Generation 6: Introduction

Waylon and Frank were sitting on the sofa in the living room, going through Waylon’s family photo album, which he took out from the depths of a shelf and, after brushing off the dust from the covers, came to present it to his husband in hopes of lighting up the atmosphere that was continuously tense ever since Clint found out about his biological parents. The three of them were in desperate need of a serious family talk, but Frank and Waylon agreed that it’d be better if Clinton set the time for this inevitable talk himself. After having realized what a giant mistake they’d made, there was no turning back or taking their words back now. The burden of the truth was on their shoulders for the past 21 years, now it was out. They were aware of the fact that the decision to tell him so late was not a good one, but neither Frank nor Waylon was quite sure what would be the best option in this delicate case. There were times in his life when Frank tried to imagine the situation, in which Clint would get to find out earlier, but each time he got worried that Clint might not take to it well. After all, their situation was special as it was. Theirs was not by any means a standard family dynamic and it’s always been perfectly clear that two men cannot have a child together, which was where the lie came into place. Clint was told that Frank was his father and they didn’t know his mother, as she was out of the picture. Clinton did not quite believe it as much as he wanted to believe the fact that his dads were indeed telling the truth. He was not an exceptionally bright child and didn’t have a tendency to overthink. He just took facts as they were, just as he was presented with them. He never questioned it too much, being happy with what he had. And he had a lot – close friends, financial stability, loving parents, a possibly bright future ahead of him… What went wrong? Well, it seems that it’s Clinton that went wrong here and his uncanny laziness that made him fail not one but three times as far as studies were concerned, which made the relationship with his fathers, Waylon in particular, strained as it was, especially when Clint disappointed him when he was dismissed from law, crushing his hopes that maybe his son, an exceptional student (but only in his dreams!), would get to take over the family business. There was sibling rivalry going on between Waylon and his younger brother, Kenneth. Frank hid his disappointment better than his husband, although it still was not hard to notice. It was obvious what the plan for Clinton was right from the very beginning and he did not live up to his parents’ expectations.


Frank thought back to the times when Clint was little, desperately trying to find something to clutch onto, a cause to his son disappointing him so badly that could possibly be fixed. But there was no such thing, as Clint had a really great childhood, probably much better than most of the kids of LGBTQ+ parents. In fact, it did not really differ from the youth of his peers who were raised by straight parents. Of course, the major difference was the fact that Clint was exposed to LGBTQ+ community from a young age, as both his dads kept in touch with other members of it. That opened Clinton’s eyes to the diversity that exists in our world and he was possibly more cognisant of some matters than some other kids. Having seen so much of it, there was a time in Clint’s life when he constantly searched for some hints that would lead him to find out who he truly was.


When Clinton was 12 years old and his best friend, Ron, was 9 years old, he convinced him to kiss him. That’s also when Clint realized that he really, really was not into boys. That never changed and Clint realized that he would never be a part of that same community that his parents belonged to and admittedly, he felt bad about it. It was funny how different this boy’s views on the outside world were to the views of his peers, who were constantly bugging him, asking him what it was like to have two dads, how it worked or if he was gay too. At first, Clint liked the attention, but with the passing years, he started feeling tired of responding to the same questions all the time. To him, there was nothing extraordinary about his family. What was the difference, anyway? He did not get it, and then again, with time he realized that he’d never understand the people who had any type of problems with or felt weird about the way his family was. The words that came out of their mouths never meant any sense. Clint would call it bullshit, but only when Dad F was not around to hear him saying that.

After 3 failed attempts at studying and 3 years after graduating from high school, Clinton was now a 21-year-old attractive young man with light blond hair and strikingly bright blue eyes, undoubtedly taking after his father whom he’d call grandfather if he didn’t know better. Even though many girls fell for him in the past, Clint only had his eyes on one. Unfortunately for him, though, that would’ve been the only one that was off-limits in every way possible. The “lucky” girl was Rebecca Calloway, a self-confident, intelligent redhead who had the ability to wrap any guy around her little finger and who was not at all interested in Clint. As if it was not enough trouble, Becca also happened to be his half-sister, something that Clinton had found out about only recently and what was the main reason as to why he took to the news as badly as he did. Clint had just descended the stairs and he was now wondering whether or not he should make his presence known. He nervously fumbled with his fingers, observing his dads and casually overhearing their conversation.


“We met on Grindr,” said Dad W. “Aaron was much older than me and my parents did not approve,” he added, shrugging. Meanwhile, Dad F’s finger was still pointing to some photography in the album.




“Uh-huh,” responded Frank, obviously uncomfortable. “How many more have you had? I saw at least three different guys before this and you never commented on them.” Suddenly, Waylon realized that the whole photo album thing was not so much of a good idea.


