Chapter 6.10: Two Times the News

I opened my eyes prepared for yet an other disapointtment in my life. Yes these dreams were fun, lots of fun even and some of them were more realistic but the problem with them was that their just dreams. I had been struglling for some thing real for so long…

But than as I finally did open them and started to register my suroundings I realized how rong I was. This was not a dream. This was not a dream! Oh god.


I looked round the room focusing on the objects round me. Each and every one of them reminded me so much of Shari and I started picturing her in difrrent situations she could be in while using those. Just next to me was a nightlamp, right there on a table next to a bed. It was the only source of artifficial light in the whole room.


And then their were three wooden plates with animals painted on each of them. A cat, a horse and a dog. Did Shari make these? Most likly.


I all so noticed a shelf with so many plants atop of it it was a wonder it didn’t break due to there height. The height of it was also Shari-apropriate. I could easlly imagine her drawing back the curtains on the windows just behind my head and then proseeding to water the plans and smile as she did so. She always had so many of them, back when we were both living in Starlight Shores. A drafting table and many plants were a must.

But as I continued to admire the room I began to realize that everything was their accept Shari her self. Of course her perfume fillt up the whole room and I could still smell the last remnants of her smell next to me. She couldn’t of left a long time ago. Where she had gone too was the real question.

I got up and started scanning the house but didn’t find her in neithere the kitchen nor the living room. As I began to uproach the bathroom’s door I started to have unpleasant flashbacks from reading my great-great-great-grandmother’s (I think that is the right term for the person who started this diary series) naration. What if I found out Shari killed her self while I was a-sleep? Was that why she gave me some thing to remember her by? I shivered at the thought but quickly discarded it. Ron you fool, ofcourse that’s not the case. She probably just took a shower. But… Shari never took showers in the morning.

Annoyed with the fact that I was (most likely uneccesarly) this scared, I quickly opened the door. Lets get this over with as quickly as possable.



She was indeed their. She did not look to good but definately didn’t resemble someone caught commiting suicide. Besides myself I breathed a sigh of relieve. It was stupid how scared I managed to get myself. And yet she looked troubled. Why would she be when I was so blissfuly happy having realized that last night’s events weren’t just a product of my own imagination?


“Get out,” she said before I could even say any thing. My heart droped. Of course nothing could be as easy.

“Shari please. I hope you don’t regret what happenned last night. It wasn’t just due to you being drunk, right? There was more.” Shari was studing her hands in silence. Finally she spoke the last thing I accepted to hear from her.


“I wasn’t drunk.” My mouth gaped open. And what was she on about now?


“You don’t remember? You so obviously were. I saw you downing that glass of wine and besides you would never…”


“I wasn’t,” she repeated and finally looked up and met my gaze. “Look Ron, that whole reunion was all planed. From A to Z. I set up the scene, sort of like a movie scene. Wine for you and blackcurrant juice four me. I knew you would drink your’s even though you don’t usually drink if I appeared drunk enough just too protect me. I.. I almost chickened out. But I needed to do this. And it’s all be cause…” She stopped to see my reaction. Truth was I had no idea what to say. What could I respond to this? She’d practicly been laying to me the whole time. Was all she was saying a set up dialogue, did it mean nothing to her? Did she say I love you Ron with cold blood while having something else on her mind? And finally why would she do this all? That’s what I wanted to say. But instead I started laughing.


“Blackcurrant juice Shari? That’s prizeless. Did you hear yourselve telling that whole tale? Lets be serious!” But she wasn’t laughing and seeing her expression quickly cut my hollow laugh short.


“I’m dead serious Ron. There was a reason to all this being…” she took a deep breath, then said,” Ron I’m pregnant.” My 1st thought was that the child was mine. That I got what I had always dreamed of. But that was not hapening. In this kind of fairy tale that we had nothing was going right. She was expecting before she invited me over meaning… God no. No. No. Don’t let this be, just don’t let this be true. So in stead of acting reasonebly I asked a stupid question.

“Are you sure?” Shari looked me up as if I’d just said Becca wasn’t my twin. Or something close to that.


“Am I sure? Am I sure? Tell me Ron if your that after checking the contents of this trash can.” So this was getting weirder and weirder each moment but I did as I was told. Only to find that there wasn’t anything but pregnancy tests in their. Sure, some were more modern, showing not only the result but also the number of weeks the person who took them was in. But besides there many differences in the form there was one thing all of them agreed on. No matter if it was a yes, huge letters saying ‘pregnant’ or just traditional two lines… Pregnant. There was no dout that she was.


