Chapter 6.2: Totally Ruining My Day

Note: Contains some mature stuff at the end, but nothing too explicit (no sexual situations or nudity).


It was all ready dark when we got to the city center, having experienced our first subway travel. Both I and Clinton were pretty impressed. It was so fast and so long! There wasn’t anything like that in Starlight Shores, the town we both grew up in. This was a city, ars was only a town and you could feel it with every cell of your body.

“They say the city goes alive at night, I heard,” I tell Clint, examinning the bright lights and overwhelming neon signs advertising for many products that you could buy. Everything there was new to me.


“Yup,” Clint confirmed. “I also heard that the girls in the clubs there are insane.” I didn’t recognize my friend. I thought he was after a bad realization and was fed up with girls for a long time or so?


“Your kidding, right? I won’t go to any strip club or anything like that with you. What got into you?” I didn’t even want to admit I knew I would feel awkward as hell in the place like that which was why I didn’t want to go.

“I guess I just need a tention relief after Becca,” he sort of explained. Sort of because I still didn’t quiet believe him.

“Well, if you say so, I guess…” But Clint already left and I ran after him, panicking that he’d leave me alone with my aweful sense of direction.


We were walking along the street full of people, bright lights and everything you could ask for. It really seemed as though it got alive at night. Then Clint pulled me into some shady-looking place and I reluctantely went with him, but there were too many people in are way as we tried to get to the bar at least. I barely could see anything, as the place was just so crowded. Finally Clint gave up and we left.


“See, seems you won’t get a pretty naked or half-naked lady to dance for you. What a shame,” I told Clint as we, again, made are way through the streets.

“Doesn’t matter, we’ll try another one.”


“What? Don’t tell me you’re now trying to fall into the arms of any girl just because your frustrated? That’s not how you work out things after a heart break. That’s not how I, as your friend, would do it, and you should know I’m also after a heart break.” He shrugged and I tried hard to see his expression, but it was unreedable.


“Whatever, Ron. You don’t have to come with me.”

“You know very well that I have to come with you, other wise I would get lost.”

“Than take a taxi.” Really? What kinda friend was he? And what kinda friend was I to him?


“Are you kidding me? I’m not living my best friend when he’s trying to make bad life choices. Someone will need to prevent you from drinking too much and making a mess outta things.” He didn’t say anything and I thought it was unusual for him. All of the sudden, I remembered how weird he was acting back when we were still in the house.


“I don’t know what it is that’s bothering you. And I feel your not telling me everything about that.” Again, he remained silent, as he let me into another club. This one was pretty empty and we sat down in front of the bar. Clint ordered a drink and started talking to a bartender (which was such a bright orange it almost hurt). It was clear she was all over him, as most girls were falling for his bright blue eyes and very light blond hair.


“So, what are you doing for a living?” She asked sweetly. Clint just took a longer sip in response and I thought that maybe he wouldn’t want to talk about it. But surprisingly he did.


“Currently not much. Got kicked out of studies.”


“Oh, I’m sorry,” she purred. “Is there anything I can do to make you feel better? Your wish is my command,” she added with a wink. I almost wanted to roll my eyes, and it seemed Clint was not impresst either.

“Yeah, you could get me another of this,” he pointed at his drink. “It’s pretty good.”


“Sure thing,” the bartender replied and started preparing another one for him, making sure to lyn forward a bit too much to show off her impressive cleavage. I was getting annoyed at how cheap she was and how my friend seemed to not be getting any of her obvious ‘signals’. After she presented him with a 2nd drink, he made sure to drink it as quick as possible (he didn’t even notice it was different to the first one) and told the woman we were on are way.

“Wait, our you sure you don’t want to stay? We are so lonely here today and so. Very. Bored. And I’d introduce my friend to your’s…”


“No, we really have to go. Thank you for the axcellent drinks,” said Clint and I followed him to the way out. Before leaving, I took a last glance at the bartender. She looked pretty annoyed, which made me believe I wasn’t the only one mad at Clint that night.

When we were back outside, I couldn’t hold it any longer.

“She was all over you, Clint! Why didn’t you get it on with her, if it could be any one just to ‘let go of the tention’?” He shrugged again and I was almost done with him for the day, getting increasingly frustrated.


“Not my type,” he answered, even though we both knew it wasn’t the case.

