Chapter 6.5: A Definite Loss of Hope

So it’s been a few months and I must say that life been going quiet well for me and Clint here in Bridgeport. We both have jobs now. He managed to get a minor one in a bank while I work as a receptionist at a spa. I rarely see Becca now and I sometimes feel it’s a relieve of a kind. She’s caused both of us enough heartbreak already and it’s been hard keeping the truth away from the family, especally if I’ve been intouch with Shari all this time. Hardnot  spill the beans to her!

About this new job of mine, it’s not bad. But neither is very great. You know what I mean? I guess the primary reason for why I chose it out of all the job offers is that the spa is so close to the gym and I can’t live with out a good work out. I used to go out for a run each morning but then this happened…


This freaking annoing white thingy! I was so shocked to of walked outta the gym one day to feel so cold, even in one of my warmest hoodies. Than I saw it. Snowflakes touching my face and causing me to shiver. The white layer of snow on the ground, going up to my ancles. Thankfully I had my Timberland’s on that day so at least my shoes didn’t get soaked. Still, it was a shock of a century for someone who had never felt what snow was like his entire life, having lived in a subtropical climate of Starlight Shores. Until that memoryable day in Bridgeport! Can’t say I liked it much because it practically threw a spanner in my plans of gradually longthening my usual morning route. I also experienced the joys of the snow melting the very next day. Talk about mud and puddles! Don’t even get me started on below zero temperatures where there’s this slippery icy layer on the ground. I almost got my self killed cause of it!


Aside from snow, I’ve been enjoying what Bridgeport has to offer in terms of my workout, especially the big, well-equipped gym with good views of the city. You can even see the stadium from there! We went on a soccer match with Clint once. It’s not really his thing though. As much as it hurts, my best friend has never been very athletic or rather never showed an interest in this kinda thing (ouch, my heart!). Who doesn’t love a good tention relieve that has nothing to do with drugs or alcohol? It’s still a wonder to me why some people don’t do sports. They can be nothing but beneficial – good for your health, good for your appearance, good for bonding with other sporty people… So many advantages!


But Clint has had other things on his mind. For example the swimming courses that he regularly attends. I swear he only does that because that’s what Becca suggested but he claims he just used her good idea as a base. Humph… It’s not like I was born yesterday, was I? In fact, I’m also still very much in love with a particular girl who’s names start with an S. Ever heard that advice that the feeling will eventually fade and disappear? I can say for my own self that this doesn’t work. All I feel changing is it growing stronger each day as my memory of her grows fonder. I of thought about it for a long time and it would just feel so… wrong to try to let go of her. I can’t, I swear I can’t and refuse to believe that she doesn’t still love me. There’s more to it, the way she looks, the way she laughs, notices how much my hair has grown ever since we last saw one another… God, I have to see her!

Shari picked up my facetime call right away. And from that very moment I sensed something was wrong by how uncomfortable she looked with that uncertain expression of her’s.


“Hey Shari! Whazzap?” I said in a joking tone, hoping to light the atmosphere a bit. The corners of her mouth moved upwards, but only a little.

“Oh it’s great, you know. My online comic received a lot of attention and I might even move out eventually. Get a house, finally get a pet, more than one, set up my own art studio in my new house, you know the grown up stuff, and…” I frowned.

“Woah hold you’re horses Shari, you’re rambling!” She sighed and grimaced in response her upper lip going up in a sign of discomfort.


“Yeah, I’m not in very high spirits right now. Whatabout you?”

“Well it’s quiet good, I guess. I’ve just taken a shower after coming back home and decided to call you. Clint hasn’t come back yet and so I’m a bit lonely and in need of good company.” She didn’t smile this time and looked even abit concerned.


“I see. Don’t you have any friends there to hang out with? You know I’ll always be there, but if your planning to be living in Bridgeport…” Woah Shari, what’s wrong with her? Have I ever told her I was planning that?!

“Oh, no, I’m not! I want to live close to you, Dad, Mom, your mom. Your in Storybrook County right now, am I right?” I added remembering her telling me about their move, “Clint was right Shari. Something is wrong about this city. And you know what it’s like with me and people.” She again smiled a little and it made my heart beat faster. I hated seeing her so unwell.


“Yes, I do. Told you so many times that not everyone appreciates your straightforward attitude and criticism. Most people won’t.” As if we hadn’t had that talk many times before.

“I know the drill. But I’m equally critical towards myself.” Her smile now completely vanished and she looked troubled again. Even the red aura surounding her was lighter and weaker than usual.


