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Generation 5’s OC Tags

Warning: It’s really lengthy. And I’m sorry for the pictures, but I had no strength to take new ones, so I took them from the story.

Hello, guys, welcome back! As promised, I’m going to present you with the O.C. Tags for five main characters of my 5th generation – Hailey, Frank, Waylon, Reggie and Candy. They will answer in this exact order, same order in which they were featured in the story. Before you dive in, though, I need to warn you that O.C. Tags for Hailey and Frank are quite unusual in that these characters respond three times in three different periods of their life. I hope that it isn’t too confusing, but anyway I will explain it.

  • If you see TH before the response, it is a response of teenage Hailey. Teenage, so how old exactly? Well, these are the response of 16-year-old Hailey, so for you to imagine it better – Hailey outed Frank and started dating Cedric at 15, she dyed her hair and came to meet her dad at 17. So 16 is basically the neutral, in-between period when all the bad was yet to happen. That’s why I chose this particular age.
  • If you see YAH before a response, this is the response of a young adult Hailey, so Hailey at the age of 18 after she discovered that she was pregnant with Clint and agreed to let Frank take care of the child. It’s also before she got to meet Waylon.
  • If you see AH before a response, this is the response of adult Hailey, so Hailey now, at 40, after all the stuff that’s recently happened. It’s practically Hailey taken straight from the epilogue.
  • If you do not see anything before a response, this response is a constant and would work for all ages.

Since we’ve been getting to know both Hailey and Frank since they were teenagers, same goes for Frank, so correspondingly:

  • If you see TF before a response, this is the response of a teenage, 16-year-old Frank after he was outed by Hailey and started experiencing troubles at home, while questioning his sexuality.
  • If you see YAF before a response, this is the response of a young adult, 18-year-old Frank, who has just started his studies and met an interesting, older, 22-year-old guy named Waylon, who was unusually kind and helpful with getting him accustomed to the new routine.
  • If you see AF (such an unfortunate shortcut) before a response, this is the response of an adult Frank, so Frank now. 40-year-old gay activist, who has just told Clint about his biological parents.
  • If you do not see anything before a response, this response is a constant and would work for all ages.

Let’s begin now, shall we? We’ll start off with Hailey.


What is your name? 

TH: Hi, my full name is Hailey Nathifa Rosenthal, but my family usually calls me Hannah!

YAH: My name is Hailey Nathifa Rosenthal, but I just go by Hailey.

AH: My name is Hailey Nathifa Calloway, but people call me Hailey.

Do you know why you were named that? 

Yes, my second name used to be my first. It means ‘pure’ in Arabic and my mother chose it. My grandmother then called me Hailey, just because my mother’s name starts with an H as well.

Single or taken?

TH: Uh… Do I have a “it’s complicated” option? Because that’s just how it is! But I technically am in two relationships. *giggles*

YAH: Wish I was. Not easy to meet new people or rather attractive potential partners when you’re preggers!

AH: No, I’ve been married for 19 years now.

Stop being a Mary Sue!

TH: Is that the perfect character? Well, my life would be perfect if I could get the man of my dreams all to myself!

YAH: Mary Sue’s don’t get pregnant at 18, do they?

AH: What did it mean again?

What’s your eye color? Gray.

How about hair color

TH: Boring light brown. I want to dye it pretty colors, but Gramma said no.

YAH: Oh, it’s pink with those pretty ombre effect on my hair tips. Thanks for noticing. I do love it!

AH: It’s light brown, though I’m pretty sure I have like 3 gray hairs by now.

 Have you any family members? 

TH: Oh… I wish Grandpa was still with me. It’s still fresh. But then I have Grandma. We pick fights all the time! Also, I have a lot of relatives, but we don’t really keep in touch with them. Grandma’s pretty bitter, to be honest. That’s just how she is, I think. Permitting me from doing anything!

YAH: Yeah, I do have quite a lot of them, but then I’ve just moved to Starlight Shores and it’s just me and Frank. He’s practically like a brother.

AH: I have my husband Reggie, then my kids, Becca and Ron, and I also have a son named Clinton. I have a lot of other relatives, but I last saw them at my wedding and we don’t really keep in touch.

 Oh, how about pets?  I don’t have any.

 That’s cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don’t like?

TH: I don’t know if that’s cool. I’d love me a cat or a dog. Oh, there is this one particular person I don’t like. Am I allowed to… Well, her name’s Joanne and I wish she didn’t exist! But then we wouldn’t have Frank, I guess. I also don’t like chores of any kind – like washing plates, making up my bed or stuff. It’s all tedious.

