Chapter 6.4: Plans for the Future

Warning: Some swearing + rather lengthy and picture-heavy.

Few days later I was at my apartment with Clint and we still had no idea what to do. We were scared as hell of meating that man that was apparently related to us. Plus, we were in the city that was still new to us and we had no jobs with the money quickly draining. We had to do something – either leave without Becca or stay and try to convince her that was she was doing wasn’t good for anyone, especially not for her. But we had no idea how to get to her, no idea where she lived and we new it wouldn’t be wise to enter the club yet again and risk the man getting us in trouble. None of us hadn’t any doubt that he wasn’t lying when he said he could cause bad stuff to happen to us.


I was laying on the sofa, daydreaming about playing basketball again as in the good old days. I could still smell the scent of the gym mixed with my sweat, even though in reality the sweater was cleen. My synesthesia started kicking in and I remembered how various colors of my team members and are opponents mixed in the violent game. Suddenly, my phone started ringing in my pocket and I almost jumped up. It was a number that I didn’t recognize but after a moment of hesitation, I pickt up.



“Ron? Oh thank god I was hoping you didn’t change your number.”


“Becca?” Clint looked at me questioneengly when he heard me saying her name. We were both full of hope. Maybe not everything was lost. “What’s… What’s up?”

“We seriously need to talk,” she said and I could feel the worry in her voice. “But there no way we can do it over the phone. Where do you live?” I was suprised but gave her the address. “Got it. I’ll be there in half an hour or so.”


Becca was always punctual and she stuck to her old habits this time as well. Still, we were surprised to see her dressed in a fancy suit with a lot of jewelry and face glowing from the lightpowder (or what ever is that things that girls put on? Lightglower? Lighter? Glowlighter? Oh well…). She looked so diferent to how we saw her in the club. If I hadn’t known better, I’d have dubbed her as a businesswoman of a kind…


“Let me in so I can explain,” she said instead of a greeting. And so we did.


“So,” Clint said when we were all seated in the living room with big windows overlooking the city. I used to think of how we could never afford to live in this apartment had it been only up to us and not to our parent’s money. “There’s a lot to explain. Where do we start?”


“You first, maybe,” Becca responded. “I don’t remembear hearing how you two have found me in such a short time.”


“Leave it to Clint to find you,” I replied. “He still hasn’t told me and I was so surprised to of seen you there.”


“Oh, it’s nothing,” Clint said awkwardly. “I described Becca to my father and I thought there was no way it could have mached some stripper in a club but…”

“…but you had to see for yourself,” Becca finished. “So, it’s practically accidental. I can’t be the only redhead in the business.”


“But Becca, how did you get into the ‘business’ in the first place?”


“You would never believe it. So, this man met me one day after school and presented the offer to me. He told me about our grandmother. She worked for him but than she escaped and got involved with our grandfather. He kicked her out of the house when he fond out she got back to the basics – meaning working as a prostitute in the clubs. Shortly after she found out she was pregnant with our mother…” Becca described the story mainly to Clint who heard it for the first time. I knew a lot of it all ready, she just filled the missing pieces with more details. Eventually, she finished and we were sitting in pregnant silence for awhile until Clint spoke up.


“And you trusted him? After all this?”


“I didn’t. And I still do not. He’s not the person you could ever trust. But he’s very influensial and I knew I could get many profits from agreing to his offer…”

“What are you thinking of Becca? You can’t be for real!”


“Well, he’s old and even though he shows his love in messed up ways, he did care for our grandmother. He sees me as his second chence and he wants to do well this time.”


“Do well?!” Clint couldn’t believe in her words. “By forcing another girl to sell her ass!”


“It’s not like that,” Becca remained peacefull this time, although it was clear she was hurt by his remark. “Strippers are not allowed to sleep with clients. We only dance and for are special guests – special meaning rich enough to afford it – we get undressed. But it is prohibited for us to sleep with clients, no matter how rich and stuning.”

“It’s still selling your body,” I noticed. “Just in a different way. Much less ‘you get what you see’ and more like ‘you can stare for a bit longer if you pay enough’.” She smiled.


“Kind of like this.”

“But I don’t understand – what’ s your goal here?” Clint asked confused.


