I’m taking a break

Dear Friends,

this is me again, with the third post in two days. I realize this is a lot, however it won’t be that many of them anymore. Yes, you read it right. And before a crowd with torches and pitchforks prevents me from trying to explain myself… It is true – I’m going on a break and here is why.

The truth is, I’ve had free days ever since the end of June and one would think that I will make good use of this opportunity and even prepare posts beforehand, but, as you know, life rarely works out as you planned it. First, I was in a rush to prepare posts for when I left to Russia and I also happened to have started making poses, which threw another wrench into the works, because I had yet another task that required my attention, apart from the bonuses. When July rolled around, I started attending French courses from Monday to Friday, 5:30 pm to 7:45 pm. Evenings have always been my favorite time of the day, so this alone was inconvenient, not to mention the fact that I then had to do homework and the French started taking up more of my time. Apart from that, I am a person who tends to get sick easily and is not generally of good health. I often suffer from migraines, general tiredness (I never get enough sleep, even if I wake up at late hours), stomach aches, as well as the issues of more psychological nature, such as mental breakdowns, overwhelming sadness, etc. Now, I’m not saying this for you to feel sorry for me, there are other reasons for me never having time to prepare posts early enough such as my general tendency to procrastinate, but when all of these add up, I practically always end up preparing posts during nights from Friday to Saturday, when I’m also in panic, trying to make everything work to have a post up on Saturday, as it should be. As for you, I don’t think you necessarily experienced any changes – the posts were there on Sundays, as usual. But for me – it was different. Because of the tight schedule, I started doubting my abilities as a writer – the texts were often rushed and not thought out or satisfying. I felt as if I could do much more than that, but I simply never had the time to make these posts good in my own eyes. This made Hailey’s generation pass by way too quickly for me to get a handle of and I felt like it brushed by me without me quite realizing it. As opposed to how it usually is, I didn’t start to form any concrete plans for the next generation, too focused on getting the rest of stuff for this generation posted on time. When I started to think of what I would do for the next Saturday, when I should post the prologue to Ron’s generation, I realized I don’t have anything good planned. All I have is very brief, general idea of Clint and Ron traveling together, but I can’t see myself again perfecting chapters on short notice, because all it would do is get me stressed and displeased again – I know it, because I’ve been through that exact same thing for close to a half of Hailey’s generation. For these chapters, I did have some plans, but the clear plans ended when Hailey married Reggie. Then I had to rewrite my notes, because they were too brief and didn’t provide a clear perspective for me to work with. When I rewrote my notes, they were hardly satisfying and this started this whole spiral of stress and anxiety, along with Chapter 5.16 Getting my Priorities Right, which was the first chapter scheduled for when I flew to Russia, which I’m pretty sure was the first chapter I genuinely did not like. One would think that I would come back refreshed after my trip to Russia, but then I fall into a trap of trying to perfect my poses and you know it – I stayed up the night to finish the next chapter. Then it practically started being a habit. The bonuses,  I think, are the only ones I am satisfied with, as I’d planned them way beforehand and was really looking forward to sharing. So no – Ron’s generation isn’t planned and in all honestly, this is causing me anxiety, because I need to have even a brief, overall idea of his generation before I start working on it. As a plus, the kids are still teens in my game, there are many projects that I put aside because I had to work on my story, I have 40 out of 74 couple poses I wanted to finish before the end of August, the Sims I’ve been wanting to publish for a long time have been left in my library for eternity, as well as Hailey and Reggie’s house, my game isn’t cooperating and is throwing tantrums (crushes) at me, I need to work on moving my family to another town when the next generation rolls around, I need to update my header and prepare the layout for my blog, I need to figure out Ron’s voice, I need to update family relations on my family tree, I’ve been wanting to clear out my old posts for a long time… But guess what? The story has been getting in the way of each of these projects. Now that holidays are coming to an end and I’ll be coming back to school, I not only haven’t relaxed, I feel like I’ve been constantly overwhelmed with work. This is my last free week, then I will be bombarded with school work, meaning what I have now will be nothing. As you can imagine, this is not going to make working on the story any easier. Because generation 5 has just come to an end, and generation 5 is also exactly in the middle of the classic, 10-generational legacy challenge, I think it’ll be a reasonable step to take a break now and not dive into the next generation, risking I may not make it work – now, let’s be real, I will make it work, because I will feel forced to, but the quality will most likely deteriorate a great deal. This is not what I want my story to be for me – it should not be considered a tough chore. This is supposed to be entertaining and relaxing for me, but for the past few weeks it has not been anything to be described with positive adjectives.

