Chapter 6.8: The Bracelet

Only several days after the wedding Shari invited me to her new house. Her new house with her new husband. Yet again I sufferred thinking of her being married. God she was only nineteen. I was only nineteen. How could she be all ready married? How could she be all ready married to a guy that wasn’t me? I think it goes with out saying that I felt a similar urge to refuse her as I did when she invited me to her wedding. And yet again I couldn’t.


The whether was a bit chilly when I got there. Ever since living in Bridgeport I started getting used to the fact that not every where it’s always as hot and beautiful as in Starlight Shores. When I arived I almost bumped into Brittany who I didn’t know was invited aswell. It seemed almost to convenient similarlly to how she left the two of us at the wedding to talk. The faint yellow glow suronding Brittany never left. She almost felt like a rey of sun-shine when I looked at her.


“Oh I didn’t know you were invited to,” she said smiling. For some reason I thought she was laying.


“I didn’t know that about you either. But its good two see you. Maybe some day I will bump into you during my morning ran.”


“I’d like that. I could show you then that you’re nothing compared to me.” I was just forming a witty remark in response to her statement when Shari opened the door. She was glowing. Literally glowing. The red surounding her only ever got that strong when she was over the moon.



My heart was aching when I looked at her and I instanetly forgot that I was even talking to Brittany or what I wanted to tell her for I was not the one that made her happy.


“I’m so happy to see you Ron!” She exclaimed and extended her tiny arms to hug me and as always her face got buried in my chest. Just as on the day she said good bye when I drove off to Bridgeport. Had she already been in a relationship with that guy than? When she slowly moved away I brifly saw her left hand with a golden ring on her ring finger. But that was not the only thing I saw. Before I could even think of a comment (gosh why is my thinking always so slow) Brittany made her presence known.



“Hi Shari! You look so happy, let me see the ring…” And as she took Shari’s tiny hand she instantely noticed what I did. “But look at that bracelet… Did John give it to you? It’s so pretty!” For a brif moment Shari’s eyes met mine.


She was visibbly confused by Brittany’s mistake. Because the bracelet was…




“Old. It’s old. I’d had it before I started dating John,” she coreccted, way to quickly for my taste. But before Brittany could ask her more questions John had emerged from the house. Shari breathed a sigh of relieve.


I could see her face before she turned away from me to look at her husband.


It was one of confushion and something I couldn’t quite pinpoint. It was the same thing that made her so mad when I made her aware of the fact that she had unconciously drown herself with me during the talk we had on FaceTime. It now seemed such a long time ago. As was the moment when I gave her the bracelet. Three years ago during our first anniversary when we were both sixteen.

Now she ushered both me and Brittany in to the house where we were met by joyfull barking of a puppy.



“We should teach Bella to be more peaceful or we’re going to have one big noisy golden retriever when she grows up!” John laughed looking at my reaction. I’ve never had a dog and Shari failed to convience my parents to get one when we were young. Aunt Candy refused to adopt a pet without there agreement.


“She’s cute,” I said. “If you knew Shari, though, you’d know she’s always wanted a German shepherd,” I added on purpose to irritate John. Shari always told me I had the nasty trait of always saying to much. I couldn’t help it though.


“Well no one said we won’t get one in the future if Shari wants too,” John replied before Shari could say anything in his defense. “Were both animal lovers so why not?” What’s weird was I sensed nothing mean in his voice. He wasn’t angry. He was just genuinly friendly which angered me even more because I could say nothing bad about him. Or may be I could.

“Such a shame you can’t give Shari her desired dance now,” I made another comment trying to get on his nerves. This time Shari was the first one to reply.


“Stop it Ron. Really there was no need to dance with me,” she said all that unconciously touching the bracelet rapped around her left wrist. It was almost like watching her playing with that engagement ring yet again. “John can’t dance and the wedding happened so quickly he didn’t have time to learn it properly. I can understand that and you should have enough compation in you to do the same… End of topic.” She quickly heded for the couch and we all followed her. Shari continued when we were all seated.


“Look Ron, I invited you here be cause I wanted to make sure you and John are on good terms. You both mean so much to me with you being my best friend and him being my beloved man, my husband now. Brittany for the most of my life I’d had no idea you even existed but its like finding my longlost sister when we finally met. I hope we can keep in touch now that we know were related. But… It breaks my heart knowing John’s family doesn’t approve of our relationship. With that in mind, I hope you can continue being my friends. I…” Shari cut off not sure what more to say. John was their to help her.


