Chapter 6.6: Unforgettable

Warning: Foul language, potentially offensive remarks (which doesn’t represent author’s views).

Not long after Mom’s funeral I was still very down and felt numb. It was hard dealing with the loss of your parent, doubly so when she was so young, to young to of died. I hope I won’t die at 40, and that I’m not going to have cancer. But then again if Becca had been here, she’d totally have presented me with all the reasons why I was geneticly prone to it. Uh, biology… Never failing to drain all the optimisim I’d had in me.

After coming back ‘home’, presuming home is where the people closest to you are, I was surprised to of learned that my father bought me a house. He said that I was a young man and he’d rather not have me at home with him. Which basically means Aunt Candy is stuck caring for him on her own. Can’t say I envy her but I decided to role with it after all so I started looking for a job, again having no idea what I want to do with my life. Accept that this time it was different. For Clint left for Bridgeport saying he wants to go on with his career. It’s tough dealing with this new reality. Without Clint, without Becca, and without uncles Frank and Waylon who were still in Starlight Shores. Most importantly now forever without Mom. I was having it hard to addjust.

It had only been few days of me living in this new home all on my own and I’d been feeling extremely lonely. The quiet scared me and made me uncomfortable. The logical step was to invite the last person of are group who was still in close proximity. Who happened to be Shari.


“Oh, so that’s what it looks like,” were her first words when she stepped in. She looked flawless as usual. But she was also tense which was clearly visable in the aggressively red aura that surrounded her. I could see it clearly.

“It’s not the best… Hi Shari, how are you?” I said frowning a bit, gesturing for her to come inside. Then we awkwardly sat on the sofa. Somehow it felt weird meeting in real after all these talks through Facetime.


“It should have been me asking this question,” she half-joked although her tone was clearly sad and devoid of any humor. “I’m not the one who lost her mother days ago.”


“I miss her,” I said simply. “But we all some how knew it was coming.”


“It’s hard to face the facts,” she noted. “But tell me all about you. It’s so good… seeing you… again… after all this time.” I could not help but pay attention to her habit of playing with a ring on her finger after one or acouple words, which was apparently meant to ease the stress. Wait… The ring. On her ring finger. Could that be…?


“Could you show me…” Noticing what I was looking at Shari quickly raised her hand to hide it from me. But it was to late. I reached for her hand and caught it by the wrist. Then I pulled it into examine the ring. She was to weak to pull it away from me.


“I can’t believe it,” I said hesitantly brushing my finger across the ring as if it had been prone to disappear like a ghost the moment I touched it. But it didn’t. “You didn’t tell me about you’re engagement?” I couldn’t keep the disappointment and hurt of my voice.

“You see, that’s why. I knew you’d have a problem with it.”


“I’d have a problem with it? Do you not? Shari I…” I felt so bad that I couldn’t even find the right words to tell her all about it. “Cancel it. The engagement I mean.”


“What? But Ron…”

“It’s for your own good Shari. Your making a huge mistake!” At that moment her eyes got darker of anger and she rapidly stood up. Her head was barely at the height of my shoulder and I’d have probably laughed it of had I not been so hurt.


“Oh really? Tell me all about it how I’m making a mistake wanting to marry the man I love!”


“I don’t have to tell you anything. It’s you who owes me explanations. Ever since that day you dumped without a reason… Shari their is still a way outta it. Just tell me why and we can work it out…”


“I told you that first loves never work out. It was for the best. We avoided heart break and…”

“How could we avoid it? Shari you’ve already broken my heart once and you’re doing it again… Your confused.”


“Confused huh? Maybe I made the wise choice. You know? I should of never gotten together with you. Not with a psycho who can’t let a girl go without acting like a possesive douche bag!” She turned around to hide the tears which I had noticed started falling down her cheeks.


I’d of probably felt sorry and I’d of tried to comfort her… That is, if I hadn’t been that mad at her for refusing to accept the reality. So in my usual manner I spoke without giving it a second thought.


“I bet your pregnant with him! Just like your dumb mother, no basic knowledge of safe fucking whatsoever!” Shari turned round to face me. She looked completely shocked with her makeup totally spoiled by the tears. As if it’d been a horror movie.


“I wanted to be friends with you. I really did. But you know what Ron? You can forget about it. Forget about me.” With that, she shut the door leaving me alone with the realization sinking in of what I had done.


At first I wanted to run after her. Run after her and apologize. But then I knew that wouldn’t help. After realizing I screwed it I sat heavily on the sofa and covered my face with my hands.


