Bonus Post: From the life of Frank and Clinton Cavender

Warning: Swearing.

“How you doing, Frankie?” Waylon is stroking my back as we’re both lying on the bed before the big announcement that is yet to be made. I’m a bundle of nerves while he looks as he could fall asleep any moment.


“I’m terrified,” I say truthfully as I bury my nose in his shirt, seeking for comfort. He tries to stabilize me as I slightly shiver. “I can’t believe it’s already been 11 years… And 22 years for our relationship.” I look at the man whose arm is now protectively wrapped around me and study him closely. I’ve never thought I could love someone so much. And in my wildest dreams would I think that my first boyfriend would be my biggest love. I’m so lucky, aren’t I?


“Me neither,” he agrees. “But I have no regrets,” he adds and I reach out and catch his fingers with mine. A huge grin spreads across Way’s face. My husband’s face. My own smile fades too quickly as the disturbing thoughts start flooding my mind yet again, and I frown.


“I don’t want to see him. I thought maybe 11 years would be enough… But no time could prepare me for this meeting,” I sigh with resignation. Just the mere thought of seeing my father again makes me sick to my stomach. And to think that Clinton would be meeting his too. Somehow, it feels wrong, as if I’d expose to danger letting this man get to him. My father, who also happens to be his biological father.


Waylon frowns and likely bites his tongue so that he doesn’t swear and start a rant about how bad my father is. Instead, he narrows his eyes, keeping my hand close to his chest.

“I can kick him out no problem. Just say the word,” he offers. I just shake my head, moving away from him.


“That won’t be necessary, Way. Besides, Clint has the right to know. I feel so dirty now to have had to lie to him for so long.” It was actually Way’s idea and I’ve never been convinced. I think we should have told him long time ago. If only my dad hadn’t interfered…


“Hey, don’t feel like that. You know we only wanted what’s best for him.”


“Yeah, I do. I’m not sure if the end justifies the means in his eyes. I just hope he doesn’t hate us.”


“Of course he won’t. Come on, Frankie, he loves us. And he adores you. Possibly the best big brother out there. You should be proud.” Waylon continuously showers me with compliments, making an angel out of it. The truth is, I’ve always thought he praises me too much. I am not perfect, and my main flaw is being a disappointment in the eyes of a man who I’ve secretly tried to impress my whole life. To no avail.

“I really am. I just wish for the guilt to go away. I don’t want to feel like a sinner in my father’s eyes.” I didn’t tell Way that I still have those dreams of our family outings to church each Sunday. Peaceful times which could never prepare us for what happened next. Before Hailey and before all this mess. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if my parents were still together, or if my dad accepted me. That is just wishful on my part, though. He will never accept me.


“You are not, Frankie. Trust me, you’re the saint – the best, most hard-working, kind, moral person I know.” It comes to my mind how Hailey called me an angel so many years ago. I then protested that gay angels don’t exist and she said that they must for she knows one and there surely are more.

“That’s not enough, apparently,” I plainly respond.

“Don’t remember what you advice all those people that come to you, seeking for support?” I do have a lot of LGBTQ people viewing me as their role model and someone to come and talk to. It’s connected to the fact that I am often shown in the media, standing up for gay rights and it is commonly known that I’m married to Waylon and we have a son together. Just another room for controversy. As if there was not a single thing that’s not controversial or offensive in the times we live in.


“Look, I know that he’s wrong. But somewhere deep down, I am still this young boy that wants to make his father proud. He’s never tried to understand.” Way doesn’t understand either. Sometimes I forget that he, too, has problems. His life before me seemed like an easy street. He’s never been deprived of family support, or anything. I often think that he will never get to truly appreciate what he’s been given, just because he doesn’t know any different.


“And he won’t understand. You should give up trying to impress him, Frankie. I thought you were long over this phase.” And here we go again…

I will never be over this phase, I think, but then we hear someone ring the doorbell. Waylon clenches my hand and smiles encouragingly. “I’ll be there.” I gulp and nod, then follow him downstairs.



