Chapter 6.11: A Ray Of Hope

Warning: Foul language, talk of death and loss.

Their was a point in my life when I thought that Shari dumping me was the worst thing too happen to me. I was proven wrong when Mom died and I couldn’t function for months until coming to Sharis wedding and having the unstable stitches that held my heart two gether torn again. But nothing could prepare it for yet an other damage.


It felt unreal when I read about Rebecca C. in the newspaper. I felt like it wasn’t happening too me and I suddenly came up with alot of explanations. She couldn’t be the only Rebecca C. in the whole Bridgeport, could she? But all this just wasn’t doing it for me. Red. Her hair was red. The chances that their was another redheaded Rebecca C. who could get her self murdered were next to not existent (as bad as it sounded). Ok, Bridgeport was a big city. It couldn’t be. It couldn’t… Oh fuck, it is! Lost in thought I only realized I was crying when the first warm tears started runing down my cheeks. No, it wasn’t any other Rebecca C. It was Rebecca Calloway. I could feel it with every cell of my body when I looked at now blury pages of that dam newspaper. Maybe it was this magical sense that they said every twin got. I don’t know. All I knew was my sister was gone. Gone. But the days after the painful realizasion quickly proved me and my thinking that my life couldn’t get any more messed up wrong. I was not only forced to leave my home when all I wanted to do was not ever have to leave it again. I had to leave for the hospital. Apparently my dad saw the newspaper to. From what I heard the realization that his longlost daughter was gone broke his heart. Quiet literally because my dad had a severe heart attack. Severe? Rather lethal. Yes, it’s true. Just days after my sister’s death I lost my dad as well. When it rains, it pours, so it seems.


It was doubley hard when it was allover the media that a well-known racing driver, who spent his last days stuck in bed due to spine injury eventually passed away. I’d rather the press left me alone, but they needed me to attend various interviews to talk about my dad. I eventully had to shut my phone because it was ringing or signaling that I had new emails litrally all the time. And of course I was the only heir (not that Dad didn’t give family friends like Candy quite a big sum) to the readiculous amount of money that my dad had earned through out the years. So yes, I was practically filthy rich now. Did I feel happy now? I felt revealed to resign from my stupid part-time job in the spa. My only dream that was left was to lay down and wait for death to come and bring me too my dead family.


Not litrally. But that was how I was feeling this days. Utterlly hopeless when the numness I’d managed to acquire to cope with Mom’s death, my only shield from the pain went away. If my heart was in stitches back then, than it sure felt like all of them fractured at once, leaving a hole init.


Even though round the same time I lost all Shari (cause that’s how it felt), Becca and my Dad it was my twin sister that occuppied most of my thoughts. I spent my days laying in bed thinking of all the good moments we shared. Of her intelligent that always shone through. How she managed to come up with the most inconventional ways to get her way. I had memories of the time when she stole cookies for me and Shari. I remembered her as a kid who despite never actully trying always had the best grades. I could still picture the teenager who was the girl all of the boys’d die for. Including Clint her own brother. And finally I saw her as the determined young adult who was going to build a giant laboratory. I had no doubt she would get every thing she wanted and more. She was so young and so ambitous. But that man Harold Knight. I was certain it was him that put an end to her. She chos a dangerous lifestyle. Sometimes the quickest ways our not always the safest. No either I nor Clint knew how much she was really risking. What if that man worked out her plan to obtane his fortune? Got her killed so she couldn’t get her hands on it? If he had some kind of a mafia, their was no winning with him. I wanted revenge for my sister but I strongly douted the police was going to find the murderer. It was the sad reality.

When I was thinking of all the possible reasons I heard some one ringing the door. I swear if it’s yet an other journalist… No I’m not opening it.


The person kept ringing than knocking on the door for a long time untill they finally stopped… But than I heard rapping behind my head. Annoyed I turned round to see Brittany standing on the other side of the window. I could hear her mufflled screams through the glass. Sighing I opened the window.


“Fineally!” she said. “Now just let me in. I deserve a golden price for being forced to stand in the cold for so long.”

“Fine,” I snapped and reluctantely went to the front door to open it. She was holding a plate of cookies.



