Generation 5’s O.C. Tags

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  1. Aaw, I didn’t get tired of this, Jowita 🙂 You’re way too hard on yourself. Hope you’ll rest up and take good care of yourself.
    I, like you, had a laugh at teenage Hailey’s optimism. She was so sure she was going to marry Cedric and have his babies. Well, she got at least to have one of them… but she was probably better off not being married to that creep.
    And poor teenage Frank was just the saddest creature. Like, oh no, honey, you didn’t hurt your idiot dad by being gay. He’s just a stupid bigot.
    The bit about Waylon kind of having red hair made me smile, because of my boyfriend. He was a red-head as a kid but it later changed to more of a brown 🙂 He still has pale skin and lots of freckles and his beard is red. He, he, so yeah – redhead-ish men make for great boyfriends, as Frank and I know 😉
    As for Reggie and Candy’s, Reggie’s was just sad. I love Candy’s optimism and her love for everything sugary and pink – she’s a delight 🙂
    This was a great way of ending the gen. Thanks so much for sharing, Jowita ❤

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    1. Wow, that’s a wonder. Because I kind of did. Thank you so much! I hope I’ll get through this flu fast.
      I know, she was so freaking naive. It’s surprising that it was eventually her who broke up with him in the first chapter of her generation. But she got Frank’s friendship back too. ♥
      I know, my heart was breaking for poor teenage Frank, he continued to be pretty lost as a young adult too. With Way he really blossomed and that makes me proud, which is why I needed to make this OC for him. Oh, it’s lovely that it reminded you of your boyfriend. I kind of wasn’t sure what I was doing while making Waylon and I picked the hair color that I figured fit him. It’s neither red or brown, really, but I like him this way. Definitely, you know it!
      Yes, Reggie’s still feeling pretty down. As for Candy, she’s such a silly little girl stuck in an adult woman’s body. 🙂
      Thank you so much, Louise. I’m glad you think so. 🙂

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  2. Aww I loved this! It must have been a ton of work to finish it..!
    I really liked how you made Hailey and Frank answer in three different ages… shows how much they’ve grown 🙂
    I will agree with Louise that Reggie’s is so, so sad… but thankfully you saved Candy’s for last because she’s a blast – I love her ❤
    This was great!

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    1. Ah, thank you! Yeah, it took a couple of hours two write and then I was running out of time to take new photos for this.
      Yes, that was the original idea – to have Frank answer 3 times, except the 2nd time was actually supposed to be when he and Waylon were already married. I changed my plans, though.
      Candy is last because she made the appearance in the story last, really, but she’s a gem!
      Thank you ♥

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  3. This was awesome!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
    I loved seeing the answers at different stages in the lives of Frank & Hailey. Hailey was so young and naive. Life did not turn out like she had thought (but that is what usually happens). And I am so proud to see how much Frank has grown. He was so insecure ans awkward, but grew into a more confident man who is proud to be a supportive member of the LGBTQ+ community.

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    1. Thank you so much ♥
      I’m so glad that you liked that thought of mine to include them in different stages. Yes, life rarely work out how you planned it it. It’s practically impossible. I’m so, so proud of Frank and how far he’s come. ♥

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  4. Aww, this didn’t feel long at all! The fact that you wrote Hailey and Frank’s answers from those three different times in their lives was a really nice touch 😀 Since we’ve been along for their journeys it was nice to understand exactly where they were coming from with their answers, though Frank’s made me a bit sad since we didn’t get to see much of what went down during that early time of his life before he began living with Hailey. Speaking of which, the fact that even as an adult with the big C, Hailey still hates cleaning makes me laugh XD I love how you see their answers for their families change~ It was heartwarming ❤ You can see just how different Waylon's upbringing was in his answers compared to Frank, which is good for Way, but make me feel even worse for Frank </3 Especially in how confidently Waylon answered his questions and what his fears were… totally different. Reggie's (that photo though :'/ ) was mostly sad, he'd also have vastly different answers if he were younger when answering. And Candy was just as bright as can be 😀 I love her excitement at answering most of the questions. This was super fun to read! 🙂

