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Starlight Shores

Frank & Waylon





Storybrook County

Shari & John




Reggie & Candy






Murder in Bridgeport

(excerpt taken from Storybrook Times)

When the medical staff arrived to examine a young redheaded woman upon receiving a call made by a passerby, it was too late. Friday, October 15th, Rebecca C. passed away due to severe injuries. According to the police, the murderer did not have any mercy and left the victim with numerous cuts on the wrists made when she tried to defend herself. The death has sent shock waves across Bridgeport, as the woman was quite well-known and liked, while the lack of traces concerns the policemen examining the case. “There is no doubt that she was killed with a knife, but so far, we are at a loss when it comes to finding out the identity of the murderer. Since it’s still early, I’m certain that we will find more clues in the coming days,” says George Wright from the Bridgeport Police. We can only hope that the murderer is soon brought to justice.



31 thoughts on “Bonus Post: The News”

  1. HOLY COW!!! What did you do? :O All right, I’m taking deep breaths now. lol Rebecca was murdered? Now we know what he read in the paper. Wow. Just wow. This is crazy! I wonder who and why?

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  2. Wow, that is another shock for the family. I don’t dare to guess.
    Only that much, that many stabwounds indicate that murderer and victim might have known each other. I wonder what George Wright will determine.

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  3. this is a very clever idea… terrible news. but the idea of all of characters receiving the bad news from where their life are… is a awesome idea jowita, if this was a musketeers story, I would say… the creepy guy did it “Harold ” but this is now the question isn’t it… so who did it????

    I know I will have to wait until the next chapter 🙂 another great chapter Jowita 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    1. I’m glad you liked the idea. I decided to make it a picture chapter since I thought everything was pretty clear just by looking at them. And yes, you’re on the right track here…
      I’m glad you liked it, Darren!

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  4. Wait WHAT?! :O Oh damn, so Rebecca may actually have been in over her head… Wonder what got to her. It must be particularly hard for Reggie – she was a daddy’s girl, if I remember correctly. Not to mention he outlived his daughter. This was unexpected. Can’t wait to know what happened.

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    1. She was, Becca was too proud and thought no one would see through her and find out about this ‘genius’ plan of hers. But then it didn’t really work…
      Oh, yes, she was. But you see, Reggie outlived his first wife, his first daughter, his second wife (who happened to be the same age as daughter #1) and now his second daughter… Imagine what it must be like. He didn’t get particularly lucky in life, did he?

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  5. We already knew she was in a bad situation, it’s just sad that she did not trust Ron and Clint enough to get out of it, and it ended like this. I hope the police will figure out exactly who did it and why!

    Frank and Waylon are looking so much older! 😥

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    1. Yes, she was in too deep. And well, seems her plan wasn’t as clever as she thought it would be. Must be her pride who brought her to this. Being smart is not enough…
      Ron and Clint really wanted to help, and now they probably blame themselves for not being decisive enough and taking action when she could still be rescued (potentially). It might be difficult for the police to figure it out, considering Harold’s connections.
      I know. On the one, I am sad, but on the other, I really love that I can do that with their looks, so they actually look older than Clint, as they’re supposed to. As you probably know from my post on Tumblr, I really don’t mind things like that if it’s for more realism. And I struggled with young-looking Sims for ages, so the age slider really does a wonderful job.

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  6. WHAT??! Oh no, Becca was murdered? This is a shock! Poor Reggie – did he die in that scene?
    Oh man, I’m so sorry for Ron and Clint – for everyone really. It was a stupid plan of hers from the start. I wonder how everyone will move on from this 😓😦

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      1. Yes I got that. But nothing like having to read your sister is dead in the paper to understand just how insignificant you really are in the world; to everyone and everything. How does one recover from that realization?

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      2. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did call him but he hadn’t realized before reading about that in the newspaper. He’s been pretty caught up with Shari the last few days.

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  7. oh NO
    Jowita!! Why u do this?!
    Interesting that confident Becca, who believed she could be in control and get where she wanted in life, ended up like this. But it happens like that a lot – plus I bet it was someone she knew. Typically is, isn’t it? Hmmm >.>

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    1. Cause I’m evil, can’t you tell? Warned you!
      Oh, yes, she got herself into so much trouble because she believed in herself so much and wasn’t cautious enough. Such a shame and Ron is absolutely damaged.

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