Chapter 6.3: Two Generations Back

Warning: Foul language.


While her partner seemed visibly lost, Becca looked down on Clinton with an innocent smile, almost as if this situation wasn’t any different to the one in which you accidentally meet an acquaintence in public. But it was no ordinery situation, all the three of us were coneccted by blood.


In a blink, Clint was grabbing her waist and forcing her from the counter onto the floor. She was so surprised she didn’t even shout. And so was I.



All I could do was stare in awe as the familiar hot pink of my sister was right there for me to see. I was sweating uncomfortably and with each musical note playing in the background I saw a different color. This was what I later dubbed as a ‘major synesthesia attack’, when too many distractors attacked my senses all at once. I didn’t know it at the time.

Than I heard Clint shouting.


“I didn’t want to believe it until I saw it! Fuck Becca, why?!” I still stood there, watching the scene taking place infront of me. What I noticed was that Clinton looked more desperate and broken than angry. Thanks to Clint, Becca was now on the floor, forced to listen to all the words flowing out of his mouth. Because he had only just started and wasn’t bound to finish any time soon. She looked very unimpressd.


“You bitch! I loved you, loved you, Becca, and you let everyone fuck you in high school! Now you couldn’t have dropped any lower than that!” There are times when I blame myself for not caring about my sister enough. If only I hadn’t been so caught up in my failed relationship with Shari maybe I would of noticed what seemed two be obvious to any one but me…


Meanwhile Clint grabbed Becca’s arms and started shaking her uncontrollably, almost as if he wanted to shake bad choices of off her and at the same time he’s own desperation. All the eyes were on him and the people, even the strippers who left the poles to observe, were watching the scene as if it was a movie with only the popcorn lacking. No one interviened. I was so surprised to see my sister and I couldn’t think properly, so I just became just another person in the crowd or audience…


“Stop! Stop Clint! Stop!” Becca tried to shake his hands off of her, but she was too weak. “What I do is none of you’re business!”


“None of my business, Becca? You knew all about it! You knew and still, you played with my heart, knowing what I truly was to you! That’s disgusting, you know that? Noone sane would do what you did with your brother!” She finally felt a bit touched by his words and strugled to find an excuse.


“I wanted to see what it was like, okay? We have to break the rules from time to time and we have to feel some freedom! I escaped from the madness that’s our life and you envy me because your a loser who fails in everything!” So end of guilt, is it sis? “You were such a sorry piece of nothing that even our mother didn’t want you! I did what I did because I felt sorry for you, loser!” Becca almost spit it all onto him. Then she focused her attention on me. “If you’re here to give me life lessons Ron, then you’d better leave. I’m wiser than both of you combined and you should know that.” She some how managed to bring me back to reality. I realized where I was and what was happening.


“Maybe you were wiser but didn’t you lose all your potenssial becoming a cheap gal to hook up with? I thought you were intelligent Becca, but you’re doing it the easy way as if you didn’t have more to offer! I’m disappointed and…”


“And what Ron? What did you achieve? Nothing am I right? We had everything as the rich kids! I sniff at privileges, I wanted to have my own money and use it to pay for my studies. I was given the chance for independence and financial stabilitea and was sane enough to accept it. Neither of you would have the guts! You’re all just here directing slurs at me as if that was classy!” I remember Becca was always all about the savoir-vivre and good manners. Now, where was she? Sleeping with random people and making a piece of trash out of herself? This was the antonym of classy.

By then, both I and Clint were so done with her bullshit and we realized everyone in the club was observing. Then we heard clapping. We turned around to face the old man with a twinkle in his eyes.


“That’s not classy at all,” the man said in response to Becca’s statement. “But my actors are, right everyone?” Then everyone around visibly relaxed and started clapping as well. Becca seemed amused at his lie while Clint was disgusted. I was surprised that it actually worked. The man encouraged us too follow him and with hesitation, we did. He led us to a room which looked like some kind of an office. He encouraged us all to take a seat and than he spoke.


“Well… I wish it had been under better circumstances that I met my two great-grandsons. Life can be full of surprises, am I right?” I and Clint looked at each other in stunned silence. Becca had that same innocent smile from before on her face. Had it been a different situation, I would of said she felt secure in the presence of this man. “My question is… Have any of you ever heard of the woman named Heather? Actually, one of your family members.” It can’t be managed to escape my mouth before I could control myself. There was no way her father could still be alive!