“I can’t quite respond to your question, Frankie. You see, it’s hard to tell when so many of these relationships weren’t serious and if you counted various hook-ups…” By then, Clinton had had enough. He didn’t really want to know the details of his father’s previous relationships and he had the gut feeling that this conversation was bound to develop into a fight. And so, he stepped in.


“Finally!” Said Frank, obviously relieved to see him.

“Yeah, we were – uh – hoping you would want to talk to us,” added Waylon, adjusting his glasses and glancing subtly at his husband.


“Well, that’s a lot to discuss. Sit down, Clint, so we can explain everything to you thoroughly and without disturbance this time, so you can understand this case better.” Waylon was just about to confirm Frank’s words, but then Clint spoke up.


“I understand everything,” he said to his dads’ amazement. That was not the answer they expected, after having been readying themselves for the big talk for a couple of days now.


“Ooh-kay,” said Waylon slowly in response to his son’s statement. “What is it you wanted to talk about, then? There’s obviously something bothering you.” Clinton definitely looked uneasy, standing in front of his parents with crossed arms and an unsure look on his face.


“I wanted to meet my father,” replied Clinton, confusing both Frank and Waylon, but then he quickly added, “The biological one.” That earned him a frown on Frank’s face.


“Why would you want to see my dad? I told you, he’s not a good man at all. That’s not wise.”


“I want to schedule a meeting with him. Just to talk as a father and son.”

“Well, um, I mean, you have every right to…” Began Frank.


“…but he’s a dick and a bigot and you should really not want to have to do anything with him,” finished Waylon with a scowl on his face. “You have two, Clint, why would you want a third one? Two’s more than enough, for goodness sake!” Both Frank and Clinton could not hide the wide smiles that spread around their faces at Waylon’s remark. But then they realized again how serious the conversation was.

“I have his number,” said Frank. “We can arrange a meeting if you wish…”

“No! Don’t do it, Frankie. He’s had enough contact with toxin already. Any more and he might die from this!”


“Jokes aside,” responded Frank, looking meaningfully at his husband,” I can understand Clinton’s need for a talk and he has the right to see with him. He even suggested a meeting in the future before leaving that day, remember? I can’t say I think my father is a good person, but Clinton is an adult and he makes his own decisions.” But then Frank’s mouth twisted into a smile and his features softened as he added: “Right, kiddo?”

14.jpg “That’s right, Dad,” Clint smiled back and looked at the screen of his phone, as Frank sent Cedric’s phone number to his son. He couldn’t waste this chance that he was presented with.



“I can’t believe you’re going to Bridgeport!” Sharicka shrieked, as she watched Ron pack his luggage. “That’s such a big city. Not that far away, though, you, guys, can always visit us if you get bored.”


“You know well that we’re on a mission to find Becca. Clint will not move on if he doesn’t get to talk it over with her. And it would be nice to find my twin sister, ya know!”


“Yeah, I do. You know, Ron? I’m glad we broke up. That was just not meant to be, and imagine all the pretty girls in Bridgeport! I would have been soo jealous and you would probably betray me anyway. Long-distance relationships rarely work.” Shari knew Ron too well to misinterpret the sad smile on his face. His eyes weren’t meeting hers, as he said:


“Oh, yeah. And, like you said, it’s just friendship closeness that we had mistaken for love,” he told her, as he threw another pair of boxers onto the floor and slummed the drawer with too much strength, causing himself to land the floor. “That’s enough,” he said, coming up with another one of these fake smiles.


“Hey, don’t beat yourself up. We used to be kinda cute, but that’s our time to move on now,” Shari said gently, playing with her hair. “Besides, I’ll be studying fine arts now. This relationship would have had no future had we kept it up. It’s just, first love, just never works out.”


“Maybe you’re right,” Ron agreed with her, even though he did not believe in his own words, too focused on admiring yet again the bright green eyes that were such a contrast to her light brown skin.


“Hopefully, we both can one day find someone that we’re truly destined to be with. It’s just, we experimented and that’s good. Life’s all about earning experiences and then one of those will be it, the experience you want to continue with this one special person,” Shari continued, but the only thing Ron could think about was that Shari was the one he wanted to experience things with. He was head over heels for her, still. And yet he agreed again and again, and again with her until it was too late and the time had come to say goodbyes to the rest of his family.