“I was getting there when you interferd. He’s old meaning he will die eventually. And do you think that who will take over his business?”


“You’re not for real! He’s only just met you and you want to inherit his strip clubs!”

“Well, I’m being pretty realistick. If he trusts me and I can show him I’m the good daughter and the strong one that he never had, he will give me what I want. And when I get it, I can be a billionaire and fullfill my dreams!”


“No one knows what you want Becca.”


“Well,” she began. “There’s something. You remember when we were scouts? I began fascinated with fish. In the future I want to have my own big laboratory where I can study marine biology and possibely even discover new brands of fish. I want to establish something modern that will give me a chance to carry out experiments that will lead to deeper understanding, especially of the fish we still don’t know much about.”

“Wow,” was all Clint managed to say to her description. “And you want to achieve it all by buttering our great-grandfather up until he kicks the bucket and you inherit his fortune?”

“Basically yes. Don’t look at me like that! I will get my way, you’ll see.”


“I don’t have any doubt,” I said truthfuly. I knew Becca always got her way. Clint wasn’t so sure about that.

“Why don’t you just study like an average person and then begin with your plans? We allready have a lot of money.”

“Your kidding me. We may have much, but I will need our great-grandfather’s, father’s and are mother’s money to fulfill my plans.”


“How big would that aquarium be than?”

“It will be the biggest laboratory you can imagine. I’ll need all the funds I can get for it. But hey…


Ron, Clint? Don’t you have any plans for the future at all? What are you going to do?” She looked at Clint. “What about you’re studies?” He avoided her gase and she got her answer. “Oh… Again. Maybe you’re not cut for them. Didn’t consider anything? There is a variety of jobs…”


“I don’t know. I’ll never be as succesfull as Dad F or even W. You know, there’s so much pressure on me, even from the media. If I fail, they’ll blame it on the fact that I was raised by two men. Yet another argument against gays and all LGBTQ rights.”


“I guess your wright,” Becca admitted. “But you might have hidden passions you don’t yet know about. Like, I don’t know, you’ve always liked helping people. Maybe do something for the society; their are courses for life guards or firefighters…”

“Uh… thanks for the advise. That actually sounds good.”


“And… Clint? I’m sorry, you know. I overreacted there in the club. I said such mean things and you should know I didn’t mean them. I made some bad choices too, hurt you and gave you false dawns, knowing we could never be together, years after finding are mom’s diary… That was plain cruel. But I was hoping that maybe we could be… friends?” Clint got up from the sofa and lightlly took Becca’s hand.


She looked up at him as he said:


“Becca you know I’ve always wanted the best for you. And I didn’t want for it turn out that way. I’m also sorry for what I said to you. Like, hell, it’s not wrong to love your sister. What is wrong is to lust after her. I wish maybe in some different world we could… But that doesn’t matter. What matters is I’ll be their if you ever need me. As you’re friend, always.” Becca got up, kissed Clint’s cheek (during which he looked very uncomfortable), than hugged him.


He wrapped arms around her as tightly as if it’d been the last goodbye for them. Maybe in a sense, it was. Or even more than just in a sense… I couldn’t see Becca’s expression or how it probably changed during the hug, but I watched her whole body tense up.


Colors mixed in front of my eyes, hot pink and green, creating a form of muddled brown. As red (pink being close to red) and pink are opposites in the color weel Clint and Becca were never meant to be.

But then the attention was focused back on me.


“What about you, Ron?” Becca said sitting on the sofa next to me. “Something to do with sports I imagine.”


“Yeah, likely. But I don’t know what yet.”

“With your optimism and perfectionism you could well become a coach.”


“Ha! I’m way too honest to be a coach. People would hate my mean remarks.”

“Seriously though… It’s high time you thought of your future job. Your so special, you know? Not everyone has both synesthesia and dyslexia mixed. All in one person.”


“I feel like you’re treating me like the subject of your next studies.”

“Why not become a scientist yourself Ron? Have you ever thought about it? It’s not like there’s anything stopping you. You just think a bit differentely than others. Which doesn’t have to be a dissadvantage.”


“Um, I just… I just don’t know.” Than Becca looked at a watch on her wrist.