“Hay I brought cookies. There probably super cold by now but not my fault.” I was definately not in the mood for idol talk so I just pointed to the kitchen with out much of a word of greeting.


“Why did you come?” I finally asked once Brittany’d taken of her outerwair and put cookies on the counter.  “If you haven’t already noticed am not exactly in the mood for socializing right now.” When she turned away from the counter to face me it sudenly struck me how her yellow shirt fit the line around her that my stupid mind had pictured. Everything had been so dark lately that that faint yellow that Brittany gave away seemed like the only light of hope in the whole room.. I shook my head trying to shake of the thoughts and listen to her words.


“Shari asked me if I could check on you. Shes in a similar state to you, you know., John and her are worried about the baby.” I was annoied that it had to be Brittany out of all people. I didn’t know her well and I wanted to make a good impression on her because she was Shari’s sister. Did it matter now though, when I probably wasn’t going to see Shari again? I only saw her brifly on the two funerals I attended. When I was feeling specially down I felt joy in wishing for the miscarriage to happen. It still hurt that she was having his kid. That asshole. I turned away pretending to walk away so that Brittany wouldn’t see my expression. Or how bad I looked in general with the exessive paleness and eyebags a clear sign of my lack of sleep. Id rather not have too deal with any one this days..


“Always a coward she is. She can’t face me now can she? This whole pain is just an excuse.” Brittany frowned and sent me a disaproving look which I could feel burning holes in my back. I just procceeded to walk away yet she went after me with all her unwanted advice. God as if she just couldn’t leave me the hell all lone. I didn’t want her to go back and report to Shari what a loser I am and how I can’t cope with any thing as a man should. Dad wouldn’t proud be proud at all. How does that matter. His dead anyways so not going to see what a failure of a son I turned out to be.


“You say you love her so much but you didn’t even care enough to check how shes doing. Well I did, and although I don’t know your dynamics that well I know that you grew up twogether with Rebecca. I can say for sure that she and your sister were very close. Just because your her twin doesn’t mean your the only whose in pain.” It did get unpleasant to quickly. Who was she to go to my house and give me lectures on what to think and what not to. It wasn’t her sister and Dad who died. But than she softened a bit.


“Look, I don’t know what happened betwin you two but I think it got to her as well. But maybe it’s better for you both to catch a break. Things will fall in to place, you’ve been friends for so long after all. One quarrel can’t ruin it.” One quarrel? She had no idea what happened. For a moment I considered telling her just to wash off that look of selfconfidence that she had. But I quickly decided against it. I may of been angry at Shari but I wouldn’t be ruining her reputation in the eyes of the sister she’d only just realized existed.


“If you came here to give me life lessons I’d rather you took your cookies and left. You have no idea what its like to lose a twin.”


“Your right I don’t. However I know what it’s like to lose a mom.” I almost told her I lost mine to and that it didn’t impress me but then I turned on my heel at the cracking of her voice. I looked in to her eyes for a sign of a lie but all I saw was pain which she couldn’t hide all that well. For the first time I saw Brittany with out the usual aura of self confidence and suttle ellegance. To me she looked like a little girl lost in the woods. May be it was just that natural instinct to protect a broken woman that every man had (did it even work like that I had no idea) but some how I just couldn’t ignore her any more. I stopped dumbfonded. Trying to focus on what she was bout to say I remembered the talk we had at that bar.

“Wait but you said that…”

“They split up, yes.” she sighed motioning for me to take a sit. And in the well lit living room I sudenly wasn’t the only unusualey pale one.


“You see it wasn’t really like that. It was during the divorce trial but it never got finished because….. Well my mom really loved Dad, even though he was (and is) a scumbag and deserved none of it. And she couldn’t sustain the pressure.” I gasped in shock my mind picturing all the worst scenarioses. Couldn’t be…?


“Did she…?”


“Yes. My mom hang herself…” Brittany hung her head than continued. “My mom always felt like the only real parent I had. We were very close Ron. I supported her during the years that our dad continously cheated on her. I thought we were going to go through the divorce twogether. I was happy for us that we were finally cutting him off of our lives and we were fineally going to be free… It was three years ago when I graduated.” As I tried to come to terms with the tale I realized some thing wasn’t quiet adding up but before I could say any thing, Brittany noticed my confussion. She nodded.

