Reblog from “The Musketeers” – see how Ron met Darren’s characters!

Hey, guys! So, remember the last chapter I put out? Below you can read about the actual scene of when Ron meets the famous actors from my friend, Darren’s, story, called “The Musketeers”, along with more pics of them all. If you’re not caught up, you might just scroll and read. I thought it would be a fun addition to my story for you to read this little excerpt, even if you’re not up-to-date with Darren’s story. We had lots of fun preparing this cameo!

The Musketeers

The Musketeers had been cancelled just after its second season. And as for the stars… there seemed to be no hope of a season 3, so they all started to moved on with their lives…

james 2

James had fallen on his feet and landed himself another vampire role in the new hit show based in Bridgeport, called The Forsaken. He soon became involved with a girl named Vivian St John who hired him to track down her father’s killer. While working on the case, the two become romantically involved. There is a mix of mystery, sharp dialogue, and sexual tension between The Forsaken‘s two leads…

pearl 3

Pearl is also in Bridgeport… The show had made its debut just 6 months ago and has become a smash hit. It will be going on the road very soon and there are talks about the show going all the way to New York…

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14 thoughts on “Reblog from “The Musketeers” – see how Ron met Darren’s characters!”

    1. Yay. The prologue to his second gen and the first chapter are both posted now. I think you’ll enjoy them! Actually, it’s my fault they’re so late, because he finished them during the weekend and I couldn’t find the time to edit them.

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      1. Actually, Darren’s story is set to be a TV series, so most of his story but special chapters is “played by the actors”. Ron met the character in real life so the actor. That’s connected to the photo he was showing Clint on FaceTime. Sorry for the confusion.

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      1. Well, Darren has a lot of references to Star Wars, Doctor Who and pop culture in general. So his story is a sci-fi of a kind, his characters constantly travel in time. It’s a really enjoyable read and you’ll be surprised at how much freedom he has with photo-editing to get his pictures just right.

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      2. I edited the post a little. I think it’s less confusing now. I didn’t want it to be, it’s just that reblogs automatically set the original title of the post as the title of the reblogged post.

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  1. I seriously need to catch up on this story! (Hopefully now that the holidays are coming I will have plenty of time to catch up on all the stories I’ve left behind! – I remember this one was very fun to read 😀)
    Thank you for sharing this Jowita!

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