I guess beginning is always the hardest part. Here we go then. I begin.



What now? How does this work? I feel like I’m supposed to write my thoughts down but what if my thoughts are currently a giant mess of nothing? My head is blank. Literally blank. And here it comes again, letters moving in front of my eyes, till they become a blurred mess of nothing-ness. What am I supposed to do? Except for standing there like a fool and looking out the window as if I had never seen a city before…


Sometimes I feel like there is a force that keeps hold of me and that this force likes to erase thoughts and ideas out of my head. Like when I get to the room and I don’t know what I’ve come for. Or when there is a road that I’ve already taken a thousand times and during a thousand and one time I just don’t know what this road is and where it leads to anymore. The same happens to me with letters, grammatical structures. I just forget. I just get confused. I just… I just don’t know.

And it’s freaking annoying. Makes me feel so weak, so helpless…


I’ve always known that there was something wrong with me, because other kids were different. They could easily memorize an information, a road that they’d taken even one time. And I always had to have someone with me. Either Mom or Shari, but mostly Becca. From what I’ve gathered after reading my mom’s thoughts (so embarrassing at times by the way), Becca has always been the one to take the lead, find me and guide me to the desired spot, even when we were both in diapers. Becca has always been my guardian angel you could say. But what one does if they don’t have any guards watching over them anymore? Do they go nuts or die? Because Becca is gone and I feel lost. So freaking lost. And heartbroken. So freaking heartbroken.

Let’s get our facts straight (if Clint heard me saying this, he would totally crack up cause we’re weird like that).


I was born as a son of a famous racing driver and an aspiring singer. The first weird thing about my family structure was that there was a huge age gap between my parents. The other – a twin sister who had a different surname. And that I lived with an aunt who was not really my aunt and with two of my peers, only one of which was my sister. In case you diary are dying to know this – no, Sharicka has never felt like my sister, not in the slightest. The thing with us is similar to how it is with childhood friends who fall in love with one another when they get a little older. And this was our story. We knew each other really, really well and then we realized that maybe what we shared was no longer just friendship. We both decided we wanted to try to be more. And we were, and it was fantastic. Until…

The end of high school came much quicker than I’d anticipated. I remember waking up and heading to the ceremony with Becca, Shari and of course my dearest friend Clint (more on him later). Then I remember Shari wanting us to have a meeting together and everyone thought it would be a grand date. A grand date that turned into a break up apparently, because Shari told me her reasons for wanting us to remain nothing more than just friends. “Everyone knows that first love never works out. And I don’t want us to split up in anger and tears. I want for us to make a rational decision and to end this in a better way.” I remember the serious expression on her face when she said it. She really believed it. That I would never be the one for her, because I was her first, puppy love. Then she went straight to telling me all about her studying fine arts and how she wouldn’t have time for a relationship. And all this time I was there wondering who she met that managed to swipe her off her feet. Because sure as hell there had to be another person involved. Turns out there wasn’t and Shari just genuinely believed that this was the right thing to do. And what did I think at that moment? That she was making a huge mistake. I will leave it to you diary to reach a verdict. One thing was sure − one of us had to be proven wrong.


I promised to tell you more about Clint, but what’s there to tell you really? I could go on and on about what our relationship is, but it’ll be hard to understand if you’ve never had a friend you’d die for if you had to. Clinton is…. He’s in a very hard situation right now and that’s partly why I decided to go on that wild goose chase with him and we both ended up in Bridgeport − where we are now, and I am staring at it through the windows − and he has a scheduled meeting with his father. I don’t mean Frank or Waylon of course. You see, Clinton has two dads but he’s recently realized that he actually has three (or rather two and three extra siblings he hadn’t known about) and that has to do with that current situation. It’s… uh… complicated. Just know that he does. And that they’re really great people, as is my best friend/ bro. Totally no homo, though! “No homo” is our favorite joke. That has to do with the fact that Clinton grew up with two guys as parents and also the ridiculous event that once happened between us because you see, when we were stupid little kids we went through a self-made sexuality test − meaning we kissed. When neither of us really liked it, we decided that we were both straight and are perception of our sexual orientations hasn’t changed since. What that did is it gave us a great moment to come back to and joke around! These kinds of jokes Shari and Becca never really understood. There just our thing, I guess.