“Yes I know. I told you that I had just graduated when we first met. It wasn’t the truth. In fact I am 2 years older than you and Shari.” This was slowly getting to be TMI and I got so sucked in I managed to forget about the tragedies that happened to me for a moment.

“You lied. Why?”


“To protect Shari. I saw that she envied me for having a dad. She thought he chose me, just like you. But it wasn’t true. Shari was conceived when he was already married to my mother. I thought itd be better for her to not know that. I think that growing up with out a dad took a huge toll on her. As did growing up with him on me.” This was true and I knew that. Shari’s always had issues with the fact that her family felt incomplete to her. I and Becca had to constantly reasure her. But she was jealous of the fact that we did have a dad. And she told me that she left me in fear of me leaving her. Which did not make much sense to me at that moment.  Yet now… And then their was Brittany coming to me with a heart on her sleeve. What was that all bout? Did she try to repay me by trying to play a matchmaker? My mind started to hurt trying to proccess all this new information. If Becca had been there, she would of known what to do. She always knew what to do… But Becca… she was… I shook my head again. The spell I was under started to break and the suffocating pain in my chest came back.

“Why are you telling me all this now?”


“Because I told this to Shari to comfort her. She deserved the truth after all, to know what a scumbag our dad is. It makes you feel better knowing your not alone in this. That other people also lose the ones they love. Thats why she asked me to tell you this.”


“If you got through it all than maybe I can get over Becca…” I rapiddly cut realizing how wrong it sounded. Like a betrayal. I wanted to take those words back. But Brittany didn’t feel like that. The corners of her lips visibly lifted. She seemed both happy and amazed by my sentence.


“Exactly. Look Ron, I believe you can. And I will help you feel like your alive again.” I was suprised by her statement. After all I barely knew her.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked again. “And why for me and not Shari?”


“Shari has John. He loves her dearly and is there to comfort her. She is going to have his baby in a few months. That will help. But you Ron, you have no one. I know what its like to feel like your alone in the world and you’ve just lost the person you love so much. No psychologists can help you. You need to help yourself. And Ron, I’m speaking from experience.” It hurt but I knew she was wright. I no longer was the one Shari turned to for support. She had John, she was going to have his baby. I gulped at the thought. That was not what I wanted to think bout.

“And how am I going to do that?” I fineally asked.

“Hold your horses. Baby steps, ok? First,” she said getting up to grab the plate of cookies that she brought over.


“Your going to grab one of those cold-by-now vegan cookies that I made. The rest, we’ll think of it later.”


Hesitantly I reached over to do what I was told. The cookie, although in fact cold was surprisingly tasty. I never ate vegan food but I liked those. Brittany watched me as I ate with a smile and when I looked at her for the first time in a long time I had hope. I had trust in her that she was going to help me. That it wasn’t the end of the world. That if she could do it, I could do it. I will do it for Becca. I will show her I am strong.

Note: Hey, guys! I hope you enjoyed this one, because I truly loved writing it and having a chance to tell you more about Brittany’s background. I also used a ton of Louise‘s poses and they fit perfectly for the scenes, I think, so thank you again, Louise, you’re the best! ♥ I didn’t know what title to use, but I finally came up with this one, and it’s perfect, because it has a hidden pun, seeing how Ron sees Brittany in yellow as a “ray of sunshine”. And finally, we’re halfway done with generation 6. This one feels super long because of the new schedules and my breaks, but we’re getting there. Of course, we don’t have an heir yet, but no worries, I will work that out.

