The ride to Twinbrook doesn’t take that long. And fortunately, it wasn’t that hard to arrange it either. Candy encouraged me to take a break from caring for Reggie and trying to figure out where my daughter is. His constant complaints and threats do not make my life any better, neither do the police and the fact they still haven’t found anything. I think I’m used to talking through the phone. I mean, I have an app who talks for me. I just type the words and it does all the work. It was suggested that I use a device to help me speak myself, but after doing my research on the internet, I figured how horrible it makes you sound. I still feel like an older smoker, when I’ve never even smoked. Shawls are a constant in my daily stylization, just because I can’t look at the hole in my throat and I do not want anyone to have at it either. Okay, but first I need to tell you about the visit to my home town.


I am not quite sure what I was thinking when I entered into the building in which Mrs. Turner’s office used to be. It looks so different to how I remembered it. When I walk in, I am greeted by a middle-aged (who am I kidding, she’s probably around my age) woman. I reach for my phone and load my app. I quickly type the text.


“Good afternoon. I can only talk through this. I am looking for a woman called Karla Turner.” The woman looks surprised at my way of speaking, but she doesn’t comment on that.


“I’m sorry, but Mrs. Turner doesn’t work here anymore… She died 5 years ago at 70 due to a heart attack. I’d propose you our psychologist, Mrs. Thomas, but she is currently on a leave. Is there anything else I can help you with?” She then asks, studying me. I quickly type the next message.


“Does Mrs. Thomas work in the same office where Mrs. Turner did? Is it possible for me to visit it?”

“I’m afraid I can’t let you into her office when she’s on a leave, Mrs.?”


“Calloway. I’m Hailey Calloway. I’m sorry, I just wanted to…”


“Wait, aren’t you this famous singer? I absolutely adore “Family”! My name is Amelia Wallington. I’m so sorry for your throat, Mrs. Calloway. Follow me, I’ll show you her office.” I just nod and then, seeing the woman leading the way, I go after her. It is so sad. I wasn’t that famous of a singer in the past, but after both me and Reggie went through really awful things, suddenly everyone listens to me and knows who I am. I should be happy, but it only makes me sadder, because so what if I have so many fans now if I can’t even sing for any of them? It’s aimless.


When Amelia opens the door to the room, I am surprised by how different it looks. Everything is modern and shiny now, and yet I remember the pleasant, green room in which I was greeted by a lady with red hair.

“Mrs. Turner was such an amazing woman. I’ve known her for a long time and she was always there with a piece of good advice for everyone. Death took her too early. So, so early.” I don’t listen to the woman, getting drowned in my memories, but then I slowly turn to her.

“May I stay here for a few moments?” The female voice from the app says for me.

“Of course. Anything, Mrs. Calloway.” And with that, she disappears.


I study the walls, the chairs, the decorations. It may be pretty, but it is also definitely a very cold room. I can’t see how anyone with traumatic experiences would feel at home in this soulless place. It just reminds you of a cold office in which people spend so much of their time working. This therapist probably isn’t even half as good as Mrs. Turner. Something is missing in this office. I touch my cheeks and only then do I realize that tears are now falling down my cheeks. I cry because of what my life’s become, because I will likely never find happiness again, because cancer is slowly eating me alive. I mourn Becca, even though I do not know if she is dead yet, I mourn my Grandpa and my Grandma and I mourn Mrs. Turner, the woman who helped me get out of the dark place I was in after my father killed my mother whom I never really got to meet. I mourn due to the fact that I will never be a mother to Clint. I cry because Reggie wants to kill himself. I cry because I do not know if my illness will keep alive long enough to see my children getting married. And finally – I cry because I will never get to sing again.


All these emotions have finally come on the surface and they burst out along with my tears. It feels so bitter knowing how much I have really lost without any possibility or chance to get it all back. It is a hopeless situation. A trap with no way out. I can feel the jaws of a giant monster crushing me until there is nothing left of my body. For the longest time, my music was what kept me wanting to get up in the morning and feel alive throughout the day. I could sing while taking a shower or just performing various tasks. I lived and breathed music and music always came along with singing for me. I could see myself singing right before falling into eternal sleep. Of course, then I didn’t even think about it like that, but now I know that this is exactly how I felt. That’s why even though Reggie is hard to stand, I can understand it. Singing was like sweet chocolate in my life. It is possible to live without it, but life has a bitter taste then, and so what is the point? Mary Poppins sang about a spoonful of sugar that made the medicine go down in a most delicious way. If life is the medicine and singing is sugar, then what is life without it? And for Reggie, what is life without racing? Is this even life? It just feels so unreal, it is hard to describe.