Okay, now that I feel like I’ve complained enough, I want to talk about things that are more positive. I promised Darren I will edit out his finished story chapters for him on his blog called The Musketeers, which some of you may remember me recommending some time ago. Darren wants it to end on 23rd September with a special last chapter, 27th chapter of the story. He doesn’t have that many chapters on there still, I think, and I definitely recommend his story, especially if you’re into time travel or sci-fi themes. He’s very creative with a great imagination. So, while I will not be updating this story, I will gladly recommend you to catch up on his.

Finally, I do not know how much time my hiatus will last, I just hope my obsessiveness doesn’t force me to post a chapter on Saturday anyway (you just never know), but I want you to know that it doesn’t mean I’ll be away from WordPress. I even consider catching up on stories I’ve been wanting to read it, but – you guessed it – didn’t have time for because I worked on my own story. So yes, I will still be there and I’ll still be reading and commenting many amazing stories I’m following. I will see how about my own Sims projects, I hope to get working on them at some point and publish them without giving an exact date this time.

I hope you understand my reasons and that they are valid. I’ve just checked my blog posts and after analyzing them, I realized I’ve been updating on Saturdays ever since chapter 1.22 (October 15th, 2016) and at 3 pm ever since chapter 2.12 (January 21st, 2017), getting it wrong once with chapter 5.3 (April 7th, 2018), which was published at 2 pm, because I forgot about a time change and didn’t change the hour on time, and of course with the 3rd Frank bonus, which was published at 5:06 pm. All the awards and random posts I didn’t consider here. But you see, this schedule has been fitting for me for a long time, but it’s recently become a real pain for me to keep it up. And so, I hope that you understand and also that you realize I’m doing it also to keep the story as high in quality as possible, also for my Readers. This is also a good time if you’ve been meaning to catch up and felt overwhelmed by my posting.

Yours truly,


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  1. I’ve known for a while that you were doing your stuff very late and disliking it. I promise that when I’ve said I liked your stuff and thought you did a good job, I wasn’t just being nice. It doesn’t really matter what I or any others think, though – you’re not happy with it, and it stresses you out. Take all the time you need to get your thoughts and work in order. What we’re doing here isn’t supposed to be work – we do it because we love it.
    I will miss your posts on Saturdays, but I’m glad to know you’ll still be around WP and reading and commenting. Whenever you’re ready to post again, I know I’ll be ready to read 🙂
    Take good care of yourself, Jowita 🙂 ❤

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    1. Yes, I’ve been spamming about that quite a lot lately, because I’ve been suffering from a lack of interest in my story and a fair amount of self-doubt. Thank you so much, and I’m glad you still enjoyed these chapters. ♥
      I’ll be around no matter what, thank you so much for being such a good, supportive friend, Louise. ♥

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  2. Hey there, Jowita!

    I have never met another person so obsessively dedicated to their SimLit stories as you are. Your dedication has no limits and I admire you for your ability to post every week at the same time for years!!! You’re a superwoman, girl!

    I can totally understand how you feel. Every one of us has started blogging about our Sims for fun and I am the first person to tell you to take a break when the fun is fun no more. My own story is on hiatus already for a long time and even though I don’t want to abandon my Sims completely I am not sure if I’ll ever get back to writing Chapter Four… Oh well.

    On a better note, I’ve updated my blog with two new episodes from Chloe’s backstory at the DSA (with a two-week delay haha), so hopefully, that makes you feel better. I’ve scheduled the last episode of this series for today, but since I don’t have the screenshots yet, that’s most probably not going to happen either. Yes, I suck at sticking to the schedule. No big deal.

    So, dear friend, take your time to relax, it’s your last week of summer holidays for goodness sake!!! Go out, eat something you love, grab a coffee with your best friend or go to see a movie with your favorite people and forget about Sims! Enjoy your free time before the school starts again! Even Superwomen have to relax. Note that.