YAH: Oh, I do hate cleaning! What’s the point of this even? Everything gets dirty again in no time anyway!

AH: I don’t like the fact that I have to communicate with you through this silly lector voice. And I definitely do not like the fact that I can’t sing. And Becca’s disappearance. And Reggie’s attitude. And cleaning. Oh, how I hate cleaning!

Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?

TH: I love music and performing. I have learned to play various instruments – like piano or guitar. And I like singing too! I would love to be a singer when I’m an adult.

YAH: Yeah, I want to make it to the top with my singing!

AH: Oh, I used to love singing. But now… I’m not so sure.

Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before? 

TH: Most likely Frank… I’m still not sure what I will do when he eventually finds out…

YAH: I totally hurt Frank! It’s still a wonder that he forgave me.

AH: Most likely many people throughout my life. To name a few – Frank, Joanne, Candy… And more.

 Ever… killed anyone before?

TH: No!

YAF/ AF: God, did you confuse me with my father?!

 What kind of animal are you? 

TH: I’ve been told I’m a social butterfly. That’s probably true.

YAH: Well, I am a nightingale. Because I can sing!

AH: Like a spirit animal? I honestly don’t know.

Name your worst weaknesses. 

TH: I’m not a good listener, I talk way too much about myself and I totally feel like I’m kind of betraying trust of my best friend. Anything else? I don’t know.

YAH: Err, I’m pretty lazy and I skip doing my chores all the time.

AH: Reggie.

 Do you look up to anyone at all? 

TH: I used to look up to my Grandpa. Even though he’s gone, I still do.

YAH: Yeah, my Grandpa. I wonder if he’s watching me from above and facepalming at my behavior.

AH: I don’t know. Probably no one?

Are you straight, gay or bisexual? 

TH: I’m so straight I can’t even… Oh, whoops, I forgot it doesn’t work for heterosexual people!

YAH: Yup, I’m straight. And preggers, as a bonus. Do you get extra straight points for a baby bump?

AH: I’ve been married to a man for the past 19 years and we have 2 kids together. So yeah. I’m pretty sure I’m straight.

Do you go to school? 

TH: Oh, yeah, standard school and the extracurricular one. But think I will drop out of the latter soon, because it’s SO MUCH work. I wish Grandma had let me attend the boarding school as it was set!

YAH: Not anymore! Yay for freedom!

AH: Oh, do I look like a high-schooler for you? No, I don’t.

Ever want to marry and have kids one day? 

TH: Yeah, that is, my boyfriend needs to divorce first, but it’ll be easy to do. Then we can marry and do all that!

YAH: Sure, if I meet someone special. I need to get rid of that baby I’m pregnant with first. I mean, Frank said he’d care for it and that’s like the only reason I’m going through that.

AH: I’ve already done all that, actually.

 Do you have fangirls/fanboys?

TH: Someday I hope to as I pursue a career in music!

YAH: For now, the imaginary ones.

AH: More than I’d like to. It’s quite bitter when you are suddenly widely recognized when you lost your voice and nearly will to live.

What are you most afraid of? 

TH: That Frank or Gramma find out and everything’ll be ruined!

YAH: Currently? That I will have to get a job apart from my singing. God, no!

AH: I’m not quite ready for death even if I like to tell myself I am. Also, I’m scared that something terrible happened to Becca. I don’t care what she does or where she is as long as she’s safe.

 What do you usually wear? 

TH: Anything stylish!

YAH: Oh, I do love playing with clothes. My options get a bit limited when I’m preggers, though. Doesn’t mean I’ll give up on fancy stylization.

AH: I’ve recently rediscovered my passion for dressing up. It’s also quite fun when I make my shawl match the clothing. Even if the shawl is there to serve a purpose.

 What’s one food that tempts you? 

TH: Chocolate!

YAH: A lot of food tempts me, to be honest. I’ve been constantly hungry lately!

AH: It’s been hard swallowing since my throat got messed up. And surgery didn’t make it any better.

Am I annoying you?

TH: Oh, no, I love a good distraction to put off doing homework!

YAH: Not really.

AH: Ah, you’re fine, it’s just that I’m kind of done with it all.

Well, it’s not over! Okay, then.

What class are you (low class, middle class, high class)? 

TH: Middle class?

YAH: Pretty sure middle class.

