Chapter 6.7: Not My Tiny Dancer

Warning: Swearing.

Few months later I was scrolling through memes on my phone when Clint suddenly called me on FaceTime. We’d been in touch ever since he came back to Bridgeport but it was no where near the usual time we talked. When he found a girlfriend it was sometimes dificult for him to find time for me and so we usually had the set hours during which we had our routine conversations to check how the other was doing. Not that time though.


“Ron!” He exclaimed in-stead of a greeting. “You did not tell me it would be that early!”

“Wh- what do you mean?”

“I just got an invitation to Shari’s wedding. Hadn’t heard anything about her tieing the knot so soon. You know I’m 3 years older than you and not even engaged! I feel old bro. But still, I don’t get it. You’d get it first hand and you didn’t tell me she was already planning?”


“It’s cause she didn’t invite me,” I said with what I susppected was a clear hint of feeling like failure in my voice. Yet he saw right through me as of course he would.

“No way! It’s always been like that, you, me, Shari and Becca …….You guys used to be so close.”

“It was probably due to that fact. You don’t invite your exes to your wedding.”


“Oh, stop! You’re more than an ex, your her best friend Ron. You spent your whole lives together. I feel like there’s something you arent telling me…”

“Fine,” I snapped. “She came here a few days ago with an envelope but…” In my mind I went through the whole incident yet again. I remember how we apologized for how we treated one another that day and how she said she couldn’t imagine her wedding with out me (I couldn’t either but with me playing a diferennt role than just a guest).


“I knew it! God Ron your a terrible liar. Just like Dad F. So easy to read.. Why would you lie though? You’re not going to tell me your not going, are you?”

“I, I’m not sure…”


“You are going Ron. Just because you may still have unrealistic visions of you two together… And you can’t let some words you two said to one another and both regret break such a friendship. Lovers or not, you and her will always be a team. Plus, I need you to meet my baby.”

“I can’t stand it ok? She should be marrying me.”


“It’s honestly unhealthy and I can’t believe your still not over her. But you know what? Go or not. I don’t give a fuck. But don’t complain when she won’t forgive you again. Cause if you don’t go, their won’t be any second chances, just fucking it all up for good bro.” I hung my head low, knowing he was right. Feeling uncomfortable I decided to change the subject.

“You know Clint, I’ve recently found something in my things from Bridgeport. With our mom’s death, I completely forgot to tell you…”

“Nice change of subject. You got me interested here though. What’s that?” I proudly grabbed the autograph on a promo photo I got from very special people I bumped into in Bridgeport while quickly shoving the little note that had already been unfolded and folded back so many times back into the drawer… The note from my mother saying, Eventually, we’ll see each other again. Clint kept staring at the photo in shock.


take 7.jpg

“No way! It’s not the James Magnes who played in The Musketeers?”

“The very same! I happened to of bumped into them when I went to town alone during our last day in Bridgeport.”



“I knew that some thing had to happen when you decided to go out on your own with you’re terrible sense of direction! What’s with you and your luck? Bumping into famous people who give you autographs.”


“Well, I might of cried abit cause it was right after hearing the news… Maybe they felt sorry for me.”

“That’s nasty Ron to get it that way… I’m so jealous though! Can’t believe you hadn’t told  me until now.”

“Yeah, that was incredable luck… They even asked me if I wanted to make a small cameo for a new season, as there are already talks about it.”


“Wow, I was hoping it’s not the end after they had cancelled the show… Why you though? Will I always be the unwanted child?”

“Stop saying that Clint… You know I’m not taking up any roles without you!”

“Yeah, I guess. Hey, remember Kitana? She was my favorite character.”


“Oh, come on Clint. You only liked her for her looks.”

“Downright sexy!” I just rolled my eyes at my brother. We ended up discussing the sexiest characters and our favorite moments in the show for a few hours.



Clint probably played a huge role in my decision to attend Shari’s wedding. As soon as I got there however I realized I’d made a mistake. Even though she only invited closest family – both my uncles, Clint and obviousely her mom were there (Dad decided he didn’t want to attend as it was always a trouble with his wheel chair, and it’s not like Shari was his daughter), I felt oddly out of place seeing her in a beautiful wedding dress with a guy who I saw for the first time in my life. He might have seemed nice, but I felt strong hatred for him the moment I first lied eyes on Shari’s soon-to-be husband. I almost turned on my heel and left…


But then Shari noticed me and her face instantly lit up. She rushed to greet me unfortunately taking this guy with her.