    Kate ❤

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    1. Hello, Kate! I’ve missed talking to you. ♥
      I’ve met one – and that is Kymber. She’s been posting her chapters every Saturday at 10 am ever since founding her blog in January 2016. I have so much respect for he, but I just can’t go on with this. Not anymore. Thank you so much for the compliments!
      Definitely, we all started to do it for fun, but then it got worse and harder. Good luck to you, maybe one day you’ll find the motivation!
      Oh my goodness, these flashbacks never showed up in my reader, at least I didn’t see them. No, I checked and they are there, but I know for sure that they weren’t. I think you should try reposting them, because judging by the likes, your other readers didn’t notice them, too. I know some people have had problems like this before. I will go read them! ♥
      Thank you so much for your encouraging words, Kate, you’re such a sweet friend!

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  3. I am too busy to catch up (comment) yet with WordPress, but I would just like to quickly pop in here.
    Your reasons are 100% valid and you really don’t need to explain yourself at all — the only person who has the right to decide if your hiatus is validated is you. However you want to go about with your writing and posting, we will support you! Take as much time as you need to sort what you need to sort out. Your health and happiness comes first, and it’s your story, not anyone else’s, so do what you are most comfortable with.
    I really get how you are feeling with posting having become stressful and overwhelming. I think for most people — maybe you — this will be unthinkable, but posting without a schedule helped me tremendously. I almost always post when I feel like it and when I decide the quality is good enough, instead of the quality being dictated by a self-imposed deadline which would have no real consequences if missed. No one cares about my irregular posting, anyway. Maybe you could try give that a shot?
    I hope your hiatus will be helpful and refreshing. My best wishes to you, Jowita ❤

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    1. Yes, I know you are, thank you for popping in anyway to leave some words of encouragement, even though you’re busy. That’s appreciated.
      Yes, my reasons are all true to life, I’ve been thinking about it and realized I wasn’t only being lazy with not posting, I had real, valid reasons for not doing that. You’re right, that I should not be asking you about this, but the truth is, I was stressed out about posting this and was hoping I was not making a mistake by doing so, as my obsessiveness is just too much even for me. I know this is going to hurt when I will have to change my Saturday habits of waiting for the chapter to get posted, for you to read it, etc. But that’s not what is healthy for me to do right now, it’d be really forced, it’s already been and I can’t risk messing up a brand new generation, because I’m not quite ready to working it out.
      The truth is, the posting wasn’t *that* stressful for me the past few generations, but with this, it’s become just too much to handle. Maybe you’re right and I should try it. I just did like having everything organized. Maybe it’ll be better if write chapters way beforehand which I can later keep tweaking?
      I hope so too. Thank you so much, it’s so kind and sweet of you. ♥

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      1. I think that taking a hiatus can never be a mistake! Sempreviva mentioned below that time is a key element in that excitement of new story ideas we all love. It can be frustrating not posting chapters when everyone else is, but focusing on thinking over the story rather than posting is the way to maintaining and increasing quality. My own long hiatus was painful, especially since it was forced, but in that quiet year, I developed my story ideas greatly, something that wouldn’t have occured if I didn’t go on hiatus. Similarly, my recent stuff-up of the story was due to me rushing to get to Gen 4 and not thinking properly. Enough of me — point is, this is an excellent chance for you to create a generation you really love and enjoy writing 😀

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  4. Exactly what Louise said! You know, if I told you I didn’t see that coming, I would be lying. And you are right – real life is quite stressful as it is, so this should be something for everyone to relax with and have fun! I’m in a way glad that you’ve taken the decision to take a break – not that I won’t miss your posts (quite the opposite), but because we share so much more than our stories here. If moving forward with the story just for our sake is getting in the way of your health, then it’s definitely time for a pause, and I think all your readers will agree with me 🙂
    I know I’ve had my share of writer’s block and you know, after a while you get an idea, an image, an itch to carry on and turn what’s inside your head into reality. This is what makes it worth it! But that often needs time and peace of mind.
    I thought I should also say that I love your writing and think you’re too hard on yourself – but we are our worst critics!
    So, I hope you’ll rest and be alright soon! Take care ❤ ❤

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    1. Louise spoke some words of wisdom, lol. But really, she’s so right, kind and understanding. As you are.
      Yes, if you really did listen to my complaints, you probably saw that coming eons ago. This should be a way to distress, but it’s casing me extra stress I don’t need! I hope it’s a good decision, although this will be hard with my obsessiveness. I need to tell myself I can’t force myself to work on the story. I. just. can’t. But it’ll be hard, truly! We share so much than our stories, we are really friends here.
      This is not exactly the writer’s block, I just got overwhelmed, I think. I need to take a break and think it all over.
      Thank you so much, you’re so kind! And I’m glad you are a fun of my writing.