AH: I’m high class, definitely. Does it matter that much, though?

How many friends do you have? 

TH: Oh, easy! Clara, Diana, Monica and Frank. That makes 4!

YAH: Frank? And random people who listen to me while I’m playing!

AH: Definitely Candy, Frank and possibly… Waylon? Nah, cross that out. I don’t think he likes me.

What are your thoughts on pie? 

TH/ YAH: Tasty!

AH: Trouble swallowing. Like every other food.

Favorite drink? 

TH/ YAH: Cherry coke.

AH: Do I need to repeat myself? *adjusts shawl*

What’s your favorite place? 

TH: Anywhere I’m with Cedric!
YAH: Still not sure about this new town. But I do like the park where I play.

AH: I like spending time at home these days.

 Are you interested in anyone?

TH: Yasss, Cedric!

YAH: No, not at the moment. You know, preggers and stuff.

AH: Yes, I still love my husband, Reggie, a lot.

That was a stupid question. 

TH: Duh!

YAH: Kind of.

AH: Yeah, it probably was. You don’t ask a married person if they’re interested in anyone.

Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean? I think ocean.

What’s your type? 

TH: Blond, blue-eyed, older.

YAH: I’m pretty sure I’m driven towards much older men.

AH: Well, Reggie. I love Reggie.

Any fetishes? 

TH: I like older men. Is that a fetish?

YAH: Err…Uh…I’d rather not answer this question.

AH: Don’t think so.

Camping or indoors? Indoors, anytime!

How did you enjoy it? Well, Hailey definitely is not so wild as she used to be and she’s got baggage to carry now. I’m still cracking up at the naivety of teenage Hailey, aren’t you?

We will now be moving on to my favorite, precious boy, Frank, who is really the primary reason for this post, but shh, other characters don’t need to know that they are only there because Frank needed a post. Enjoy!


What is your name? 

TF: My name’s Frank Parsons.

YAF: It’s Frank Parsons.

AF: My name is Frank Cavender.

Do you know why you were named that? I have no idea. Frank Sinatra, maybe?

Single or taken?

TF: I’m technically in a relationship. With a certain girl. Not that it’s wrong or anything. *looks away*

YAF: Well, I wouldn’t call it a relationship yet. It’s… a really close friendship?

AF: Yes, I’m happily married to the man I love most in the world!

Stop being a Mary Sue!

TF: I am not.

YAF: Is that supposed to be a compliment?

AF: Ah, you act like Waylon. Complimenting too much, aren’t you?

What’s your eye color? Brown.

How about hair color? Also brown.

Have you any family members? 

TF: Oh, not many. But I do have a mom and dad. No siblings.

YAF: My family is pretty small. But my parents are divorced now, so I wonder if they will start their own separate families? It’s still hard to think about.

AF: Oh, my mom is married to a man called Gerard, my father I don’t really know, I myself have a husband and I raised my step-brother with him.

 Oh, how about pets? I’ve never had any.

 That’s cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don’t like?

TF: I hate labels and living in a society where… some things… are so hard to talk about.

YAF: I really hate that mess that has become of my life as of recently.

AF: Labels, because they divide people. And people who stick their noses too deep into your life just so they can criticize the way you chose to live it.

Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?

TF: I sang in a choir when I was little. Not anymore, though. I… My dad said it was too feminine an activity for a boy. He wants me to play sports, but I really can’t. I keep tripping over my feet on a perfectly even road. I’m awkward, aren’t I?

YAF: I really like my studies in law. So yeah, you could say it’s become quite a hobby.

AF: I am an activist, I defend the rights of the members of LGBTQ+ community and I am also interested in law in general. Waylon calls that “a deep-rooted student PTSD”.

Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before? 

TF: Yes, I have. My dad is disappointed in me.

YAF: Ah, yes. You see, my dad told me I’m a mistake and that I’m not the son he wanted.

AF: Probably everyone has at some point.

 Ever… killed anyone before? No, and I’d never do that!

What kind of animal are you?

TF: I’ve never thought of that.

YAF: I don’t know.

AF: I really like the metaphor of a butterfly which comes out of its cocoon.

Name your worst weaknesses. 

TF: I can’t: do sport, act like I’m self-confident speak in public, not blush when I feel awkward and… be straight? *blushes, touches face* I’m sorry.

YAF: Well, apparently Hailey, because I forgave her after all the drama.

AF: Most likely Waylon and my underlying self-confidence issues that are still somewhere there.