“They don’t know that Ron…” I thought her voice sounded a bit forced and unnatural when she said that. I took a closer look at her and it broke my heart seeing her so miserable. Who did that to Shari? I’ll kill the bastard who ever that might be. Then I thought that may be she somehow found out. Maybe she knows about Becca and that I’ve been lying to her. She might be troubled because she fond out that her best friend works as a stripper now. And she thinks I don’t know. Is that what she’s trying to tell me?


“I have something to tell you…” She and I spoke the exact same sentence at the same time, than looked at one another conflicted. I was the one to make a decision.

“So you first,” I said dying to know what was bothering her.


“Well, I… I don’t know how to tell you this Ron. But I will, I will just say it.” She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. “Ron, Aunt Hailey… your mother… is dead.” I froze looking into her eyes, or rather at the screen outta which she was looking at me, genuine concern in that gaze. She couldn’t possibly be lying, could she? But my mother… could she… could she… I felt a huge lump forming in my throat and the phone almost fell off out of my hand as my grip loosned. I wasn’t able to respond.


“Ron say something. Anything,” she practically pleaded with those beautiful green eyes of her’s. I tried again, but words just weren’t coming out of my throat so she continued. “Ron, listen to me. The funeral is tomorrow at 12, here in Storybrook County, you’ll find the cemetery, its the biggest out there… And I think… No I believe, she’d want you and Clint to be there… What did you want to tell me? Ron?” She searched for my gaze, I could feel it even through the screen. But I wasn’t looking at the phone anymore.



Instead I was insistentely staring at the wall opposite me as if the ghost of my mother had been bound to come out of the wardrobe any time now. When my arms started feeling like jelly, I dropped the phone and I almost fell off the bed myself when I heard someone open the door. Having realized it was Clint, I quickly locked the door to the bedroom.


I didn’t want to talk to him. Nor to anyone.


Few minutes later, the shock ceased and I felt first streams of water running down my cheeks. And tears could only mean one thing. A definite loss of hope.

Note: Well, this was short and pretty lame. As was my week. Except it was very long and very tedious. To the point of me considering not doing this chapter at all, but I did and here’s the result. However, I plan to post a bonus on Wednesday, so we’ll see if I can redeem myself. See you next time and hopefully, it wasn’t too disappointing (I made all the face time poses, I swear I deserve some love after all this). So yeah, see you possibly on Wednesday!

31 thoughts on “Chapter 6.5: A Definite Loss of Hope”

  1. Oh no! How did she die? Was it the cancer? 😥 Poor Ron being so far away. What makes me the saddest is that Hailey didn’t get to see Becca again.

    The facetime poses were so good! I really liked them. Your sims are so good looking.

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    1. Yes, unfortunately it was. They actually moved out when it got worse, hoping the change of surroundings would help somewhat. But the cancer spread and she didn’t make it. Shari didn’t want to worry him, as she genuinely believed that she’d get through it.
      You’re right, Hailey didn’t see her daughter again. She died not knowing what happened to her. It’s so heartbreaking.
      Thank you so much! I practically only did the face expressions and raised the arms so it (kind of) looks as if they were holding a phone. And aww, thank you again. I’ve always thought your Sims were super good-looking. I’ve already heard many times that Shari’s gorgeous. I can’t argue with that, she’s a good mixture of Candy and Darryll.

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      1. Yes, I definitely think she got the best of both sides in her parents.

        You’re right, it’s so heartbreaking that Hailey didn’t see Becca or know what happened to her. I wonder how Becca will handle that?

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  2. we grow so attached to are story sims, so its difficult to let them go, in fact I’ve only thought about doing something like that once, but chickened out of it, but it does make a very emotional story if you can … very sad ending for Hailey :(.

    you always do well to get a new chapter out nearly every week, I don’t know how you do it… thank you for keeping us going with a good story Jowita 🙂

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    1. Yes. It’s sad to say goodbye, isn’t it? It was especially hard for me to say goodbye to Dellie, Hailey’s great-grandparent. He died when she was a teenager. Hailey was only 40 when she died. That’s too young to be forced to leave this world. And her husband is older than her by 25 years and still alive…
      I was not satisfied with this one and still am not. I guess I enjoyed doing the FaceTime but not how lacking this chapter was in other aspects. It takes a lot of me to keep up the schedule. I stay up very late each Friday to prepare those chapters. I’m so glad you appreciate that!