Okay, so I’m pretty sure I told you the most important stuff, deliberately avoiding talking about my mom and my dad, because it’s still freaking hard and is probably why everyone so easily agreed to let me go. Home is such a sad place now. My point is, I kind of wanted to talk to you about some things that make me even weirder. You heard about dyslexia, partly, as I described. God, don’t even get me started. I wish, I just wish I didn’t have to go over this entry thousands and thousands of times. I am ever so grateful to computers and the fact that they are so much smarter and grasp more orthographic(-al?) knowledge than I ever will! So, here is another thing: I also have a condition called synesthesia, meaning I perceive the world, again, a bit differently than some other people. This condition is all about combining colors, musical notes, days of the weeks and such. So Sharicka has always been a bright red to me and Clinton has felt like warm green, meanwhile Becca… Hot pink. Always. I don’t know, really, it works so weird and I’d have no idea that it’s even a thing and that only the chosen one’s experience this if not for Internet. Thanks again technology, you’re making me a better person. I guess. What is it you’re trying to tell me about computer? Oh stop, I thought I had this spelling figured out already. Hold on…


Well, I’m back. I need to wrap it up already, cause Clint wants to go to town or whatever. My point in this entry was I guess, to introduce you a little to my wonderful group of friends. We are quite unique, as I and Becca both have parents with a giant age gap, Shari grew up with only a mom and Clint grew up with two dads. And are group is a special one too. Sometimes I think that teenagehood really sucks, though, because the hormones and all draw people apart. Maybe Shari is right and we shouldn’t have started a relationship. Maybe I wouldn’t miss her beautiful curves and her kisses now if we had never started with this all. And it would be so much easier if Clint never fallen in love with Becca! I always thought he shouldn’t have, but after I came to know the truth behind it, I’m a firm believer that relationships are the best way to ruin a strong group of friends. How I wish my sister hadn’t slept around through most of high school! How I wish she had never gone missing! What’s done, can’t be undone though. Now the biggest aim is to find Becca and somehow make it all work. Maybe we’ll have to start from scratch but we’ll get to the issue once we get there. After all, hope that she’ll be found is what still keeps me in one piece.


My name is Ronald “Ron” Rosenthal and I will find my twin sister.

Note: Hiya, guys! Well, that’s me bringing to you – freaking finally –  an official start to generation 6 with Ron as our heir. Published at 3 pm, Saturday, finally something normal!

Now some words of wisdom and such…

So, yes, if you read carefully now and before then, you know Ron is dyslexic, which is why I decided to go for a pretty unconventional method of purposefully making mistakes. What I do is the reverse of proofreading – so I delete commas, I put in some words spelled in a bad way, basically all that Word lets me get away with, so it stays pretty realistic  (it wouldn’t correct Ron either). I’m not doing that to offend anyone who’s dyslexic, I have nothing against such people, it’s just that Ron is struggling with it and I thought it’d be quite weird of me to write from first perspective and still take care of so many grammatical stuff like I usually do, and look closely into it. And I thought it’d bring you closer to him, actually. I know not everyone will like that idea (it might be distracting while reading), and I’m not quite sure myself –  I mean, it does kind of hurt my eyes of a grammar Nazi, but um… I’ve made my mind. And I really wanted to avoid using any camera mods, but I really need one now that I’m trying to work with Late Night’s apartments. I got a friendly reminder as to why my Sims never lived there! Only 8 pictures and took so long because of the stupid camera…