“Ron! I was worried you wouldn’t come! But I’m so so glad you did. Here, you two must meet one another. Ron, please meat my fiancé John. Johnnie, this is my best friend, Ronald.”


Shaking hands with Shari’s man, I realized how strong his grip was and I thought he must be training something sport-connected. Of course she would choose another guy who liked sports. God, it was such a bad idea. I shouldn’t have come here. Not to just stand akwardly realizing Shari is going to get even more out of reach now. Then I noticed an unfamiliar girl standing behind Shari.


“Oh! And looks like we need to make some more introductions. This is my half-sister by father, Brittany.” Shari quickly explained. I was confused.

“I didn’t know you had any siblings Shari.”


“I hadn’t known either for a long time honestly. It was when you were in Bridgeport when we met for the first time. But Brit is lovely. You guys will get along well, I can tell so!” Then she left leaving me alone with that girl who I didn’t know anything about.


Well, except the fact that she was apparently almost as gorgeous as her sister. Mr. Darryll Vox might be a horrible father but he sure as hell has managed to create beautiful children.  I really started wondering whether she grew up with him or not and who her mother might be… Realizing this was not an appropriate thing to ask when we had just met, I just kept on staring at her awkwardly until she finally spoke.


“So…” Brittany began. “Shari told me a lot about you. And apparently, you see with colors or such? I’d love to hear how it works.” Usual topics than. Good, I can roll with it.


“Well, I basically just automatically connect colors with certain people. For example, your yellow to me.” And indeed a faint yellow aura surounded Brittany, a little more intense than my own hair.

“Oh, really? That’s funny, yellow’s my favorite color, especially so as not to get hit by a car when I go out for my morning runs.” Oh sport, now that’s more interesting!

“You run?” She nodded.


“I do. You do any sports?”

“Not exactly. Just hit up the gym. But I used to play basketball when I was in high school.” That seemed to of sparked her interested and she smiled in response. God she really is beautiful.


“Lovely. I’ve never been that violent but I played volleyball a little in school. I even won a few prizes.”  That made wonder about the other thing that I didn’t think of as inaproppriate to ask.


“When did you graduate? You can’t be that younger than Shari and I.”

“Just this year.”

“Oh, I see…”

I’d been talking with Brittany for a while when I realized I completely forgot to check on Clint and his ‘baby’. Then the vows were spoken (something I want to forget about, honestly) and I saw him cuddling with his girlfriend.


“Hey, wanna introduce me?”

“Not unless you introduce me to the girl you’ve been with all the time… Just kidding, can’t believe you’re falling for another girl of the same family!”

“I’m not, we barely know each other…”

“Okay, okay. Ron, this is Emily. Emily – my brother Ronald.”


“Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too.” Than we heard music playing.

“Oh, it looks like the dancing is going to begin soon!” Clint said. “Come on Em, we’re going to rock the dance floor.”

I headed for what Clint called the dancing only to be met with Shari’s beautiful green eyes sending everyone an apologetic look from the other end of the dance floor.



“I know everyone has been waiting for the dance but twogether with John we decided we don’t want to follow this tradition… But we’re not going to stop anyone from dancing of course…” Everyone seemed disappointed but most of all Shari. I could see it in her eyes, eyes of a former little ballerina. Of a girl who loved art in every form. And I could almost feel her light weight in my arms when we slowdanced during prom. She could be my own tiny dancer back, if only for a few minutes…

I rushed across the dance floor before I could change my mind.


“What if I dance with you?” I said to everyone’s amazement. It was true that people wanted to see Shari dance. But they wanted her to dance with her groom, not with a random ex who shouldn’t of come there in the first place. But even if Shari tried to hide it I could see hope in her eyes and the red aura around her shone may be a bit more brightly.

“Yes,” she said, before she could help herself. She forgot to ask her husband what he thought of this crazy idea. She was just to excited for having her chance to dance. I remember her telling me how she dreamed of that first dance with her groom. For a moment I saw hesitation in her gaze but, realizing she couldn’t back off now she added, “Yes, I’d love to dance with you.”