His mother, Hailey, was sitting next to his father’s bed, as usual. After the surgery, it was like she had become a whole other person. Yes, she actually seemed different when the throat troubles first started, but what she was now was another level of depressing. Even though the medicine that was available in those days presented her with many options that could make up for her speech difficulties, Hailey refused to use an electrolarynx or anything of the kind. There were only two ways of communication with her, first one being the occasional slips of paper she would stick into the palms of your hands, and the second one was the application that she had installed on her phone and mainly used to communicate with strangers, but only if she felt forced to. Hailey had become a quiet person who tended to blend well into the background. Sometimes it was forgotten that she was in the room, as she spent days not attempting any form of communication, completely lost in her own world. Now Ron just strolled past her and made his way to his father’s bed. Reggie’s eyes lit up for a second when he glanced at the floor.


“You’re wearing them,” he said, smiling at Ron’s shoes, his old favorite ones that he gave him when he figured he wouldn’t be using them anymore.

“Yes, Dad. They’re quite comfortable if I say so myself,” he replied with a smile back. “So…”

“So,” Reggie repeated. “I will not take you back without Becca, son.” That was supposed to be a joke, but everyone in the room could feel his pain when he said her name. And they felt it, too.

“I’ll try my best,” promised Ron, then shook his father’s hand. “I will see you with her next time, Dad.”


“If there is a next time, son,” remarked Reggie in response. Ron chose not to respond to this question, knowing his dad all too well. Then he moved on to another person.


“Mom,” he said, looking at the faint figure who seemed totally devoid of color. Hailey got up and extended her arms to hug her youngest child. Then Ron felt the touch of paper on his skin and he grabbed the slip that was offered to him by his mother, then automatically stuck it in the pocket of his pants. “Until next time,” he said and was met with a sad smile, recently, his mother’s specialty.

Aunt Candy was already approaching Ron when he turned around to go in search of her. It was with pride when she looked at the young man in front of her.


“I know that you and Shari are not together anymore, but I don’t need you as my son-in-law to be telling the ‘son’ word when I think of you. You know I love you, Ron, and I’m sure the trip will do you some good. What can I say? Bon voyage, darling!” When Ron fell into his aunt’s warm embrace, he knew he felt the same about her being his aunt. For him, she’d always be one, no matter the biology. When Candy finally let go of him, Ron was met with Sharicka’s eyes studying them.


She seemed somehow touched, but Ron quickly forgot about it as he heard the honking of Clinton’s car. It was time.

Sharicka went to the elevator with him and she followed him out the front door without a word. When Ron was just about to get in the car, Shari unexpectedly planted a kiss on his cheek along with have a safe trip whispered straight into his ear.



He instinctively reached out to hug her and got overwhelmed by the familiar smell of her perfume and the soft hair he buried his nose in. But she broke the embrace as quickly as she had earlier shifted her lips away from his cheek.


When Ron got into the car, his cheek was still burning from her touch and he felt left with a desperate need to get more physical with her which he knew wasn’t possible. Not anymore. Trying to distract himself, he accidentally stuck a hand in his pocket and found a slip of paper. Then he unfolded it and read a message, saying: “Eventually, we’ll see each other again.” He thought it sounded a bit strange, but then, as Clint seemed to be in his own world of thoughts and didn’t speak to him, the travel lulled Ron to sleep. When he woke up, they were already fast approaching Bridgeport and Ron felt ready for the new adventure, temporarily having forgotten both about Sharicka and the message…

Note: Surprise, surprise! I’M BACK!!! And I’m so happy to be telling you this now. It’s super exciting, isn’t it? I hope not only for me. Below I will post some ramblings about the break, so don’t feel obligated to read them, as this post is already lengthy as it is…

My break wasn’t really a break. I mean, what I did was preparing my game, uploading a ton of characters to my character download page (they may have different hairstyles, ’cause I changed my mind), so you’re welcome to download anyone here if you’re interested, I also worked as a proofreader for Darren, his wonderful story has come to an end and I encourage everyone to check it out here. Thank you to Bee for the awesome friends poses I used for that picture of Clint and Ron, and for the portrait set. And also, I felt so down about my writing that I only got back to it with this post in the beginning of September and I started taking pictures only yesterday. Plus, it was initially meant to end with Ron saying goodbye only to Shari, but I decided I wanted to feature everyone. Then, as I celebrated my granddad’s 81st birthday today, it is up later than I intended (almost 3 hours later than it used to be at the magical 3 pm :P), it doesn’t bode well that I only just got back and this is already late. Can you believe the last story post was published on August 25th?! 5 weeks and almost 3 hours later, here we go! Well, I have to say I thought about my story and how to make it better all the time and I missed it so much, and I missed this community and hearing your thoughts, too. I even tried ReShade a few weeks ago, but you know it, I didn’t like it, still. That’s not a surprise. Ironically, DOF didn’t even work for me. 😛 But I experimented a bit with the effects in Photoscape in the first half of this chapter. Maybe the photos are too light. And I tried the height slider, as you probably noticed, but I’m not sure yet how I feel about it and if I want to continue with this mess of setting it up. And I downloaded so many poses that I feel so much better about what I have for photo-taking. I also made a simple edit of an open book to make this cute album and feature another of Sam’s exes, as if it wasn’t already enough. Now whom do I have left? Lane and Jade, probably. But you now know more about Aaron, Beatriz, Deq and Amanda, so that’s something! I was also relieved when I found out I still know how to make poses and I made the ones for the photo album, as well as the ones for Reggie and Ron’s handshake. As for the new schedule, I’m not sure yet, but I’m leaning towards the pseudoschedule that I had at the beginning, so weekends in general, either Saturday or Sunday at any hour. It doesn’t seem like a lot. But I’ll see! Aand… gosh, I know I desperately need to refresh the layout I did it and really love how big the photos are in the new theme! :D, but I am too excited about posting to do it now and that’s not even a prologue! I’ll see what I can do.