“No girl can be Becca, you know. You can’t replace her,” I told him truthfooly, as I replaced ‘Becca’ with ‘Shari’ in my head.

“Oh, I do now. I’m not trying to. I’m actually trying to find her.” Now that’s not making any sense at all.

16.jpg “Find her! In such clubs? That’s ridiculous.” He, again, didn’t say anything, which irritated me even more if it was possible. How could he possibly be searching for Becca in the clubs of Bridgeport? I got the gut feeling that he wasn’t telling me every thing again. And then we entered another building. This one seemed to indead be a strip club. Ashamed, as it was my first time in such a place, I tried to keep my eyes glued to the floor as much as possible. Eventually, we got to the bar and instead of a bartender, we were met with two pairs of high heals in front of our faces.


I still tried to not look up, but it turned out I didn’t have too.


It was even before Clint shouted at me that I paid attention to a very distant feachure of a leg in front of my face.


Then I just didn’t have to look up any more to know who it was that we had just encountered.

Note: Yes, I totally spent the entire morning building a strip club (or rather editing an EA club) to take these three shots. And yes, I do know that this chapter is pretty short, but the next one is pretty wild. Your jaws might drop when you finally hear the whole story to Becca’s escape! So stay tuned and hope you enjoyed it.

49 thoughts on “Chapter 6.2: Totally Ruining My Day”

  1. Ohhh. So somehow Clint knew she was working in a strip club as a stripper. That’s why he was so quiet. Ron is such a good friend, tagging along even when he doesn’t want to. I wonder if Clint didn’t tell him because he didn’t want to upset him. Now…I can’t wait for the next chapter when we find out how she managed to get where she is…..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He didn’t know for sure, but he suspected it, that’s why he didn’t want to tell Ron. Ron actually gets lost really easily, so that’s one of the reasons and the second that he didn’t want to go back to their apartment and think about what Clint would be doing in the mood he was in. It was enough that he couldn’t be there during the talk with Cedric. Oh, that’s a wild story…

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  2. Oh dang! Becca… what on earth happened? And like Audrey said, it seems like Clint knew he’d find her there… but how? I also can’t wait to find out how she got there! Clint really is acting odd…
    And I have to ask, knowing that you’re a bit of a grammar nazi yourself… how badly does it hurt to swap you’re/your? XD I know it would be physically painful to me, lol. But it is so very true to Ron’s personality 🙂
    This was great as always, Jowita! Funny how you put out a short chapter on the day I put out a stupidly long one 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, a lot happened, I tell you! Most will be told in a week, so stay tuned!
      Oh, Clint suspected it, but didn’t quite know where to look. It was a pure accident that they bumped into one another and he was still shocked. Big quarrel between coming next chapter 😛
      Lol, it does kind of hurt, but so does making up words that don’t exist and all get highlighted in red XD I mean, I proofread for a friend who makes quite a lot of mistakes, so I’m rather accustomed to it. I could make the writing worse, but I wanted it to remind ‘reedable’, lol. Though someone who doesn’t know English and its pronunciation too well would probably get lost. I hope it makes sense that I make those mistakes. It’s kind of funny to me doing the reverse of proofreading, as I call it. After writing each chapter, I go back and add purposeful mistakes. It’s kind of like a language game to me, thinking how I’d read the words in my head and writing them in a different way. Lol, yup! I was really busy this week and you were after a break. 😛

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    2. God, I just noticed I wrote ‘to’ instead of ‘too’ in the warning note. I swear it wasn’t on purpose! Should I be worried about my English deteriorating now that I write as Ron? LOL

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  3. Oh, Ron, I totally get your bad sense of direction. I couldn’t find my way out of a paper bag. lol

    I’m really wondering what’s going on with Clint? He’s not acting himself at all. I have a feeling it has to do with his visit with Cedric, the jerk.