But then I am overcome with a flash of insight.

10.jpg My throat feels worse than usual and I feel as if I was suffocating, as if there was no air left in my lungs. At that moment I think that maybe I will die just like my mother. That I will suffocate on the floor in Mrs. Turner’s old office. But then I realize that I finally realized it for real. It is real. I’m not in a book or a movie, I’m not Mary Poppins or a nightingale who just flies and sings. I am real. I am alive. Alive without air. Because I’m a nightingale without air in its lungs, unable to sing ever again.


The truth is I will never be able to sing again. I will never do it again.

Note: We did it! I mean, we reached the end of this generation together. I will admit it – I have never liked or particularly connected with Hailey as my heir, as  many of you know, but I pulled through. And I’d like to again thank all of you for the tons of encouraging comments, I am so glad to have such a great group of supportive readers. This generation was special as far as the photo-editing and featured image are concerned, we’ve gone through tons of colors, and idioms too. Today you get a surprise in your mail – because I gave you another extra post along with this epilogue. You get to understand the major characters of this generation better through O.C. Tags. Unlike this wrap-up, classic epilogue post, the other one is really lengthy, so I really only recommend that if you have some time to waste, lol, because honestly we will focus on generation 6 now, so this post is somewhat useless, except for me wanting to emphasize the change in Frank. Anyway, what are you your final thoughts on generation 5? I do believe we’ve come a long way with Hailey. Here is a recap of everything that’s happened in this generation. I hope you enjoyed the ride. ♥

41 thoughts on “Epilogue”

  1. And what a ride it was! See, I liked Hailey, but maybe this was because I was comparing her to her delightful father who I found hard to stand! But I appreciate you put such effort into her story even if you didn’t connect with her. She’s had quite the life… But then haven’t all of her ancestors?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha, ha, everyone is better than Sam, tbh. Hailey was so annoying to me, though. Yeah, I tried, but you know, it felt off, because I felt like I couldn’t do her voice right. Oh, my Sims don’t have it easy…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Finally time for me to comment. Already read it on the car on the way home, but I don’t like writing too much on my phone, so…
    I think you already know I like Hailey, and I have from the beginning. She did do some bad stuff, but in the end I did think she really grew as a person. I liked Reggie as well, even if he also had his douche moments – and overall I think they had a surprisingly nice relationship. It was a nice generation, I think – quite a bit easier to empathise with Hailey than Sam :’) Too bad it had to end this sadly, but that’s how it goes in your story. At least her ending isn’t the worst by far.
    This was a great generation, and now I’m excited to be reading the OC tags 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I knew you must have read it on some other device, because I got views from Denmark, when I usually don’t! Ha!
      Yes, I know it. You first said you liked Hailey in her teen bonus, I think. You also said that all my characters are a bit crazy, which is true 😛
      She kind of grew as a person, but she had to take on the role of a mother. She was better than Gemma, definitely! Surprisingly nice for my story, definitely. I am not really that proud of this gen, it breezed by so quickly I couldn’t even gather my thoughts properly. Yes, I think Gemma wins the first place with her ending and I don’t see that changing any time soon.
      Hope you enjoy the O.C. Tags, although they’re soo lengthy.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So weird! xD I guess my phone knows it’s from Denmark, but my desktop doesn’t…
        Oh, I said that? xD I don’t remember… maybe should apologise, even if it is true 😛
        Currently reading through your OC tags and I’m already enjoying them – teenage Hailey was kind of silly 😛 Well, better read more 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah, your phone is way more patriotic. 😛
        Ha, ha, it is true, lol.
        Yes, she was. But we do remember her acting all silly in the bonus, so I think it sticks. 😛 Have fun! They ate up a lot of time to do.