Do you look up to anyone at all? 

TF: Hailey. She’s so self-confident, unlike me.

YAF: Practically anyone who can be gay and open about it.

AF: Definitely Waylon. I wish I was more like him – funny, lovely, self-confident, you know. He’s really great.

Are you straight, gay or bisexual? 

TF*blushes*: Can we skip this question?

YAF: I am… Pretty sure I’m into guys. *blushes*

AF: I’m gay, that’s a fact.

Do you go to school?

TF: Yeah, just your usual high school. Not the best environment, but it could do. *sighs*

YAF: Yes, I’m a law student.

AF: No, I don’t.

Ever want to marry and have kids one day? 

TF: Uh… yes?

YAF: If it was possible, then sure.

AF: I am married and I raised my step-brother as if he was my kid. If I could have biological children with my husband, then it’d be nice. But I’m okay with how it is. I just hope I didn’t make a terrible mistake and that Clint forgives me.

 Do you have fangirls/fanboys?

TF: I definitely don’t have any.

YAF: No, not at all.

AF: You could say. A lot of people look up to me.

What are you most afraid of? 

TF: I’d say getting outed, but somehow that already happened twice. And I didn’t even say a word in both cases. So I’m just afraid of how much more hurtful stuff my dad can say or do to me.

YAF: That I have to go through hell in uni, too, because of my sexuality.

AF: Of losing Waylon and Clint not forgiving us.

What do you usually wear? 

TF: Whatever I find fit and is in my wardrobe.

YAF: Plain colors mostly. And gray.

AF: I’ve recently fell in love with flower textures. But I love putting on clothes that I like.

What’s one food that tempts you? Well, there’s a lot of tasty food out there.

Am I annoying you? 

TF: No, I’m just a bit socially awkward.

YAF: It’s okay.

AF: No, you’re not.

Well, it’s not over! Go ahead.

What class are you (low class, middle class, high class)? 

TF: Middle class, I think.

YAF: Middle class?

AF: I’m thinking high class? Not that I think any better of myself because of that.

How many friends do you have? 

TF: Uh… Hailey?

YAF: Hailey and Waylon, a guy from my studies.

AF: As for close friends, there’s Hailey, but I do have a lot of supporters and they’re really good friends too.

What are your thoughts on pie? It’s good!

Favorite drink? Apple juice.

What’s your favorite place? I don’t really have one.

Are you interested in anyone?

TF: I don’t know. Maybe?

YAF: I think so…

AF: Definitely, in my husband.

That was a stupid question. 

TF: No, it’s my fault.

YAF: I just felt a bit awkward is all.

AF: Ah, well, my love interest should be pretty obvious.

Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean? Probably a lake.

What’s your type? 

TF: Of… of a partner or what? I don’t really know.

YAF: There might be someone… But it’s not about the looks, you know? More like self-confident, funny, caring.

AF: Err… Sorry, but anyone who’s not Waylon, doesn’t stand a chance. I’m pretty set on him.

Any fetishes? 

TF: My dad says being gay is an unhealthy fetish. I don’t want to believe in it, though.

YAF: I don’t know.

AF: No, I don’t think so.

Camping or indoors? I think indoors.

Now that we’re done with the O.C. I was looking forward to the most, we can go along with other characters, who all respond only 1 time, just because they’re pretty constant. We’re now moving on to now 44-year-old Waylon. Thank you for reading along!


What is your name? I’m Waylon Cavender.

Do you know why you were named that? I have no idea, to be honest.

Single or taken? Very taken.

Stop being a Mary Sue! Ha, that’s a good one.

What’s your eye color? Chestnut brown. Or maybe pretty shade of poop works as well.

 How about hair color? Kinda reddish, though not exactly? It’s hard to classify, I know. Imagine the poor kids from my school, not knowing whether to laugh at me about being a redhead or not. That’s a real dilemma right there!

 Have you any family members? Sure! My parents named Arthur and Martha and my brother Kenneth. Yeah, I’m the odd one without the th in the name. Plus, I have a husband and an adoptive son.

 Oh, how about pets? None. I’ve always wanted a dog, but my parents didn’t agree. Then I go so used to a house without pets that I never thought about adopting one when I moved out.

 That’s cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don’t like? Well, Hailey. But don’t tell that to Frankie, he says I should be nice to her. Then come the people who are way too interested in my life or the ones who treat me like something else ‘cause I’m gay, as if that dictated what kind of person I am. Come on, world, it’s 2018!

Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do? Well, I like sports. I quite regularly hit the gym, although I may have fallen a bit behind lately. I also love watching sports on TV. But Frankie doesn’t. He prefers boring documentaries.

Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before? Yeah, most likely. Is that a survey? Honestly, if someone tells you no, they’re lying. I can assure you about that.

 Ever… killed anyone before? No, but I wish I could silently eliminate some people from this world. Aka guys who hurt Frankie.

 What kind of animal are you? Is that a tricky question, ‘cause humans are animals? No idea.

Name your worst weaknesses. I’ve been told I can get snooty and big-headed and such. I guess it is true. And I am known for not caring about people’s opinions, which also means no one can get me to change, even for the better. It can be an asset, though, if you think better of it.

 Do you look up to anyone at all? Definitely Frankie! Wish I could be as kind and hard-working. That just doesn’t work out for me, I guess. I can be an ass at times.

Are you straight, gay or bisexual? Yeah, I’m gay. Please don’t tell me you’re going to flip now. *rolls his eyes*

Do you go to school? That’s way past me, fortunately.

Ever want to marry and have kids one day? Well, I am married and I technically have a kid, so that’s already happened to me.

 Do you have fangirls/fanboys? Why? Do you want to join a Waylon fan club?

What are you most afraid of? I’m not a cowardly kind of person, so only the most important things really bother me. Like the fright of losing any of my family members.

 What do you usually wear? If you know me, you know that I love, love, love red. But anything in bright, lively colors, really. And grid! I love grid. And red Converse are often an important factor. Such a classic.

 What’s one food that tempts you? I love fast food more than I’d admit.

Am I annoying you? Ha! Oh, maybe just a little.

Well, it’s not over! Good for you, then. We can discuss that Waylon fan club later if you wish. Oh… just kidding!

 What class are you (low class, middle class, high class)? Well, I’m pretty sure I am the lucky one here. I’ve had what I wanted my whole life. High class.

How many friends do you have? I have some, but they are not that close. I am a respected member of Starlight Shores’ LGBTQ community. That already earns you quite a bunch of fun people to hang out with.

What are your thoughts on pie? My mom makes the best I’ve ever eaten!

Favorite drink? Definitely Martini.

What’s your favorite place? I used to love to hang out around town when I was younger, but now I learned to praise quality time at home.

 Are you interested in anyone? Yes, I’m married and I’m interested in my husband. Are you implying that I might have someone on the side?

That was a stupid question. Okay, you may bribe me with a Martini. Then I may consider accepting your apology.

Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean? Well, I would feel like a traitor if I didn’t overpraise beautiful Starlight Shores’ beaches. I spent a fair part of my childhood going there with Ken during the summer.

What’s your type? I thought you were done implying that I’m a chicken hawk. That’s disgusting and you should be ashamed, ya know?

 Any fetishes? Is sex all you really think about? Wow, and here I was hoping you weren’t one of these people. I’m so done with this conversation.

Camping or indoors? Just. Stop. Will ya?

Okay, good, I was scrolling through gay slang again, and it shows, lol. According to Wikipedia, chicken hawk means “gay who preys on underage boys”, in case you were curious. Well, Waylon was a fun tag, though he misunderstood some of the questions. Let’s see what Reggie has to say.


What is your name? That’s merely a formality now. Reginald Calloway, also known as Fast-Track Reggie. That is, in the good days.

Do you know why you were named that? How? Fast-Track Reggie? Because of my career in racing. Seriously, are you closeted not to know about me yet?

Single or taken? I’m married.

Stop being a Mary Sue! Okay?

What’s your eye color? Green. As the fresh spring grass, as my wife would describe it.

 How about hair color? It used to be blond, but it’s gray now.

 Have you any family members? Sure. I am married to Hailey, we live with her best-friend Candy and we also have two children – Ronald and Rebecca. Becca is missing now, though. Don’t remind me.

 Oh, how about pets? None. I had a dog when I was little.

 That’s cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don’t like? Uh, the fact that I can’t drive anymore. I do not only dislike it, I hate it.

Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do? Now that’s just cruel of you, because I was deprived of my hobby.

Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before? Who hasn’t?

 Ever… killed anyone before? No. But I would kill myself if given the possibility to.

 What kind of animal are you? Does that refer to my last response? I’m just a depressed old chap is all.

Name your worst weaknesses. Definitely racing. Without it my life barely makes sense to me.

 Do you look up to anyone at all? Partly Hailey. She’s stronger than I thought.