How I wished I could of turnt back time and taken my words back. I didn’t mean them. Not at all. I loved Shari and I loved Aunt Candy. I than realized how I would be even more screwed if she decided to tell her mother. And I worried that might be a possibility which made me feel even worse. I loved Shari with all my heart and yet I treated like her like she was nothing but a whore who got pregnant with random guys after causal sex with out any thinking over the consequences. I was torn between feeling bad about treating Shari in a way which was obviously wrong and the fact that I knew my reasoning was right. I knew Shari still loved me, it showed in her every jesture, how she felt bad about the engagement and tried to hide it from me, and how she said “maybe” instead of firmly keeping her stance. I knew she was making a bad decision. If she’d had any doubt about her engagement, she shouldn’t of agreed to marry the guy in the first place. It had only been a couple of months since I left for Bridgeport. She should of given it a second thought. I could swear I didn’t misinterpret her signals. I lived with her all my life and I knew her to well. What was confusing me were her reasons for ditching me that memorable day at the end of high school. That was something that I couldn’t rap my mind around no matter how much I tried. There was something really bad about it and I felt like it was a decision she didn’t really make herself, it was so sudden. What made her do it? What made her ditch me and get engaged in such a short time after ending our longtime relationship?


Congratulations Ron. You’ve finally managed to find a solution to this problem. Now you’ll never get her to open up to you. But… I’m at least going to try. I can’t just let her make bad choices and do nothing bout it. She needs me and at any cost, I’m going to find a way outta it.

Note: Hello! I’m here to ramble even more, ’cause you know, this chapter is so short it just needs rambling to balance it out.

So, as you probably noticed, it’s the first time I used the height slider on a larger scale and despite maaany issues I had with the poses because of it, I’m truly loving the effect. I always imagined first Candy, and then her daughter, as curvy, albeit really short women and I could reach the desired effect here with her looking like a little doll next to Ron. I hope you like it, too. I can say I didn’t quite understand how much people loved having their characters have different heights, and I still don’t fully understand it, but in this case, it just feels so satisfying. Of course that means it’ll cost me a lot of work along the way and I’m going to add even more poses to my growing stock of the ones I haven’t uploaded yet, currently around 60. Man, I wish I had more time to finish all my projects! Anyway, this was a short one (not that I could manage to publish twice a week with how long the bonus was). Hope you enjoyed it! ♥

31 thoughts on “Chapter 6.6: Unforgettable”

  1. I did! I enjoyed it! lol Poor Ron… he is so stuck on Shari yet he says all the wrong things. He just can’t help himself. I think with all the changes in his life, Ron feels like he hasn’t just lost his mom, he’s lost everyone he loves. He can’t live at home with his dad, his uncles live far away, Clint and Becca are on their own paths, and now Shari is definitely off limits. I feel bad for him and I hope he can figure out what he wants to do with his life.

    I wonder who Shari is engaged to and how that came about?

    I use the height slider. Holden is tall and Marty is really short. lol When I pose them, I make them normal heights again in CAS so they will fit in the poses. lol

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    1. So glad you did! I decided to use Ron’s mean trait in this way. I like to think that he’s overly honest, except when he’s mad at someone and that makes people say he’s mean. I, however, clearly separated his character from Sam, as you see he is genuinely sorry for the wrong he says, so definitely not evil. I think the stress caused by his loss also made him more prone to being agressive and mean. You are right, it seems like he’s lost everyone. I do hope that he can find someone for longer. He is so lonely at the moment.
      Yes, Shari and her decisions is a whole other story…
      Oh, you’ve already told me about it! As for me, I experimented with OMSP and cutting some parts that didn’t go right to achieve what I wanted, lol.
      By the way, I think you’ve missed Wednesday’s funeral bonus?