“Oh here goes the one which knows bits. Then do you also know what happened to my darling daughter? Yes, that’s right! She was killed by your grandfather! Now, I could never get hands on that beautiful granddaughter of mine, but your pretty sister reminded me so much of my daughter it’s insane..”


“You gross old…” Clint was trying to come right at the man who introduced himself as our great-grandfather, but his attempts were futile as the security came out of no-where to stop him.


“I’d not try, young man,” the man said with a sly smile. “Wouldn’t you like to get to know me first? My name’s Harold Knight and I must be your oldest living relative. I also run this club and many others. And you?” Something about this man made me feel very uneasy. Maybe it was because of the dark brown that spilled from his every word and the tone of his voice. Maybe it was because he was using my sister… Could be because he was still alive all these years……


“What do you want? Because if it’s my sister, your not having her,” I said, acting brave, even though I was scared shitless.


“I’m afraid you can’t tell neither me not her what to do. Your sister made her choice. No one is hurting her here. Are they, Becky?” Becky, seriously? Everything about the way this man spoke was wrong. And filled with dark colors. I felt so cold listening to him and I was dressed in a hoodie in a warm room.


“He is right,” she said. “It was an offer I didn’t have to take up but I wanted to. You don’t understand how powerful he is Ron. Clint. He knows just the right people to get me in the science field even with no experience. Just if I work for him…”


“You’re just naive Becca. Don’t you see he is manipulating you?” Clint said moving uncomfortably still being held by the two men.


“I’m not manipulating anyone. I’m also not a vampire with a never-ending life span, just an old man who enjoys spending time with his little girl. My great-granddaughter.” Aweful. That was just aweful.


“If this is your definition of spending quality family time, then you’re even more messed up than I thought and…” At that moment the other two men came out of the shadows to keep an eye out on me and grabbed my arms to stop me from moving. Harold continued as if nothing had had changed.

“I’m saddened by the fact that you don’t understand. Giving strip shows does such a boost to a girl’s confidence. Your sister is a beautiful young lady…” I felt so sick I could puke right on his face. I rapidly balanced forward in an attempt to show him how he couldn’t talk about my sister… But I was held back by the security.


“Are you sleeping with her to?” Becca cavered her face and I couldn’t tell whether it was because of the situation, her two brothers were held by the security as the worst criminals or due to my words.


“Ron!” She cried in horror. Harold looked at her almost protectively. But we knew it was all acting.


“I’m not interested in incest, or hurting Becky for that matter. There are boundaries that I wouldn’t cross. I could never hurt…” Blah, blah, blah. Clint interupted him.


“I don’t believe in any word that you say,” he said. Harold narrowed his eyes at him.


“Becky is right. You don’t know how much I know about you both. And you’ll get your self’s into serious trouble if you don’t collaborate with me.”

“We could never collaborate with you,” I said and Clint confirmed my words.

“Then get them the hell out of here,” he ordered and the security did just that.


Becca didn’t even try to stop them and as I sat there outside in the chilly air which smelled of Bridgeport fumes I thought I might lose my sister for ever.


Still, the brown I associated with the mysterious man Harold Knight and the invisible cold metal that I felt was touching my skin the whole time is something I knew I wouldn’t be able to forget for many years to come…

 Note: Well, hello, hello!

As the title says it, we went two generations back in time and met a very important character, who, while mentioned in Heather’s story and her words to Sam just before death: “Everyone has the chance to redeem oneself unless they’re my father.”, had never been shown. That is, until now. Well, what can I do? As always, my mind likes to come up with weird ideas to connect plot lines together and this is one of them. This is why I needed a boy and a girl in the 6th gen. It was all planned way beforehand. And I’m so dang proud of it. Maybe not of the freaking crazy and messy plot, but the amount of work I did for the pictures and all the poses (Security Poses are now up for download!). It’s just awesome seeing it all in effect eventually. And awesome to be finally over with WP and my game refusing to collaborate with me; it’s on half past midnight after all. Thanks, you really make it easier, TS3 and WP! Anyway, next chapter Becca’s story will be told by Becca herself. Try not to draw conclusions too early. That’s all, hope you enjoyed it and have a nice day!