Anyway, please share your thoughts and I am so happy to be back, I hope you are too, and that you enjoyed this super late post! ♥

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  1. It’s really great to have you back 🙂 I liked this intro a lot. Can see you couldn’t help but have some Frank and Waylon in there 😉 He, he, it was nice to see them, and to see everyone else. Even if some are in a sad state. Candy’s a ray of sunshine, though 🙂
    Your pictures look really great 🙂 Particularly like the one of Ron and Sharicka hugging – it’s adorable. Ah, and height-sliders… I don’t want to stop using them myself, but man alive are they a pain to use… I feel like it’s an absolute must to make my own poses for them, because not a lot of people make height-adjusted poses -_-
    Anyway, it’s always a pleasure to read your stuff. I couldn’t believe how long it’s been since you posted – feels like only a week or two, but it’s been over a month. It’s crazy! :O

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    1. I’m so glad to be back too, and to write with you all about my story again! You know I’m really devoted, no matter how long the breaks I take.
      Lol, yeah, I do have a soft spot for Frank and Waylon. But they had to be there anyway, because I wanted to have part of this chapter for Clint and part for Ron. I do think it’s good to have something like this, because all the characters take part for a refreshment in case some people don’t remember that well. Though I would kill anyone who doesn’t remember Frank, I put so much work into his character. 😛
      Yes, some are in a sad state. Reggie looks like a mess with this unkempt hair and beard.
      Thank you so much! I had fun with them. I loved this pose and I knew I had to use it for this scene as soon as I found it. They are a pain, though I found a blog just yesterday, I think, and the creator has so many poses in a couple of dumps, all the ones for couples are height-adjusted, I think, as well as the one I used it. Maybe you can make use of it here.
      You’re so kind, Louise. ❤ Me too, time passes by way too fast…

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      1. I don’t think anyone blames you for adding in some more Frank and Waylon, lol 😛 They’re still lovely, but especially Frank.
        Oooh and thank you for the link to those poses! That’ll come in super handy 🙂 I’ll probably still be making a lot of height-adjusted poses, but it’s always good to have some more for when I’m lazy 😀

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  2. Welcome back!! 😀 ❤
    What a nice surprise – first Amy and then you! 🙂 You know, I laughed when you mentioned you tried Reshade, because a couple of weeks back I tried it too and I really didn't like it! I mean I liked the pictures I guess, but that DOF effect (which is all over, even the UI) made my head spin like crazy after a while – plus, my laptop was on the verge of overheating so we agreed: both my laptop and I are too old for this shit, lmaoo! But I have to say that your pictures look stunning – what's your secret?
    So, onto the chapter: It was so nice seeing everyone again! Well, not so much with Hailey and Reggie because… yeah, but everyone else – especially Frank and Candy! I think they're both two of my favorite characters, so full of life and positive energy! Sharicka is a totsl beauty – I kept staring at her close up photo for quite a while. That moment with Ron was precious as well ❤ So gen6 will start as a quest to find the missing sister… very intriguing!
    I can't wait to see where this will take us! 😀