“Yes, and Shari… We wanted to explain it to you. My Mom and Dad do not like Shari because she is not… how to put it? White enough? I know that sounds ridiculus. Our wedding happened so quickly because we did something close to eloping. They have no idea we are married. Shari is sad that her parents in-law don’t approve of her and she wanted to invite you guys over to explain her suden decision of marrying me two you.” Shari indeed looked really sad and she was again toying with the bracelet. Almost as if she’d thought of what it would be like now had she married me, not John. But it was to late.


“Well put Johnnie,” she said. “I hope that their at least won’t be quarells between John and you. We’ve already talked to Mom and she likes him.” Then she looked at me as it was obvious who it was adressed to. “Look Ron, Britt knows him more but… John’s a good man. I know that too you he came out of the blue, but we were dating for some time. We met because he also does a hard work of animal rescuing. Bella was found alone next to a road, her siblings probably died. I can’t understand why the person didn’t try to sell the puppies or something but… My point is, you’d like John if you tried Ron. I know it’s hard because we used to date and you feel like he took your place. But! it doesn’t have to be like this.” Then Brittany who I managed to forget was even their spoke.


“I feel abit out off place here because I didn’t grow up with you and I feel like this speech’s directed at something I don’t know much about. But I can say that there’s always a cause for relationships not working out. I’m sorry that there’s such an unpleasantt situassion with John’s parents. I hope that they’ll finally open there eyes. But now I don’t know how about Ron but I feel like I’m interuppting some thing private. May be I should leave.”


“Oh, no, no Britt, John’s setting off to his home town to talk to his parents about are marriage this evening anyways. Please stay.”


“I believe that you should spend some time alone than. I shall not try to interfair. I can offer my support and friend ship always but if that’s all you had to say I think it’d be better if I left.”


“I think the same,” I heard myself say. I began to feel very uncomforteble hearing everyone trying to teach me how to let go esspecially Shari who it was all about.

“There right Shari,” John said pulling his wife closer. “I told you that they’d suporrt you. It’s going to be okay.” Shari nodded and quickly said goodbye to both me and Brittany.

I caught Brittany infront of Shari’s new house. There was some thing I wanted to do.


“Hey wait!” She turned around and looked at me questioningely. “Would you may be want to go to a bar with me?”


“Huh. Well by saying that their is a cause for relation ships not working out I didn’t mean you should go out with you’re ex’s sister than.”

“I know, but that’s not what I meant. I thought it’d be good to get to know each other since your Shari’s sister and I – her… long-time best friend. You seem important to her already.”


“All right. I admit I’ve been curious about you, too.”


“So he chose you.”


Me and Brittany were sitting in a bar and I decided to ask about her family story and how it came to this that she and Shari hadn’t met for such along time.

“Kind of. It’s not nice having a dad who you know has a lot of afairs and a mom who lives in denial. They split up eventualy.”


“And what do you do now?”

“I study nutrition and want to be a dietician one day. For now I work in a bank. But enough of me. Tell me some thing bout you.”


“So my name’s Ron and I’m that weirdo who is known of not being able to spel properely and who has that weird condition conectted with seeing colors connected to people and to musical notes. Serioussly I’m strange.”

“No, you aren’t. I think that condition of your’s is very interesting. And what such a weirdo can do for a living?”


“I work as a spa specialist. I’ve done some courses because they needed more staff and I was sick of being a receptionist. Guess that spa isn’t that proffesional.”


“Seriously? You massage naked women? Isn’t that a dream job for a man?”

“I don’t really know what I want to do with my life. At one point I even wanted to be a pro basket ball player but decided that wouldn’t work out.”


“Why not? You could atleast train young boys, as you say you used to train basketball  at school… And be hang on the wall here,” she added looking at the posters on the wall.


“Now you talk like my sister. She wanted me to become a coach.”

“We’d be a good team, than. A coach and a dietician. But you have to be really determined to do this kind of thing.”

“Are you?” She looked me in the eyes.


“If I want something nothing can stop me from getting it.”