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  3. That was so sudden 😦 Poor Ron and Becca. And Reggie for that matter – bet he always imagined he’d go first… I don’t think this was a bad chapter. I understand how you feel, of course, but particularly with that wham at the end, it was a good one.
    You do so many poses! I really admire your dedication in making so many. I rarely make more than two-four for a chapter :’)
    This was great, as usual, Jowita 🙂 Don’t worry about redeeming yourself – no redemption is needed ❤

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    1. Actually, it wasn’t that sudden but Shari hadn’t told Ron everything about Hailey’s condition and he wasn’t aware. She thought it wouldn’t come down to it. That wham at the end I’ve been planning to do for a very long time. I was particularly sore about the undeveloped first fillery part of this chapter. I just didn’t have strength and energy to do more descriptions and make actually acquaintances Ron and Clint might’ve has in Bridgeport. I was really doubting posting anything and it took a lot out of me yesterday to finish it and stay up until 1 am when all I wanted to do was just ditch it and go to sleep. That’s why I feel like this schedule might not be ideal.
      Yup, I have like 55 poses I haven’t uploaded and when you realize that I posted all my poses during my break, you’ll realize these are all the poses I’ve made for gen. 6 so far :’) But I slacked off with these and was so tired I practically just did the faces and raised the arms so that it’d look like they were holding a phone. I thought it’d be easier to do than look for the poses which had the right expression and had the arms raised. The ones with the arms raised that I’ve seen are for the selfies and they wouldn’t fit in. I really, really need to upload all these poses… Maybe one day.
      Aw, thank you! I don’t think you’ve ever criticized any of my chapters, though! You’re just too sweet and kind for this, Louise ♥ I don’t worry. I just need me some Frank, you know?

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      1. Well, it certainly is sudden for the reader 😛
        I understand what you mean. It’s really hard to keep up a weekly schedule if you don’t have a backlog of chapters to fall back on. I had that before I started school, but now that I’m away every day, I can’t keep it up.
        Wow! You really do soooo many 🙂 Sometimes it really is just easier to do the poses yourself, especially because it’s so hard to find the right ones (and find some that are good – I’m too picky for my own good).
        I know we definitely appreciate a bonus from you 🙂

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      2. Oh, for a reader it definitely is!
        When I wasn’t going to school, I didn’t have a backlog of chapters either, but at least I had more time to work on them. Now that I finally came back, I find that the idea of writing excites me much more than in the worn out mode I’d had before that, so I’m pretty much willing to sacrifice my nights. But it’s taking a toll on me and it’s not exactly healthy + because of the limited time and wanting to go to sleep asap, I don’t get to include many ideas and the chapters end up shorter and lower in quality.
        I know! That’s why I’d really need a little break so I could start working on uploading them. I’m sure some could be useful to other storytellers, like the security poses, for example. Yes, it doesn’t take that much time, especially if I can just do parts of the pose that I now will be on the picture and don’t really care about the rest. I’m guilty of it. 😛
        Thank you so much! I plan it to be about Hailey’s funeral.

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  4. Oh gosh, I’d forgotten all about Hailey’s cancer…. Definitely was NOT expecting her to die out of the blue like that D: Poor Ron must be torn up about it. I hope he goes to her funeral, no matter how hard it will be for him. He would probably regret missing it if he didn’t go.

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  5. Why do I have to forget about heir’s parents? It shouldn’t be shocking that Hailey is dead, I should expect that, but I always think about the heirs and their present lives.
    I feel sorry for Ron and other family members. This moment when you realize that you will never see your mother again is one of the worst feeling. It’s sad that someone who you love has to leave this world someday.
    I think Ron and Clint’s lives haven’t changed much. They found a job, changed their haircut, but they are the same as before (enlighten me if they aren’t). I can’t believe Ron is still in love with Shari. God, he should forget about their relationship a long time ago. Talking with her won’t help. Bridgeport is such a big city and he hasn’t found any fantastic girl there, unbelievable! I know, love will knock to his door someday, but it should knock faster. I don’t want to see him in this condition anymore.
    Fun fact: when I saw Shari’s behaviour, I thought she is with her boyfriend in room. That would explain her strange behaviour. I was waiting to read about Mr. Stragner, but I was disappointed, her boyfriend would say something at the beginning of their conversation. When their talk step into the weirdest level, I believed she will tell him about her new relationship. Unfortunately, I miscaltulated and Shari was just a good friend. If she had a boyfriend, everyone’s life would be better. Ron would get rid of his love to Shari and he would finally enjoy his life. But no, we have never ending story about unfulfilled love. Your history could be more optimistic, you know?
    I think Ron and Clint look better in new haircut. I must admit that I didn’t like Ron’s previous haircut because it annoyed me, and now he looks better. Keep it up! With this haircut he will surely find some girl.
    And one more thing, I was watching your pictures with a smile on my face because your poses are great. Their emotions are so real, great job!
    See you at the funeral soon!