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    1. Yes! I’m so glad! ♥ And actually, I got doubly motivated to return when I saw Amy was back.
      I mean, DOF didn’t work for me at all, because the background wasn’t blurred and all it did was make funny spots on the screen. I decided I was so done with it. And I thought all the other weird effects were just weird… I’m better off without it, lol. Oh, I use Photoscape which I found thanks to Louise, it’s a really easy to use editing program. I just put like 40 for contrast or something and 70 for brightness and for the first half of the pics I changed exposition to 2.0, so they’re really bright and kind of nostalgic looking. If you still want ReShade-like effects, though, I’ve stumbled upon a site which makes it easy to blur the background and saves the parts of the photo which you want to save, you just simply use a brush to distinguish them. It takes patience, though, so you may use it occasionally if you’d like. I wanted to try it for this post, but I was way too excited to have patience for this. Here is the link
      I loved seeing everyone again. I thought it would be a good idea to show everyone partly as a refreshment to the readers, because it’s been a while. Well, Frank wasn’t particularly positive here after finding out some more about Waylon’s past romances, but he’s so kind, always. And Candy is always full of life! Shari is, I think, a 2nd effect I got after mixing Candy and Darryll’s genetics in CAS and I really loved her. By the way, I posted her father Darryll to the download a character page if you want to take a look and look for similarities. He will likely never take part in the story proper.
      It was quite precious. And it’s in the introduction with a reason!
      Yes, and we’ll see her likely in the 4th chapter!
      I’m looking forward to writing about it all. ♥

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      1. Wow, thank you so much! I’ll definitely check it out! 😀 (I’ll probably use it for gen 3, if I ever manage to finish this generation which I hate so much right now, lmao!)
        Yeah, Frank is just the sweetest ❤ Can't wait for what's next! 😀

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      2. Maybe it’s not ReShade and it takes extra precision to use, but I think it could really come of use. But for me, I’ll probably end up too lazy to use it. I’ve been meaning to use it just for close-up shots, though. I’m looking forward to when YOU get back to us. You need to finish this gen fast if you want to move on, lol.
        I love Frank. I hope I will not fall back into a hole now that I’ve actually come back from the shadows!

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  3. Good to have you back ❤️ I really like the pictures with height sliders, it adds another level of realism. I imagine rhat finding poses for them is rather difficult though….. Hmm where art thou, Becca? I can’t wait to explore generation 6 more!

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    1. I’m glad to be back, too!
      Yes, height sliders are a bit of a mess. But I used a proper EA hugging animation for Ron and Candy and it looked quite well. As for the hugging with Shari, I got lucky.
      I can’t wait to explore it along with you all! We haven’t even had a proper start in a prologue yet.

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  4. Well, what I can say to them about Clinton’s not living up to their expectations is that you can only cultivate what you have, you can’t grow something new. So, they’ll have to find a way to reconcile themselves to the fact that he is not going to be what they expected.

    I do feel bad that the only girl Clint ever liked ended up being Becca.

    I love those photo albums! Very cool!

    I do not blame Frank one iota for frowning at Clint’s request to see his biological father.

    Clint is so cute, btw. Seems to me Ron might still like Shari more than she realizes.

    Hailey has really morphed into a different person these days. So sad.

    I’m so glad you’re back!! This was a terrific surprise! I thought your pics were lovely. I use the height slider on Marty (she’s really short) and on Holden (he’s really tall) but when I pose them, I have to put them back to normal height. lol

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    1. They love Clint a lot, but they were both hoping that he would follow in his footsteps. And he failed so many times, it’s hard not only for him, but for them, as parents, as well… It hits too close to home, because my brother disappointed my parents when he failed medical studies during his first year. He’ll be trying out mechanics this year. I’m sure they will figure it out, they love him and he loves them, they will learn to accept him the way he is. And he unfortunately inherited not only Hailey’s face but also her laziness… I’ve just imagined haters blaming his difficulties on the fact that he grew up with two dads. I’m so glad that such people are not my readers.
      It is very unfortunate. He will have to learn to forget about her. She’s more off-limits to him than any other girl could be, possibly.
      Oh yes, I made them in the same way I made the Blue painting for you. It was fun and I was so proud when it worked! So that’s a real in-game object, not just edited in.
      No one can blame Frank. We all know Cedric. As one of my readers once said, he can’t be called a father, merely a sperm donor.
      The case with Shari and Ron is that they should have never broken up in the first place… You will see how it unfolds in the future.
      Yes, Hailey is so sad and the blond on her hair only makes the feeling of her fading in color stronger.
      I’m so glad to be back, and I reply the same to everyone! I like the pictures here, too, though I worried that some are too bright. Ha, ha, I can understand the struggle. Height slider is fun, but it often makes matter much more difficult.

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    1. Yes, it’s fun. No, these are actual game objects, I swapped the layer by replacing the picture with my own in The Sims Resource Workshop and made an edit of an open book that someone else made. It’s really simple. I made use of this tutorial, but I used it for a book instead of a painting, it’s really easy. Check it out. I thought it would be easier than to gimp this and that it would look more natural.
      I’m glad to be back working on my story and not only yours. It’s okay, but I missed mine.