Another thing is the new theme, which some of you, who read my intro a bit later than others, have already seen –  I’m loving it so far and the big pictures it gives me. Moving on to the pictures… Yes, I decided on Ron’s frame being the one you see above, so the stamp-like option. As for the featured images, it was quite fun with Hailey, but I don’t really want to go through the mess of preparing them again. And I sort of regret now all the colorful stuff that she had during her generation, because maybe it’d fit Ron more. But we won’t be looking back now. I’m quite pleased with the light, a bit faded, effects I used on the photos here. The single one with blurred background is not at all ReShaded or anything – I’m not joining the dark side. 😛 I found an easy to use website that lets you perform the blur effect and choose the area that you don’t want blurred. It’s called BeFunky and I think it’s a nice alternative to ReShade if you have enough patience. As for me, I tried ReShade, but first: DOF didn’t work for me, second: it’s a lot of a fuss with this program and finally, I just feel like DOF doesn’t fit everywhere. I think it works best for close-ups and shots, in which you want to highlight and draw the viewer’s attention to a particular area. That’s why I used it here – this is a prologue, so I wanted the attention focused on Ron while still showing Clint in the background as he talks about him. Some trivia: I placed a red light above Shari in the last post which produced warm light on Ron’s face. I kind of wanted to see if it’d make any difference. But I don’t think I will be actually introducing his synesthesia that much to the picture. Still, it’s a very interesting phenomenon. You can hear my favorite Marina talking a bit about it here (and did you know that she’s coming back with new stuff?! FREAKING FINALLY!!!). Lastly, I had some fun decorating Ron and Clint’s apartment, you’ll likely see more of it in the next chapters.

And yes, I feel like if I put out an heir vote, most of you would vote for Becca, because she’s honestly a much more interesting character than Ron and you’d automatically get to see where she is and what she does, but I can assure you that I have a lot planned for Ron and it’ll be quite interesting nonetheless, hopefully. Hope you enjoyed it, fasten your seat belts and get ready for a new gen! ♥

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  1. Ah, while reading I did think the mistakes must be on purpose – I’ve never seen you write ‘are’ instead of ‘our’ for example. I like the idea. Reminds me a bit of John Green’s ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ wherein he has the characters deliberately say things that are wrong because they’re teenagers and don’t know everything 🙂 Not quite the same, of course, but I hope you get what I’m saying.
    I like the pictures as well. So crisp and light. And I have to say I think that frame you picked for them is awesome 🙂 I only know BeFunky because I used it for adding texts to pictures once, though these days I use a vector drawing program I ended up buying 🙂 Never saw their blurring tool, but it looks quite cool.
    This is a nice introduction to Ron as a character. I can’t wait to see how you mess up his life, lol 😀

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    1. Lol, yes, they were. I think this kind of mistakes is typical for native speakers. I was taught mainly to write in English – hence why I have difficulties speaking. But people who mainly speak think of the pronunciation rather than spelling and this is why mistakes like this exist. Yup, and I even gave up my favorite commas. I will be an analphabetic by the end of this gen, I swear, lol.
      I read ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, but I had no idea about this. I like the idea, too, I just don’t want anyone thinking I can’t spell. I’d rather put too much commas than too little, you all know that. And I generally don’t mess up spelling. It was quite fun watching what Word will correct and what it won’t. Surprisingly, it didn’t correct everything, but a lot.
      I’m glad you like the pictures! I like the exposition or whatever it is called in the settings. It makes them so light. I like the frame, too! It had taken me quite a while of scrolling before I decided which to use. Oh, so that’s why I thought I heard BeFunky somewhere, I must have got it through you. I found it while searching for an alternative for ReShade. I like the blur effect, although it takes extra patience not to mess up.
      Oh, I have big plans for messing up his life, lol.

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  2. Woot! So excited. As for Ron’s dyslexia, I have a friend that has it. He’s in his 50s now and is a successful businessman. However, when your around him for very long, you can begin to understand why it takes him so long to express his thoughts or write a text message or figure out how much to tip or when we play cards, so long to figure out his play. He does very well though and is a very sweet man. I had to get onto my husband for some of the things he was teasing him about because I don’t think he realized it was due to dyslexia.

    I did notice the weird words in the chapter and figured that was what you were doing. 😄 It’s a little distracting, but then it makes sense that he would write like that.