34 thoughts on “Chapter 6.3: Two Generations Back”

  1. Wow, wow, wow! He is back! And he’s got Becca tangled up in his web of wicked. I can’t wait to hear her story. Poor Ron and Clint. They are probably beside themselves now, knowing Becca is tangled up with their creepy, sociopathic great-grandfather. Yikes! This was a huge surprise and you pulled it off really well. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, he is! Poor Becca! Ron and Clint are so terrified, it’s their sister after all! You know, they have a sociopathic grandfather, why not a sociopathic great-grandfather then? They say children from pathological families choose partners for them that are similar to their parents. Maybe it’s no surprise that Heather got involved with Sam… I’m so glad you think I pulled it off well! It’s so wild I wasn’t sure about this idea.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh wow, that wasn’t what I expected. For a second there I thought it was Sam, lol XD Heather’s dad, though. Damn, how IS he alive? Had Heather at a very young age, maybe? Anyway, I’m going to guess that Becca is aware of what she’s doing – I don’t think she’s just naïve and being used. But I’ll just have to wait to hear it straight from her 🙂 But she knew that Clint was their brother, or did I misunderstand? :O She’s pretty harsh to him, honestly. Poor Clint – so many things are difficult for him 😦
    Anyway, great chapter, Jowita ❤ Can't wait to learn what's going on!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lmao, no, Sam’s actually dead. He “rot in prison”, as Cedric so eloquently put it. Not sure if Harold had hand in this, but he’d have probably killed him years ago if he had wanted to. Oh, I think he did have her at a young age. Her mother gave birth to her and disappeared from their life. Then he got his only daughter involved in this awful business. It messed up Heather a great deal.
      Oh, Becca is not stupid. She’s very intelligent and she knows what her goals are. The boys are so shocked and horrified that they can’t see that maybe she knows well why and what for she does what she does. Uh… That’s the thing. Yes, she did know. That’s why she pushed Clint away for most of the time. She had to know everything as a child and stumbled upon her mother’s diary. She quickly put two and two together. From Eddie’s experience, you don’t have to be heir to know stuff. She is harsh, because he’s annoying her and doesn’t even try to understand. But hopefully they can make things right. Ah, Clint has never had it easy, ever since Hailey practically dumped him. Being kicked out of many universities, falling in love with Becca, having that asshole as his biological father… Things are not ideal.
      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I hope I can explain it so that no one would get too confused.

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  3. When and how did Sam die? I have always been curious about what happened to him after his generation ended. (I of course understand why this was not shown given the direction of the story.)

    Oh that was an uncomfortable argument to read. I really got a sense of all the emotions flowing. And the reveal of Heather’s father…ick. I didn’t think we would meet him and didn’t think that her tragic backstory would ever be relevant again…but you surprised me again with your knack for twists and connections.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly? I don’t know. Sam died in my game when I was playing to get the game in sync with the story. Because I changed the life span of my Sims, Sam kicked the bucket pretty soon. I was a bit shocked to see it and I realized that none of his family would be really interested in him anymore, especially with the drama centering around Hailey and Reggie, and then Becca’s disappearance. Because I had to focus on the story proper, I put his death on the back burner and didn’t give it much thought. It’s hard when my mind gets divided and it was especially hard to dump Frank. I’d still be writing him if it made sense for the story. I even wanted to make a sequel but I would have it start with Frank being a teenager and that’s going back a generation. So I had to make sacrifice for the readers not to be too confused with my story. If I could have it my way, each character would have a storyline and it’d make a mess out of things. How I imagine Sam’s death would be in a brawl in prison or something like that. He’d be the leader of the whole prison crew with his abilities. And who knows what kind of people there are there. He could well even get AIDS. The original epilogue was Sam writing in a cell and deliberating on committing a suicide, but it never made it into the story for two reasons: the epilogue had to take place in the same place as the prologue (so his house), second one being that I just couldn’t imagine Sam committing a suicide anymore. I realize that this doesn’t quite answer your question, but I’d have to think about it, really think, to give a proper answer.
      Ah, this argument. Things have been really heated between Becca and Clint. He’s loved her for many years and she broke his heart multiple times, hooking up with practically everyone other than him. And he had no idea that they were siblings all this time. Ah, yes, my minds takes me and everyone reading this story places. I even wanted to change Becca’s hair to red when she was born. But she was born exactly like this, which I read as my game giving me signals not to dump the crazy storyline which I considered.