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  5. Welcome back!
    The pictures and writing are great! I’m not sure whether I said this recently, but your writing truly has improved by miles 😀
    I’m really hoping that Clint getting to know Cedric won’t backfire horribly. He seems sensible though so… *crosses fingers*. Anyway, I’m excited to see what adventures await for Ron and Clint… or should I say worried, because both Hailey and Reggie were so youthful and lively near the beginning of the gen, and look at them now 😦 I hope they can find Becca! Nice introduction.
    By the way, I saw your new header, it looks cool! Everyone is crying except for that psycho Sam, of course 🙄

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    1. Hello, hello!
      Ah, thank you so much! I agree that I’ve improved, which is why I wanted so badly to edit the old stuff. But still haven’t gotten around to it, because I had so many other urgent matters to take care of. And some people say that it’s great watching me improve. I’m not really sure, but these compliments make me feel sorry for the people who start from the beginning, lmao. Thank you so much! ♥ And I likely could never get as descriptive as you with my writing.
      Oh… Clint has his reasons for wanting to get to know Cedric and it has nothing to do with him being his biological dad. He knows he works in the police and is hoping that he’ll help him find Becca. I think he’s doing quite well considered he’s only recently found out that he could never be with a girl who he’s had a crush on for years. Maybe you should be worried, but it’s still the beginning now, so hopefully they won’t get too heart-broken… But you never know.
      Thank you! I stayed up until 2 am or so yesterday to finish the new look. And I firstly put a tear on Sam’s cheek, but it looked so unnatural that I took it off. I can’t imagine him crying.

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  6. *squeal* Welcome back Jowita! I’ve missed this story. I’m loving this intro and I can’t wait to see what’s about to happen with Clint, Ron, Shari and Becca. Even though it is Ron’s generation I like the ‘ensemble’ feel of having the four of them as large presences in the story – feels different to what we’ve had in previous generations. Again, welcome back and I can’t wait to read more.

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    1. Aww, I’m so excited to be back. I literally stayed up last night until 2 am to finish the new look of my blog and I wasn’t even sleepy. It seems that the break has done wonders, as I wasn’t at all excited to write when I decided I needed it. I think it was a great decision. And look at me now –already off to a flying start with over 3,000 words in a post. And let me tell you – I’ve missed this story, too. It’s been my baby for so long and the characters just refused to get out of my head. It seems I’m stuck with it.
      I’m so glad you’re loving it! I thought the intro was much needed, because otherwise, we would start with a prologue already in Bridgeport and I didn’t really want that. I thought I needed some explanations and I wanted to show every character, partly so that you would get a refreshment after my break. Ron and Shari’s relationship is very, very important in this gen and you would miss out if I started off without her.
      I agree that it’s quite different, although I do believe that Frank played a giant role in Hailey’s gen and with the amount of bonuses and screen time he got, he felt like a second heir to me. Which is why I had to show two families here, as the story has two sides now. I can’t wait to write more, I have 3 posts written but without photos, and so many plans! So glad to be back and everyone is so welcoming here! ♥

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  7. Welcome back. I loved this intro. Hailey looked so sad sitting with Reggie. Thatoor couple, just merely biding their time. And the cryptic note from Hailey to her son was bizarre. The kids are all so gorgeous though. Can’t wait for more!

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    1. Hello, Audrey! If you couldn’t tell already, I’m super excited to be back. ♥ Hailey and Reggie are a really sad duo. Oh, the note…
      I agree that the kids grew up well. Hope you enjoy this new generation!

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  8. Welcome back!!
    What a way to reintroduce us to your story, too. From the look of things, there is quite a bit for the younger generation to sort out. Hmm … there is also the mystery around the meaning of Hailey’s message. Sad to see her as a shell of who she once was, but maybe this time of quiet has been one of reflection and personal growth. Time will tell regarding all these musings of mine.

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    1. Hello, Addy!
      Yes, I decided that I needed to remind you about my characters and that it would be neat to do that all in one post before the prologue. I also needed to clear out the confusing situation that Clint, Ron and Shari are now in with Becca missing and Ron and Shari having this weird relationship. Oh, Hailey’s message, that was some foreboding. She’s a shell and looks like one too with that blond dye, eye bags and the fact that she’s so unhealthily slim. Time will tell – time and me, actually! I’m excited to be back ♥

      Liked by 1 person

      1. And we’re excited to have YOU back!! ♥
        You did a terrific job of reminding readers about what has been going on and at the same time, adding more to the story! Definitely looking forward to more chapters.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you so much. I tried my best to include everyone as a reminder. I’m looking forward to preparing them too. Already have 3 posts written and need to take photos for them.