In the future I’ll come back to these words at one point when everything will be lost. I’ll once again see her in the dim lighting of this bar, her green eyes, Shari’s green eyes, fixated on my face, the faint yellow line surounding her, and I will think that may be not all fault has lied in me, that everyone in this world just played their role. And yet I will know that I should of never started this circle that hurt the people I loved the most.

Note: Hey, it’s been two weeks without a chapter! Happy to be back and hope you enjoyed it ♥ I’ve really, really missed my story and you. This title probably sucks, but I was feeling unimaginative… And this chapter has been saved in Word, waiting for better times, for soo long… But they arrived. As you see by how different my pictures look, I reinstalled ReShade and even went as far as to use it for a chapter. I’m not sure what I think of the effects, but they’re so warm and fall-like, I thought they might look neat. What really irritated me the most was how light John looked when I moved the scene inside. I tried to fix it but it’s still bleh… This chapter went over a retake, because I derped with the poses and kind of with the pictures (getting used to this whole taking pics of the whole game screen thingy) and so I redid the poses and the pictures. I really wanted the bracelet poses to look good. I am pleased with the pictures for them now. Aand I’d like to thank Louise, because she uploaded her poses in just the right time for me to use them in my retake. I had been looking a long time for the pose for before Shari turns away to face John. And her emotive talks came in really handy! You can see other poses here, some from her sexiest pose pack you know of. That’s dirty, I know. Very dirty table chats. In other news, the chapter is delayed by two hours compared to the usual time, 3 pm, I usually publish my chapters at. But you see, it was a mess with the pics. In other news, I think I will try the fortnightly schedule that’s been recommended to me so many times already. Good news is the next chapter is already written and rather action-heavy. Hope you enjoyed it and tell me if I overdid the pictures, went overboard with effects or something. Enjoy your days!

27 thoughts on “Chapter 6.8: The Bracelet”

  1. I am loving the strong autumn colours, but by now everyone should know how I feel about bright colours 😉 Your pictures look stunning. And of course I’m liking Brittany’s hair and sweater. The hairstyle is one of those I can only associate with Vittoria because I’ve used it so much for her, and the sweater I of course used in my autumn shoot. It’s such a great sweater 😀
    Ron is so silly. Being around your ex this much is a recipe for disaster. But then he can’t really act rationally around Shari… All of this ominous forewarning is making me on edge :O I really wonder how this is all going to turn out. Seems to me like both you and Kym are just totally leaving me to wonder – I have NO clue where you guys are taking your stories. I need to know, Jowita!!
    So glad the poses came at the right moment – you really used it for a perfect moment here 😀 As well as one of those sexy, sexy tablechat poses, rawr! 😉
    And as for a fortnightly schedule, I think it sounds like a great idea. It’s relaxed me a great deal. Sometimes I really want to just post already, but it’s also extremely nice to have as many chapters as I have, and also time to work on other projects 🙂
    This was great as always! 🙂

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    1. Oh, yes, I do love bright colors, too. That’s why I always love your style and your pictures! ♥
      I didn’t do that with hair and sweater on purpose. I just chose a hairstyle that looked similar to the one we first saw her in. But I’m glad you liked the look. I didn’t want too feminine for her. She just wears whatever comfortable she can find.
      Oh, he is! And true, he can’t act rationally around Shari. Plus he has the mean trait, making it all the better. Well, he’s lucky John’s so nice. I wouldn’t stand him if I were him. Well, you’ll know eventually. First, there will be a catastrophe in, like, 2 chapters, maybe in a bonus that’s not connected to it. But that’s foreboding directed at the end of the gen. Because this time the fault will be mostly Ron’s. You’ll see 😀
      Oh, the poses really fit well in here. And I was getting SO frustrated with these poses. At least mine work fine now, too.
      Well, I took two weeks this time as a break, so maybe this will do me so good.
      Aw, thank you, Louise. It’s so great to be back ♥

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  2. YAY! A chapter! 😀 Ron is still reeling from Shari getting married, I see. I can’t blame him as he has always loved her. I like Brittany and wonder if she and Ron will get together. Of course, the foreshadowing has my interest piqued. I wonder what’s going to happen?

    I love Shari’s earrings as they remind me of your own heart earrings. 😀 Your pictures look really good!

