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Getting to Know Ron – Character Tag

Hello, guys!

So, there is a new tag on Tumblr, another fun one that lets you (and most of all, your readers) get to know a character better. I was tagged by a lovely friend whom I’ve only just met there and then I started wondering, if we could take that tag over to WP, as we haven’t had many tags lately and Tumblr can’t have all the fun. Backed up by Louise and Lila, I decided to do this, and hence below you can read that tag for Ron. Have fun!

an old pic from the beginning of his gen, ’cause I’m lazy

Getting to know: Ron

► Name? ➔ Ronald Rosenthal, but I just go by Ron.
► Are you single? ➔ Technically, I am. But not at heart.
► Are you happy? ➔ Not really, not ever since Shari got married. I kept, uh, hoping.
► Are you angry? ➔ Sometimes that does make me angry. But mostly sad.
► Are your parents still married? ➔ They never got divorced, but my mom’s no longer alive.


► Birth Place? ➔ Starlight Shores. The one with palms everywhere!
► Hair Color? ➔  That would be… honey blond? It’s practically yellow.
► Eye Color? ➔  Gray. Seems to be a popular one in my family.
► Birthday? ➔ June 30th. [which is when I posted Hailey’s chapter with his birth, but shh…]
► Mood? ➔  Not sure. I’ve been living in this weird state of numbness ever since Mom died, then Shari got married. Slowly losing hope.
► Gender? ➔ Well, I’m a guy, obvi.
► Summer or winter? ➔  Summer, always. I grew up in tropics, I can never get used to snow!
► Morning or afternoon? ➔ Morning. That’s when I jog. Afternoon I go to work.


► Are you in love? ➔ Of course, I am. Have been in love with the girl I grew up with ever since I can remember.
► Do you believe in love at first sight? ➔ No, don’t think so. You have to get to know the person first.
► Who ended your last relationship? ➔ Uh… Shari. How many love questions are there left…?
► Have you ever broken someone’s heart? ➔ Rather she broke mine.
► Are you afraid of commitments? ➔  I’m not, but… I’d do anything for her not to be.
► Have you hugged someone within the last week? ➔ Of course, Shari hugs me all the time! Not that I mind.
► Have you ever had a secret admirer? ➔ Well, they’re supposed to be secret, how would I know?
► Have you ever broken your own heart? ➔ What an illogical question, huh?


► Love or lust? ➔ And do I have to choose? You know, I can’t imagine looking for a hook up rather than a relationship. That just ain’t my thing. So, probably love?
► Lemonade or iced tea? ➔ They’re both good but probably lemonade. It reminds me of blissful afternoon family get togethers with my kind-of uncles and Clint. Thing of the past.
► Cats or Dogs? ➔ No idea, I’ve never had a pet. But if I were to have one, I think I’d have a dog.
► A few best friends or many regular friends? ➔ A few best friends. I’m talking about Clint, Becca and Shari, as we used to be. I miss those times.
► Wild night out or romantic night in? ➔ What’s your definition of wild? Wild as in, “I don’t know the person and I have a hook up with a stranger”, or “I’m having a passionate night under the stars with my beloved”? Cause I’d love a hot camping date of a kind!
► Day or night? ➔ Day. Nighttime is usually when I have the most painful realizations.


► Been caught sneaking out? ➔ Huh, no, I was the good kid. You shoulda asked my sister!
► Fallen down/up the stairs? ➔ I couldn’t have, we only had an elevator at home.
► Wanted something/someone so badly it hurt? ➔ They say you can forget and yet – yes, every single time.
► Wanted to disappear? ➔ When Shari was saying her vows, yes.


► Smile or eyes? ➔ Eyes. Her green eyes.
► Shorter or Taller? ➔ Tiny.
► Intelligence or Attraction? ➔ Attraction… Love.
► Hook-up or Relationship? ➔ Relationship.


► Do you and your family get along? ➔ I’d say we do, but I haven’t talked to my twin sister in ages. I still talk regularly to Clint on FaceTime, though.
► Would you say you have a “messed up life”? ➔ Talk about finding out what your sister was doing when she ran away from home and learning your best friend was your step brother all along… Yes, I do.
► Have you ever ran away from home? ➔ I’ve never felt the need to. Becca did, though.
► Have you ever gotten kicked out? ➔ No, never.


