Chapter 6.9: Taming the Feeling

Warning: NSFW.

Shari invited me to her house a day after her husband left for his home town. I could sense she needed my presence. I was so angry at him for making her suffere. Some where deepdown I probably realized it was not his fault that his parents were so unaccepting of the wonderful girl that I knew Shari was but since he was himself so the husband of a girl I loved I would put any blame on him even when their weren’t any. It justifyed the vision in my mind that never left, the vision of I and Shari together. Because when I portraited him as a bastard it was probably easier to call him undeserving of her and easier to claim her as mine.

This time she didn’t look very happy to see me. She wasn’t glowing. Instead she looked tired and miserable and something was visibly troubling her. Even the red aura was fainter this time, so light it was getting closer to pink. The worry almost emanated from her. Life took it’s toll on me to. Ever since she married John I hadn’t been feeling myself. And the world seemed dull and washed out…

“Ron,” she said instead of a greeting. “Please come in.”


I wasn’t so surprised this time when Bella jumped at me when I walked in. Shari was indifferent to the puppy. Something definitely was not right.

Than we stepped into the living room and I saw it. Two glasses full of wine.


“Something to drink,” she said motioning to the glasses filled with dark red liquid. There were days when her aura had a similar color. This definately wasn’t one of them.

We sat down and she imediately grabbed the glass and took a big sip almost downing it which scared me alittle. This was so not like her.


“I’m sorry, I’m just so worried. And the alcohol makes it easier,” she said apologeticly. The Shari I knew didn’t have good tolerance. What happened to her? I took the glass from her hand and put it back on the coffee table noticing she was wearing the bracelet I gave her that day aswell. But no wedding ring.


“You shouldn’t worry so much Shari. It might ruin you oneday. How much have you drunk?”


“I… you were right Ron. I made a mistake.” She sudennly started crying. I guessed that it was probably the alcohol making her so emotional and I instinctivally touched her arm. Than her gaze focused on my untouched glass. “Will you be drinking it Ron? I could take it from you…”

“No don’t.” Without properely thinking it over I took the glass from the table and quickly dawned it so she wouldn’t do that. I knew I was going to regret it later. “You need to tell me what you mean Shari. Is it John? Are you worried about his parents?” In reality I didn’t want to hear about John atall. His name felt bitter on my lips and every thing in this house screamed that Shari wasn’t leaving there alone.


“That’s not it Ron. I… I should of canceled the engagement before it was to late. I should of listened.” I tried to say something but no words left my mouth. I was a bit dizzy after the alcohol. I practically never drank. Shari might of had a better tolerance than me with her being so little and vulnerable. After all I saw her downing that glass just minutes back.

“I don’t love John,” she continued. “… and that’s one of the reasons I married him. I tried to protect myself from the hurt.”


“The hurt?” I asked not understanding any thing. I couldn’t really focus on her words or follow her train of thought. I started wondering why she would even invite me over and what she wanted from me to have that chat with just the two of us. And wine. Lets not forget wine.


“My mom was hurt because she loved my dad and he left her. I love you so much Ron, I thought… I thought I might totally flip if you ever left me. I feared I might get pregnant to.”


“You wouldn’t Shari. We used protection. And even if you did you know I’d never leave you. I promised you forever remember?” I added touching the bracelet on her hand. She removed her hand from mine and plased it on her cheek  looking at me as if I’d been a puzzled baby.


“Forever is a big word Ron. But it doesn’t have it’s initial meaning anymore. For some forever is two months, for others three years. But forever is never forever. It was easier to leave you Ron. Easier then having you leave me first.” I suddenly got angry. It was not me being puzzled and dizzy. It was her not making any sense at all!


“You left me with out a reason? What is wrong with you Shari? We could of been happy together forever! We had everything and you left me! I never knew why and I still don’t understand!” Normally Shari would be totally lost if I said something like this. But this Shari was honest. Honest and in a sense weirdly confident of her words. She seemed to of thought out this scene in her head two many times, planned out every detail of it and… predicted every step.


“Is it selfish of me to ask for one last time?” She asked with the pleading look. I had a feeling like I was understanding less and less of her sentences every passing minute and this had no thing to do with my dyslexia.

“One last wha-“ Before I could ask it she’d closed the distance be twin us and her lips touched mine. The touch caught me offguard but it was almost like it made my gray world gain colors again and I was drowning in shades of red emanating from Shari. Synesthesia never worked more beautiful then when I was intimate with her. The memories of the happy teenage times I spent with her in my arms all came flooding back in seconds, like a wave of tsunami.