“Okay boys… One last thing. What ever you do, just don’t spread the news around the family. They don’t need to know where I am and what it is that I do. Got it?” I frowned.


“Becca we can’t lie that we haven’t fond you yet. That’s bullshit and will only make them worry more.”

“Do you think they would believe that you found me so soon? Gosh, I had difficulty believing these guys in the club were indeed you. Their is a lot happening in Bridgeport, a lot of job offers to pick from… Why don’t you stay in a little longer, then come back presumably empty-handed? I’ve already opened my mouth to respond but Clint beat me to it.

“It’s actually not such a bad idea. Starlight Shores is so boring… We could enjoy life a little.” I wasn’t so sure about it.


“But I miss home, Mom, Dad and…”


“…Shari,” Clint finished for me. “You need to grow up Ron and face the facts. She’s not interested in you any more.”

“But she is!”

“I will look to it that you find a partner who doesn’t play with your feelings. Ok bro?”

“Sure thing. No homo though!” Clint laughed at are joke.


“Of course.” Becca rolled her eyes.


“I will never understand what’s so funny about this. So ridiculous. But anyways, I can look after myself, believe me. And I may even support you financially if you encounter troubles. Just don’t rat on me.”

“You’re a coward, you know that sis. But there’s also our solidarity. You know I won’t tell.” Becca stretched her arms to hug me too.


“Once a team, always a team. But I’m older!” I smiled.


“Of course you’re better by 5 minutes, just you’re luck with the doctors.”

“God knows what the hell they were doing these 5 minutes that they didn’t get you out right away. We’ll never know. Anyways, I have to go now. So please take care and don’t wory too much about me. Bye bye.” Becca turned around and walked out the door.


I sat there for a few moments and then noticed Clint was no longer with me. Right after that I heard muffled crying coming from the bedroom.


I smiled as I thought of my dad teaching me to never cry because boys never did that. And indeed I never mourned the loss of Shari. Then I lost my sister. Today I lost her for the second time. But all this time my loss was only parshial. Because what causes you to cry has to be definite. Crying is an effect of a definate loss of hope. Something I at the time didn’t know I would ever experience.


Nor did I know it would come as soon as it did.

Note: Hello, welcome back! I really am glad to freaking finally be done with banana Ron. I replaced him with a sporty Ron, lol.

Today Louise didn’t post, so here I am with my super lengthy update. By the way, big thanks to her for the conversation poses, the two of which I used when Becca was explaining what it means to be a stripper. They are called “Table Chats” (I used them without a table, ’cause I’m a rebel) and you can find them here, as well as the old “Storypack” poses, from which I used the bed pose for Clint. They are a wonderful addition to my growing collection of poses for talking. Also, I used two of Bee’s poses from the pose set “Meeting At The Park” for when Clinton was talking to Becca and grabbed her hand. They are super romantic, by the way, though they really shouldn’t be in this particular situation. Anyway, hope you enjoyed and didn’t get too tired because of my 47 pictures. I know I did because WordPress barely let me post them, constantly popping errors at me. Ugh. Also, a few days ago I founded a simblr. It’s lame, because I don’t really know how to do tumblrs. But I followed some of you and posted my poses there. I don’t know why I even founded it, I guess I just had too long a break and was bored. I mean, I don’t even like tumblr; weird. Um, not much to say… so, wish you all a great Saturday!

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  1. Becca is very shrewd, it turns out! I did have a feeling that she knew what she was doing, and I think she does. Though… I can’t say I’m entirely sure that their great-grandfather will give her the business, considering what a shady creep he is. I hope she’s not in over her head. And can I just remark that Cedric is a nasty loser. He didn’t know he had been ogling his son’s sister at a strip club but I still just feel like he’s a nasty old man. Ew.
    Oh poor Clint. He’s a very forgiving guy, considering what Becca did and said… he really must love her, as wrong as that is :/
    I’ll miss banana Ron, lol 😀 I’m excited to see what he and Clint will do now. This was great, Jowita 😀 ❤ It's nice that you can post a stupidly long chapter when I'm not here to do it, lol – and you used one of my poses as well (if I'm not mistaken)! Always makes me happy to see ❤