“Oh Shari,” these two words came out of my mouth instantly after inspecting the trash can’s contents. “It’s not to late yet. We can still be twogether. If we just go some where far away where noone will ever find us, than elope and raise your kid… I would raise them as mine. It’s not what the biology says it’s the feelings that count right? And Shari I lo-“


“Oh stop, just stop!” she frowned covering her ears. “This is what I need the least right now. Actually you should of been long gone by now. I just needed to know, just needed it confirmed…”

“What Shari? What did you need confirmed?”



She tried to push me out the door but she was simply to small and was clearly getting increasingely annoyed at her lack of strength needed to achieve anything with that. But deep down, she was only faking the anger. In fact she looked like she was about to cry from the misery shes feeling. So I grabed her and lifted her chin so she had to face me. “Tell me.”


“I wanted to know if I still loved you. And yes! I do! But thats not what I need right now. I could well live with out this confirmation whatso ever. Oh god that was a mistake. I see it clearly now. I shouldn’t off gotten together with you, not ever. You are the biggest mistake in my life.”


I wanted to cry at that moment. I really did. But some how no tears came. Maybe I ran out of them. So much staff went so rong in my life I really shouldn’t have expected any thing good. But it still hurt. So having let go off her hands I didn’t even try to object to Sharis next words. “I think it be better if you left now.” I did. I left. I went back to my house just a few streets away from her’s and grabbedd a newspaper on the way. Instead of crying into the pillow I setlled on to a sofa in the living room and started browsing through it’s pages.


This activity could help me feel numb again, just after another disapointment in my life. Thats what I needed right now. To achieve this numbness I learned to feel after Mom’s death and many farther dissappointments with Shari. It was familiar and safe and it protected me from the pain. But it aparentely wasn’t what life had planned for me. I was only a few pages in when I saw it. Here I thought I was prepared for every thing. But not for this. I could never be prepared for this.


Note: Welcome back! Well, I had a pretty rough week to say the least with so much stuff just not going my way, but I managed to finish pics for this on Monday. I also refreshed my site’s look and changed my theme some time ago. I decided to give up on bigger pictures due to problems with them loading, and I reorganized my menu. I’ve recently managed to make it DOF work and that’s the result. Not going to lie, it might look weird since I’m still getting the hang of it. This one’s been pretty short and it has yet more painful realizations. Honestly, if I were Ron’s friend, I’d tell him to dump Shari. She has just way too many problems and her marriage is really the least important here. But ya know, he wouldn’t listen. I’m planning to get a bonus finished that explains the newspaper’s news, but that will have to wait until my life gets a little bit less crazy and I can focus on it, so I can’t set a date yet. Anyway, hope you enjoyed it and I will see you sometime.

29 thoughts on “Chapter 6.10: Two Times the News”

  1. I think we all want to tell Ron to run (Ron, run! Lol) for the hills by now 😛 I don’t know what Shari’s issues are, but they are pretty severe. I just have a feeling this disaster isn’t necessarily over. I like your pics here and I liked the DOF use. It can be a bit finicky to work with, but you’re doing great ❤ 😀

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    1. Yes, “Ron, run” sounds pretty catchy. I sometimes confuse John with Ron when I write. Not my fault Shari chose the men with such similar names 😛 Oh, Shari’s issues are huge. And it worries me a bit having a female character who’s close to heir that’s a bit like Grace. I do hope I’m not turning it into another generation 2.. I think, though, that you can distinct them from one another. Shari has the coward trait in my game and her issues I imagine to be based on fear, mainly fear of rejection. Plus, come on, Grace was at least honest. 😛
      I’m glad you like the pics. I’m not sure how I feel about this DOF. It’s a bit tricky.

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  2. I agree with Louise… RUN, RON!! Fast! lol It’s too bad he’s so stuck on Shari because this is just a disaster for him. She’s got a lot of problems and drew him into something that gave him hope, only to be disappointed again. I liked how he remembered the founders’ diary and was afraid Shari was trying to do the same thing. I’m also glad she wasn’t. 🙂

    I love what you’ve done with your site! It looks terrific!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We can all agree on that. But Ron can’t dump her. He has it for her too bad. And it’s not going to do him any good…
      She does have a lot of problems and you can see it’s not the first time she’s giving him that false hopes. No wonders he can’t let go of her after all this time. She’s not giving him a chance. Oh yes, I like sneaking those bits in, like you. It’s fun reminding that they also read them.
      Thank you. I had a lot of fun with the header! ♥

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      1. It’s awesome!