We both quickly got the feel of it and deepened our kiss. For a moment I forgot that this situassion was rong. That I was kissing a married woman I had no right to. That she was… Then it hit me. The realization of what we were doing and that she was married partly broke the charm I was under. But only partly.


I briefly ackknowledged my erection or that my body seemed to know better with one of my legs already climbing on the sofa and hands traveling round her waist and moving lower until they were on her butt cheeks from where they could go lower, grab her legs to straighten them and place her on the sofa underneath me… It took all of me to break the kiss.

A loud thump could be heard as my leg decided to listen to me and move away from the sofa back onto the floor.


“This is wrong Shari,” I said weakly and without convicsion forcing my self to look in to her eyes and not get even more aroused by looking at her body or due to the realization   that my hand had already found a way to the buttons of her blouse which was undid on the top revealing a part of her red lacy bra… But she knew exactly what she wanted and was having none of it. I’d never seen her in this state before. She was usually so frightened, so vulnerable…


“Don’t you see Ron? We need it. We have both needed it. For so long… We might burn out from this if we don’t try to tame it. That’s the only way we can control it. Before it eats us up.” Weirdly her words made sense for some reason. Now that I look back to these events I think I would of not given in to her words had I not drunk that glass of wine she offered me but may be (& most likely) its just trying to find an excuse when their aren’t any. In the light of the things that happened after this it certainly seems like we’d use any excuse that presented it-self just to sleep twogether that day.


With out words I leaned in again and our lips touched. I was breathing heavily in these little breaks in kissing we had. I wanted her so badly I’d probably take her even if her husband was still at home but how conveniently for what we were about to do, he wasn’t. No one was around to witness our long awaited reunion.

Eventually Shari broke the kiss and for a moment I thought she changed her mind but instead she said, “We won’t do it on the sofa, will we?”, and let me to the bedroom where we started tearing at each other’s clothes.



Finally there was nothing stopping us. I could admire Shari’s beautiful body, the curves I longed after for so long, which I imagined through her clothes thinking I’ll never get to see them again. And their she was completely naked infront of me. I thought her nipples looked abit darker then I remembered. Maybe she was a bit more curvy. But that was probably my imagination playing tricks on me. She was perfect, even more perfect then my imagination or many dreams I had of her could make her because she was real. And she was in my arms kissing me passionately. We could finally reunite. Every detail of this night will forever (the word) stay engraved in my mind and I already knew it that day. I wanted this moment to last forever.



Shari cried as she climaxed than wrapped her legs around my hips and whispered softly and lovingely, “Ronnie.”


That night she slept in my arms and it was incredible how peaceful she was. For once she didn’t seem to worry at all (and she’s been worrying about every thing ever since I can remember) as she clung to my chest and possessively put her leg on my body, the warmth of our bodies, hearts and breaths enough to lull us to sleep naked in each other’s arms on a chilly fall evening. I even remember that she still emanated with red to me after our lovemaking as I took one last look at her before shutting my eyes and promptly falling asleep… None of us worried about the consequences that night. None of us realized that in stead of taming the feeling we only made it stronger not letting it burn out with time… And finally none of us realized that that night we sealed our fate for good with no turning back…

Note: Hello, hello, yup, it’s finally here! The new schedule seems to do me some good, because I finished it almost a week early. And I’m very pleased with how it turned out. I’ve been wanting to finally get this chapter done for ages, because it’s really important for the rest of the generation, not because it has NSFW and, admittedly, some female presenting nipple if you look too closely at the last picture. O u t r a g e o u s, Jowita, you broke your tumblr promise. But yeah, I hope you enjoyed it even though Shari obviously cheated and all. A lot of drama is in store for a few next installments until things calm down only to get more drama at the end! And I spent so much time on this chapter to get everything good and fitting, but marshmallowsims and Bee really helped me here, because the first one made many useful poses to be used with a resized female rig which conveniently is the same size as Shari and the latter allowed me to edit her couple poses to fit my tiny Shari. Also, I used two poses from her other pose pack called Disputes Over Money. So thank you so much!