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  3. I like how you tied all of this up even though it’s sad and I feel bad for Hailey. Your descriptions were really superb, I must say. I was expecting sad, of course, but I feel for all of the things she has lost. Compared to Sam, she was a character I really liked even with all of the mistakes she made. It’s sad to see her go but I’m also anxious to read about the guys and if they find Becca.

    Great job, Jowita!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you like this, Kym. Oh, do you really think that they were superb? I must say I was in a melancholic mood, then, and so they came out this way. I think they were emotional. She definitely is a good person and Sam isn’t, so I understand. Yes, the guys! This is going to be wild!
      Thank you so much and also for all the support you’ve shown me throughout this generation and all the others. You’ve got to be my reader #1! ♥

      Liked by 1 person

  4. You know, I didn’t like Hailey at the beginning, but she sure grew on me. She made her mistakes, she was lazy, and self-centered, but then she genuinely wanted to make her life and the life of her family better. She was always a good person – not angelic good like Dellie, but I think of all your heirs she came right after him. And she so didn’t deserve what she got in the end (as opposed to her father or yes, even Dellie)!
    Reading about Reggie’s behavior makes me think he’s starting to lose it? But I can’t really blame the guy either: he’s very old, he can’t walk, can’t drive and has no idea where his daughter is… not ideal!
    I loved this generation, but I’m more than excited to see where your next one goes! Here’s to many more generations to come! 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think a lot of readers here didn’t like Hailey in the beginning. I think that those traits you told are still there, just less visible. You know, they do have Candy and a cleaning lady back in the house, so it’s not like she’s had to do the chores. I also think she’s always been a good person, just decent good, though. The only person that could be compared to Dellie is Frank, really, but he’s still not the same level. What, Dellie did deserve what he got? What are you on about? Or have I misunderstood?
      Reggie’s been losing it ever since the accident. I actually based his behavior a bit off the behavior of my now dead grandfather who spent the last 5 years of his life not leaving his bed. All he did was swear and call for my grandmother. This situation can’t by any means be called ideal!
      Oh, did you love it? I’m so glad. It was a fun ride, though I think the first half with just Hailey, Frank and Waylon is so different to the other half. Thank you for so much. ♥

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, no, you haven’t misunderstood – I said that, but now that I reread it I didn’t really *mean* he deserved it… I mostly meant that he should have expected it, considering his wife had always been a truth freak and he was hiding quite a big secret there! It’s like in greek tragedies, where the audience knows what’s about happen but the hero has no idea… He definitely didn’t deserve it! But maybe he could have prevented it?
        I’m so sorry about your grandfather! Definitely not an ideal situation..!
        It was such a fun ride! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You can tell I love the idea of fatum/ fate/ destiny is very interesting to me and is an ongoing theme in my stories. We all know something bad is bound to happen to the characters but they hold on to the thought that it doesn’t happen to them. Maybe he could have. But we have no idea how Grace would react if he told her the truth. It would probably depend on her mood. With her bipolar disorder, she was either hot or cold. Maybe something different would have put an end to their relationship, if not this.
        Yes, it’s really sad.
        I can’t wait to show you!

        Liked by 1 person

  5. congrats on another great generation story, but its a very sad ending for poor Hailey 😦 looking forward to see what next with “generation 6” 🙂 I bet you cant believe this far 🙂 great writing as always Jowita 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Darren. I’ll get working on editing those chapters for you soon, but I’ve not been feeling well, so I can’t imagine it is good for me to try to work on the computer now. I hope you enjoy generation 6. 🙂

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  6. Congrats on finishing another generation! I feel so so bad for Hailey, having her love of singing stripped from her, her husband distant and wanting to die, her daughter missing… She’s had a rough time lately. I’m eagerly looking forward to the next generation!