So, that day, Shari was back in my arms. She was as tiny as I remembered and her dress beautifully complimented her curves. I remembered then that she called me Ronnie in bed. The only time someone ever shortened my name twice. I wanted her to call me Ronnie again. I wanted her to be my wife, not to be married to any John or any one else. And at that moment I was able to close my eyes and feel her warmth and her scent next to me and for a moment I felt like she really was mine. What mattered was now, not the looks we were getting, not that John might never allow me in Shari’s proximity after that incident. I just needed it. I thought I needed it to get over her but I didn’t know how it worked. Because that was just the beginnings of many bad decisions I will later make in my life…

Note: Hello, hello! Well, you can see this chapter is there, meaning I’m totally sleep-deprived again. Really, I had such a bad week, not bad considering things that happened, but just my mood which didn’t have anything to do with them. I was in a bit of a depressive state for a good few days and I wasn’t even able to turn on my computer. So, I wrote it on Thursday, shot it on Friday and it’s almost two hours before the release hour and I’m only now moving it all onto WordPress. With that said, I do apologize that the wedding is so small and probably my excuse for the dance is too. The pictures were initially super dark, because my game wasn’t cooperating, but I hope they are not too light now, after editing.      I really couldn’t think properly and it took a lot out of me to create even three characters, let alone present some less important ones who would probably be only present in the story for one chapter. Then, of course I had to make a shitload of FaceTime poses again. I decided to release them all in one big set and not with so many parts, so maybe when I’m sure I’m done with facetiming, I’ll share them all with you. Actually, I eventually managed to ‘take a bite’ at the amount of poses to publish and Security Poses are the result.

Finally, you can see some special characters here. I’d like to thank my friend Darren a lot for having Ron in his story. Well, technically, he’s not yet in his story, but I will spoil it here: he’s already working on the prologue to another season of The Musketeers! EDIT: It’s posted now, you can see Ron in Darren’s story HERE. For those of you who haven’t read it, you should really give it a go. I’m a huge fan of Darren’s imagination and all the pop culture references he has in his story. All the shots with Ron in Bridgeport and the Kitana shot were made by him, I just faded them a bit and added the film effect. Plus, he’s getting so creative with just this one photo-editing skill that is connected to pasting the characters onto a new background – as you can see with the Kitana shot, for example. Not only did it make me feel very happy, it also came in the right time with my mood lately. Darren’s been such a good friend trying to cheer me up. I would also like to take time to thank Stephanie, aka socallucyfan, for using Dellie in her story. He may have changed quite a bit from the character he used to be in my story, but I loved seeing him as a librarian in Stephanie’s newest chapter.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank Louise for the awesome dancing poses! I actually tweaked them, because you know, Shari’s so little (I actually started using OMSP resizer 85% for her and Candy in this chapter, don’t know if it works?), so I resized the rig in Blender and made their hands fit. But I used your poses as a base and they worked perfectly for the scene I had in mind, so thank you so much! ♥ I hope you don’t mind that I tweaked them, I’m not uploading them anyway, they’re yours, it was just for personal use.

I completely forgot to mention that you can check out the beautiful venue I used for the wedding here! Thank you so much to TugmeL for creating it! ♥

Anyway, guys, I hope the chapter isn’t too bad, my head still hurts after more than an hour of headache relief music on YouTube and all. But the chapter’s here eventually, when I really doubted I’d get it out, so that’s something! Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Oh Ron, you tacky dude, you. Taking the first dance with the bride. Oh dear… I can imagine that being a bad choice…
    I think this was a sweet little wedding – don’t worry about not setting up a huge party. I don’t think anyone expects you to do a 50+ guest wedding every time. I know I don’t and I’d never do it myself. Kind of also seems appropriate that this is a small wedding – hasn’t it been a fairly short engagement or am I getting confused? In any case, I think it looks lovely and Shari is a pretty bride. Can’t help but think her new husband is coming off as a bit douchy, though, not wanting to dance at his own wedding – especially when Shari so obviously wants to.
    I love the adjustment you made to the pose – fits perfectly 🙂 Shari really does look so cute and tiny! I definitely don’t mind you adjusting them. I believe I say on my pose page that I’m happy for people to change them to suit their needs when it’s for personal use. Honestly, I’m also happy to let people share them so long as I’m informed and credited 🙂 I believe in people building on the works of others to make awesomeness. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that you can change my poses whenever you need to and you did really great here! 🙂
    Great chapter, Jowita – that ending is so ominous!