39 thoughts on “Chapter 6.11: A Ray Of Hope”

  1. Oh …. I’m sooo glad Shari sent her over to see him. He needed that so badly. Sadly, Shari still cares but it seems has reconciled herself to being with John and knows she can’t be around Ron. Good. She needs to leave him be. Maybe he and Brittany will connect and he will finally find his happy place. 😢❤️😢. Wait….Jowita is writing this story….😂😂😂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I do think Shari made a good choice. It would only make things more confusing if they try to stick together now. They honestly need a break. And Shari’s having John’s baby, she shouldn’t be drowning in her regrets now, it’s just far too late to try to make things work with Ron. Who knows… But um, yes, am I so cruel? Because I literally made Brittany’s mom die to make her connect to Ron more. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol! I mean, she was going to live, but I think I lost her somewhere in CAS when I was mixing her genes with Shari’s father. And she was black… Sims’ genetics really do not make sense, do they?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah, sorry if it wasn’t too convincing, but I thought Brittany would have more reason coming to comfort him if I played it around like that. And Ron honestly needs a strong woman. You know, the equivalent of Becca who always made decisions and helped him when he got lost.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. It was very convincing…I’m just laughing because of how it come to be! He absolutely needs a strong woman who doesn’t back down. She’s exactly what he needs right now in a bad way.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. He and Shari are not match at all. He has been super confused all his life with absentmindedness and dyslexia and she’s making things more complicated. That’s too much for the poor guy and he honestly needs a break. In some ways he has something of Cole in him… Let’s hope he doesn’t meet an Avery as his strong woman, lmao.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Let’s be honest, Avery would totally break anyone who’s not Spencer sleazy and uncaring. And yes, it does seem like they might get closer. Hopefully, she won’t be a rebound!

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Yeah, it was a catastrophe! Well, Britt does share some traits with Avery, but they show in a completely different way. She is manipulative but for all the right reasons, if you can imagine that. So, she can make someone do something for their good. There’s a fun game on tumblr to pick your character’s flaws and strengths from a list and for Brittany I picked controlling, conceited, power hungry, petty, unlucky and trustworthy, thoughtful, patient, ambitious, focused, decisive, calm. So, you see, she’s not a bad person. But she likes having control, obviously.

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  2. I’m so sad for Ron because his whole family is gone now. At first, when Brittany started talking, I thought maybe Ron wouldn’t react so well, but as it turns out, she really did understand some of what he’s going through. Although, I think losing a twin is so awful. I agree with Audrey that Shari should stay away from Ron. If she’s going to be with John, then be with him and let Ron move on.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes… It’s a really difficult situation for our poor boy. He feels very lost. He grew up with Becca, Shari and Clint and now Clint is in another town while Becca is gone and Shari doesn’t want to talk to him. He lost all his childhood friends.
      Yes, Ron was very pissed at first, but he softened because Brittany was so genuine and looked broken when talking about her loss. I think that, although she was not part of their ‘team’, she’s fitting in quite nicely in the family and all that dynamics.
      Shari should definitely stay away. She’s married and pregnant. That’s no time for messing with Ron even more.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, reading this chapter I had this image in my head of a bunch of bowling pins (your characters) falling as you lobbed a big bowling ball of death at them. Of course, you’re maniacally laughing the whole time. Evil, evil Jowita. 😛 But when reading the bonus, I was thinking that if Reggie’s falling wasn’t him actually dying, he wouldn’t last for long. That’s rough, Ron’s whole family being gone. And we’re really already halfway through this gen! Man, I can’t keep up with how fast time passes anymore.
    I was glad to see more of Brittany and to hear a little about her. Her and Ron could get close in time, but I can also already see a potential for troubles. Brittany… probably doesn’t like cheaters and it’s not unlikely that if Ron and Shari starts hanging out again, things could happen. Anyway, just speculating! 😀
    I saw so many of my poses while reading and it just made me smile. I’m SO glad that you were able to put them to good use. The pictures really fit the chapter. This was awesome. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can imagine voodoo dolls, lmao. I mean, I’m not exactly laughing, I felt a bid bad for not expanding on Becca’s story and I hoped that someone would care, seeing how I didn’t develop her character all that much.
      Yeah, reading or rather viewing the bonus. Actually, time passes fast only in real, as it’s only been like a year in the story. An eventful one at that! Reggie had it rough in his life, no doubt.
      I love Britt, though you already know that through time. Hm, I love a good speculation! And she certainly has a huge dose of hatred towards cheaters.
      I’m so glad you enjoyed seeing your poses. I think they fit perfectly! ♥