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  4. Wow! Wasn’t expecting this at ALL! Oh my. What a wicked man. So Becca knew that Clint was her brother. She was SOOO mean to both him and Ron. Of course Clint was letting her have it also! LOL….

    I can’t wait to hear more from Becca. What IS she doing with that man?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That was quite a shocker indeed. She was super mean but she was annoyed because they showed up and somehow put a spanner in her works. She wasn’t expecting that they’d find her and that it’d be so soon!
      Yeah, Becca’s in a weird place right now.


  5. Wow, that’s going to be interesting and I have a scary feeling in my back, for what may come.
    I don’t know, what shocked me more, Becca’s very ugly words to Clinton or the fact, that Heather’s father’s still is alive. What a fountain of youth has he?
    A very creepy old man.
    And a pretty naively thought of Becca, believing she will get into science field with no other experiences than pole dancing and being nice to strangers. Surprising turn in this chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is in fact really scary. Becca was so shocked and mad that they showed up which is where these words came from. Heather’s father somehow managed to live through all this, God knows why. It seems that the evil dies way too long.
      It’s a naive thought but Becca has strong faith that she’ll get where she wants to.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I’ve always believed a great story sometimes depends on a great baddie, I can see this Harold Knight has so much potential… he is the great grandfather ? ( I wonder if that going to true or just part of the way he is manipulating Becca ) this is very mysterious… but so creepy to…

    them poses with the bouncers were really cool… are they yours?

    this may arguably your best chapter yet Jowita 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Harold Knight is indeed Heather’s father, though it’s hard to believe that he is still alive. They say the good die young, so maybe it’s the reverse for him. Heather got herself tied up in the web of bad man. She was raised by Harold and then got involved for Sam who eventually killed her. To the very end of her life she believed that her father was the only one who lost his chance for atonement. If you need a refreshment, I linked Heather’s story at the end of this chapter. It is creepy, this man is very influential and he’s got his hands on Becca… I’m not sure if she’s fully aware of the danger.
      Yes, the poses with bouncers are mine, as are a lot of the poses in this chapter. The bar poses for Clint and Ron, stripper and Becca are all mine, too. I was thinking if maybe I should share the security poses in case someone would find them useful.
      Thank you so much. There are many plot lines I am very proud of, as is the ending of Gemma’s generation when I referenced the curse from China, the ending of Sam’s gen when he finally got his punishment… This one, I had a lot of doubts whether this would be too unbelievable and if I should incorporate it into the story. I’m very glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

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  7. I’m shocked that Becca knew they were siblings and still dated/hooked up with Clint! Maybe he was pushy about it, but if she had told him that he would have backed off. I was afraid Clint was going to get violent with her there in the club. He was so angry! Did Becca intentionally manipulate him or did she just not know what to do?

    Another shock, Heather’s dad making an appearance! 😲 The boys are right, he’s no good and most likely lying to her. I hope he’s not being abusive too.

    I understand Becca’s intention. It’s understandable that she wants to be financially independent, but she doesn’t have to depend on Harold. Too bad it seems she’s not interested in school anymore because of his “connections”. It’s hard to get a job in another industry after working in a place like that.