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    1. Oh yes, this definitely wasn’t a good step. The French would call it faux pas! That is a very bad choice and I think John’s sympathy for Ron, if there was any to begin with, just dropped to zero.
      Aw, thank you! Yes, I just couldn’t be bothered to have a large wedding this time and not one for an heir. I think it suited Shari, though. What annoys me a bit is that none of the groom’s friends and family took part. I will need to find an excuse for that! It, indeed, has been a short engagement. I need to give credits to the person who created the beautiful venue – I completely forgot with how long my note at the end was getting! Not that anyone would think I can build, but you know. Her new husband does come off a bit douchy – but he also can’t dance at all and didn’t want to show that, lol.
      I’m glad you love it! I knew the pose wouldn’t fit with how small Shari is and I didn’t want to create new ones from scratch, because I was already running short on time. I also wasn’t sure about the OMSP, but I think it works better and quicker than the height slider with how big their difference is. I do think that the height slider only works for smaller differences like Gina and Enzo’s. I would make mine but yours fit perfectly here, I think. I’m glad you like the way I changed it! ♥
      Thank you so much. Here go again with the ominous endings!

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      1. Ahaah, yes, faux pas is such a good word for what he did 😛 Ron, you silly, silly goose.
        I totally understand. There’s no doubt that I’ll be spending much more on Gina’s eventual wedding that I will on Giuliano and Flora’s! We all have priorities 😉 I think you did it nicely 🙂
        I always get happy when people use my poses and I think it’s even better that people turn it into their own thing. 🙂 I honestly wish that more people would allow editing of their poses, because very often I find a pose where if only something was a little different it would be perfect… but then they say you can’t change it without permission. It’s a shame.
        Ha, ha, I expect nothing less than ominous endings from you. Love it! 😀

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      2. I think people can’t really forbid you from editing their poses for your personal use. As soon as they share, they are putting them out there for people and changing the pose just for you is not a bad thing unless you re-upload it without permission
        Plus, it’s not like they can really tell the pose is theirs when you change it, they can never be 100% sure. And it’s not like they’d ever read your story or something 😛 I think that this makes no sense unless they mean editing and reuploading.

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      3. Yeah, it’s how I feel about that as well. I wouldn’t like someone just re-uploading my stuff (unless I left and my stuff disappeared – if that ever happens, I hope people do re-upload). And true enough 😛 Honestly? I have edited two poses that I’ve used a bit, but you’re probably right nobody would recognise them. People just get very territorial about their stuff and I understand that they put a lot of work into it. I just really don’t care what others do, honestly.

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      4. You know, I noticed yesterday that the tumblr I recommended you (the one with pose dumps and instruction how to make height-adjusted poses) was deleted. It’s such a shame and I’ve no idea why, which is really sad. I wrote to its owner thanking her for her poses just days ago. I’m sorry that people won’t be able to download her stuff now, as I’m addicted to using it for my talking scens!
        I understand people putting a lot of work into into their stuff, but I think poses are a much different thing than clothing and hair – it’s just moving the rig in a specific way, anyone can do the same or very similar poses!

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      5. Oh no, that’s really sad. I downloaded most of their posedumps and I’ve used them quite a bit as well – glad that I got them. It’s so sad when people delete and disappear like that 😦
        Yeah, I agree. Poses are very different from more intense stuff where you have to do 3D-modelling and such. And especially good storytelling poses are something I feel like we need to share as much as we can 🙂 Can never get enough of them!

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      6. I know :/ I’m glad I got them before she disappeared. I think that people should not delete their sites even if they decide to leave. Stuff could be useful for a lot of people even when they’re not there. And they put work into it. A bit selfish of them and not even appreciating their own work enough.
        Yes, poses are probably the easiest you can do when you think of custom content. It’s not that creative and difficult as are other CC-creating processes. Yes, fully agreed! Especially talking poses! I don’t care if I have the same pose looking in the other direction. I will take it just in case!