    OMG! Becca!!! I’m gobsmacked. And now I understand why Clint wanted to hit clubs and not tell Ron why. I can’t wait to hear Becca’s story!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too! I described Ron as the one with awful sense of direction, because for me, although I don’t have dyslexia in its traditional meaning, I have such an awful sense of direction that I feel it could compare to dyslexia.
      Yes, it definitely could be connected to his visit with Cedric!
      Be prepared for your jaw to drop. I’m kidding, no one could be prepared for the next chapter. Yes, now it makes sense.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, he didn’t know everything, but wanted to check the knowledge he did have. We’ll probably find out what he knew in two weeks. First the mystery of Becca’s disappearance and how she found herself working as a stripper in Bridgeport…

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      1. I wrote this chapter ages ago, but it’s super rusty (as in dialogue and stuff). I mean, I did spend most of my break trying to figure out how to make that plotline work, but it’s still hardly believable. Oh well.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh my, thanks! But I often write them in a rush (and tired, late evenings must be the only good time to write) so they go as the first or second draft, not like others who take so much time to get it all just right. And the plot line… it’s seriously nuts. My brain has a habit of linking totally unrelated things of the past from my story, that’s why the generations are often tied to one another in crazy ways.


    1. He is feeling conflicted emotions. On the one hand, he is excited to see her and her rather risqué dress makes him a bit aroused, because he’s still attracted to her. These feelings in turn make him feel embarrassed because he knows it’s wrong to have feelings for his sister. And then her job and all the complications that come with it… He’s going to burst at her in the next chapter. Oh, Becca. That’s a whole story to this with a character that has only been mentioned so far and will now at last make an appearance.

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  4. Okay, how did Clint know she was there (and did he find out by talking to his dad, because how does his DAD know she’s there, gross)?? I have SO many questions… and also how awkward to run into your sister at a strip club xD
    I was soo expecting them to take ages to find her – for once something is simple! But I bet her story will be anything but. Aaah I’m excited to find out what her story is. Hopefully Ron can tell his parents that he found her. What an awful thing for a parent to go through otherwise!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yeah, how did Clint know, my goodness xD There are many things that need answers here and there have been none so far. That’s super awkward. Now all three siblings are there xD
      Yup, I didn’t really like it that he found her that fast, but I will call it a lucky coincidence. I’m sorry, that’s a lame excuse, I know. Her story is so wild you wouldn’t believe it xD Oh, to tell his parents… He will have to think whether telling them would be the good choice here.

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  5. Oh my! I had a feeling Clint would be right about Becca, but I never expected them to find her so quickly :O I wonder how Clint knew… but I bet his deadbeat dad is involved in this somehow!
    Lol, I totally get what you’re saying about spending so much time working on a lot just for a couple of pictures – I’m exactly the same 😀
    Ron is such a sweet guy – always there to roll his eyes at his best friend’s bad decisions, lmaooo! But seriously, he made the wise choice to stick around 🙂 I wonder why Clint didn’t tell him his plans from the beginning?
    And yay for crazy things happening next chapter – I can’t wait! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I probably rushed it, I’m sorry. There was just a lot to tell about this as it was and I can’t let the entire generation circle around Becca’s disappearance. Lol, his dad is something else.
      Yup. There’ll be more shots in the next one, but in a very different room on that lot.
      Clint and his bad choices, though. He only wanted to find Becca after all. Oh, Clint wasn’t 100% sure, that’s why he didn’t tell him.
      Hopefully it’ll make more sense, but maybe not.

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      1. Oh no, don’t be sorry – I did the exact same thing with Skye’s reappearance; sometimes you just wanna get the events moving, totally understandable 😉
        I can’t wait to read everything about it! 😀

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      2. I didn’t feel like it was rushed with Skye – maybe because there were bigger gaps between your chapters. I mean – it’s not too much of a mystery if I reveal it in the first three chapters of this generation, but yeah, I thought a lot about it during my break and I didn’t want to have Ron be in Bridgeport for too long (partlybbecause I hate this city). I plan to quickly move him out to another town when we’re done with Becca and everything’s explained. There are more things to be concerned about, such as Shari or the state of his parents. Plus the boys don’t have jobs so they can’t even rent that luxurious apartment for long – even if one has two fathers who are advocates and the other has a famous singer and a racer for parents, I doubt they’d continue to give them money so they could slack off in a big city and pretend they’re looking for Becca. Actually, she was found somewhat by accident, but we’ll know more about what Clint was told likely in 2 chapters. I thought it’d make more sense that way. And we really had to wait extra long for the story to be told because of my break. I don’t like dragging things out myself, I’m not much of a mystery writer or anything and I’d get just as annoyed as readers if I had to write about their frustrations not being able to find her.