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  9. Really happy to see that you are back!! I am really looking forward to the next generation.
    I can’t imagine that Clint’s interaction with Cedric will be a pleasant one. But I think that is what Frank & Waylon are counting on.
    Speaking of Frank & Waylon (and of course we can’t forget Hailey); they certainly left a mess for their children to sort out. I can’t imagine how they must feel. Knowing that the girl you are in love with is actually your half-sister. How are they going to deal with that?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m really happy to see you, too! It’s been a while, definitely. ♥
      No, it most likely won’t be pleasant. Clint is hoping that Cedric might know something about Becca, whilst his dad would rather he never came up with that idea. Cedric is just… Well, mentally, he should never even count as a parent.
      They did leave a mess, of course it all dates back to Hailey’s poor choices and her love affair. Clinton feels awful, but no one but Becca and Shari (and Becca herself) knows about his feelings for her. Can’t blame him. It’s difficult for a young boy to talk about his feelings and this situation. He’s afraid that it would be much more difficult to deal with if they knew about the incest.


  10. Glad to see you back!!! It really was weird not seeing your posts on Saturdays 😛

    It’s too bad that Frank and Waylon feel so bad when they don’t know the real reason that Clint is upset. But I get why he hasn’t told them, and with so much kept from him for 21 years, he should be able to have a secret.

    Shari is so gorgeous! But of course with Candy as her mom. I was wondering if she had really moved on as much as she seemed to, but her kiss at the end says otherwise. I wonder if Ron and Shari will work out later in life. Maybe they were just too young.

    Off to find Becca! I’m excited for this generation.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad to be back, too! ♥ I can only imagine. 😛
      Yes, they have no idea about his feelings for Becca. It would be really hard for him to confide with them. After all, he hadn’t even told her before he knew she was his sister and that they were lying to him. Now it only got harder.
      She is! I think she’s the second mix of Candy and Darryll I came up with in CAS and I really loved her. You can see how her father looks on my download page. Hm… What I can say is there quite an adventure ahead of both of them.
      I’m excited too! Hope we’ll find her!

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  11. Not only you are super late, you know? I think you are curious if Waylon was irritating me this time. I must admit that he was still irritating, nothing changed. He can’t empathized with Clint’s situation. I know Cedric is a bad guy, but it’s understandable that Clinton want to know his biological father. Thank god Frank is normal (it couldn’t be different), without him, this family wouldn’t be normal (I know, I can’t find another word). Nothing matters expect Waylon’s correctness, thanks to that I know this is the same story. Fingers crossed for Clinton and Cedric’s meeting, although I know it could be a catastrophe.
    I have finally found out more about Clinton’s childhood. It must have been hard for him with so many questions in his head and kids who asked questions at every step. He is lucky he has such friend like Ron.
    It was so sad to read about Ron’s broken heart and Sharicka who says all those things to him. I dislike when people act like Sharicka, they say it’s not a big deal, but it is. It’s good Ron is going to Bridgeport, he won’t see her for a while and I hope he won’t be thinking about her too much. There are more important things than Sharicka, for example his sister who somehow is in another town. I hope boys will find her soon, because there is a lot to dicsuss.
    Omg, this family is so devastated. They look like they don’t have reason to live. Please, give him a reason, because it exceeded the depressive scale, I can’t look at it too long.
    Photos in the first half of this post are great. You know that I’m the person who thinks that pictures are too light and this time I didn’t think about it, so I would consider it a compliment.
    I’m really glad you back. You have no reason to worry, this intro was very good. Keep going!

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    1. Waylon still irritates you, nothing changed. I’m not surprised. He really should be more empathetic towards Clint but he hates Cedric to the core and everything he did to his beloved Frank. Normal, lol. Yeah, their family could never be truly “normal”.
      Yes, he had many questions as a child, but he lived quite a happy life nonetheless.
      Sharicka really didn’t act well and made Ron very miserable. It’s sad to read about. But now, we’re on a mission to find Becca! There definitely is a lot to discuss.
      They are super devastated, you’re right. Hopefully, they’ll get better with time. Or they won’t.
      Thank you! I’m glad the pictures looked okay to you. 😀
      Yay, I’m back ♥