    I’ve never heard of synesthesia. So that’s interesting to add that to his dyslexia. Makes him have different real issues to work through. Can’t wait. But Clint and Becca, that’s his half sister so maybe that’s why she ran? They really can’t have a relationship while, Shari and Ron can since they aren’t related. Can’t wait for more. Welcome back.

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    1. So am I! Can’t believe it’s the new gen. It’s been so long.
      Yes, dyslexic people can still do really well in life despite their condition. Ron has some struggles, clearly, and I thought it’d be a bit off if I wrote this post with as much perfectionism as I usually do, since it wouldn’t feel like him writing. I feel like it distances him from me more. Some people believe dyslexia is only an excuse, but it’s very real. Here is a dyslexia simulation I find really interesting. I can’t imagine seeing the world like this!
      I’ve heard of synesthesia because of Marina. He has some issues to work through. Actually, synesthesia is not much of a problem, it just makes him a bit different and he sees the world through his senses. I thought it’d be interesting to have a character like that. Hm… No, actually, that’s not it, although she knows, as both Clint and Ron suspected. That’s a completely different matter. One that will make all jaws drop when you find out. Shari and Ron definitely can, but it’s complicated for them with how Shari sees things. And she has some serious trust issues as the child who grew up without a dad. Thank you! Secondly post in a row, woot! I’m still excited to be back.

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  3. I`m sure Ron will do just great 🙂 the pictures of city from an apartment are cool… I`ve never played the game from an apartment… there looks like there still a lot about this game I don’t know about and have to try out for myself 🙂 I do like the blur effect and the white border too 🙂

    did you make the city yourself Jowita?

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  4. Hey, Jowita! This is really good. I like what you did with Ron’s dyslexia as it seemed very real without being offensive at all. Someone very close to me is dyslexic and it all rang true. I love the new theme and how big the pics are! You tricked me! haha When I saw that blurred pic, I was like, “Whoa! She used ReShade!” LOL I’m glad you’ve stuck to your guns about that. 😀 Great effects on the pics and great prologue, too.

    P.S. I hate trying to take pics in apartments and penthouses. Such a bother!

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    1. Hi, Kym! Thank you!
      I’m so glad that you think it seemed real without being offensive. I didn’t want to hurt anyone who has dyslexia, I just wanted to introduce you more to Ron’s struggles which are very real. I love this new theme, too. Lol, I did trick you 😛 No, it’s not ReShade. If I had it l, I would probably use it more consequently. I’m glad you like it!
      Me too. Fortunately it’s better after installing the camera mod.

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  5. I already like Ron and Clinton anyway. I’m looking forward to see, what the future helds for them. I’m glad that they’d become friends for life. He’s starting under some unlucky conditions, so I’ve the irrational hope, his life may not be a totally mess when he passes on the diary. Grammar Nazi, yay 😛
    “If only the most gifted birds will sing, it would be quiet in the forest.”
    I use a camera-mod for years now and will never do without. For me, it was only wobbly at the beginning. I like your pictures a lot.
    Bridgeport is not an easy place to live in, but gives us nice pictures.
    Glad you’re back, Jowita .

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    1. I’m glad you like these two brothers! 🙂
      It’s quite an irrational hope, admittedly. 😛 LOL, me, not him as the grammar nazi!
      That’s a beautiful quote. 🙂
      I hasn’t used it before. I tried it back in Sam’s gen and it seemed way too slow. Now I’m rather liking it. I’ve already taken some of the pictures for the new chapter with it.
      Bridgeport is definitely not easy to live in, but a really pretty city. My characters are only going to stay there for a couple of days. I refuse to deal with this for too long.
      I’m glad to be back, too. 🙂

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  6. Oh, for some reason I thought Clint was the heir, so I was really confused for a moment LOL.
    I’m not going to lie, I was actually so shocked to see that blurred picture! I was totally not expecting that after all your comments, although I do get how sometimes Reshade’s DOF looks weird in certain pictures. I used to edit in blur manually as well, but it takes way too much time for my taste. Anyway, your picture looks nice and so does the others — I like how light you’ve managed to make Bridgeport look 😀
    I don’t know much about dyslexia, but I like how you integrated it within Ron’s actual perspective!
    I know Ron is hurt and all, but I am really liking Shari and her logical way of looking at things, although I do question her firm belief of the first love working out. Surely there are exceptions, so perhaps they will meet up again?
    Nice prologue 🙂