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    1. I’m excited about posting a chapter, too. Finally! 😀
      Yes, Ron loves her a lot. And Shari… well, do you think she might still love him? There’s first this drawing, then a bracelet. Always seems like she’s unconsciously giving him signals that she does. Who knows really? Brittany is gorgeous, I think. I adore her. Plus she’s reasonable and knows just the right things to say.
      Ah, foreshadowing. I couldn’t really use it with Hailey’s first present narrative, but now. I’m sure you all have missed it. 😛
      Yes, they were partly an inspiration for buying my own. Love them, too!
      Glad you like the pictures ♥

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  3. Shari seems happy – but not. I honestly was expecting her to tell them she was pregnant. And she kept fiddling with thee bracelet makes me think she still has feelings for Ron. And now Brittany, I think he’s gonna go after her as a substitute for Shari. Not good dude.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s exactly the right way to put it. She’s both happy and not. I think she’s beginning to realize the thing Ron told her a few chapters back about her making a big mistake. Ah, yeah, that would be harsh for Brittany if he used her like that. We’ll see what happens next… There’s some serious drama in the next one!


  4. All the pictures look cool, really like the colours of the last pictures the best 🙂

    but I know what you mean… chapter title some time can be a pain, the new chapter I’ve been working on, I’ve change 3 times now. but one you chose is in keeping with this chapter Jowita.

    looking forward to the next chapter… 🙂

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  5. Yay, another chapter.
    I still don’t know how to read Shari. She seems happy, and in love. But at the same time she looks and acts miserable. It has to be more than just her in-laws not accepting her. And the way that she kept fiddling with the bracelet makes me think that she still has feelings for Ron.
    I want Ron to move on and try to be happy. But Brittney is not the person to do it with. I hope he is not using her as a Shari substitute.

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    1. I could say the same. It seems that you finally got to use the poses I made for you, judging by the pingback. I’ll be off to read soon!
      Yes, Shari is a bit complex… I touched a bit on it in the funeral bonus, but I’ll need to delve into her character more later on. She has issues big time when it comes to relationships and trust. She’s deeply scared of abandonment.
      Exactly what Audrey has said, too. Shari is happy but not and Brittany could just be a Shari substitute… Well, we’ll see. But it’s not going to be all rainbows here, definitely.

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      1. Yes, I think I found a happy place when it comes to the editing photos. And thank you again for creating the poses for me. I knew what I wanted, but I had no idea that you would have them done so quickly.
        I am looking forward to seeing more about Shari. Calling her complex is an understatement.
        Deep down I know that it will not be all rainbows, but I want Ron to have at least a little bit of happiness. Judging from is last comment though, I don’t foresee that happening.

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      2. I’m so happy you did. I have been trying to work out ReShade as of lately, which resulted in the orangey pictures from this chapter.
        Yeah, it’s not that difficult to make 3 poses, when I make much more for my chapters. I have so many leftover poses. Next I think I will post a pose dump with the poses I used for my FaceTime shots. I’m so glad they came in handy!
        Shari is… uh… She has the coward trait in game and I decided to take it from there. She might not have issues of the same nature than Grace did, but they are very serious, too. My major concern lately is that this gen might be shaping up to be too similar to generation 2. I genuinely hope that I didn’t make this story and Ron to similar to Dellie.
        Yes, it’s my story… Of course, he’s going to have a happy place, but they’re all just illusions. Because unless he gets over Shari, he will never be happy. She’s only succeeding in making him suffer.

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  6. Sigh… Ron still being petty towards John, I see. Seriously dude, move on………. I wonder if Shari does have any feelings left towards him, or if she just feels guilty about wearing a bracelet from her ex when she’s married.

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    1. Yeah, I can imagine Ron must be very annoying to be around with all his remarks directed at John.. Ah, Shari, yeah, she somehow always has to wear something from him, or draw them together.