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  2. thank you so much Jowita… its been fun 🙂 the cross over story works really nicely 🙂 and I like choice for the Kitana picture…

    Ron did very well to go to the wedding… a nice venue for the wedding and I love the colour shading, it make all the colours very vibrant

    so it looks like Ron’s may have a new Girl… but I cant help thinking Shari has made a big mistake
    my favourite chapter so far Jowita 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    1. I also think it’s been fun. Thank you for correcting me on the season part, I messed up a little there. I think Ron meeting The Musketeers fits well into the story. Yes, I wanted a sexy picture of her and I think this one served a purpose.
      Shari would have been mad at him if he had not gone to the wedding. The pictures were pretty dark at first, so I played with Photoscape to get the best of them, the drawback is that Ron’s suits got pixelated on some shots.
      Hm, a new girl? Maybe… Whether Shari made a mistake, we’ll see later on. She might or might not regret marrying John…
      Yes, because it’s a crossover chapter! Thank you! 🙂

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  3. Wow! So, the wedding happened and Shari has a half-sister! Who knew? She’s really pretty and maybe she and Ron will hit it off? Shari is a tiny little thing, isn’t she? I like how you did that. I always pictured Marty small like that and Holden is super tall. lol Anyway, I really love Darren’s Musketeers, so this was delightful to see them in this story. I am so happy he’s working on another season! 😀

    I hope Ron is able to accept Shari’s marriage and that they weren’t meant to be together (I guess hehe). He won’t be able to find a sense of happiness until he moves past this.

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    1. Yes to both things. Ron had no idea about her half sister for sure! Neither did she for a long time. That asshole of a father she has managed to bake another baby. 😛 I also think she’s pretty. Not as tiny as Shari, but she could do. 😛 I’m glad you like how small she is, I just had to have this height difference, because the visuals would be too far off from my head. Yes, I’m glad you enjoyed seeing Ron with them! I was delighted when Darren suggested Ron’s cameo in his story. I’m happy,too! He’s already let me in on some details about it. Can’t wait!
      He’d definitely be happier if he accepted it. But what if they *are* meant to be together? You never know. 😀

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  4. What an ominous chapter. I don’t get why Shari’s husband didn’t want to dance when she did. That in itself is bad vibes. Then he meets Shari’s sister who he may fall for as sort of a Shari replacement. And then when he did ask her to dance and fantasized about her being his…..not good Ron…..poor guy.

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    1. Shari’s husband doesn’t love dancing as she does. He was adamant about not dancing on his wedding to her dismay. Yes, Shari’s sister who came out out of nowhere, really… Ah, well, Ron certainly shouldn’t dream of Shari. She’s not his and it’s wrong to try to get her to be his when she’s married.

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  5. I kind of have a bad feeling about John. Of course, it could be nothing. Shari’s sister is pretty, but she is Shari’s sister and looks a lot like her. I’d be concerned that Ron was trying to replace his ex if he got with her.

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    1. He may or may not be bad news. Shari’s sister… Yes, I actually chose a black woman, who looked really different from Candy, for her mother hoping that would make her look different from Shari but she ended up looking a lot like their father and both sisters even have his green eyes. You’re right, it might not be the best idea to get it on with the sister of your ex.

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  6. Weddings are tough to shoot in the sims! Hard enough getting a few sims to sit in their seats at the right moment, let alone a huge crowd… I think Shari looked very lovely in her wedding dress 🙂 Her fiance/husband is quite good looking too, although we haven’t seen much of his personality yet. I’m sure he won’t take well to Ron having the first dance with his bride…… (Ugh Ron, what were you thinking?!)

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  7. If Ron asking Shari to dance (at her own wedding) is worst thing that happened than I think it wasn’t too bad. At least he didn’t get drunk and make an inappropriate toast. Or hook up with Shari’s sister. The fact that Ron went at all shows great maturity on his part.
    And thank you for the shout out at the end there. I really enjoyed being able to use Dellie. 🙂

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    1. It’s not only that he did that but he also took the first dance from John which was very inappropriate. Also, I just went through the story notes on my phone and realized that was supposed to happen at Ron’s wedding when his wife would go to the bathroom for some reason? I think I like it better this way. But remember – that’s just the worst thing that has happened so far, and I can assure you that things will only get worse from there. I think you can see where this is going but I’ll not spoil anything. Yes, I think he went also because Clint convinced him and in his stupid way of showing how mature and manly he can be, he needed to show him he’s able to attend and not freak.
      I really loved seeing him in your story, even if he was a bit different when he came back from the dead (I was just reading “Pet Sematary, sorry) a little different 😉