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  2. Ugh, Ron, just staaaahp! I can’t help but be on Shari’s side. Maybe he’s right and she’s still in love with him and something weird’s going on, but pressing the issue after she’s said no is not okay.
    Regardless, I still enjoyed reading. I loved the height difference ❤ It is a huuuuge pain to do, but it really looks so sweet with tiny little Shari next to tall Ron 🙂 I'm quite enjoying differences like that with Carlo/Vittoria and Enzo/Gina, too 🙂 I also envision Genevieve as super tiny, so once I finally pull myself together and do the CoM sequel, I'll be using the height-slider there, too 🙂
    This was great, Jowita ❤

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    1. Well, Ron just wants to help her, but he’s not at all subtle about him. Her behavior frustrates him and he’s not sure where it’s coming from. I gave a little insight into Shari in the bonus but we’ll be exploring her character more in the future. She might not be Grace but her issues are there and are very real.
      I’m glad you enjoyed reading! I was a bit frustrated setting it up but I felt so accomplished in the end. The problem is I imagine her to be the height of Ron’s shoulder in my mind and I can’t let go of this vision of them. So I just had to have it. I think the difference might be even bigger here than with Gina and Enzo. Yes, I’m looking forward to tiny Genevieve! ♥
      Thank you so much, Louise! ♥

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      1. Oh yeah, sounds like the height-difference is bigger. Gina comes up to Enzo’s nose or something like that. 🙂 The difference between Gen and Nadir is substantially bigger, maybe the same as Ron and Shari.
        It does make one feel super accomplished once the differences fit 😀

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      2. Yes, it does feel great! ♥ Now we can safely say Nadir fits the description “tall, dark, and handsome” 😛 Oh, I feel so happy that they fit the picture in my head!

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  3. Oh Ron..💔…my heart goes out to him….he feels so very alone. Something must have happened that made Shari decide to dump him….and I don’t think it was an unplanned pregnancy. Curious to find out what really happened.

    She looked so cute and vulnerable standing there next to Ron. I love the different heights but you’re right, it is such a pain for poses. I try to just stretch and shrink sims for poses I make as do other creators to show a slight height difference in the males and females…or shoot at angles that make them appear taller. Not sure it works so much. 😂😂😂

    But great chapter to really begin the saga that is Ron. ❤️

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    1. He does feel very lonely and he’s not been in the right state of mind after Hailey’s death. I think with the stress and all, he was even more prone to saying things he didn’t mean. Maybe nothing did happen. If you read the funeral bonus, I gave more insight into Shari’s character there. She has serious issues Ron doesn’t know much about. Which is why he doesn’t know how to explain her behavior.
      I, too, think she did! She looked like a little doll next to Ron. And she, indeed, is vulnerable. She didn’t tell him off as she should have, just started crying. The heights are worth it to me in this case because I have such a clear vision of them in my mind. Yes, I was thinking about doing that, but I’m not yet quite sure how. I’ll have to look into it more. I did notice you shooting from these angles! Cole really did look taller in some cases thanks to this.
      Thank you ♥

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  4. you`re really taking us on a roller-coaster ride again … I just hope he will some how, be able to work this one out, with all that he been through lately, dose he not deserve a second chance… poor Ron 😦

    great chapter Jowita 🙂

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    1. They are both not acting as they should in this situation. Ron’s not stable after losing his mom and because of the frustration he’s feeling due to his love for Sharicka.
      Oh, it’s her own free will. But she’s not so sure about it as she should be.

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  5. I can’t say I blame Ron for being upset, but that was not the best way to handle the situation. At least he immediately felt sorry for it afterwards.
    I want to know more about this mystery man who Shari is going to marry.

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  6. Oh no Ron, that definitely wasn’t the best way to handle this situation…. Shari was right in that he’d be upset by hearing about her engagement, but I wonder if she really does want to marry this mystery man? How long have they been together?

    Ron really needs to work on controlling his words when angry and not saying things he’ll regret, and on letting people go.

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    1. No, it could have gone way better… She knew he was still in love with her, it was easy to predict. Yes, the mystery man Shari’s engaged to… They haven’t been together for long, just a couple of months. Who knows, maybe she’s in love with him?
      He needs to do so. That’s my way of incorporating the mean trait that he rolled. But he’s also dyslexic and I imagine it has an impact on him and makes it harder for him to use the right words to express himself.

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  7. Ron was killing me with his typos this chapter. 😛

    Ron is so possessive over Shari. I can’t help but feel that she is making the right decision for herself. At least he felt remorse and realized he didn’t mean it.

    It’s nice to see the height difference! Shari looks so cute!

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    1. He’s killing me each chapter I’m done writing and then go back for ‘corrections’. I hope that’s not too disturbing? I always worry that my readers might forget and think I became a total dummy in English, out of practice or something 😛 I admit it’s kind of fun to play this little game, though!
      Oh, he is. But he is right in a way. Getting engaged after such a short time dating might be a really bad decision on Shari’s part. He didn’t mean it all. That’s the way I decided to incorporate the mean trait, though that might be confused with hot-headed one now that I think about it.
      I love it, too! She’s such a doll!