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Poor Ron… what he’s going through is awful… He really is all alone now 😢 But what about Clint? Is there any hope he will come back to reunite with his brother? I think they could be a major comfort to one another!
    I’m glad we got to know Brittany a little better, but seeing her and Ron get closer, I can’t help but worry. He’s so not over Shari and who knows what sort of disasters will come out of this. Oh well, we all know you love cursing your characters with dispair and misfortune, lol! And the truth is, I’m so curious to read it all!
    That was great! ❤ Aaand I'm all caught up now – and I have to wait for the next chapter like everyone 😭 Looking forward to what's coming next! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, he is. I did think about Clint, but I wasn’t sure if Ron would think of talking to him in the state he is right now. And Clint is depressed, as well. He came to Starlight Shores to get support from his dads. It’s so good that he did that, because I’d worry about him living on his own when he’s so unwell. He did love Becca and he lived in Bridgeport, so of course he’d blame himself for not dragging her out of it before it was too late.
      I can get why you’re worried. I’d be too! I do love cursing my characters, lmao. But maybe he’ll get to be happy for a while just to get that sort of ominous and totally not suspicious ‘I’m Happy’ chapter or sth 😂
      Oh, yes, you are. I’d better get writing. Next part is a happier one. Not for too long, though.

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  5. it feels like poor Ron has been cursed… he really needed someone to see him, but at first Brittany seemed like a bull in a china shop with all that stuff she said right at the beginning about Shari… but it looked like she helped a little in the end and it was nice of her to go and see him, even though she kind of neutralized that by saying she was sent over

    but its difficult to say the right things at these time, I dont even know how to handle this myself… I always feel like I could of said that better

    Brittany seems very brave to even be able to go round there like that, I would wrote a card…

    he really needs his half brother now… this should bring them closer together, please dont let anything happen to him Jowita… I dont know how anyone could get over losing all of their family

    In one way I`m hoping reading my story’s have rubbed off on you, and Becca hasn’t been killed… she just in hiding because of the bad company she`s found her self in and its just someone that looks like her, that she placed her I.D on, so she could escape…

    but thats just me… I thought about killing a main character off in the 2nd season… but Its to difficult, I even bought James back from the dead in the 1st… because I didn’t like it, back then it was the game play that told some of the story… it wasn’t my fault a meteor fell on him :))

    sorry, I have laugh, because it only way I can deal with this scary subject and its the only way I can face it in my story… (or not face it)

    so I think you are brave to be able write like this, as I know you become attached to your sims to

    hopefully Ron is able to move on and Brittany turns out good for him, even though I can already see some issues with her, I hope will solve themselves with Ron’s help… if he can get over this Shari thing…

    its a very hard hitting and thought provoking chapter jowita… as you see 🙂

    hopefully this is what you were aiming for…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It definitely feels as if there was some force involved which triggered all the bad stuff to happen to his family. He needed someone, and yes Brittany maybe wasn’t acting like she should. But who really knows what to say in a situation like that? It’s hard, especially if Becca was his twin. Of course, Brittany shouldn’t have mentioned Shari. It only hurts him more hearing about her. She neutralized that, but he wouldn’t really understand it if she said she chose to see and comfort him, when they barely know each other.
      Brittany is brave. But she got really involved in his situation, because she also had to cope with a difficult and huge loss of her mom.
      I wish it was how you described it. But unfortunately, Becca’s not another Heather. She really is dead.
      It is hard to deal with a death of your character, however sometimes it’s inevitable. I’ve lost all my 5 heirs, everyone before Ron…
      It is a scary subject. And tough to handle. Also the first perspective.
      Maybe she could handle those issues that you’re talking about. But I don’t think she has as many as Ron that she would help with. She’s no Shari and is quite strong…
      Hm, yes, I don’t know if I aimed for it to be thought provoking, but I wanted to describe Ron’s feelings after the loss…