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    1. Lol, no, Clint grew up without Hailey, so I couldn’t really see her passing on the diary to him. But he had the bigger part in the intro due to my love for Frank only.
      Oh, I think ReShade can look good, but it’s not really for me. As I said, the blur is so distracting and isn’t always necessary. In this case, however, I thought it’d be good, because I always show only the heir in the prologue and I didn’t want to distract you too much from Ron while still showing Clint in the background. It was his prologue after all. It definitely takes a lot of time to get it right! Maybe I’ll use it some more, but only occasionally.
      I don’t know either, I’ve never had troubles with writing, it’s always been natural for me. I’m glad you like the effect. I didn’t want to distract you all too much with the mistakes, though.
      Shari has her own problems to work through and not everything about it is logical. She grew up as an only child and that’s where all this distrust comes from. She’s afraid of being like her mother, so she can’t fully invest in a relationship.
      Thank you!

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  7. Oh I really loved this intro! Ron has a unique persoective and I love how you tackle new issues in each generation. Dyslexia adds to his writing style and makes it interesting, plus we get into his head. The pictures looked fantastic as well 🙂 Can’t wait to dive deeper into the mystery of Becca’s disappearance!

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    1. I’m so glad you loved it! Next intro in the row, lol. I promise we’ll now get to the actual story with no more intros.
      I like my characters to have some original qualities about them. Ron has an absent-minded trait and, although you could say I have it and don’t have dyslexia, I made use of it and made him dyslexic. It’ll be interesting. Also glad that you like the pictures! 💕
      I can’t wait, too!

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  8. Aaah, welcome back!! This is so exciting, I’ve been waiting for this!
    I already love Ron, he sounds like a really sensitive guy (from the looks of it, he’s still very much in love with Shari) – and you made him a synesthetic too? That will be very interesting to read! I wondered if you would try to paint/light the other characters in the colors Ron described, but you explained that you won’t and that’s totally understandable – it would be a hassle to do it really, while I’m not sure how much it would actually offer to the story (compared to the amount of work it would require)..! I think you made a good call 😉
    I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him! – I mean, I know it will all lead to bad stuff but… you know. Until then 😉 😀 Great start! ❤ ❤

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    1. Yay, I’m still super excited about being back! ♥
      He is a rather sensitive guy, that’s true. And he has synesthesia, which makes things interesting. He loves Shari very much, they used to be really close friends and then a couple. He spent his life in high school with her, totally love-struck. Hm… I may try it, but it’d be quite a hussle as you said and I’m not sure how I’d even incorporate that. I have rather poor skills in photo-editing, lol. And it might be distracting, too! I’ll see 😉
      LOL, yup. Bad stuff coming sometime in the future 😀

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  9. “Like when I get to the room and I don’t know what I’ve come for.” – that’ll just be Jowita cancelling your action, dear 😉
    I’m bowled over by your pics, by the way. The lighting is gorgeous here, that picture of him looking out the window to the city is amazing too, and the blur really works here too!! And the picture frame really suits him too, I think.
    Oooh I had a friend with synesthesia once – she said to me that certain vowels and sounds had colours, and those colours changed depending on what came before or other sounds that were dominant over it. Sounds really interesting!
    Ron’s little smirk at the end – he’s a devil! Love it. I’m excited to watch him go through life!