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    1. Ah, yeah, Becca is not that stupid. Also, maybe naive, thinking he’ll give it to her just like that. He is in fact a shady creep! Who knows… Lmao, I read Clinton instead of Cedric in your comment and I was wondering why you thought of Clint being nasty. I think it’s because of Carys. She said he hated how he acted and how possessive he was. Cedric is such a loser. He divorced Joanne all these years ago and never founded a family. So Frank remained an only child. Maybe it’s better. Family connections would get even weirder.
      Clint is very kind and naturally good. I like to think that it’s because of Frank raising him. He is usually very polite. Well, except what he said in the last chapter. It was all emotions. Yeah, it’s a bit of a shame that he loves her and it will never work out. Sometimes I wonder if Becca really felt nothing or if she told herself she didn’t. She acted towards him way more affectionate than towards Ron…
      Lmao, Banana Ron was killing me. He wore that outfit for 3 chapters straight. That’s more than enough! For a “change”, though, I gave Clinton another jean jacket. I like to think of jeans all the way and Vans as his style.
      I’m so glad you think it was great! I worried a lot about the pictures, but it appears they eventually showed up, all 47 of them! Yup, it has to be either me or you posting stupidly long stuff. I actually used two of your poses – first one close to the “It’s not like that (…)” and the second one as the next pic. I was so happy that you posted conversation poses, because there can never be too much. You may see with this post how many I have to get just the right reactions. Boy, did it take long to set it all up… Maybe I should give you credit in the note, but I was worried about editing the post and messing up my pics. I will do so now!

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      1. Ha, ha, I don’t think Clint’s nasty, no – just Cedric 😛 Yuck! Don’t have anything much against Clint, really. He’s pretty charitable towards Becca.
        It was amazing, though. Banana Ron will live on in my heart.
        Oh, so you did! 😀 I didn’t notice the conversation ones. I couldn’t recognise them without tables, lol 😀 I only recognised the one in the last picture where Clint is crying on the bed. That’s weird enough, because it’s super old.
        Aw, you didn’t have to credit me, but thanks for doing it – you’re too sweet 🙂 I’m just glad to have people use my things. It’s lovely!

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      2. Lmao, yeah. Carys got mad at Clint for how he acted in the club. I am willing to forgive him because it was in the heat of the moment and he didn’t mean all that.
        Oh no, no more banana Ron. I’ve had enough.
        Yeah! But I used that one before too, and also on Clint here, right when Clint’s POV begins. I forgot that I even used this one here. That makes for 3 of your poses in one chapter. Lmao, I put in the note that I was a rebel not to use them without a table. But I thought they looked great even without it.

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  2. A chapter can never have to much pictures or being too long for me.
    I love pictures, they often transport so much more then text.
    I also do like watching this three youngsters searching for their place in life.
    Of course Becca’s right, thinking the old man will not make it very long anymore, normally.
    But I think of him as a very ruthless person and who knows what he’s willing to offer for living a little longer ?
    I’m curious, what profession Ron may choose with his special abilities.
    It may depend on how he will be able to handle his absence of mind.
    Focusing is very difficult for people with their head in the clouds and it will be necessary to have his feets grounded.
    And I’m really worried about Clinton, I always was.
    ( I think it has a lot to do with my own expierence as an adopted child.
    He’s always pulling my strings, can’t help it. 🙂
    Ron reminds me of my son, who’s very much like him, except of seeing colours.
    He’s special person, though.)