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  7. I know that you had expressed your displeasure regarding Hailey and her story. But I have to say that you did an amazing job with this generation. She had some very happy moments, and then some tragically sad moments. She became a singer and married the love of her life. Then she lost her voice, her husband (even though he is not dead he is not the same man), and one of her children.
    I enjoyed Hailey’s story of growth, and I am excited to see Generation 6.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, I did and I’m still displeased with it. Especially because so much of it feels rushed and out of place, and not thought out at all.
      Ah, I feel like you praise me more than I deserve, but thank you. She fell very low and very fast. She’s lost so many things. And she doesn’t even know where her daughter is. She was at the top of the world, but she’s become nothing.
      Thank you so, so much for reading along and being so encouraging with your comments. ♥

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      1. I could do better, that’s a fact. If only I didn’t feel like crap all the time because of my bad health and if I could stop doing everything at night the day before. I’m such a procrastinator and that’s what bothers me the most. Thank you so much.

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  8. Aww </3 I don't even know where to begin…
    I do you recall you mentioning here and there that Hailey as a character wasn't one you didn't particularly connect with, but that didn't come through in your writing at all! Yeah, I have to admit like the others, that at the start I didn't really click with her either, but considering the fact she had Samien the definition of pure evil as her father, it was hard to not completely empathize with her, even when she was irking me for her lack of cleanliness, and the whenever she'd take advantage of Frank's kindness. She really transformed as a character through her gen, and by the end I was rooting for her happiness. The way we could see her thoughts change over time from that of a carefree – rather scandalous – teen to a caring mother was beautiful 🙂 ❤ I feel like since there is no death or anyone going to prison in this epilogue like the previous ones, it is comparatively less tragic XD So even though things are looking down for Hailey, I'm satisfied with where her mindset is… Yeah, she lost her ability to sing, which she loved, but she at least got to have a fairly successful career and didn't struggle which a lot of aspiring singers do! And she got to marry a wonderful guy, who had some faults here and there, but stepped up when he needed to, and she had some beautiful kids~ This was quite the journey, and one I think you did a great job of taking us on. I'm excited to see whats in store for Ron and Becca and everyone else! ❤
    p.s I think you already know that I enjoyed your chapter titles this gen, but I'll mention again that I really enjoyed the various expressions and idioms you used and how you even incorporated them into Hailey's music career. It was a nice touch!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Noo, you threw a one-liner at me again. Stop. XD
      Oh, I cannot relate to Hailey. She does annoy me as a character a lot and if I could, I would have Frank as my heir. That’s the thoughts you can get from me a lot, because I tell that practically all the freaking time, lol. I love “Samien, the definition of pure evil”. At least he was so hilarious with his narcissistic behavior. Horny Hailey cracks me up too! Thank you so much. I think she was kind of forced to make a change with the way Reggie was acting and when she gave birth to twins. Thank goodness for Candy!
      If you remember, I’ve been promising everyone no death from the very start of this gen and I fulfilled this promise (well, spare for Mrs. Turner, but forget about her). No, she didn’t struggle a lot as a singer. Also, she married Reggie and that probably helped with her career. This was quite a journey. I am excited to share the story with you as soon as I can wrap my head around it, I just need a break now.
      Oh yes, I know. I also had fun with picking colors for the featured images’ background, so gray for the last two chapters and black for the epilogue. It’s fun to scroll through my homepage and look at the colors. Thank you and I’m glad you noticed!