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    1. Lol, but I get that, too. Who’s my Creator, though and who keeps canceling my actions? They’d better use more motherlode!
      Really? Wow, thank you! I edited out the apartment and put a lot of windows there, because what’s the point of me dealing with lags if I don’t get to see the view?! I’m always pretty satisfied with the decor and interior in general. You’ll likely see more of it in the next post. Well, at least I can work out the anesthetics in the Sims. Everything creative I do in real is pretty hideous, tbh. :’) I thought the blur would be good not to distract you too much since we should stay focused on Ron, not Clint and the kitchen in the background.
      Synesthesia is a really interesting phenomenon, I think. It’ll be a challenge to work that into the story. I don’t have any form of synesthesia or dyslexia, but I’ll try my best. Ooh… Come to think of it, I have something like dyslexia – a complete lack of sense of direction. Pretty annoying!
      LOL, yup, he kind of has the mean-spirited trait. And I had to cheat twice for him not to have the evil trait. I’m so done with Sams! I’m excited to write about his journey. ♥

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    1. Oh wow, I didn’t expect you here. Well, welcome! I’d been on a super long break and this gen should have started weeks ago. If you need a recap, feel free to read the summaries, but I think that the intro post, which is the one I posted just before this prologue, gives you some important information as well. I decided to bring up most of the main characters currently alive in that one. Hope you enjoy reading! Oh, and I will admit I may have stolen your idea for FaceTime pics in the next one.


      1. Haha, why not expect me? The only reason I’m not reading more stories is because the amount I’d have to catch up on is intimidating 😂😂 also, I’m happy to have inspired you!

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      2. I don’t know, it’s just I’d never seen you here. But it was a nice surprise! Lmao, so basically the minimum you need to know is that there are 4 main characters in gen 6: so the heir, Ron, his twin sister, Becca, who somehow went missing, Clint, who is their half-brother, but they have only found out just recently, and he is in love with Becca (’cause there has to be drama), and Shari, who is not anyone’s relative, but Ron is in love with her. I mean… I really tried not to complicate it even more. But there’s a lot in gen 5 summary and intro to this gen if you’re interested.


      3. If you wish, I think it should make things either a bit clearer or mess it up even more. But you should be pretty okay. Amy read only summaries for my first two gens and started properly catching up since gen 3. That’s why I made them, there’s a ridiculous amount of posts out there that I cringe at the thought of, so I really, really don’t mind people skipping them.


  10. I relate to Ron so much with the walking into a room and forgetting what you came in there for thing. I’m so forgetful! (my simself has the absent minded trait XD)

    Ron has synesthesia, interesting! That is such a cool idea to light the characters with the colors he sees. Maybe with after effects? And just during heated/important moments?

    I was just thinking you were using reshade 😛 I’m going to have to try befunky. Sometimes I want a blurred background but the online editors I’ve used aren’t that good.

    There’s been a lot of incest this generation. I blame Hailey 😛

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    1. Lol, yup, I can relate as well. Sometimes I wonder who controls my dummy of a simself 😂 Ron has the absent-minded trait and in the interpretation I decided to take a bit further and make him dyslexic, although I’m absent-minded and not dyslexic myself.
      I’m still not sure about the effects. It would be a lot of additional work on my part and I barely have time to keep up the old schedule again. I’ll see about that and if there’s an easy way to do so. Would be so much easier in TS4 where, I think, the aliens have colors around them corresponding to how they feel.
      Lol, nope. Everyone knows I’m pretty much a ReShade hater 😂 This BeFunky takes some patience, but it’s fairly easy to use. You just blur the whole image, then use the tool to paint around the surface you don’t want blurred. If you make a mistake, you can either ctrl+Z or reverse what the tool does and make it blur instead of unblur and correct it. Don’t know if it makes sense. I think it’s easy, just takes some patience.
      Lol, I mean, just Becca and Clint. At least Shari’s not a relative. Hailey and her romances, though… Questionable life choices. 🙄

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  11. As the birds come in the spring, I returned to read this chapter.
    I’m glad Ron is in Bridgeport. There is so much adventures waiting for him outside the window. I still hope he will forget about Sharicka (I mean his love for her, he can’t forget about someone who he lives with). I know how hard it is, but everything is possible and time heals wounds. He has to go out with Clint and explore this big city (and foremost, find Becca).
    It’s good he presented himself, I could remind myself about his life (I remember about most things). I happy you decided to make mistakes on purpose. It makes Ron more realistic. I found a few of them and I thought you just made a mistake at first, but I put two and two together while reading. My english isn’t that bad.
    I like Ron’s narration, he was very authentic, and this creates a sympathy between reader and heir (in my humble opinion). In this chapter were things I know about, but it was great written and absorbing. His generation is going to be interesting. Because of you I can’t wait to read the next chapter now.
    I almost forgot… props for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re back!
      Hm… We’ll see how it goes with forgetting about Shari. There are many adventures ahead of him, indeed.
      I’m glad you like this concept of making mistakes. I was worried how readers would take to it.
      I’m happy you think that Ron was authentic and that you liked him. Thank you so much for reading ♥