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  8. Oh, Ron. You really screwed up there, she was feeling guilty and you managed to make her mad once again :/ You know, I did notice that you mentioned Shari’s engagement ring in the funeral chapter, but I totally forgot to comment on it! Who is the guy? How did they meet and when? Is she really into him or is something else on her mind really? So many questions!
    So Ron returned home again – it’s kinda sad that he and Clint got separated, and that he pushed away the only person who could still call his friend. But now all the doors are open for endless exciting possibilities, and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for him! 🙂
    I did notice the height difference – it suits both of them really well! 😀 And I wanted to ask, which slider are you using? I tried Cmar’s one, but as soon as I exit CAS, the sims’ heights are all the same again *smh* 😡 I have no clue why this is happening.. oh well! I get it may be very tedious and confusing with poses (that’s one of the reasons I was hesitant to use it at first – even though it just doesn’t want to cooperate), but it must be very rewarding to shape the character exactly as you pictured them. Sliders are the best (even though I still haven’t experimented much with them)! XD
    Aaaand, I’m all caught up again, lol! Great chapter, can’t wait to see what’s coming next! 😀 ❤

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    1. It didn’t go well at all. Poor Ron, he has really poor social skills, honestly.
      Yes, I suspected people might forget about it with all that was going on with Frank’s speech. Oh, so many. I haven’t even created him yet, so that’s a real question mark here 😛
      Yes, Ron is alone now. Somehow, I tend to think that Clint wanted to stay in Bridgeport because he would be closer to Becca. But who knows… The doors are open but that might be a wall behind them which you cannot cross so you’re still stuck in the same room…
      I’m glad you think it suits them! I use Cmar’s one and I usually have to reset the Sims when I exit CAS and then they snap into the right height. It is confusing. I still need to figure out the best way to make my own height-adjusted poses! It feels very good and satisfying when I get my characters to look how I want them to. I’m sorry it doesn’t work for you. There is also the method of using OMSP resizer that I heard of.
      Yes, you are. Now, from me, there are only the poses I published yesterday left for you to catch up on. 😛 Thank you ♥

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  9. It’s a really hard thing to be isolated from your friends and family, and so to have Shari turn away from him (thanks to his own words, but also because of her attitude) is going to be a big blow, I can imagine. Doubly so after the loss of his mother. I wonder what he’s going to do, if he’s going to find himself a job and pick himself back up…
    I liked the height differences here – I really noticed them. I feel like I don’t usually, but it suits Shari well. I love her cheeks, ugh. I’m not surprised she’s engaged, even if she doesn’t really love the man I bet it wasn’t hard to find someone who likes her!

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    1. It is very difficult already and it’s only getting worse…Hopefully, she won’t be mad at him forever. They’ve known each other for so long after all… I don’t think even he knows what he’s going to do.
      I’m glad you liked the height differences! I always pictured Shari as tiny, so I’m glad you think it suits her! Haha, she’s gorgeous indeed!

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  10. I love changing the heights of my sims. I really wanted Travis taller than Jade. But you have to change the heights back to make most of the poses work! Grrrr I also get annoyed in making poses too due to height issues because I don’t want all adults or children to be exactly the same height.

    Oh and Ron, open mouth and insert foot…again! Deep down, so desperate to have just one thing to hold on to, some security, that he damages any chance he could have.

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    1. I usually don’t mind the Sims being of the same height, but in this case, I do, because you see how big the difference between them is. It wouldn’t sit well with me if she was his height. I needed this. I, however, decided to be using OMSP 85% resizer for the poses made for them. I just change the size of the female ring in Blender to 0,846. In this chapter, I just rolled with the poses I already had and shot around the issues with them. You can also make just the legs longer.
      Yes, yet again! He can’t really bite his tongue in the right time, can he? He’s very hopeless with his actions.

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  11. Seriously, she’s right – get over her! Being stuck on someone who doesn’t want to be with you isn’t healthy, regardless of how you think they feel. And quit being a jerk about it.

    But I kinda get it. I mean, she’s the only sense of normalcy he has now, the one thing from before that he has any possibility of holding on to. But he’s trying to hold on too tight and now she’s pulled away.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, he should definitely get over her, which isn’t healthy at all. Lmao, quit being a jerk – you know he actually has the mean trait in game?
      Yup, that’s exactly right. It’s hard to let go of his one last thing left of the past.


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