Are you straight, gay or bisexual? When Hailey first told me that she was friends with a gay couple, I told them that they’re lucky to have sex whenever they want and that Virgin Mary made me straight and that’s the price I have to pay for it. So yeah – I’m as straight as a gun barrel. Quite boring in these times. Things were kinda different when I was younger.

Do you go to school?  Do I look like it? I can’t even walk to get there.

Ever want to marry and have kids one day? I’ve done that. Twice.

 Do you have fangirls/fanboys? I used to. But who’s left now? People are around as long as you’re young, beautiful and healthy.

What are you most afraid of? Now? Nothing. The worst has already happened. Now I’m just waiting for the gracious death to come and get me.

 What do you usually wear? I used to wear heavy, military shoes all the time. Now that I can’t walk anymore, I asked Ron to take them.

 What’s one food that tempts you? I love meat. Especially grilled scrag.

Am I annoying you? No. I’m just kinda bummed, but that’s a permanent state, so no worries.

Well, it’s not over! Let’s get it over with, then.

 What class are you (low class, middle class, high class)? High class? But I feel very low right now. “Hello, hello, hello, how low” – you know how it goes.

How many friends do you have? Not many. Remember what I said about them staying when you’re young, beautiful and healthy?

What are your thoughts on pie? It tasted best when my mom made it when I was a kid. She’s dead now.

Favorite drink? Any quality beer above 5%.

What’s your favorite place? It used to be the racing track. I’m stuck in my bed now.

 Are you interested in anyone? I love Hailey, but she doesn’t necessarily believe me, because I’m so tedious and complain all the time to her.

That was a stupid question. If you say so yourself.

Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean? Ocean. It’s called local patriotism when you’ve lived in Starlight Shores your whole life.

What’s your type? Women who know what they want.

 Any fetishes? If you ask the press, they’d say I found a daughter in Hailey. That’s not true.

Camping or indoors? I used to love camping.

That was admittedly pretty depressing, but it’s not the end, because I’d like to present you with the last O.C. Tag for today, that is our beloved Candy. Have fun!


What is your name?  My name is Candace Dawkings, but I’m better known as Candy.

Do you know why you were named that? I don’t know. But I quite like it!

Single or taken? I’m a single mom.

Stop being a Mary Sue! Single moms are no Mary Sues. I can assure you about that.

What’s your eye color? Brown.

 How about hair color? Black.

 Have you any family members? Sure! My mom named Beatriz and my dad Damon. I don’t have any siblings, but I do have a wonderful daughter named Sharicka.

 Oh, how about pets? None, but Sharicka has been bugging me for a pet for eternity, so maybe she’ll get me to break soon. She’s so animal-crazy, that girl.

 That’s cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don’t like? Cruelty. Especially directed at children. Most innocent human beings.

Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do? I quite like cooking. And I love playing with toys, but Hailey says it’s weird for a 40-year-old woman to do that.

Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before? Verbal abuse is the furthest I got.

 Ever… killed anyone before? No!

 What kind of animal are you? A fluffy pink pony!

Name your worst weaknesses. I’ve heard I’m childish?

 Do you look up to anyone at all? No, I don’t think so. But I feel so sorry for both Hailey and Reggie right now.

Are you straight, gay or bisexual? Straight.

Do you go to school? Not since a long time.

Ever want to marry and have kids one day? I think I’m a lost case as for marriage. But I do have a kid.

 Do you have fangirls/fanboys? Oh, no, no, I don’t!

What are you most afraid of? Spiders! And a bit of darkness, still.

 What do you usually wear? Anything comfy and feminine. I like dresses, flower themes and long earrings.

 What’s one food that tempts you? Just as my nickname suggests – candy.

Am I annoying you? Not at all!

Well, it’s not over! Splendid, go ahead!

 What class are you (low class, middle class, high class)? High class, but I used to be low. I’m not thanks to Hailey and Reggie’s generosity.

How many friends do you have? Not many, but I’m content with the ones I do have.

What are your thoughts on pie? Yummy! And now I want to eat it.

Favorite drink? Strawberry milkshake. The pinkest one that you can offer me!

What’s your favorite place? Amusement park!

 Are you interested in anyone? No, but Shari’s been trying to pair me up with various guys.

That was a stupid question. Well, I get asked that a lot by the people close to me. I think they’re worried that I feel lonely, but that’s very far from the truth.

Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean? Lake. Ocean makes my eyes hurt! And *conspiratorial whisper* more people pee there!

What’s your type? I don’t know. I haven’t dated a lot of people in my life.

 Any fetishes? Uh… no?

Camping or indoors? I loved camping as a girl. I was a scout.

Okay, guys, I’m done. This post got large really fast, especially with Hailey and Frank replying three times. I can tell you’re probably tired of it all now, but I do think it was a good point to end generation 5 and I hope you enjoyed it. Congratulations if you made it this far, because it’s now over 5,400 words as I’m writing this. I’d better end now and I’ll say again that I hope you enjoyed generation 5 and thank you so much for reading and leaving encouraging comments all along. Take care! ♥

15 thoughts on “Generation 5’s OC Tags”

  1. Aaw, I didn’t get tired of this, Jowita 🙂 You’re way too hard on yourself. Hope you’ll rest up and take good care of yourself.
    I, like you, had a laugh at teenage Hailey’s optimism. She was so sure she was going to marry Cedric and have his babies. Well, she got at least to have one of them… but she was probably better off not being married to that creep.
    And poor teenage Frank was just the saddest creature. Like, oh no, honey, you didn’t hurt your idiot dad by being gay. He’s just a stupid bigot.
    The bit about Waylon kind of having red hair made me smile, because of my boyfriend. He was a red-head as a kid but it later changed to more of a brown 🙂 He still has pale skin and lots of freckles and his beard is red. He, he, so yeah – redhead-ish men make for great boyfriends, as Frank and I know 😉
    As for Reggie and Candy’s, Reggie’s was just sad. I love Candy’s optimism and her love for everything sugary and pink – she’s a delight 🙂
    This was a great way of ending the gen. Thanks so much for sharing, Jowita ❤

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    1. Wow, that’s a wonder. Because I kind of did. Thank you so much! I hope I’ll get through this flu fast.
      I know, she was so freaking naive. It’s surprising that it was eventually her who broke up with him in the first chapter of her generation. But she got Frank’s friendship back too. ♥
      I know, my heart was breaking for poor teenage Frank, he continued to be pretty lost as a young adult too. With Way he really blossomed and that makes me proud, which is why I needed to make this OC for him. Oh, it’s lovely that it reminded you of your boyfriend. I kind of wasn’t sure what I was doing while making Waylon and I picked the hair color that I figured fit him. It’s neither red or brown, really, but I like him this way. Definitely, you know it!
      Yes, Reggie’s still feeling pretty down. As for Candy, she’s such a silly little girl stuck in an adult woman’s body. 🙂
      Thank you so much, Louise. I’m glad you think so. 🙂

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  2. Aww I loved this! It must have been a ton of work to finish it..!
    I really liked how you made Hailey and Frank answer in three different ages… shows how much they’ve grown 🙂
    I will agree with Louise that Reggie’s is so, so sad… but thankfully you saved Candy’s for last because she’s a blast – I love her ❤
    This was great!

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    1. Ah, thank you! Yeah, it took a couple of hours two write and then I was running out of time to take new photos for this.
      Yes, that was the original idea – to have Frank answer 3 times, except the 2nd time was actually supposed to be when he and Waylon were already married. I changed my plans, though.
      Candy is last because she made the appearance in the story last, really, but she’s a gem!
      Thank you ♥

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  3. This was awesome!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
    I loved seeing the answers at different stages in the lives of Frank & Hailey. Hailey was so young and naive. Life did not turn out like she had thought (but that is what usually happens). And I am so proud to see how much Frank has grown. He was so insecure ans awkward, but grew into a more confident man who is proud to be a supportive member of the LGBTQ+ community.

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    1. Thank you so much ♥
      I’m so glad that you liked that thought of mine to include them in different stages. Yes, life rarely work out how you planned it it. It’s practically impossible. I’m so, so proud of Frank and how far he’s come. ♥

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  4. Aww, this didn’t feel long at all! The fact that you wrote Hailey and Frank’s answers from those three different times in their lives was a really nice touch 😀 Since we’ve been along for their journeys it was nice to understand exactly where they were coming from with their answers, though Frank’s made me a bit sad since we didn’t get to see much of what went down during that early time of his life before he began living with Hailey. Speaking of which, the fact that even as an adult with the big C, Hailey still hates cleaning makes me laugh XD I love how you see their answers for their families change~ It was heartwarming ❤ You can see just how different Waylon's upbringing was in his answers compared to Frank, which is good for Way, but make me feel even worse for Frank </3 Especially in how confidently Waylon answered his questions and what his fears were… totally different. Reggie's (that photo though :'/ ) was mostly sad, he'd also have vastly different answers if he were younger when answering. And Candy was just as bright as can be 😀 I love her excitement at answering most of the questions. This was super fun to read! 🙂