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    1. Ah, yeah, she did. Becca’s a weird girl. She wants to gain experience in many fields of life and she uses unconventional ways to obtain it. Clint was grossed out by her actions and she broke his heart. When he saw her, he just couldn’t contain emotions that he’s been bottling up for a long time. Becca was lost and wasn’t sure how to act, and he made her angry, too, by showing up.
      It’s a miracle that he’s still alive. He’s not a good man at all.
      Yes, Becca wants to get into the industry the easy way. But she has such big plans and needs lots of money to get where she wants to. You’ll hear more about what exactly she plans in the next chapter. God knows if it’ll work for her.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I had never expected that I will see Heather’s father. I thought he is dead. Well, I miscalculated… again.
    I can’t believe Becca is so naive to believe such man. I thought she just wanted to feel what is like to be a stripper, not to be a great grandfather’s toy. Dancing in the strip club isn’t the only way to become a scientist. Maybe she is a realist, but she surely doesn’t believe in herself. I strongly believe she will be manipulating Harold because she is smart and she wouldn’t let herself be manipulated. You write that we shouldn’t draw conclusions too early, so she has to have a purpose in this.
    Poor Ron, it’s terrible he found out about Becca’s job in that way. He can’t do nothing to save her from horrendous great grandfather and disgusting men. How will he resign himself to this new reality? It won’t be that easy.
    I feel sorry for Clint too. He must have known about her ealier because he exactly knew where to go. I can’t imagine seeing someone who I love as a stripper. It must have been awful, although it’s Becca’s life and she can do whatever she wants. They won’t be together anyway. Clint has to forget about Becca. She isn’t just his ex, she is his sister, so their love won’t end with the wedding. Everyone should go their way, and Clint needs a lot of time to fall in love with someone else.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Surprise, surprise! He reared his ugly head and we finally know what he looks like.
      What can I say? Right… You drew the right conclusion from my note not to draw conclusions. There’s more to it than Becca’s naivety. And Becca must have some troubles with self-confidence. She’s such an intelligent young girl after all!
      Ron had no idea about it and he didn’t know what to do, especially with such pressure with his synesthesia. There were too many distractions in the club.
      Clint is in a very bad place right know. He loves Becca and he probably overreacted, but he was shocked and disappointed, and surely didn’t think clearly. Clint needs time…

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  9. I am so sorry for my late comment! This has been such a crazy week..! But I’m back (you know I always come back! 😉 Lol!)
    And what a chapter I happened to miss! I honestly did not expect that outcome..! How is that disgusting old man still alive anyway? o.O
    To be honest, my heart was breaking for Clint in this chapter, oh so bad! </3 I think so far he's my favorite character, deceived by almost everyone in his life. I hadn't realized Becca knew they were half siblings before she slept with him – how could she even do this? Poor fella, I hope he'll be able to pull through – hey, since he's not the heir, there's still hope for him, right?
    I really can't tell if Becca has fully realized the situation she's gotten herself into. Does she honestly believe Harold is gonna let her go whenever she raises the money she needs or decides she's had enough? I bet he's not the kind of man to be abandoned without any consequences… :/
    I wonder what Harold wanted the guys to do for him… I really can't guess, but I bet we'll find out later along the way..!
    I loved all of your screenshots, so well done! And I loved how you posed everyone, I loved the colors you chose, the lighting… you should be very proud! 😀 I can't wait until I find out what's going to happen next – fortunately for me, it won't take long! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries! Real happens. I’ve only just started taking pics for tomorrow’s chapter. Yes, I know you always come back! I’m lucky to have such a faithful reader in you! ♥
      Yes, it was a shocker, wasn’t it? I tried to describe Clint’s emotions as well as I could with Ron’s perspective. He overreacted because he was just so shocked and heartbroken to see Becca there.
      Hm… I don’t know if we will. I guess he just wanted more people to cooperate with him. But they were not having it.
      Aww, thank you! It took a lot of work to edit the club to match my needs, build Harold’s office, get all the people in there (it wouldn’t look too realistic with few to none people in the club) and the strippers. They are practically edited NP’s but I gave each a little makeover. And the blue lighting looked great! I made exactly 20 poses for this chapters, that’s a lot… But I wanted it to look exactly how it did in my head. As with Clinton grabbing Becca from the bar, looking up, the expressions, the security and all… But I’m satisfied! Again, thank you so much ♥
      There are pros to being this late, you won’t have to wait that long for the next one!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. WELL ALRIGHT CLINT. Jesus! What a dick. It is absolutely none of your business, you have no right to her or her body even if you like her and she can do whatever she wants! This is like the whole ‘friendzone’ vs ‘relationshipzone’ debate again. And I’m not saying she isn’t in the wrong for finally getting with him – honestly that’s a different level of gross – but the fact that he’s storming in here thinking he has a right to tell her what to do. GAH. I hate men like that. I do not pity him in the slightest.
    Also, presuming this strip club has the same rules as the others I’m aware of, she’s not hooking up with people right? There’s a difference between prostitution and being a stripper, Ron, the former often being illegal and the latter just getting people to spend their money at the club… Stripping can actually be a very freeing experience (according to some I’ve spoken to, anyway, and the research I’ve done for my own novels).
    Okay, my rant is forgotten. What the fuuuuuck. Ugh, I hate that creepy old man. I have the heebie jeebies now… I’m not sure the boys have to go all white knight on her though… She might know exactly what she’s doing. And also if you haven’t noticed I am team Becca here. The brothers’ actions, to me, are pretty gross this chapter.
    Oh man, I really want to know her story now. I’m rooting for her to know exactly what she’s doing and being all chill about it, even though she’s pretty fucked up on the incest front… Plz don’t disappoint me Becca… 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah… He was shaming her for her career path, but he was in heat of the moment. He loves Becca and well, seeing her as a stripper, he just overreacted and they both said things they didn’t mean. She, too, made a mistake choosing to sleep with him instead of telling him they were siblings and that it’s gross. Honestly, it’s hard to take sides, because this situation is gross in more than one way. He has no right to her and maybe in a way it’s weird that Ron, who is her brother in all the ways, her twin brother even, didn’t overreact in this case. But Clint, um. I can’t really justify his actions in this case. I will just say he said some very wrong stuff.
      That’s right, she’s not hooking up with people. I actually had her describe it in the next chapter. Stripping and prostitution are two different things and strippers are not even allowed to sleep with the clients. She just dances. I agree that it can be a freeing experience and yeah, sometimes I am anxious about writing various stuff, which doesn’t reflect my own views. And Ron, his narrative is subjective and I do not support everything he says. I just had to say it.
      That man is creepy and it’s creepy that he’s so influential. The boys are her brothers, so they want to save her, which is pretty much just the macho stuff and all, being boys. Maybe she doesn’t want to be saved. 😛 I did notice that you’re team Becca, of course. She makes an appearance in the next chapter that comes out in half an hour and they have a long talk. Also, I swear I didn’t do it on purpose, but you’re going to like her even more. She wants to study marine biology. I only did that because of her angler and genius traits, though. 😛 Ha, yup, so hope she doesn’t disappoint you.