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  9. And we reach the end of 5 generation. According to my calculations, Hailey was with us for five months. It’s a lot of time, but the end is coming for everyone. And I don’t feel sad that I have to say goodbye to her narration, her time came.
    Her generation was sad because of these all diseases, but it was something new. I feel sorry for her, because she lost her voice, she can’t continue her passion and has a lot of problems in her family. You can’t deceive your fate, at least in this story.
    I think I can’t say which ending was the worst, because all of them was tragic. I could say that Dellie has suffered the least (I know), but in his ending noone die or could die. It was just a divorce, but I know his world turned upside down. I love Dellie and I can’t pit him on the end of my list.
    I can write another list – “Generation ranking”. So, guess who is on top of a list… Yes, Dellie. The best character ever (Frank is in second place), it’s obvious.
    Sam’s generation is ranked second, because he is very interesting character and his story was so engrossing. He is specific and this made him so great. By the way, I like villains (of course not all, for example Cedric).
    Maddie is number three. I don’t always like her (I mean her acting, but I don’t give you an example), but I have a fondness for her. And I like her husband and the end of this generation. Who doesn’t like the beginning of this story? If someone doesn’t like the beginning, this person can’t call yourself a reader of this story.
    I wonder if you will guess another character. Hailey is number four. You see, I don’t dislike her, like you. Of course, she destroyed Frank life as a teenager, but she fell in love, and I understand love so much. She was a lost teenager, without biological mother and father, so I’m sorry for her. I’m sorry for everyone, even Gemma who is in last place. I gave her fifth place, because she was anoying and she didn’t raised Sam properly. After all this time she was thinking about Tony. He was a past, but who cares, I can think about my ex to the rest of my life. And her beloved ex did her the worst thing in her life. Maybe Hailey is lazy, slob, (was) in love with Cedric who wanted to take revenge on Sam, but she doesn’t annoyed me like Gemma.
    So, this is the end of my list.
    Return to Twinbrook didn’t help. After several years everything changes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, you’re correct, she was with us for around 5 months. Her time is up, time for another heir to take over.
      Deceiving your fate in this story is not possible at all.
      This time main theme of misery were the diseases, as opposed to how it was in the older generations.
      They all were tragic for different reasons. Actually, Maddie did die in the end of Dellie’s generation, but he didn’t make a fuss over it, because she was already really old. Dellie takes the first place for you, always. And my boy Frankie, who can resist him?
      Sam’s generation is not like any other from my story. He was really something else. And I’m quite proud of it.
      I have a special kind of nostalgy for Maddie because she is my founder. And you like Freddie? He was not a bad person after all, even if he did kill Ethan. Oh my, I think they can, I like the beginning the least, to be honest.
      Hailey is 4th… Well, yes, she isn’t a bad person, but I don’t like her anyway. She was just so lost when she was a teen… She didn’t know her place in the world and she genuinely believed Cedric was her one great love. Well, life had other plans.
      Gemma was really annoying, I so get you. She got on my nerves while I was writing her. She was so whiny and never satisfied, reaching for fame which she never really got. And she wasn’t fair to the people around her. She played a role in Sam being the way he is. He hated his mother and Hailey didn’t really like her either. Tony was not worth even a single thought, but Gemma couldn’t forget about him. I don’t know, they both annoyed me.
      I enjoyed reading your thoughts and your list.
      True, so much can change within 22 years…

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Poor Hailey’s anguish over her lost voice felt so real to me. I just loved how you wrote it.

    I actually liked her…as a character. Not sure how I would have liked having someone like her in my life, especially when she was young. Frank is more forgiving than most, methinks.

    Anyway, that was a great wrap-up to a great generation and I know you’re taking a break…but I still can’t wait to see what’s in store!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. I’m glad you think I described it well. ♥
      Yes, she might be fun to read about, but not necessarily to be friends with. That’s why I had a problem with her, it feels like I develop some sort of a relationship with my characters and I couldn’t treat her as a friend.
      Thank you so much! I do hope to prepare something good and get my ideas in order while I’m away.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. I really like this epilogue. It was a nice setting, Hailey going back to where it all started for her and reflecting.

    It seems that Hailey finally understands how racing can be so important to Reggie. Maybe she can help him better, because someone has to keep things together.

    I did like Hailey. She had her flaws for sure, and I can see how she was annoying, but I do think she grew as a person and tried to do her best with her kids. She even had a thought for Clint here.

    That last picture reminds me of Maddie!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As it tends to be with my heirs and all!
      Hailey does seem to understand, singing means a lot to her, too.
      She definitely tried her best, even when it wasn’t easy.
      She is kind of similar to Maddie, too, after all she is her great-great-grandma.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Congratulations on pulling through! I liked the epilogue, I thought it was quite well written, although it was steeped with despair.
    We both know that I dislike Hailey probably as much as you, but I do think she has grown from the lazy, irresponsible, bratty young girl. She seemed like she was a pretty good mother. I actually disagree with the others in that I liked Hailey in the very, very beginning (if I’m remembering correctly) — she was spunky and determined. So it is sad to see her breaking down and losing almost everything.
    Looking forward to what exciting events the next generation will bring 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you like the epilogue!
      Yes, I definitely know you do, she’s grown quite a bit. Oh yes, Hailey in the very beginning was nice – before we found out that she was pregnant with Cedric; that ruined everything!

      Liked by 1 person

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