        As for Ron and Shari, I see what you’re saying about how Shari isn’t giving him a chance to move on. I like how you put that.

        Also, I meant to include in my comment that I can’t wait to see what the news is in the paper!

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  3. Ah well, characters doing exactly what we all would want to warn them of, usually make the best stories! I also liked the DOF use; particularly it made the views through the windows look very realistic.

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    1. Yes, though it may sound too much like all those Greek tragedies. But it’s very frustrating for the writer, too. I just can’t seem to be able to grab him by the arm and tell him not to!
      I’m glad you liked it. I was annoyed that it blurred the edges and her hair. But Im still getting the hang of it.


    1. She’s not right in the head, for sure. Wait, do I have to many characters with whom something is not exactly right? Uh, whatever… No, and she isn’t helping at all. All she does is leading him on. Ah, the newspaper… Well, it’s not Shari-connected.

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  4. wow! love the site’s look… you’ve done such a great job with it all again 🙂 I like it was before, but that picture you have as a new header design, I must say is just awesome jowita 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I noticed ln the last chapter some people mention the wedding ring being missing, but in this chapter its back on and almost glaring at us in one of the pictures.

    and your right, the picture of Shari trying to move Ron are funny, it looks like he is an unmovable wall, but it probably a good thing he didn’t move at that point because I think if he had she would have fallen flat on her face

    there all great picture, I did like your old style… but this are so clear and sharp, I checked out the sizes of them, and there half the size of the older ones and look just as good on here as they did. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I made all the poses myself, so it would look exactly as I wanted, with the tiny Shari and all. There were some issues with her being too curvy for the pose, but I shot around it. I’m so glad you like it!
      Yes, Ron himself noticed that the ring was missing. In the last one she didn’t wear her wedding ring, just the bracelet from Ron. In this one she’s wearing the ring only. Think about it what you want, but I like to wonder if maybe she put the ring back on and said to herself, “I cheated, yes, but I’m going to be a good wife from now on”. Of course, that would be bullshit if she did.
      I made the poses specifically for this scene. I wanted to show how she couldn’t move him at all. It makes sense considering Ron’s not only pretty athletic, but also weighs so much more than her. She’s just too tiny to have a chance! And you’re right, that would have been funny had she fallen.
      I’m glad you like the pictures. I was playing with DOF, known as depth of field, so the background is blurry. I’m glad you think so. I did like the old big pictures, but I changed up my theme and so the size of them changed, too. I just had too many problems with them not loading properly or at all.

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  5. Have you moment Ron and get out and on with your life. Sometimes we love those who are all wrong for us and darling she is that for you. Sneaky, conniving, self serving……find someone sweet and totally devoted to you for all the right reasons!

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    1. Shari is not necessarily a bad person but she has all the wrong thinking patterns. She has many issues, mostly connected to her fear. I think I eventually forgot to mention that the nightlamp was due to her fear of the dark. But she has many more along it, such as fear of rejection… But you are right, she’s definitely not fit for a relationship with anyone, not just Ron, that is until she somehow sorts out her issues.

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  6. Definitely agree with everyone else on this, Ron needs to leave Shari in the past and find out what real love looks like. Of course, he won’t. I can only wonder how much worse things will get from here…

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    1. That’s the only love Ron has ever known. He spent his whole life with her, as they grew up together. He just can’t comprehend what it is that he did wrong. And that’s all because he didn’t do anything wrong. Shari is constantly leading him on and hurting him more and more… He should stop seeing her and find someone worthy of his love.