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    1. I’m so glad. It felt like it was going on forever while I was writing it, maybe because my longest posts are half the size of this. I’m glad you liked this idea. It startedpoff me with me just wanting to show a change in Frank. Then I decided it’d be awkward if I did it three times for him and one time for my actual heiress. I’m so glad everything made sense. It was kind of tricky to adjust to answering in 3 different timelines. No, I unfortunately had to focus just on Sam and Hailey and so Frank’s teen years weren’t really featured in the story. Those were probably the darkest times of his life. But that’s also why he fights for the rights of people similar to him so much. He’s been through hell with Cedric. Hailey hates cleaning to the chore. You just don’t see her complaining, because Reggie pays for a cleaning lady. Yes, it’s so nice to see how they have such lovely families now! I told you before that Waylon’s upbringing was very different and that he was a joyful kid, as opposed to Frank. That shaped their personalities as adults and is the main cause of their arguments. It’s hard for them to truly understand one another in some cases.

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  5. Yes, it was lengtly, but I’m still alive and not bored, so it’s good. I think there was nothing that surprised me in Hailey and Frank’s answears. Sweet, naive and in love teenager; I want to be a singer and please, get this thing out of me girl and tired of life, mature Hailey. These three characters (I mean way of being) are well know for all of us. And Frank – I love you, but you shouldn’t be so shy; I still love you and your kindness, and I’m glad you are law student, but I think you ought to feel more comfortable with yourself and my love for you will never fade, I’m so happy that you found happiness in your life, I wish you the best and I’m so glad you are more bold than ever. I could beg you for more Frank at this moment. I’m glad I saw their change. I love when characters change, become mature, get smarter. Thanks for the opportunity to read about it.
    I have admit that Waylon didn’t annoy me this time. I know, do I use to him? I hope I don’t… I definitely belong to W’s fan club. I’m #1 fan, sorry Frank. When I read that Waylon used to go the beach with Ken, I thought he was talking about his ex at first, but then I remembered that Ken is his dad. It’s a pity, because I imagined W with Ken, Ken doll.
    Reggie was so depressing, I feel sorry for him. He was harking back to walk all the time (not like teen Hailey who will mention Cedric in every answer if she could or Frank who was mention Waylon too much). It’s interesting that Reggie has a dog when he was little. I wish I could find out more about it.
    And the last character, fluffy pink pony. I can’t belive someone with a soul of a child is 40. I feel sorry for Hailey and Reggie, because they surely sometimes heard Candy’s scream because this little spider which was on the wall. And I don’t like scouts, I know two (and this spokeswoman from Scouting Association). I have never met a normal scout, and you know, I can be hostile for some group even if I don’t like a few people.
    You thank me for reading, so I thank you for writing such a long post 😉

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    1. You’re still with us! I’m so glad that I didn’t kill you with this post!
      See, you should take a quiz on how well you know Hailey and/or Frank and find out how much you score. 😉
      These are three true phases in Hailey’s life. We all know how it works for all these Haileys.
      Cedric really damaged Frank as a teenager which is why he fights for gay rights as an adult, he wants to prevent it from happening to some other young guys and girls like him whom are denied the right to be who they are. I would love more Frank. You wouldn’t have to beg for too long as it’s just a pleasure to write about him.
      Wow, I’m surprised that Waylon didn’t annoy you. You are definitely Way’s number 1 fan. No, Ken is actually his brother. And he wouldn’t like an actual ken doll – they don’t have dicks, you know. 😛
      Yes, Reggie praises his work so much. He loved racing when he could still do it. Hailey and Frank were clearly in love, which is why they talked too much about their partners. Reggie did have a dog when he was little, little trivia here and there.
      Candy is practically a child in a woman’s body! I know who the fear of spiders reminds you. There is someone like this you know all too well. Scouts tend to be pretty weird. But then Ron was a scout when he was little!
      Thank you for commenting. 🙂

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  6. Hailey’s teen responses were pretty funny. She had no idea what was coming.

    “Sorry, but anyone who’s not Waylon, doesn’t stand a chance. I’m pretty set on him.” Awww I love Frank’s response. He’s so sweet.

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