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  12. I am so far behind on my reading.
    But so far I am liking Ron. He and Clint have a very interesting dynamic. I can’t wait to read more.
    I know that I usually leave a longer comment, but I will save that until I am all caught up.

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    1. Oh, hope you will enjoy this generation. Actually, my friend has both dyslexia and dysgraphia, so that’s probably where I got the idea. I thought it would be fun to write that into his narrative.

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      1. Well, I’m a student with no form of “dys”, luckily enough. Sometimes, I though, I think I must have some form of it to get lost as easily as I do. Can’t ever imagine traveling on my own!

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      2. I’ve travelled a lot, but I have a very good sens of orientation, just love reading maps and going on adventures where there aren’t even any roads to drive on! I guess I would have the adventurous trait if I I were a sim 😀 The first step is always the most difficult and scary, but once you’ve taken it you’ll see it’s not difficult to travel on your own!

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      3. Well, I could never truly understand geography and I get lost even with maps. I freak out while being on my own in the city I’ve lived all my life! So, I truly can’t imagine it. You definitely would have that adventurous trait!

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    1. Oh, really? So, it’s like Ron’s a mix of your kids – cool. Ron’s synesthesia has quite a unique form – and it stems from my imagination and interpretation, not actual medical facts. But I thought it’s my story, and I’m free to be creative in it.

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      1. Of course, I like the way you’re “writing in” his dyslexia without it becoming too straining to read. I didn’t even know about synesthesia before someone in the sims community talked about it. I immediately thought of my daughter and her blue Tuesdays and green 7’s…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I found out about synesthesia after watching an interview with my favorite singer. I thought it very interesting, and so I eventually included it in my story. I love variety.

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      3. I think your different generations are so interesting because you let them live dangerously, they are not flawless and there is not necessarily a happy life or ending for them – all that makes them really special!

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  13. This was a nice recap and introduction rolled into one 🙂 It tugged on my heartstrings when Ron said “home is such a sad place now” </3 I love how you made little mistakes here in there in his entry, it makes it seem super realistic given he's dyslexic. Likewise, with giving everyone a color for his synesthesia. (Whilst scrolling I couldn't help but notice you mentioned it's an interview of your favorite singer that made you discover it. I didn't know Marina had synesthesia, that's interesting!)
    Ron's definite going to be a different heir than the previous ones. I love how everyone in the friend group has a completely different upbringing in terms of their households. I actually like that you didn't go with Becca as this mystery surrounding her whereabouts is interesting. I'm excited to see where this goes!
    Oh, and I forgot to say these photos were different stylistically from what you usually do, but I really liked them! The shot by the window over the city is stunning 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Just another introduction, so that everyone remembers – you included, lol!
      But it is such a sad place… And it quickly gets sadder!
      Weeell, as I went on, his writing became even more of a mess, and admittedly, I had fun coming up with these strange word combinations… Some say that the more problems arose, the worse he wrote, but that’s actually just me exploring new possibilities as far as writing him goes.
      I gave everyone a color, I had fun picking them! And yes, Marina is indeed a synesthetic. It was fun for my character to share that trait with her.
      Oh, he is! And you will see, he’s much more imperfect, I think. Sometimes, his bad side gets the more of him (he even has the mean trait in-game). I wasn’t sure about that everyone having different family dynamics, but I’m all for diversity, as you know! And, honestly, it was rather accidental. I don’t know if that’s much of a mystery, because it’s resolved practically right away, lmao.
      I’m glad you liked the photos. As I go on, you’ll see me changing my style and being inconsistent even more, just a fair warning.

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