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    1. I’m glad you think so. As for the pictures, I had trouble posting them all on WP and some don’t load properly and are not as big as the others. I will continue to try to fix it. I already tried, but I wasn’t able to, so I will see about that. Also, I think you can see in my story how much I love the power of pictures and how well they can express emotions. I noticed that some of the other storytellers out there do not post as many pictures as I do. I like imagining how the character would look like saying the sentences I wrote for them beforehand and picking right poses to express that. I hope you can appreciate that. I also think that memories serve a good purpose by forcing you to have a lot of pictures. I do not really like when there’s so much text and not enough pictures in a simlit story. It’s one of its biggest pros – being able to write it as an illustrated book. But that’s just my opinion.
      It’s not easy to find your place in life – oh, how I know that, being in a place where I am slowly being forced to make my own decisions to have a good life with enough money.
      Becca is right, Harold will probably die soon. But you’re right, we can’t really predict what he’s going to do.
      Ron easily gets lost and has troubles with some complicated task. It’s an obvious disadvantage when it comes to his future jobs. However, he’s a perfectionist at heart and what he does, he does to the best of his ability. It’ll be hard for him to focus. He’s pretty much a dreamer.
      Clint has been through a lot in his (only) 21 years on this planet. Frank and Waylon did everything to make his life good and the mistakes they did, well, some of them came out of their worry for his well being. I understand the impact Clint’s character has on you, knowing your story. I’m sorry you’re reminded of not so good moments in your life because of that.
      Oh, Ron’s synesthesia… My take on it is, well…my take on it. What he thinks and feels is just my imaginaton. But there are so many forms of synesthesia, I like to think that it’s not too far-off from reality and that it could really happen in life. But that’s my fantasy. His dyslexia I also find a bit difficult to portray because I am not dyslexic and a bit obsessed over proper usage of grammar and such. I also try not to make it too hard to read for the readers. I am not sure how it’s coming off.
      Ah, yes, you mentioned your son. Maybe Ron could be a bit like him.
      Thank you so much for your comment! 🙂

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  3. I know you’re a perfectionist also and I very much appreciate your attempts to make the pictures going with the emotions the text is telling.
    I try to show it with my (sometimes personally) posts.
    Not any bad memories are touched when it comes to Clinton, rather my thoughts,
    what were the important things for me staying positive most time of my life.
    I can well imagine at your age that you have to struggle now with many demands on you.
    But I’m sure you’ll do very well your thing.

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  4. Wow, I did know that Becca sorta knew what she was getting into, but I never expected her to be so cold and calculating about her whole future..! How is she so certain that this disgusting man is just gonna hand his business over to her? Because if he doesn’t, she’ll have suffered all this for nothing!
    Poor Clint 😢 (I feel like I’ll be saying this a lot!) I wonder what the boys are gonna do next..!
    That was such a great chapter, I can’t wait for what’s coming next! 😀 ❤

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    1. Becca has it all planned out, hasn’t she? But something might not go according to her plan and well, it could go less than perfect. I don’t know how she is so certain. She just knows it, lol. That’s true that he has a fondness towards her, though. She reminds him so much of Heather. And Becca’s going to try to use it to her advantage. But we’ll see how it goes eventually. Yeah, Clint… He’s really heartbroken. Has been for some time but that’s the last straw that broke the camel’s back, as they say. As Ron mentioned, definite loss of hope. There’s nothing we can do except for wish for the better stuff to come for him in the future. And actually, I don’t even plan bad stuff for him yet. Ah, everyone feels for Clint. Poor man.

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  5. Becca has a very unique beauty and I like how all her poses were quite confident. She’s quite the lady! Oh, and if she wants to discover new fish, she should totally build a lab that can house deep sea animals. That’s a big area of marine biology people don’t know much about! I don’t think there will be many other new species of fish in other habitats unless you really want to get into subspecies and reclassifying. But anyway, I won’t bore you with all my nerdy biology facts 😛
    I like all the shots and poses in this chapter. I’m glad you persevered with wordpress and gave us all those pictures!