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  5. If you need a break, take a break! I’ve loved this story, including this generation, and while I’d love to read more your health and satisfaction comes first. Feel no pressure to work if it’s burning you out. I’ll still be reading no matter what breaks you take.

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    1. Oh, thank you! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my story, I really loved sharing it with you, but recently, it’s become a burden and I don’t want it to feel that way anymore. Thank you for understanding. I hope to be back as soon as I can.

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  6. Sweet Jowita, I have been with your story since the beginning and have enjoyed it very much. I have always thought you to be very brave to publish your blog in English and you have done this so well. It pains me greatly that you’ve experienced the health problems you listed, and I remember our conversation about that not too long ago. I also know you have put a lot of effort to get the chapters out every Saturday like clockwork, and that is commendable. I will miss your updates very much, but I can’t emphasize enough that you must put yourself first. If this is no longer fun and has become a chore, then it is time to take a well-earned break. Take a rest from this and know that you have put in a huge amount of work that you can be proud of. ❤ All I want is for you to be happy and I'm sending you virtual hugs. ❤

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    1. I know this, Kym, you’ve been with me for so long, since the very beginning! I am so lucky to have such a devoted reader in you.
      I guess I can be called brave, then there are people like Louise who speak English better than me. I’ve improved a great deal since starting this blog and I’m proud. I’ve always admired you for keeping your schedule, I wanted the same for my story and for a long time I kept it working for me, just not anymore.
      I can’t emphasize enough how lovely a friend you are. Thank you so much for all the support you’ve shown me. I look forward to reading your updated as I did every Saturday, just without mine an hour before now.
      Hugs back! ♥

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  7. Hiya Jowita,

    I think you are young! Go out and have fun, which is all I could think about reading this. Gosh I know the stress it takes to put out a chapter as it is usually 3 days of writing for me and then working on getting all the perfect pics, let alone having a clear and decided plan where this whole thing is going.

    People are busy, life is chaotic and I don’t believe anyone needs to apologize for saying, “Hey, it’s too much, I need a holiday.” Cause truly that is really what you are asking for. Writing a blog story is essentially like a part time job. Even when I only posted once a month, I know that is still what it felt like to me.

    Take your time, come back when you want, but go out and experience some life, have fun! Life is short. If only I could get my twenties back again!

    See you when you return!

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    1. Hi, Bee!
      Well, I am young, but that doesn’t mean I necessarily think like that. I like writing, I really do, and I’d this story was writing alone, I think it’d all be somewhat easier. This is a lot of work, you’re right.
      I think you’re right in thinking a blog is close to a part-time job. I know that people would understand me anyway because my readers are just so kind, but the truth is, I wanted a clear explanation. I couldn’t leave my readers with nothing and not explain my absence.
      That is good advice, definitely.
      Thank you, Bee, you’re a good friend. 🙂 ❤️

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      1. Time passes by so fast. Think to when you were 14…does it seem that long ago? I only meant, I would love to see you out with friends, meeting new people and getting to do new things. Adulting hits you like a ton of bricks so fast and once you are under it, you will never get out. Go be as long as you can and as much as you can. I wish I had gotten the chance to do that.

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  8. I always say take care of you when I hear writers struggling. It happens more often than you think. When it stops being fulfilling and it’s not fun or satisfying it becomes a burden. Take a break and refresh. Come back ready. We will miss your story but hopefully not you! ❤️❤️❤️

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  9. Honestly trying to meet a weekly deadline is SO HARD. I’m amazed you’ve managed ot do it for so many years! I think it’s a good decision to make, to step back a little. Nothing is worse than not knowing where you’re going, and every word then is hard to write, rather than something fun and exciting as it should be.
    I’ve taken many breaks and they tend to help me, so do what you need to do! I look forward to seeing more of your story when you’re ready to write it 🙂

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    1. Agreed! It is hard and stressful, especially when you’re not entirely sure what direction you want the story to take. Easiest way to earn many plot holes or get stuck because you haven’t planned everything out.
      Yes, I do not want my story to be forced or for you to feel it is forced!
      Thank you so much. I do need a break.

