over into adulthood and there is no going back. I remember mine at least.
    Oh Ron! Don’t step back into old ways and screw this up too. Time to stop leaping before thinking my dear! I was hoping they would become at least something, but really hoping she would be the one that would turn him around and back on the right path. She had such a good head start there for a while. She is an absolutely gorgeous sim and their baby will be quite a looker. I’ve got my foot all ready to give him a kick in the a#! if he lets her get away.

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    1. That might be true for a lot of people! Ron had his moment now and he didn’t like it at all.
      Aw, last time he didn’t exactly screw this up, Shari did. But this time… Yeah, Britt really seems like a godsend and he shouldn’t make bad choices there. He has that tendency to never think before he does anything. I’m hoping for this, too! She’s on her way and might be able to help him out with not making more poor life choices, like spontaneously coming back to Shari or something.
      I’m sure that their baby will be gorgeous! He and she will have really good-looking parents.
      Ha ha, yeah, but wait until you kick his butt… Maybe he steps up.

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    1. Oh, what do you think was bad about his childhood? He had a fairly good one spent with Becca, Shari and Clint. They were all very good friends. Until he got together with Shari and things got complicated…


  8. I really liked their romance. They fell into it so easily, and Ron needs someone like Britt who knows what they want, that’s for sure. This time, Ron will be the one who doesn’t know what they want!

    It really seems that Britt was trying to get Ron to improve and think about the future. And she wouldn’t let him give excuses to stay in bed!

    It’s sad that he’s even drifted away from Clint. I hope they can become friends again.

    Too bad Ron has to ruin it at the end. But I totally get how that could be a shock, and it makes sense the way he explained it. I just hope he comes around quick! I know Britt won’t take that attitude.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you did! I worried a lot about it feeling forced and/ or rushed since I really wanted to get there in such a short time, because I have to do legacy things in this story after all. But at the same time, I did feel like it was kind of natural, them having similar passions and just that much needed chemistry. It was smooth and easy for them to click. Ron does need a strong, decisive person to love. That’s a good point that he’ll be the indecisive one here now!
      Yes, it was exactly like that, and she will continue to be that way. But she might just be too pushy. What worked for her will not necessarily work for him. Their personalities are very different.
      Yes, Clint… Neither of them really thought of contacting the other, they both have been in such a dark place. Hopefully, it’s not the end of their friendship.
      Oh, he hasn’t ruined it… yet. It was a huge shock and he was unprepared
      He’ll have to face the music now, though. Britt won’t take that attitude. Half of the next chapter is their discussion about it.

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  9. Ron doesn’t seem to know what he wants. I think that Britt will be very good for him. Someone needs to put in on the right path. And yes this pregnancy wasn’t planned, but maybe this will help him grow up.
    And yes you are right, Britt is beautiful and I love seeing the different outfits you had for her. She really could be a model.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, he has no idea. Ron’s very unstable and it’s hard for him to make decisions. That’s why he never went to university or actually tried to get a good job. He doesn’t know what it is that he wants to do with his life. Britt is a gem and definitely a keeper. Ron shouldn’t take her for granted. I’m glad you agree that she’s beautiful. She has to be one of my most gorgeous Sims up to date and she’s a mix of Shari’s father and a random Sim that I did in CAS.

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    1. Don’t count on him getting his life together. He won’t. No kidding – every time it looks like he might he does something super dumb like that. That’s Ron for ya. He’s really not ready for commitment – with anyone but Shari. Ironically enough, she isn’t ready for commitment with him. Whoops 😛

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