  6. this is going to interesting to see what happen next Jowita 🙂

    and I’ve been there… when you cant find the right lot to fit your story… so you end up having to build it.
    it take a while, but it always worth it in the end… makes the few pictures you do for it, that extra bit special 🙂

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  7. Omg, when I wrote about an adventure (in one of the comment), I didn’t mean strip club. I completely forgot that Becca’s grandmother was a prostitute. Why did she choose that path? I want to know because she is smart, and now she reminds me someone who we know (and that person isn’t smart).
    I must admit that when I saw a word strip club, I knew what will happen. I think Clint knew about Becca’s job earlier, that would explain his suspicious behavior, because he was so determined to go to such places. He probably doesn’t want to tell him (or can’t tell him), so he forced Ron to go to these specific places.
    I feel sorry for Ron because so much people is trying to ruin his day, but his sister deserves to a medal. It’s very sad, Ron has a bad luck from the beginning. I see someone is in good shape.

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    1. That’s an adventure for sure! There are reasons for Becca choosing this path. Someone convinced her.
      Clint did know but not for sure and that’s why he didn’t tell Ron. I’m in very good shape, I know!

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  8. I wonder if Clint found out from his father where Becca would be? And if that’s the only reason he was acting so strange.

    I’m so glad they found her, at least! And the good thing about being so behind on my reading is I can immediately read the next chapter. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s very likely that he found out about Becca and that caused him to worry.
      They found her, and pretty soon. Everyone was surprised I wasn’t dragging it, but honestly I have to move on with other things planned for this gen and it’s been too long already with my break and all.
      Ha, ha, indeed, you’re lucky to have this chance.

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  9. Becca what on earth are you doing? I’m sure there is going to be a great story to come out of this to explain what is going on. Perhaps the “incident” warped her sense of self and sent her down the path of her former family member. And…. Did Clint already know?

    Building a whole lot for 3 pics is something I have done in the past so many times. However, hopefully you have a club you like for the future to use again. Lastly, you have a word living in a sentence which you mean to be leaving. “Are you kidding me? I’m not living my best friend when…. I hope that it helpful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, that’s a pretty complex story. But yeah, it is connected to a former family member. Clint didn’t know a lot but he suspected it.
      I didn’t build it actually, just edited an EA club. Oh, I’m well aware. I’m doing these mistakes on purpose in Ron’s narrative.

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  10. Oh boy… Becca??? I wonder what happened that lead to her becoming a stripper. No wonder Clint was acting so weird, that’s not an ideal thing to discover your love doing 😮 And it must be a nasty shock for Ron as well…
    How did Cedric know where Becca was? Did he just accidentally find her (which is gross to think, but not surprising) or is he more deeply involved in her disappearance?
    Ron is quite the endearing character, far from Hailey lol. He’s kinda like a sweet puppy who stumbles around, getting lost like he does. I’m scared to think what you may do to mess him up by the end of the generation…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s her! A lot happened and it Will be described in the next two chapters. You won’t believe it! These two were very shocked.
      I believe he might have found her by accident. You know, he’s an old man and his wife left him many years ago. It probably doesn’t come off as a surprise that he never managed to find another lady. Maybe he likes to look at young girls, now that he probably can’t do anything besides it… Pretty gross.
      Yeah, Ron is a bit like me. I get easily lost anywhere, even in places I should know very well. But he’s not as endearing actually, besides the absent-minded trait, he also has the mean trait. I wanted to portray it as him being overly honest and saying mean stuff to people. He says something really bad to Shari in my latest chapter, you’ll see. But he also is pretty much like a little boy with such an adorable baby face of his. Always cracks me up how stupidly innocent he looks. Oh, um, I may have something up my sleeve 😁

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it is Becca. The club is an edit of a pre-made extra club – with some added details. I added the kind of office, poles, more tables and such. I think it worked out well.
      Ha, yes, they were lucky finding her so fast – but were they really? You will have to read on and see.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. This is exactly why I prefer binge reading – I’m not a very patient person when it comes to reading, and I’m always skipping to the end to see if I’m right about things. Same about TV series – thank you Netflix!
        Your version is excellent! Will you upload it?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. My sister always opens the book on the last page to see the ending – before even starting reading. I could never comprehend it! I don’t like to spoil things to myself.
        Really? Well, believe it or not – I think I edited so many rooms that I didn’t even use – like bathrooms with mirrors and dressers for the girls to use before the show. And I think I might even have it saved in the library – but I totally forgot all about it. I will look into it when I get in game.

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