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  12. Frank, you can’t expect Waylon not to have past relationships! Goodness. This is always something that annoys me – when people think their partner can’t have a past. Get over it, boy! He’s been your husband for long enough at this point!
    Shari is so gorgeous X_X I’m not sure it’s as over between them as she’s trying to convince herself it is. I think the lady doth protest too much.
    DOF on reshade is a pain to work out, the settings are a bit odd and you have to make sure the sims game is set up to allow it, I think? I can’t actually fully remember how I fixed it…
    I did notice how lovely and bright your game is! I think it looks really good, though perhaps just a tad too bright if you’re worried. I only thought that when Frank and Waylon were sitting on the sofa and his top and the sofa were quite bright together, though.
    5 weeks! Wow. It’s usually yours truly who disappears for that length of time, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I mean, it was not exactly that he had trouble with the fact that he had previous relationships, but with that he practically never talked openly about it with him, through all those years they were together. Plus Frank, you know, he’s still that quiet, insecure boy in his heart and Waylon was and is his first love. Law is on his way to be with his first love, too, lol.
      Oh, she is! She’s the second mix I got of Candy and Darryll with CAS and I must say I was really satisfied with her, though she didn’t look half as good as a teen. Now she really blossomed! Oh yeah, the subject of their relationship is pretty complex and will be the main theme in this new gen.
      Yeah, you have to turn off an option in the settings, something about smoothing the edges or whatever. I had it turned off and all it did was make weird spots on my screen. By that point my head was hurting super bad with a migraine, so I got annoyed and uninstalled ReShade altogether, lol. Maybe I should have tried more, but I don’t have patience for that.
      Yup, I like the new effects, although the house that Waylon and Frank live in is by default really light, so sometimes it gets a bit weird. Frank always wears bright tops, that’s true. But oh well, I’m glad you like the effects in general!
      Yup, it’s my longest break so far and it felt weird. But I’m really, really glad to be back ♥

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Where have you been?
      Yes, Sharicka may have her own reasons. Or she might not have any after all. She’s not that easy to work out.
      Yes, that’s just the beginning.

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  13. So nice to get back into your story again with Frank and Waylon – they are so touching! It is always difficult with family secrets and there is no “right” way to handle them, you just have to play it by ear!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you like them. They’re very special for me, too, and they’re so connected to the Rosenthal family that of course they had to be included. Of course, family secrets are always tough to deal with.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Woo-hoo, I’m finally here and I’m so ready! Sounds like you had quite the eventful time, I’m glad you got to take a break – even though you technically did quite a lot during that time 😆 I’m loving the layout of your site by the way! Now, onto the story~
    So, Clint having feelings for Becca is the worst thing possible, poor boy. (Side note: I love the attention to detail in the photo album). Ron and Shari seem to be mature, their conversation about their relationship was nice. I loved the hug between them at the end. Slightly saddening to see what’s become of Hailey, who has yet another hair change I see. Nice touch with the scarf to hide her surgery scars!
    All of the writing and the photos in this chapter were beautiful. What an exciting start, can’t wait to see where this goes 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! Can’t believe you’re actually here! ♥
      Yup, I just couldn’t spend all this time not working on the other stuff, I had to take some time away, just to finish at least a few of my projects…
      The layout is different now, the old theme had really, really large pictures, but they often did not load properly, so I kind of went for a more minimalistic one. I just needed a header, menu and featured images.
      That’s the actual worst. He’s really having a hard time. Well, everyone is now that she’s gone. The photo album is actually an edit of a book I downloaded from TSR. I only used TSR Workshop to change it up. Very simple, but worked well for me. It was fun to see a teen Waylon, and take his family photo.
      Ron and Shari *seem* to be mature is the right word here – you’ll see as the story progresses, they couldn’t be further from being so. Sadly, may I add. Oh yeah, she did have another hair change. At the time she looked so washed out with the blond hair. And she started continuously wearing short dresses, as hinted at in the epilogue. I couldn’t find any electrolarynx or anything that could imitate it on the net – not that surprising, is it? – so I decided on the scarves. Of course, she’s supposed to have a whole in her throat after the surgery…
      Aw, do you really think so? Well, thank you. Unfortunately, beautiful writing ends now, as we move on to Ron, lol.
      BTW, it’s funny that the first post you catch up on was after my break, so the recap that I decided to do with this introduction worked just as well to reintroduce you to the characters. ♥

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m happy to finally be back to reading 😇
        I admire your attention to detail and willingness to take the time and do that 👍 Hmm, I suppose I’ll have to continue reading to see if that’s the case or not. I can tell that Ron is suppressing some thoughts/emotions.
        Yup I do! Haha, I was gonna say that I kind of left off at the perfect time because gen 5 had ended, so the intro and prologue are perfect! 😄 I’m quite enjoying my reading so far~

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I waste too much of time on this story anyway, so why not waste more 😅
        Well, yeah, Ron is a synesthetic, so not only is it his personality, this also makes him more sensitive, and he often experiences things more strongly.
        I’m glad you are, and you indeed chose just the right time! Oh, and don’t know if you know about it, if you want to catch up on blogs one by one, you can click on the blog name in the Reader or go on the website and choose the three dots and it will show you the posts of just this blog in the Reader form.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That’s the spirit 😂👍
        Thanks for the suggestion, that’s actually what I’ve been doing! I figured it would be impossible for me to scroll down until last October, so I’ve opened up tabs of blogs in the reader to find out when my last likes/comments were so it’s more manageable 😊

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