41 thoughts on “Chapter 6.9: Taming the Feeling”

  1. Female-presenting nipples?! Well, you are officially way too lewd for Tumblr, Jowita! For shame 😛 Good thing we’ve got WordPress where we can be as pervy as we like, he, he…
    Ah, I had a feeling this might happen. These two, I swear… Well, knowing your story, they’ll suffer for this little misstep and I can’t wait to find out what disaster you have in store 🙂 Mwahahha!
    I loved the red lighting in the pictures, it both ties into Ron’s synesthesia, but it also seems otherworldly, or like a warning that bad stuff’s about to happen (or maybe that’s just me reading into it because things will go wrong soon!). Is it ReShade or editing you used, just out of curiosity? 🙂
    Anyway, this was great as always, Jowita ❤ I'm proper excited for all the disasters that will happen in the future! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I mean I promised you there wouldn’t be any, but then I looked closer at the last thing and yeah, it happened. Sorry not sorry 😛
      I know, I’m so glad that WP doesn’t flag us like Tumblr does. We can be pervs here, with all our vineyards, female presenting nipples, toddlers & more!
      It did happen. Honestly, I don’t know if it felt like that only to me, but they had it coming for a long, long time. The sexual tension was obvious. Lol, yeah, they will suffer, ofc. But not now. Now there is more tragic things the story will be centered around!
      It’s in-game red invisible lighting & ReShade combined. I really like the effect I got with it. And I could finally explore Ron’s synesthesia, too. Also, I found this pack with more invisible lights somewhere. I think you might like that!
      The warning no, I meant it more as a representation of his synesthesia. Shari’s always been red to him, especially intense in moments like these.
      I’m glad you enjoyed it! Yay for disasters! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. When Ron was observing her body, I almost wondered if she’s pregnant. I suppose that’s something to wait and see. 😀 They so obviously belong together but I wonder what this means for their futures? And Shari wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. Is that because she and her husband are now separated? Or is it because she realizes what a mistake she’s made? So many questions. I look forward to finding out the answers! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, a good catch! But yeah, I guess we’ll eventually find out. That probably wouldn’t be good news for Ron, though :/
      Yes, they shouldn’t have broken up in the first place, but I think it’s obvious Shari has… issues. To put it lightly. Another reason for her not wearing a ring could be that she planned for it to happen and it didn’t exactly feel right to wear the ring which is a promise of her faithfulness while she was cheating on him…

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  3. She is so tiny next to him! and still such a beautiful sim. I sure how they both know what they are doing but especially Ron because he is going to get his heart broken here no matter what I think. Shari has lost her mind…I married him because I didn’t love him…like what? Well you made your bed missy, better get used to lying in it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I told you she’s tiny! I would like to thank you again for letting me edit your poses. I think they worked perfectly for this scene.
      Yeah, I love taking pictures of Shari, as she’s so pretty. You’re right, they’re both not really thinking straight. Could be alcohol, lust or both… Ron’s totally in for a heartbreak… Shari, yes, she has issues and once that are not easy to sort out. Sleeping with her is definitely nota way to help her deal with them.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. oh Shari had a plan before she even picked up the phone to invite him over. She knew what she was doing and the wine gave her to courage to do so. Because I believe Shari isn’t evil, just warped in her thinking, but even she knows cheating is bad. Alcohol=false courage and definitely bad decisions.

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  4. I am shocked and horrified at these FEMALE PRESENTING NIPPLES. Jowita, I thought so highly of you! How COULD you be so vulgar? 😛
    I have to admit my internet is so much worse than usual and many of the pictures simply won’t load, BUT who needs them when the writing has swept me away like it did? I did get to appreciate the jump to red pictures when they were kissing and such. A nice touch!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no, don’t make me feel even more embarrassed! 😦 I’m so sorry, I’m such a sinner!
      I’m sorry you didn’t get to see all the pictures, but yeah, I think the writing speaks for itself here. They really went all the way with the red and such. I’m glad you appreciated it! I had fun with the effects.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! It’s nice to meet you 🙂 The summaries aren’t that detailed, but you don’t need to know too much about the previous generations to know what is going on. Also, these mistakes are all because Ron’s dyslexic, so yeah, hope they aren’t too distracting! Female presenting nipples are the worst, you know. 😛


  5. Oh my. Welcome to the dark side. NIPPLES AND SEX! 😂😂😂. I thought it was all tastefully done and I loved the red. So Shari is a hot mess… my guess she is pregnant already and she wanted him to come over for one last fling. Poor Ron. I think this is a no win for him. She’s lost her mind! Great chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, this whole is a joke on Tumblr’s new rules of banning adult content. They also used the term “female presenting nipples”, which is absolutely hilarious! So, I posted it on WP right in Tumblr’s face. I’m glad you liked it, I really enjoyed the red set up too and was proud of how it turned out. Ah, yeah, she is a hot mess… Good guess! No, Ron can’t win here. Shari’s definitely not giving up John, she’s in too deep…

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  6. Well we all new this was a possibility… Ron is still not thinking… it seem like with him the heart wants what the heart wants… sometimes people are never able to see clearly again… maybe he hopes that he can get her back. I dont know, but at this point it looks like going down a bad road of pain…

    but I do get the feeling after reading this chapter, that Shari knows exactly what’s she up to and maybe she wants a child from Ron… she deep!