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  7. Brittany looks AMAZING in those clothes btw. It makes me wonder how often I’ve remembered to put socks on my sims…
    OMG look at how TINY! I fucking love that picture where Shari runs up to him. There’s something about the colours and the light… it reminds me of those days we get a lot in Scotland where it could be high noon and yet the sky is so grey that it looks dull.
    The last picture and line combo was very powerful! I don’t doubt that she does get what she wants. Uh oh!
    I really love the pictures here. I think the poses have fit so well too. I think maybe the colours are a little washed out on some of the inside shots, but otherwise I think they’re all looking great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I loved picking those clothes for her. I imagine her style to be stylish but most of all, comfy. She is the sporty and a healthy freak kind of person, too. The socks, though. Yeah, I couldn’t have her out in the chilly “whether” or weather rather, so there you have it. I’m a bit obsessed when it comes to putting socks on my Sims, because I always put ones that are too shorts and my ankles feel cold. So at least my Sims will be more responsible.
      I know! It’s getting really annoying shooting these pics right with how irregular her size is compared to other Sims, but it’s worth it. I kind of started calling her tiny Shari. I’m glad you like this picture! It got a bit intense there with colors, but it could just be one of those days you describe.
      I know! Louise’s pose fit really well for the scene I had in mind here. Oh, she does get it!
      Aw, I’m glad you like the pictures. I’m still trying to get ReShade – I did try with DOF today, but I spent ages tweaking it, I put in the numbers you sent me and it’s still either blurred out, partly blurred or blurred out completely. No idea why it can’t find a focus point, but it’s okay. I’ll work with the other filters. Yes, these inside shots were killing me. I had to make them washed out, because they were either washed out or John was barely visible due to the intense light falling on him – my bad to have dressed him up in light clothes with his light skin and hair. So I derped a bit here. But I’m trying something different for the new one. Hope this one won’t be too washed out. It’s all inside shots this time. Thank you ♥

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  8. It’s pretty weird that Shari is still wearing an anniversary gift from an ex. I suspect that there is something weird in her relationship with John. But I don’t think that means she should be back with Ron. Maybe they just need to work things out with his family for her to feel better about it.

    I love that John was so good Ron couldn’t really criticize. And seriously, judging their dog? That just seems low. 😂

    I really hope that Brittany can distract Ron from Shari, he needs to get to know other women, lol. And I really liked the warm lighting, especially since Ron sees Brittany as yellow. The lighting made it seem like he’s thinking about her more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is a bit weird. But then, she unconsciously drew them together just after the break up, so… It really seems like this girl just can’t decide. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s her relationship with John. It’s mainly her own problems she needs sorted.
      Yeah, John is a very good guy! Though John would not want him to be one, even if it meant Shari would suffer. That would be his chance to get her back. And yeah, that *was* low! He is so funny when he’s trying to be mean.
      Ha, yup, he does need to meet other women, although I’m not sure if getting together with your ex’s sister is a way to go. We’ll see how it goes. Ah, the lighting! I do think it was a bit heavy on some pictures which got too light and I had to edit them to make it somewhat less visible. And he does see Brittany as yellow, but then again, he also sees Shari as red…

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  9. Jowita! ❤ I am so sorry for disappearing from the face of the earth – and for my late comment! 😭 I was thinking about this community the whole time I was absent; but I'm here now, ready to catch up at last! 😉
    First of all, I love your Reshade setting – your pictures look really stunning! ❤
    I really can't predict where all this is going. Ron is like a ticking time bomb, ready to explode, especially when Shari is around… The other two seem like totally decent human beings (for now), so my guess is that the $hit will hit the fan because of Ron and Shari? Nah, I'll stop with the predictions lol – can't do it! 😁
    I sooo missed your story! ❤ The good thing is, now I have tons of stuff to catch up on! Now onto the next chapter for me! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohh, I’ve seen you replying to Lila and then Greece in my stats and I was waiting for you to show up. I’m just so glad to see you! I’ve missed you! ♥
      Yeah, you’ll see a lot of different effects in the next chapters. I just can’t be set on anything.
      Ah, yeah, Ron is quite unpredictable when he’s around. You know, this shit hitting the fan, we’re totally getting there!
      Yess, you can catch up now. Though not so much since I changed my schedule!

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      1. Aww I’ve missed you too! ❤ I'm so sorry again for disappearing! 😓
        Well, I think it's good that you changed your schedule if it works for you 😉 And still, I have tons to catch up on, so sorry in advance for the load of comments I'm going to leave you, haha! 😀 ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Don’t be sorry. Also, my avi is a portrayal of my FB picture, so I can finally say to you (after you asked if I was Candy) that this is my Simself. Not super accurate but uh, yeah.

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