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  8. Oh my word, I cringed so hard when Ron asked for the dance! My dude, my man, you’re a god damn FOOL. A lovesick fool! But for her husband not to have a first dance even though Shari would love it says a lot about him, too. I think they’ll find their way back to each other in the end. Either that or Ron will have a go with her half-sister… or maybe both! She is gorgeous… though I don’t get her comment on the colour yellow and not getting hit by a car when she’s running? Am I being an idiot? XD
    When you mentioned the musketeers I was thinking… who an earth is this James? I thought you meant the recent(ish) TV series and I even googled it, lmao! I love a good crossover though.. the bulk of my legacy is based on crossover with another!

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    1. I’m sorry I caused you cringing. Didn’t we all think it’d be the end of it when Hailey’s gen ended? Yeah, apparently not XD
      He’s a fool, honestly. Shari’s husband is not that bad. I’ll be trying to prove it to you all that he isn’t, though I might fail, I don’t know. They could get back together. Or he might end up with Brittany. Lmao, who knows. Yeah, Darryll really has beautiful daughters. Ah, I’m sorry! I didn’t even think that someone might not get it. Maybe a similar thing like with your window? Damn, are we all idiots? So here goes: while I was writing it I was thinking of that yellow high-visibility vest that’s so damn light that drivers must see you on the road when it’s dark. Gosh, that might not be obvious at all, sorry.
      Haha, lol, no. And you shouldn’t expect that from me. I don’t watch any TV series at all, so I most likely wouldn’t make any references. Yup, another confusing thing about this chapter. Sorry I had you wondering!

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  9. I’m sorry you’ve been feeling down lately. 😦 I hope it gets better for you.

    I’m glad Ron decided to go in the end, although I can’t blame him for not wanting to. Clint was right though.

    Shari looked so beautiful! I can’t believe her husband wouldn’t dance. He really missed out there, but I guess he’s really embarrassed about it. Awkward thing for Ron to offer, but at the same time Shari so wanted to and I think he made her happy.

    I hope he’ll see Brittany again, they had some things in common already. And Clint has a girlfriend! :O I hope he’s very happy. They certainly seemed cozy with each other. 😉

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    1. Yeah, I have. I went to sleep today and I feel so tired all the time. Doesn’t hurt that it gets dark very early here. I just want to get under my blanket and forget about the world.
      That was difficult for Ron to find the motivation to go. No one wants to see the person they love marry someone else. I purposefully didn’t include a photo of them exchanging rings. Can’t imagine he’d paying much attention.
      Shari is beautiful and of course she’s a gorgeous bride! Yes, Shari’s husband messed up here. I also think that Ron meant her happy, even if it was inappropriate of him to ask.
      Yes, Brittany might be a good match for him. He does! Aren’t we all happy for him? It was getting really sad seeing how depressed he was after realizing he and Becca will never work out.

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  10. I’m finally able to properly comment, yay! (and it also looks like the time of hectic work is finally over *fingers crossed*)
    First of all, little Shari looked so adorable in her wedding gown 😍 But there’s seriously something wrong with her new husband… he’s too much like Ron! His appearance, hobbies, even his freaking name! That kind of proves that maybe Shari isn’t exactly over him… but I’m wondering what made her call everything off in the first place, or at least why she didn’t at least reconsider getting back together when he moved back home! This is all pretty confusing! I will agree with Louise about that new husband; I raised my eyebrow at him when I read he didn’t wanna dance to his own wedding when his future wife clearly wanted… But Ron dude… what on earth are you doing, dancing with the bride who’s also your ex? Tsk tsk tsk *smh* Anyway, I’m so curious to follow Ron’s bad decisions now! I wonder what they’ll be.. yikes 😥
    I loved this chapter!! And hopefully (and quite possibly – yay!) I’ll finally be on time for the next one! 😀 ❤