► Do you secretly hate one of your friends? ➔ Why would I call the person I hate a friend?
► Do you consider all of your friends good friends? ➔ Of course, I do.
► Who is your best friend? ➔ Clint. Clinton Cavender.
► Who knows everything about you? ➔ I used to think Becca knew everything about everyone. She always saw right through us all. But yeah, we do not keep in touch that much anymore, so probably no one.

Hope you enjoyed it! And, I’m just going to tag the same people I did on Tumblr with one extra.


So yeah, you all can now freely post it on WP, if you want! And the last tag is the person on whose story I’ve been obsessively catching up the last few days and I’m almost all caught up. I’m loving generation 3, especially. Even the fact that it’s a TS4 one, and I do not usually read those, didn’t manage to put me off that much. 😀 Also, of course there are many other people I would tag, but I decided to stick to the Tumblr nominees with this one exception, because, knowing what a tight-knit, little community we are here, I know my nominees will probably nominate all those people and I don’t want to take nominees away from them.

In other news, I will be posting a chapter today in two hours, finally, and I’ve been SO looking forward to sharing it with you. I will just say that if Ron responded to these questions after the chapter, his answers would probably be very different. Fasten your seat belts, guys, it’s going to be quite a ride! 😀

26 thoughts on “Getting to Know Ron – Character Tag”

  1. Oooh I’m so curious now about why Ron’s answers change. Maybe I’ll have to retag you so we can get postchapter!Ron too.
    I was tagged by someone else on tumblr too, and think I’ll use that as an excuse to do the triplets. But I’ll likely post it next sunday, just a head’s up! Thank you ❤

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  2. Oooh, can’t wait to share it on my blog. Right now I think I need to relax and read your chapter after struggling with my theme. Even though I’ve only been tagged once, I’ll probably post both Gina and Enzo, ’cause I did it for him, too 😛 I couldn’t leave my sweet rich boy out of it!
    Ron has it soooo bad for Shari – now I’m almost afraid to read the new chapter because you says he’ll turn out happy. Somehow, I think his happiness will eventually lead to a lot of misery 😛 Can’t wait, though! I mean, misery is what we’re here for!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope WP lets you be logged in for as long as you wish, Louise 😦
      I hope you enjoy this chapter!
      Yes, I will be happy to read the Enzo’s one, too! Woo!
      I know, he does. Poor him, though, with how she left him and all. Yes, he’ll be happy, but I can say that he’ll be happy for long, ’cause tragic happens in the chapter after that. 😛 Of course, it’s a pattern in my story with happiness leading to misery, always. 😛 Hope you enjoy the drama!

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  3. It was cool to read about him, even though I haven’t met him yet! 🙂
    Thank you again for nominating me! Sooo, I’m new to this awards thing…do I ‘ask’ Adelaide the same questions you asked Ron here? And how many people do we nominate?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed reading. If you’re interested, if you go to the ‘Extras’ paged linked in my menu, you can check out the ‘Character Development’ thingy. I posted a lot of Original Character tags and also mood boards. There is even one for Maddie! 🙂
      Actually, most awards do come with a set of rules. This one doesn’t appear to have it, so you have a lot of freedom. Yes, you use the same questions and respond to them as if you were one of your characters – you can do more than one, really, it’s up to you. As for the nominees, again, some awards will point you to a certain number, but for this one, you can nominate as many as you want, or even no one.

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      1. Oh, really? Haha, that’s funny! Your colors are so much different from mine I almost didn’t notice lol. It’s interesting how much different themes can look with different colors! 🙂

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  4. This will serve when I get into his part of your legacy! I’ve had some trouble with the spam box, a lot of bloggers I follow landed in there! Not any more, though, but I have an awful lot of binge reading to do!

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    1. I hope you enjoy reading his legacy. Although it might be a bit much for you as a teacher – I make a lot of mistakes on purpose due to his dyslexia. I’m sorry you had this issue, and I’m glad it’s solved now!

      Liked by 1 person

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