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    1. Ah, Becca’s practically a female Reggie, I think. And you can definitely tell she’s Ron’s twin, too. I must say I love the throwback red hair. I actually wanted for her to have red hair so I’m very glad that my game cooperated. It worked worked with my plan for her to become the next Heather, sort of. Yeah, I picked the poses quite carefully. Becca’s ones were very feminine on purpose. She has the proper trait, which is really a bit funny when you think of her career – rather not lady-like. I had no idea what traits she’d have ages ago when I came up with the whole plan, so shortly after Clint was born in my game. But she rolled proper, excitable, angler, genius and easily impressed. My character, I think, differs to these traits in a way, because my Becca is a lot less naive and wholesomely nice than the traits would suggest. If I could, I’d swap excitable & easily impressed with ambitious & lazy – because I always pictured her as a very intelligent person who was also very lazy. I often described her as such during her teen years when she took part in various competitions but was always too lazy to take time for extra studies to win anything. But you get what you get. I really enjoyed picking her outfit, though, and making it look fancy. So, here is the initial version I had of her everyday when I first styled her YA version. It was CC-free and such. I like the new one a lot better.
      Oh, it’s not boring. I wouldn’t even dare write it all with having you on board. Admittedly, my knowledge about biology is rather non-existent. So, I’m very carefully going around the subject not to offend you. 😛 The idea came to me because of her angler trait. We’ll see if she can make this work. The aquarium is a huge project!
      Thank you! I spent way too much time carefully picking the poses, so they fit the dialogue well. I used some from your pose dump(s), too! As you noticed, feminine and confident for Becca, rather relaxed for Ron and sad and conflicted for Clint. I still imagine Clint as the one in grief after the whole Becca affair, so I’ve been choosing sad and depressed poses for him throughout the recent chapters. And posting the pictures gave me so much anxiety. I had to do it so many times and then I had to re-upload half of them yet again, because although they were finally all visible, not all of them loaded in proper size, so some were smaller. Ugh… Don’t even get me started, so annoying. I’m glad you appreciate my effort! ♥

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      1. Well if you ever want to ask me anything marine biology related I’ll do my best to answer.. though there’s so much I don’t know so I wouldn’t worry about offending me too much 😉 a quick google search will answer most questions fairly well! And thanks for using my poses 😀 I’m planning another dump this Xmas, yay!

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      2. Ah, no, thank goodness Becca’s not my heir. It would be a very different type of story if she was. I just try going around things I don’t know too well so that people won’t cringe at my lack of knowledge of this world or something XD I love your poses, I use them quite often for sitting conversations, which happen very often in my story. Another dump? Yay! I have around 60 poses that I haven’t uploaded yet, which is pretty scary, because I would want to upload them but I have no idea if I’ll ever find some time to work on them.

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  6. Hello, hello! I’m sorry I’m so late. I actually read this the other day but didn’t have a chance to comment. Katy had an emergency appendectomy on Monday and we were at the hospital with her from about 3 or so a.m. the night before.

    Anyway, I love your simblr and followed it! 😀 Mine is not updated at all lately and it’s a side-blog. My main blog is all about Judy Garland. LOL

    I will miss banana Ron but I get why you updated him. LOL

    I hope Becca knows what she’s doing. She does seem to, actually. I hope she does get the inheritance and can move forward with her plan, although, I also hope she isn’t compromising too much of herself in the meantime. ❤

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    1. Hello, good to see you! I’m sorry for your daughter and hope she’s doing better.
      Lol, I totally understand why you’d have a simblr dedicated to Judy. I’m actually surprised you no longer have her as your profile picture on FB!
      Oh, Banana Ron was “killing me”, as Bea would say, LOL.
      Becca has very clear plans for her future, but we’ll see if things go according to the plan. They rarely do in life. Hopefully, Becca doesn’t get into more trouble.

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  7. That’s good to hear Becca’s side. I’m glad she has a plan; I wonder how well that will work out. And apparently she wants to use all of their great-grandfather’s money plus their parents’, so Ron better get started on his career. 😂

    That kiss on the cheek was pretty awkward, but I loved your/Ron’s description of their colors mixing together. Doesn’t Ron know opposites attract? 😛 But he’s right about this couple, it just can’t be. Seeing Clint like that was pretty sad, he needs some time to process everything.

    I’ll follow your simblr! Try not to get sucked in, lol. That’s what happened to me.