      1. True, we do say things in the heat of the moment, but the way he sorta manhandled her and what he said… idk, I don’t think being in love excuses that, you know? That sort of puts alarm bells off in my head – it’s very much the sort of thing an abuser uses to explain themselves. Not that Becca is exempt from this either, but I think Clint was definitely harsher. But then it’s an ugly situation..
        WOOO marine biologist! I support her decision very much 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  11. 😶😶😶
    Oh, wow. I agree with Carys about Clint’s behaviour, smh. For a moment, I thought he might completely lose it. However, I can see why the boys had such an adverse reaction to find Becca working as a stripper. Nothing against strippers, but if I was them and stumbled across my sibling/lover like that, I would be damn shocked.
    UGH. That Harold Knight is giving off so many levels of gross and creepy — I could totally relate to Ron’s nausea through that entire situation. I cannot believe the way he was talking about Heather and Becca, I honestly would have backed up Clint and clocked that disgusting old man in the face!
    Becca appears to be very ambitious and all about independence, so I find it a bit ironic that she is relying on Harold to get her into the science field with no experience. How come she chose this path instead of actually trying to gain experience? Is it because it’s faster? I do worry she is indeed being manipulated by Harold as the boys say, being aware of his power and influence… I just hope his very old age catches up with him soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Clint was mad seeing Becca like that. He never wanted to cause her any harm. It was just heartbreaking for him that a girl so smart would choose that path. He knows her and is certain she can do better. Yeah, that was a shock for them! He’s a gross and creepy old man. Honestly, you can see that it works similarly to the kids of alcoholics here. Heather runs away from her father and bumps into Sam. She had a really bad luck to such people.
      Who knows why Becca would do that? Well, she was tempted. Just that job for getting everything she’s always wanted? She’s reeeally lazy, too! She could well be manipulated… He totally needs to kick the bucket already!

      Liked by 1 person

  12. *clapping hands in exitement* That was more than unexpected! The great-grandfather is scary as hell and very well conserved for his age – he probably has many more years left to do evil and let you revel in spectacular plots that will keep us on our toes! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You probably know already that I like dragging the long-forgotten dirt for as long as I can – it’s that one significant feature of my story. 😛 Ha, yes, he totally ruined Heather’s life – that girl was truly unfortunate to grow up with him, and then meet Sam out of all people! Harold practically runs some kind of mafia and is very influential.

      Liked by 1 person

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