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  10. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – the fact that you are able to post your chapters, practically on the dot, at the same time every week, in addition to bonuses, other tags, and recently your pose making is incredible. Not to mention having the time to read a whole bunch of other stories and share your lovely thoughts as well! ❤ The most important thing in this world is your health, because everything else in life won't be accomplished without it. I've also been stressing out about meeting deadlines – though now I've been slacking, haha – and in hindsight, that made me feel displeased with pieces I've rushed in the past as well. Working when I want to now, though it makes me feel kind of bad for leaving what I've been working on up in the air, takes a load off of my shoulders. It's easy to forget that this isn't a job, but something that started out of passion and love for writing (and playing sims XD) And like Lila mentioned there aren't any real consequences. Classes alone are enough of a reason to pause on everything else because of all the effort in memorizing and learning needed, not to mention time as well. I hope that whether you decide to take a long indefinite hiatus or not, you are happy first and foremost and that you enjoy whatever it is you put out because we certainly do, but as we are often hardest on ourselves, everyone else enjoying your work won't change the way you feel about it, so take as much time as you need until you do, Jowita! ❤ We'll be here 🙂

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    1. Yeah, I’ve been really struggling with the schedule as of recently. I do have time, lots of time actually, but it gets overwhelming, I tell you. Yes, I don’t think rushing things is a good thing. You don’t have time to actually tweak everything so you feel happy about your own story. It is really easy to forget. Playing Sims, though, lol. Yes, classes are kind of hard because they requite time and attention. I hope I’ll be happy at last with my work after this break. I do deserve it after all! Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Amy. ♥

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  11. So sorry to hear you have been rushing to get posts out, and so being left feeling unhappy with what you’ve produced! A break definitely sounds in order. Your dedication to your readers is admirable, but I’m sure not a single one of them would want you to stress yourself out. You can come back to your story when you want to, when it feels like it is truly yours again, not something you feel obliged to do in way that doesn’t feel satisfying for you.
    And you are learning French–how exciting! So many more books to read and experiences to have without the language barrier. As Bee said, go out and have fun!
    All the best xx

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    1. Yes, it hasn’t been going well for me and I feel like I deserve a break. I am very dedicated to this story and I love keeping my promises. I hope that my story will stop feeling like a chore after a break!
      Yes, I am, actually have been learning French for 4 years now, though I’m currently in A2 group, so not that good. Well, I know Polish as my native language and English quite fluently, but it would be nice to add French to the collection as well! Thank you!

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  12. As everyone else said, your health is your first priority and nobody will judge you for taking a break! Writing and simming should be an enjoyable experience imo, not a stressful deadline that needs to be met. Take your time and know that everyone here will support you no matter what 😊❤️

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    1. Thank you. Actually, my health is never good enough regardless of the story, to the point when I’ve been told I’m never really healthy. Thank you so much and you’re right that it should be fun. I know this – you’re all so sweet and supportive.♥

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  13. I’ve read a lot of the comments you have on this post here, and a lot people that care about you, and rightful so, you have kind heart Jowita and you do so much 🙂 you work so hard and I always amazed at everything get done here 🙂

    and I just like to say thank you so much for looking after me here, I could of never done this without you 🙂 I only known you for just about a year and 1/2 now and you’ve done so much and been a really great friend to me 🙂 and it so much means a lot to me 🙂

    you do deserve a break and I hope when you come back, your better than ever with new ideas and inspiration for your story, but until then please take good care Jowita

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 sending you a lot care your way 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  14. Dear lovely writer,

    I want to say that I totally understand your decision. I know how hard is making so many things when you have so little time. You tried so hard to get this all under control and you deserve a break. It was very bold move to take some time off writing because, I think, not everyone can do it. People always try to prove yourself that they can handle a lot of things, but only smart one can see the reality, not this imaginary view of their dailiness.

    I really understand your decision and you have my support. You can have my support in any situation, but I just remind you of this. You should give me a high-five because of procrastination (It’s me who was writing essays at night, I think this situation will repeat).

    If someone has a problem with your decision, I can react, because it’s simple to understand, and if someone has a problem with that, he or she can talk with me. I will gently explain how everything look like.