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    1. Yeah, I think we needed to hear her story, too. She has a very clear plan, but it might turn out to be highly unrealistic. Lol, yup, she needs all of it. Now imagine if your parents were as rich as hers. Not everyone has a racing driver and a singer for parents. Becca does, though. Still not enough!
      Oh, it was pretty awkward. I mean, I thought the pose I used is itself pretty tense and artificial and that’s kind of what I was going for. But you can see that Becca acted very differently towards Clint compared to Ron. I think it’s clear that bit there was a point when maybe they were a bit closer. Lmao, Ron has a thing with colors. I actually had to look it up on the internet to find out what color that would be because I have no imagination for such. 😛 Yeah… They could never work out. It’s just not possible with them being related and all. And that situation is so messed up.
      Thank you! Lol, don’t think I will, not many people follow me there and I’ve never been into tumblr. But I wanted to have another place for story my poses and such. 😛

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  8. This chapter’s atmosphere was much better than in the previous chapter. It was more plesant to read, but I know this amiable vibe won’t last long.
    I’m glad Becca decided to meet with her brothers and they calmly explained everything to themselves. Talking is the key to good relationship. Now I understand Becca more, her idea is reasonable, but I wouldn’t be so sure that she will inherit a strip club from her great grandfather. Harold may have traditional attitude to this business. Strip club owners are more often associated with men, not women. I know she is his only hope due to bloodline, but maybe he has someone who will be his replacement. Who knows, we will see. Nevertheless, I wish Becca good luck. I hope her dreams will come true, at least she exactly know what she wants.
    It’s a pity her brothers don’t know yet. They should think what they want to do in their future. They should think about their hobbies, talents and try to find a job, then they will come to some conclusions. Ron and Clint must understand that they are an adults now and everyone will go their own way. Becca is doing it now, they will do it soon. They will fall in love and will be busy with work. We know men become mature later than women, but the time will come for them too. They must accept the fact that their sister is comming for her desires, and they shouldn’t stop her.
    I feel sorry for Clint the most because his life won’t be the same as before. His farewell with Becca and crying after that were the saddest moments in this chapter. He has to face with many difficulties, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him. Survive hard times and find your place in this world – this is what their aunt (I mean myself) wishes them.

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    1. It definitely was better than arguing. They needed to explain everything to one another, it was very important for the siblings.
      You are right, Becca can’t be so sure whether her idea is going to work or not. She’ll have to wait and see. Her being a woman might make Harold not give her the clubs.
      Clint and Ron gave no idea what they want to do in the (near) future. It is hard to decide but hopefully it won’t take them too long before they come to some, hopefully good, conclusions.
      Clint is heartbroken. He needs to move on and realize that it’s not the end of the world. Besides, he and Becca were never meant to be. Thank you on, aunt, on behalf of Clint.


  9. Maybe she’s not as naive as I initially thought. And she does look at all this througj a very business-like lens. You know what, if she can use her grandpa’s dirty money and channel them into something good, I’m all for it!

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  10. I quite like Becca’s vibe in this chapter — of the powerful, independent, and cunning woman. Perhaps I’m looking too much into this, but are some of the poses you choose for her sitting intentionally more ‘masculine’ for a more dominant aura? I think I read somewhere that that type of sitting (like manspreading?) in real life is a show of power. I’m not sure, but overall she exudes such confidence in the pictures for that scene, which caught my eye.
    However, I am doubtful about whether this risky path she deems the most effective for achieving her means will actually work. That disgusting old man Harold seems quite the sneaky himself, and I’m not sure that she will be able to win his favour so much that he decides to hand down the business to her…
    Oh, Clint. His and Ron’s love lives are the definition of messed up. Good on him to talk things through with Becca and accept a friendship!

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    1. Oh, hey! I thought you weren’t catching up until you finish gen. 3. It’s good to see you!
      Well, I didn’t initially plan for them to turn out that way, but I think Carys paid attention to it, too. I chose the ones that I thought fitted her and also were suitable for the scene. I also chose broken/ depressed poses for Clinton and neutral ones for Ron. Which reminds me that one of the pictures again disappeared. I was having troubles with the ones from this chapter constantly popping errors at me. Maybe because it has so many visuals. I really don’t like writing dialogue without enough representation of emotions.
      This path is indeed risky. And this is going to cost her a lot, which will be shown in the bonus I will hopefully soon finish – it’s all pictures, so won’t take that long, I’m sure. And you’re right, she’s not going to have it easy with Harold…
      Yes, they are. Reminds me of this question in the get to know tag! Not that Becca’a isn’t messed up!

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      1. Yep haha, that was the plan, but I’m feeling super burned out at the moment so I decided to pause working on the legacy and try make some progress on Reader. You’ll probably see me on one more chapter soon!

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