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Finally Shari did something right and left Ron alone. She has chosen to be with John, and have his baby. Stick with your choice and those consequences of that choice!
    I think that it is so sweet that Ron sees her with a yellow aura. Today she really was a ray of sun.
    But let us not gloss that fact that Becca was murdered! I have no doubt that Harold had something to do with it! But Ron is correct in thinking that he may never get to the bottom of that mystery.
    And poor Clint. Let us not forget that he too lost a sister. Although to him Becca was much more than that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think you skipped a post. It was mostly pictures with a newspaper excerpt, but it showed Clint, Frank, Waylon, Candy and Reggie and how they reacted to the news about Becca being murdered.
      And oh, she did. A bit surprising, isn’t it, that she actually has it in her to let go? But could be that it’s not the last we see of her. She definitely should face the consequences of her actions. She can’t have a cake and eat it, too. Definitely can’t be with Ron and John simultaneously.
      It is sweet. Probably not as passionate as Shari’s red but it brings out good emotions. She was definitely a ray of sunshine in this chapter.
      Clint is back in Starlight Shores with his dads now. He’s not in the best mindset and thought it good to seek some support.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I just want to wrap my arms around that guy, I feel so bad for him. Basically orphaned except for Clint. He has a tough road to travel. I hope his writer will find a way to give him a break…hint hint. In the movie, isn’t this where he will meet someone great, who will turn his life around and provide him joy the rest of his life??!! double hint! Especially fond of Ron as you have always known. Even when I wanted to smack sense into him!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He’s lost so many people in such a short time. I can’t even imagine how that must hurt. Well, I put myself into his shoes for this narrative, but boy, was it hard. Hint, you say? Hm… But yeah, I do plan the next chapter to be more lighthearted.
      Maybe you’re so fond of Ron due to his spelling difficulty. Is that, at least partially, the teacher in you?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL, when I read the first part of that spelling sentence, I thought you were telling my spelling was bad…hahahahaha. But you are probably right. I feel for Ron. for his life although different feels like things I have had to endure and I hate to see anyone, Sim included go through all that pain.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Aw, sorry, can assure that’s not what I meant! I hate to be doing that for him. Maybe something is actually wrong with me for putting all my Sims through all that. Is tragedy all my mind can come up with? I don’t even know, maybe I’m not trying enough to make my story optimistic. Doesn’t help I’m a pessimist myself.

        Liked by 1 person

  8. I’m glad that Shari asked Brittany to comfort Ron instead of visiting herself. She would giving him mixed signals again. It’s better for them to keep their distance from each other.

    Brittany was sweet bringing him cookies and having a heart to heart. And halfway through the gen? Looks like he needs to start baby making. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it wouldn’t be the best idea for Ron and Shari to meet up. They’re both very distraught after Becca’s death and they don’t need it to get even more complicated between them.
      Britt is indeed sweet! Hm… Maybe it’s time for baby making 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Poor Ron, all alone now.. I’m suspicious of Britt, because I’m sure you’ve alluded to her being bad for Ron before, but I’m grateful she got him out of that spiral. I’m almost surprised that Waylon and Frank haven’t reached out to him to offer support.
    Like the others, I’m happy that Shari is keeping her distance. I think at this point she’s just going to be bad for him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, yes, he is… It was so hard for him to lose Becca.
      Hm… Now, the important question is, whether Britt is bad for Ron or maybe it’s the other way around? You can consider it either way. But who knows, they’re not together now.
      I think that Frank and Waylon had Clint as their priority when he got home for support, and it’s quite a long way from Starlight Shores to Storybook. They’re busy and maybe tried, but then Ron did say he turned off his phone because the journalists wouldn’t leave him alone. Maybe they thought he needs space? They also have no idea about his situation with Shari. They were at the wedding and seeing Ron there, they likely thought she and Shari remained friends after the break up. I think if anyone, Candy should be the one to step up, as she was the one to help to raise Ron AND she lives in the same town.
      Yes, Shari’s presence wouldn’t do much good at all.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. I’m glad that Ron has Britt to support him during this awful, awful period of his life. He doesn’t really have anyone else now, does he? Perhaps Clint? Shari does still seem to care, but I’m guessing she doesn’t want to be a big part in his life anymore. Sadly that would be for the best…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The next chapter shall be much more cheerful than this one. Though I’ll be speeding things up quite a bit. I won’t be posting it tomorrow, though, but likely in a few days.
      Well, he and Clint are not as close anymore and Clint is in too bad a place right now to be with Ron. He is at his fathers’ seeking their support and trying consueling.
      Ah, well, who knows what Shari wants… She changes her mind way too easily.

      Liked by 1 person

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