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  7. I have to agree with what the other comments are saying, Shari is truly awful to Ron. I completely understand being confused, maybe even regretful of the choices she made up till now, but that is no reason to manipulate someone she claims to care about like that.
    I hope this is the big breaking point Ron needs to see that too. He deserves so much better!
    Looking forward to seeing how he develops from here 🙂
    (Finally got around to reading all the summaries, will read the chapters in full in due course!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shari is definitely not an easy person to be in a relationship with. She has a huge fear of rejection and that caused her to break up with Ron in the first place. And then again, she loves him and can’t seem to be able to just cut the ties with him (if they can’t be friends, which has already been proven) and move on. That is true, she’s manipulative and changes her mind constantly. Very unstable and that only confuses Ron more. True example of hot and cold! That song by Katy Perry should be her theme song. 😛
      Hopefully, he makes better choices now!
      Ah, thank you. Hope the summaries made it somewhat clearer (though practically, I think just reading 6 generation chapters is enough, the introduction post alone brings up the most important characters and basic info), the other gens don’t matter that much now. Also, the old chapters don’t have good writing, mainly with sentence structure, so I’m sure you could skip them. I planned to update them, but then again, I’m short on time and chose to work on the current story for now. Also, I think you’ve gathered Ron is dyslexic, so you can see these ridiculous misspelled words here and there…


  8. I could have face facepalmed when Ron said they could still be together and raise the baby. He just doesn’t know how to guard his heart when he’s with Shari.

    She could have worked out her feelings some other way, rather than dragging Ron into it again. She’s always given mixed signals but this time was really messed up.

    I can’t wait to see what the other news is!

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    1. Ah, yeah, Ron has it for her hard. Plus he’s impulsive and practically always says the first thing he can think of. He’s way too honest and that might creep people out.
      She definitely shouldn’t have slept with Ron. That was wrong in so many ways and she’s only messing with him, as we aren’t delusional like Ron and know that she actually won’t be with him again. He’s ever so hopeful and that’s his major mistake…
      This bonus should be done soon as it’s just pictures. Drama on the horizon!

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  9. Aw Ron. You hinted what was coming but it still hurt. It’s pretty skeevy that she got him drunk, too. I guess he’d have consented anyway, probably, but… eh. I’m not okay with many of her actions actually – who does this? She has such a weird way of going about things. I can kind of see it – her need to be in control, and the difficulty of not being able to control emotions – but no reasonable, rational person would go about this complicated method of doing it… right? At least she figured out it was wrong… only after playing with Ron’s heart. He’ll never move on if she keeps giving him hope…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know :/ Well, Shari is pregnant and she wanted to find a way to avoid drinking. And she totally thought that if she gave the impression of being drunk, it would be a good excuse for her behavior. She also knew Ron would be more submissive if she gave him a small dose of alcohol because he usually doesn’t drink. And of course it’s be much better if she didn’t tell him about all this, but she felt like she needed to explain herself and that she didn’t drink while pregnant. She’s pretty complex, you know. She does feel guilty to a point but then she plans something like this out… She’s not either reasonable or rational. Let’s face it – she has mental problems. Sleeping with Ron is certainly not going to fix them. Instead of giving his consent to her ridiculous actions, he should help her get some help. Of course, he’s not going to do that. He’s selfish, too, but in a different way.
      You nailed it here. It’s exactly what keeps Ron from moving on. No, he’s not a romantic, but her little games confuse him. She’s giving him such mixed signals and he’s still hoping that it might work out. He shouldn’t be but he is. That’s the problem.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. I have never liked Shari, but now I certainly don’t like her!!

    What she did to Ron was down right cruel. She is playing games with him, and toying with his feelings. If she really loved him like she claims then she wouldn’t treat him like toilet paper.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am not surprised that you don’t like her anymore. She’s quite cray-cray, this one.
      And yes, you’re right that playing games with Ron isn’t really a sign of affection…

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  11. Tsk tsk tsk Shari, that was cold. Well, that girl has a looot of issues, oh my. My heart breaks for poor Ron. I will agree with Louise – Run, Ron!!
    You know, when you wrote that Shari’s nipples were darker in the last chapter, I had the thought that she might be pregnant but I totally forgot to comment on it! And Ron believing even for one second that the baby might be his… lol, so funny! Men 😂😂
    I wonder what was in that newspaper! You have me at the edge of my seat!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She has a ton of issues, can’t deny! Ron is really unlucky to haven fallen in love with her.
      Ha, yup, I wrote that part on purpose. But I don’t think Ron would connect the dots – he has no idea about pregnancy and all that 😂
      Yup, he wanted it to be his. Then you know, Shari would divorce and he’d get the girl. Or that’s what his mind came up with, lol.
      Ah, the news!

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