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    1. Yay! Good to see you! Fingers crossed you’ll have more free time now! 😀
      I know, she’s such a little doll! Yeah, um… I made her husband on the spot and he was originally named Sid, short for Sidney. That was how he was called before I created him in game. But then he totally didn’t match what I thought a Sid should look like and I totally gave him the most generic name ever. Fun fact, think you might like it: when I tried to randomize a name for him, Roland popped up. Not Ronald but Roland 😂 Who knows his hobbies really. I haven’t delved into his character much yet. Oh, she isn’t over him at all. Ron isn’t as far off in his thinking, not that lovesick and naive, as it might look like. Well, let’s face it – Shari has problems. Huge problems. Although she tries her best not to let it show, she is a coward and doesn’t even know what she wants. Her future actions will only prove it, as you’ll see. That dancing was even after they got married, so worse, as she was already his wife.
      Ah, Ron… He didn’t exactly think it over now, did he? Oh, bad decisions! My favorite!
      Possibly yes, because I honestly haven’t even started it and I seriously doubt if I’ll be able to finish it on time. I’m so tired.

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      1. Yes, it looks like I might even be able to pop out a new chapter at last before the weekend’s over, yay! 🎉 And hey, don’t stress about your next chapter – I’m sure that all your readers will undersrand if you need to postpone it a little (yeah, that’s me talking: the little devil of procrastination sitting on your shoulder lmao 😈😂) But seriously, you know nobody will mind – but I also understand wanting to keep a schedule (although I’ve never done it)!
        Bad decisions – one of my ultimate favorites as well, hehe! Can’t wait to see what’s next! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. A new chapter? God, it’s been ages, guurrrl!
        I’m not stressing, I’m just trying to figure out how I am going to write and not fall asleep. Damn, I might really need to get some rest if I’m going to pull an all nighter like literally every Friday for the sake of the damn schedule! Go away, you devil, lmao 😂
        Ooh, bad decisions always make for juicy storylines!

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  11. OK, so I’ve scanned the comments and I didn’t see anyone mention the elephant in the room… Ron/John… Ronnie/Johnnie… Both tall… Both blonde… Yeah, that’s so not going to end well.

    Can’t wait to see the drama unfold!!

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    1. I think sempreviva mentioned their names sounding similar in her comment! Ha ha, yeah, they do sound similar. But he was initially called Sidney aka Sid and I changed it to the first name that popped up in my mind. Unfortunately, it rhymes with Ron, lol. Yeah, they do look similar…
      The drama, though! It really begins in the next chapter. Then it only gets worse. In case anyone forgot about Becca…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ha ha, no worries, I don’t expect you to read all comments! That’s my job here, lol.
        Yup, we’ll find out if she made her dreams of becoming a marine biologist come true… or if she failed. First some Shari drama, though, on Saturday.


    1. No, but you’re in the minority. Might be that it’s the events you haven’t yet read about, but most of my readers hate Shari, and Sharon pairing, too. I personally like it, though!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Good news is, I have the next chapter written and by schedule, it should be up on Saturday. Just have to take pics! You know I put so much into those visuals.

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      2. Yay! You really do! Your pics are so good! I just love your story and everything about it.
        Side note, I just noticed that John looks like Ron… and their names kinda rhyme if you leave Ron’s name short.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Aw, you’re so sweet, thank you ♥
        Ha, yeah. John looking like Ron was deliberate, but his name was pretty random. Clearly, I didn’t think this through.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I can’t wait to get back to writing properly. As a non-native speaker it’s kind of funny to me to make mistakes like spelling phonetically, or some of those typical for native speakers. I feel like such a dummy!

        Liked by 1 person

      5. It’s kinda like looking at an elementary-schoolers writing. It’s cute and it gives Ron personality. I think he might be my favorite heir so far (besides Sam, even though he was wild). And I feel that, I’ve been retaking pictures for HBT for TS4 and I hope soon I can start actually writing for it again.

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      6. It’s funny, I write it all properly (except punctuation), then I take a second look and do the reverse of proofreading, as I like to call it. I’m so glad you like him so far. But you know, he’s not that lost, innocent boy to the chore. He does have some of Sam in him, as will be shown later. I like him, too, his flaws are so obvious, it’s always fun to write such characters who are obviously far from becoming Mary Sue’s. Sometimes, I worry I might start making more mistakes because of it. I had a dream once that I got a bad grade during an English vocabulary test – I didn’t know most of the words and others I wrote Ron’s way, lol!
        I am just kinda done with Ron. Because of my break and a fortnightly schedule, I feel like his gen is taking so damn long.

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