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    1. I’m so glad. It felt like it was going on forever while I was writing it, maybe because my longest posts are half the size of this. I’m glad you liked this idea. It startedpoff me with me just wanting to show a change in Frank. Then I decided it’d be awkward if I did it three times for him and one time for my actual heiress. I’m so glad everything made sense. It was kind of tricky to adjust to answering in 3 different timelines. No, I unfortunately had to focus just on Sam and Hailey and so Frank’s teen years weren’t really featured in the story. Those were probably the darkest times of his life. But that’s also why he fights for the rights of people similar to him so much. He’s been through hell with Cedric. Hailey hates cleaning to the chore. You just don’t see her complaining, because Reggie pays for a cleaning lady. Yes, it’s so nice to see how they have such lovely families now! I told you before that Waylon’s upbringing was very different and that he was a joyful kid, as opposed to Frank. That shaped their personalities as adults and is the main cause of their arguments. It’s hard for them to truly understand one another in some cases.

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  5. Yes, it was lengtly, but I’m still alive and not bored, so it’s good. I think there was nothing that surprised me in Hailey and Frank’s answears. Sweet, naive and in love teenager; I want to be a singer and please, get this thing out of me girl and tired of life, mature Hailey. These three characters (I mean way of being) are well know for all of us. And Frank – I love you, but you shouldn’t be so shy; I still love you and your kindness, and I’m glad you are law student, but I think you ought to feel more comfortable with yourself and my love for you will never fade, I’m so happy that you found happiness in your life, I wish you the best and I’m so glad you are more bold than ever. I could beg you for more Frank at this moment. I’m glad I saw their change. I love when characters change, become mature, get smarter. Thanks for the opportunity to read about it.
    I have admit that Waylon didn’t annoy me this time. I know, do I use to him? I hope I don’t… I definitely belong to W’s fan club. I’m #1 fan, sorry Frank. When I read that Waylon used to go the beach with Ken, I thought he was talking about his ex at first, but then I remembered that Ken is his dad. It’s a pity, because I imagined W with Ken, Ken doll.
    Reggie was so depressing, I feel sorry for him. He was harking back to walk all the time (not like teen Hailey who will mention Cedric in every answer if she could or Frank who was mention Waylon too much). It’s interesting that Reggie has a dog when he was little. I wish I could find out more about it.
    And the last character, fluffy pink pony. I can’t belive someone with a soul of a child is 40. I feel sorry for Hailey and Reggie, because they surely sometimes heard Candy’s scream because this little spider which was on the wall. And I don’t like scouts, I know two (and this spokeswoman from Scouting Association). I have never met a normal scout, and you know, I can be hostile for some group even if I don’t like a few people.
    You thank me for reading, so I thank you for writing such a long post 😉

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    1. You’re still with us! I’m so glad that I didn’t kill you with this post!
      See, you should take a quiz on how well you know Hailey and/or Frank and find out how much you score. 😉
      These are three true phases in Hailey’s life. We all know how it works for all these Haileys.
      Cedric really damaged Frank as a teenager which is why he fights for gay rights as an adult, he wants to prevent it from happening to some other young guys and girls like him whom are denied the right to be who they are. I would love more Frank. You wouldn’t have to beg for too long as it’s just a pleasure to write about him.
      Wow, I’m surprised that Waylon didn’t annoy you. You are definitely Way’s number 1 fan. No, Ken is actually his brother. And he wouldn’t like an actual ken doll – they don’t have dicks, you know. 😛
      Yes, Reggie praises his work so much. He loved racing when he could still do it. Hailey and Frank were clearly in love, which is why they talked too much about their partners. Reggie did have a dog when he was little, little trivia here and there.
      Candy is practically a child in a woman’s body! I know who the fear of spiders reminds you. There is someone like this you know all too well. Scouts tend to be pretty weird. But then Ron was a scout when he was little!
      Thank you for commenting. 🙂

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  6. Hailey’s teen responses were pretty funny. She had no idea what was coming.

    “Sorry, but anyone who’s not Waylon, doesn’t stand a chance. I’m pretty set on him.” Awww I love Frank’s response. He’s so sweet.

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