    if I’m right maybe there a reason for all this and I’m sure will all become clear soon enough…

    one things for sure it would make an interesting story if this is the way you are going with the new generation, but I still cant help thinking Shari married the wrong man

    I wonder if she will ever realise this and sort her life out… (why do girls never marry the best man) somehow I dont think so… but time will tell

    we have to see in the next chapter where your going to take us with this 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Everyone knew but Ron. He really did want to believe Shari still had feelings for him, but as she married, he started losing hope for their happy ever after.
      Ron is not thinking properly and at the same time, he was feeling dizzy due to the alcohol. He’s wanted Shari badly for such a long time and given the chance to pursue this dream, he jumped straight into it. I’m not sure if you noticed, but Ron does have a tendency to do things without giving them a second thought prior. Could be that he inherited it from his mother who was known for acting this way. 🙂 You’re right in that he isn’t making good choices here, and you will see that if he continues to walk down this path, things are only going to get worse… Of course, Shari is married and he should just get over it. If only it was as easy to do, as it is to say…
      Ah, Shari. It’s really the opposite with her. You see, she wants a cookie and wants to eat it, too. She should deal with the fact that she’s married and she shouldn’t be trying to get back into this relationship with Ron. She lost it and that’s solely her fault.
      There is a reason but it’s not quite what you said. Some of my readers managed to get it right, though!
      Actually, I have different plans for the heir’s mother. It’s not going to be Shari. But… I can’t spill the beans just yet. Soon enough you’ll see for yourself. 🙂
      I think she knows she made the wrong choice… Maybe she even knew all along. Ron tried to warn her, make her cancel the engagement, but as you saw, to no avail. Well, John probably didn’t marry the right girl either. But he had no idea, what this situation with Ron was really like. Could have been just a childhood friend…
      Let’s wait and see!

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  7. I really like the red lighting you used in the last few pictures, it emphasizes how Ron sees Shari very well!

    Sigh… Even though Ron was right that Shari still loves him, this is no way to treat someone who is married. John will definitely not be pleased that all this happened behind his back. I wonder if Shari and Ron will regret this once they’re sober.

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  8. Yep, this is not tumblr approved!!! 😉

    At the end it seems clear that Shari planned this to seduce Ron. It seems she is playing with him, even though she probably doesn’t mean to. But she was giving mixed signals way before this.

    That’s weird that Ron thought she looked most peaceful and worry free in that moment, when I would think they’re in a bigger mess than ever. 😛 I wonder if this helped her make a decision, or settled something on her mind? 🤔

    Love the photos! The red is so cool looking! Not only for synesthesia, but passion too. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I know. Strangely, though, I’m not even embarrassed 😛 God x it’s awesome, I had been planning this one for so long.
      Yes, it is clear. She did this all with a plan in mind. You’re right. She is messed up, honestly, and she doesn’t realize how badly she’s hurting him with all this mess. In the end, that’s all her fault. Maybe Ron could get over her… if only she stopped giving him mixed signals and faint hope for something serious. Like here.
      They’re in a big mess. But things only start getting really crazy from here. And that’s not even connected to this affair. You’ll see! And you’re on the right track. She did make a decision. Not one that Ron would be delighted to hear.
      I’m so glad! I’m very proud of them and the red worked better thank thought it would. Ha, yeah, but it also fit perfectly with his synesthesia, I think.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I feel like this is the sort of thing Shari should have talked to him about before they broke up, before she tied the knot with another guy… and he’s really not in the right state of mind either, not with how much he wants her+the alcohol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She should have, but it’s much too late now. She was really afraid of telling him this and she’s only just gathered up the courage. No, he isn’t in the right state of mind at all. But she’s kind of worse.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Oh man. I knew something bad was going to happen, but not so soon! Hey, at least they both got to enjoy themselves before things go dowhill, right?
    I really liked those sex scenes – like Louise said, I loved the red lighting you used, and the fact that it helps portray both Ron’s synesthesia and their night of passion soon to be a disaster. Very well done! 😀 Also, I’m a total perv too, so I don’t mind a bit of sexy times in stories lmaoooo!! 😂 😎
    This was so great – I can’t wait to see what bad things are waiting to happen next!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, yes, it all happened so soon. But I don’t have an entire generation to wait.
      I’m glad you liked them! I had so much fun staging them, like getting rid of their clothes part by part and such. I think sometimes you have to include some sex – just for the realism of it, of course, lmao!
      Bad things… Ooh, it’s going to be quite a ride!

      Liked by 1 person

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