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I’m here without a chapter (I’m kind of far from it yet, don’t ask), but there’s something I’ve been wanting to share to you. So, after reading Carys’ really great and helpful post about her pose directory, I decided to create an all pictures folder, as she called it (still, I am far from having as many pose packs in my game as she does) instead of having just my jumbled mess of folders inside the Mods> Packages> Poses folder with all photos, files and all that . Along with my personal preferences (without linking the poses I have, you can check out all the pose packs on my Custom Content page), because I use it a bit differently than her, I wanted to talk to you about a great program I stumbled upon.

My way of organizing poses?

I don’t keep a creator folder and subfolders for pose packs inside. It isn’t really of much use to me, because I mostly rely on the photos anyway, but I like to name folders with creator’s name before the pack name and keep everything in separate folders (oh, and don’t pay attention to [1POSES] and such, these are my pose packs which I put in these folders for testing).


Everything other I do similarly to Carys, but I saved myself the trouble of having to go back to my main Poses folder, because I renamed all the photos with pose codes. No, I am serious:


But you see, for these images that have many poses on one picture and/or have codes written on them, I just went with a pattern of a_creator’s name_pose pack or a _beginning of a code for all poses in the picture and if there are more photos to one pose pack, I just add numbers. I only did this a few days ago, when I was getting really frustrated with the fact that the pictures had weird names and so the poses made by the same creator and the poses from the same pose pack didn’t group together. Also, not all poses had codes written on the pictures and it was a bummer to have to check for the codes back in the main Poses folder. So I took the time, a lot of time, to rename all of them. And with that, I’ve decided to name all the photos in my future pose downloads by pose codes. It really makes it much easier for me.

But, I have a Windows 10. And this Windows 10 is not an ideal system. Not at all. One of the many things that bugs me the most is Windows Photo Viewer. It’s a nightmare. It takes such a long time to load, it always crushes, always pops out errors, and always somehow manages to get my computer to freeze. Because of this, I went for a hunt to find a better alternative. And I found this, a program called QuickViewer. This is a program made specifically for opening folders with tons of images. And it does exactly what you’d guess from the name – it allows you to browse quickly. I sure mean it when I say quickly because it allows you to browse with a speed as fast as you can manage to acquire with your scroll wheel, the arrows, or whatever it is that you use. I’ve never had a program as quick as that.

When you install the program, right-click on the picture and choose to open with a different program, then choose QuickViewer, after finding it in the location in which you installed it, it will load a whole archive of pictures. As you can see below, the name of the picture, so the code, is in the right corner while all the names (so the codes in my case) are in the column on the left (it actually loaded Carys’s pose, because I added numbers before her pose codes, so one pose dump is in one place, I swear it’s not intentional).


Oh, and if the column disappears or you don’t want it displayed, just click on Folder> View Folder in the menu or press F4.

Now, this program also has a catalogue feature, but from what I saw while trying to work it out, it seems to be working just as a subfolder inside the main folder. I’m not sure about that, but ideally, I would love to have tags in this program. Still, the program is brilliant in my opinion. Even if you don’t go through the trouble of renaming all the pics etc., etc., I still think it’s worth trying out, because it’s really easy to use and very fast.

So, this is what I wanted to talk to you about, as QuickViewer has been such a brilliant discovery in my case and I think some of you could make use of it.

18 thoughts on “QuickViewer & Pose Directory”

  1. I personally use Windows Photo gallery (the old Windows Live version that was actually hard to find when I got my new PC) and it lets me add tags to photos. Do you know if this Quick Viewer has the functionality to read these tags (I believe they save as image metadata if the image is the right format)?

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    1. Ah, yes, I said that the biggest drawback for me was the lack of tags. But I don’t have that many pictures as some do, so it’s not that much of a loss.


  2. Ah, I just LOVE the idea of a pose directory, but no programs really do it for me. I want to have a preview, a description and a quick way to copy the pose codes, as well as the ability to search… there isn’t really any software that does it for me, though. This looks neat, but I can’t be bothered to rename everything the way you’ve done here 😛 I’m afraid I’ll just have to program something myself some day. It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that the way to go would be to have a database… and databases suck to work with xD Hopefully I’ll be more up to the task once I learn more programming.
    Anywayyy, glad to know you found a solution you like and it’s cool of you to share, so thanks for that! 🙂

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    1. What I would love to have in QuickViewer is tags and maybe previews like in the pose list but really, I can do with what I have, because I know most of my poses really well.
      Ha, yup, I mean, you can deal with not having them named properly. I didn’t have it that way, but then I wanted more organization. I’m sure you’ve figured out by now (with my cc list and such) that my organizational skills connected to my Sim stuff are mad. I wish they were that good for real life things.
      Yes, you’ve told me about the idea of working on something like this with your boyfriend before. It’d be lovely if it worked for you!
      Yeah, I’m quite happy with what I have!

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  3. Oh, I have wanted to tidy up all my poses for so long – but I’m barely halfway there..! 😓
    This seems very interesting (although I could never rename each and every photo… how long did it take you to do this?! You’re a wizard 😁)
    Thank you for this! If not anything else, it motivated me once again to deal with my mess of a poses folder! 😂 ❤ ❤

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    1. Yeah, it’s a bit challenging. But for me it’s really satisfying when I have everything organized.
      Ah, yeah, it didn’t take me that long, as some of these pictures are pose dumps and they were already named properly. For a long time I had weird names for them, but it wasn’t that pleasant to work with the photos which were not in the right order, so I decided to do this. I know, you should have known by now by my obsessively made (and continuously updated) pose list, lol
      Good luck!

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  4. This is really great! I also hate the photo preview thingy that came with Windows 10 because it loads so slowly!

    I really like how you have your poses cataloged. It’s all so neat and easy to find.

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  5. I so agree about windows 10! It’s so annoying. Sometimes I double click on a picture and it just doesn’t load so I x out the preview. 😡 I will have to check out quick viewer!

    Oooh, renaming my pictures is something I’ll have to remember as I’m making poses. I need to organize my pose folder before it gets too full. 😂

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    1. I had had Windows 7 for such a long time and its default photo viewer was so fast compared to win10. But you can’t really set Quick Viewer as default, though. Doesn’t work, as I tried and the dang program is still on default, unfortunately.
      Yeah, renaming pictures is important not to get lost.

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  6. Ohh I might check the programme out! Thanks for your recommendation. My photo viewer actually works alright (I don’t have windows 10 though, thank goodness) and I’m not so sure I want to rename /all/ the pictures, haha! We’ll see 😀

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    1. Yeah, Windows 7’s photo viewer works fine. I’ve had 7 for a long time and I think it’s a better system than Win10. Apparently, Windows gets worse just like The Sims games do, lol. You don’t have to rename them for it to work. As I’ve said, I didn’t have them renamed for a long time and I did that for them to stay in one place by creator. It should still work well even if you don’t rename them.

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  7. That was an interesting read! Pose organization gets complex so quickly and I always find it interesting to see everybody’s different approaches! Btw, I tweaked my Windows 10 laptop to use the Windows 7 photoviewer; this can be done in the registry. I’ve only got a German language tutorial bookmarked, but I’m sure there are others on the internet.

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    1. Aw, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Well, I’m a bit of an organizational freak when it comes to my Sims game. I also have a lot of folders in my packages, along the poses one, every CC put in the right folder.
      Wow, I didn’t know you could that! Thank you so much for the hint, I’ll read about that. And I’ve been meaning to thank you for your poses, they’re truly awesome and I once binged on your downloads.


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