    I know, I could write a better comment, but today I can’t think straight, my head is empty, that’s why my condition isn’t well. I think comment in my native language would be longer than that.

    100 percent and even greater support

    Your sincerely,

    Not anonymous commentator

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    1. Hello, dear not anonymous commentator!
      It’s hard to take a break and in fact I’m already slightly regretting it, but it’ll be okay, I know it, because I really need it.
      A high-five for you!
      No, actually no one has a problem with this decision and everyone is really supportive.
      Thank you so much for your comment. 🙂

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  15. Take a break! Honestly I don’t know how you’ve done it for so long, especially with the class going on. Of course I will miss seeing chapters from you, but you’ve also got to be happy with what you put out.

    We all start these stories having fun, and it should continue to be fun! When we’re not having fun anymore, we need to take a step back and cut ourselves some slack.

    Take care of yourself first ♥

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    1. Thank you for your kind words and understanding. Admittedly, I had troubles in real due to me slacking off and putting the story the highest on my priority list. I want to continue to be happy with my writing and it just stopped being fun to me.
      We all deserve a break from time to time. Thank you again! ♥

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  16. Love your stuff and am off binge reading your last chapters. Everyone’s entitled to some time off, honestly, I don’t understand how you got the time to write and create so much! Take care! 🙂

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    1. Oh, do you really love it? I hope you enjoy catching up. I look up to you both as a writer and wonderful, creative photographer.
      Yes, I just really need a break right now, finished some long-time poses project and now I have time off from the game, working on the story ideas in my head. Was a bit sad that you closed the comments section for last chapter and that I only discovered it on your site, wasn’t in my reader!

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      1. Gaah… Totally forgot to enable the dang thing! I guess I was a little surprised no-one commented, but I was off on vacation the day after so it went unnoticed… I love your last poses, I guess the same thing happened to you, as there’s nowhere to comment… :s

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      2. It was the bed poses post. Maybe it’s because I was on my tablet – I couldn’t find where to write! Anyhow, I’ve enabled the comments on my chapter, so if you have the time it should work 🙂

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  17. Well, I’m a bit late responding here but I just wanted to say that I agree with everyone. I share a lot of the same health issues as what you mentioned and it can take a lot out of a person if there are too many drains on your time and energy. I’m not sure whether you’re familiar with the concept of chronic health issues and spoons? Basically, it comes down to, those of us who have health issues, no matter what they might be, have a certain number of “spoons” each day. Every time we do something, we use a spoon. So, some days you could be super happy and feeling ok, and your spoons might only get used up by doing big things, like going to class, or taking a walk around the block. Other days, you might use your quota of daily spoons just by getting up in the morning and getting ready for the day. And you can’t hoard spoons. You only get your daily allotment and no more. I’m not sure I’m describing this correctly, but the jist is, somedays we can manage the hectic schedules and others it takes all our effort just to get out of bed. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Just like taking a break from the story. If you need that time, take it. We’ll all be here when you start again 😁 heck, my own story has been on hiatus for a looooong while, I didn’t even make it past the reveal of the Founder’s heir lol

    Anyway, the point I’m trying to make (badly) is that you need to do what’s right for you! ❤

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    1. Hello! It’s nice to see you, it’s been a while.
      No, I hadn’t heard of spoons before reading your comment. It totally makes sense to me, I have no idea why, but just normal tasks of everyday life cost me so much energy, I feel like it’s chronic tiredness. No fun at all. It’s good to know I’m not alone in this!
      Thank you so much for this long comment, you’re very kind and supportive! 🙂


      1. I have been missing for a while, yes… Real Life has been kicking my rear, and somedays I’ve barely had energy to go to work. I love the spoons concept. The person who “developed” it was trying to explain to a healthy friend why it sometimes takes so much out of a person just to do what other people consider a small thing. Google a site called “The Mighty”. It’s a community of people with chronic illnesses of all sorts. It’s actually quite a good site, even for someone who doesn’t have a chronic illness. They might know someone who does and there’s so much info there that can help a person understand what that person is going through. An acquaintance of mine writes articles for that site, which is how I found out about it. It’s actually provided me with ways to explain to “normal” people what it means to be Bipolar 1 and all the other weird and wonderful diagnoses that make up my brain 😁

        Your “chronic tiredness” could even possibly be CFS, chronic fatigue syndrome. You should be able to find something on that site!

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