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    1. It’s okay if you think about the heirs. I can’t expect my readers to be as invested in all my characters as I am.
      It’s a very heartbreaking moment for Ron. He is very sad not to have been there with his mom when she died.
      Ron adores Shari to the point when it’s unhealthy. But whether the feeling is reciprocated is the real question here. We don’t really know what’s in Shari’s head. Yes, both him and Clint are pretty much the same.
      You’re not too far from the truth with all this boyfriend predictions, actually, but we’ll get to this later. For now, we have to focus on Ron and his dreams of getting back with Shari. And getting rid of his feelings for her is no easy task! Hopefully, Ron won’t become another Werther. Then my story would lose all its optimism.
      This hair suits Ron better, that’s why he had it first as a teenager. Don’t get your hopes too high about him finding a girl, though.
      Thank you so much and I’m glad you liked the poses.
      I sure hope I will be able to finish the bonus on time.


  6. Wow, what am emotional chapter. Poor Hailey. I know that her children meant the world to her, and I’m sure that not knowing that her daughter was alive and well must have hurt. But at least she is now at peace and no longer suffering.

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      1. She did. She really tried to make up for all the mistakes she’d made with Clint. She felt genuinely sorry that she couldn’t develop maternal instinct back then. No wonder, though, she was only 19 when she gave birth to him. She was just not ready.

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      2. I think so, too. She gave Frank an amazing opportunity to raise a child as his own. And even a child who was biologically connected to him. It was not granted that he’d be able to adopt and it just made things a lot easier.

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  7. Ron’s face in the snow is an absolute treasure.
    Well Ron, sport is boring and a lot of effort. A good walk through nature I can agree with, but anything else I’m going to have to pass up 😛
    What a way to get the news! I’m not surprised he heard it from Shari and not his dad though.. poor kid. I wonder if he can get Becca to come home for the funeral.. Having your mum die thinking you’re missing must suck, and maybe make her realise that running away is hardly the mature thing to do..

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    1. I know! I actually cheated to get snow to fall and as soon as I teleported him outside, he made that scowl. Precious. I couldn’t resist putting it in the chapter. 😛
      I agree about sport. I just wrote him as the polar opposite of me here. Still, he has the athletic trait.
      Yeah… I can’t imagine Reggie being in the right state of mind to tell him. Becca made a mistake but it’s too late and she’ll never get to tell her mom she was alive all along…

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  8. Oh man, I’m so late again – I’m so sorry! :/
    This chapter was not lame at all, what are you talking about? At first when Ron was describing his life with Clint at Bridgeport and their receiving the cold shoulder from their crushes, I couldn't help but smile – it may not seem like it right now, but those are good times; young, good looking and using their kinda broken heart as an excuse to do whatever they like… it sucks at that time, but they sure as h*ll are gonna miss those simpler times!
    And that is kinda proven during that heartbreaking last scene right after… now Ron is one parent short and one step closer to being an adult and taking responsibilities 😦 (Which I'm sure he's not looking forward to) Poor Hailey… she will be missed! What's even more sad is that she didn't even have the chance to know her daughter was found… did her sudden death have anything (even a little) to do with this? Can't wait to find out and to be fully caught up! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries – I’m just glad to see you here eventually!
      Haha, I’m glad this chapter wasn’t lame. They are heartbroken and sad, and young, you are right. They might need to face the hard reality very soon because their parents aren’t going to financially support them for the rest of their lives… They might miss them when the life gets truly difficult… That sounds awful about Ron but it’s the truth. Hailey will be missed. She made her mark on the story. Becca probably feels guilty now that she’ll never get to see her mother again… Ah, no, but I can imagine the peace of mind makes the disease not as tough for you, and she didn’t have that.

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  9. Ron’s reaction to snow is gold 😂 I can relate, I’ve never been in a snow fall ever, but I think my reaction would be much more towards excitement!
    Shari is as adorable as ever, even when delivering horrible news. She has such a sweet squishy cheeked face. Hailey passing away is a huge blow in the already chaotic nature of Ron’s life at the moment 😦 And I assume it’s only going to get worse… man, even though I’ve never been a fan of Hailey, I feel bad she died this young, and especially without even knowing if her daughter was safe and sound…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, it was much too cold for Ron!
      I know, Shari is super adorable. Not exactly personality-wise, but she is tiny and has such a sweet, round face. I know that it is a lot for poor Ron to take… And it will only get worse, sadly!
      Yes, I understand how you feel. I never really liked Hailey either (though she was my heir!), but you’ll see Frank giving a beautiful speech about her in the bonus… I did feel a little emotional.

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