“Thank you all for coming. Dearest husband.”


I nod to Waylon.








“And finally – father.” Clinton looks shocked, staring at the blue-eyed (same shade of blue as his own eyes) man he sees for the first time in his life. But before he’s able to comment on that, Waylon chimes, taking the words right out of my mouth.

“Sorry for interrupting, but where is Rebecca?” Hailey looks at him sadly, adjusting the shawl she has been wearing ever since the surgery to cover up her throat. It’s Ron that speaks up.


“We… don’t really know. Reported her disappearance to the police, but nothing new yet.”


“I had no idea,” I say, looking at my friend, genuinely shocked. She has such a heavy burden to carry, now also with the disappearance of her daughter. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for her. “But that is not the subject we have to discuss today. Without further ado… Clinton, please meet your father.” As I speak the words, our father stands up and extends his hand to greet his youngest child. Clint looks as if he didn’t have the slightest idea how to act. Then he fixes his gaze on me. Of course. Looks like I am the bad guy now.


“We’re brothers? And you didn’t tell me?” Then, seeing Cedric’s hand hovering in the air in front of him, he shakes it. “It’s, uh, a pleasure.”



“I couldn’t wait to finally meet you. Now, if it wasn’t for Frank…”


“Enough, Dad. Look, Clint, I have no idea how you’ll take to this news, but we also know the identity of your mother. She’s in fact in this room. Hailey…” Hannah is just about to get up from her seat, but Clinton has already scanned the room and found the only woman by the time I said her name. He doesn’t look as shocked as he is miserable. I swear if I didn’t know better, I’d think he’s just learned that he is about to die. And then he’s gone, running upstairs, skipping several steps at a time.


All the adults in the room seem to want to get up and run for Clint, but then Ron stops as all.


“Don’t,” he says, holding his hand in the stop sign in front of us. “It’s just… I think I know what to tell him. I’ll go.” And before anyone can protest, he’s already began climbing up the stairs. I hardly stop my father from following him.

“It’s still a shock. Let it sink in that you’re his father. He and Ron have been really good friends, I think it’s good if he goes to talk to him instead.”


“It’s your fault,” he growls. “If you didn’t try to keep his existence from me, then…” Hailey sends him a look and he suddenly stops as if under a spell. Maybe there was more to their relationship than I initially thought?




I can’t believe it. All my hopes came crushing down all at once, hearing the name of the woman who used to be just a close friend to my family. But she’s been much more all along. She is my mother. I really tried not to question my family dynamic too much. I love my dads, even if I might have been exposed to more dad jokes than any other kid around. I like to think I had a perfectly normal and loving childhood. I’m happy to admit that being friends with Fast Track Reggie’s kids prevented any kid from trying to bully me, as well. I had such a good life with everything provided for me. But the thing I wanted the most I’ve just learned will always be out of my reach…


Hearing someone knock on my door, I say, “Go away, Dad F. I’m not in the mood.” Then I mentally scold myself for calling my apparently half-brother dad.

“Hey, Clint, it’s Ron. I just wanted to talk.” I sigh in protest, but get up anyway and open the door.


“I was just wondering how to kill myself,” I tell my friend.

“Not you too.” Seeing the look on my face, he explains,” You see, dad’s not been good since the accident.


“…and Clint? It’s Becca, right?”


“I can’t believe it, bro (oh, wow, now it makes sense). To be chasing after her for years and learn that she could never be mine. It fucking hurts.” I confess, taking a seat and fiddling with my fingers.

“I know. But at least she wasn’t interested and you didn’t get romantically involved after all.”



Seeing my gaze shift away from him, he asks, “What? CLINT?”

“Well, I-I slept with her.” By looking at Ron, I finally find out what the expression his jaw dropped means.


“You slept with my sister? How? When?”


“Don’t act all surprised. It’s not like you didn’t sleep with Shari.”

“How do you… Ah, Becca. She always knows everything, doesn’t she?” I swallow, then begin recounting the events.


“It was a game of spin the bottle. You and Shari attended your dad’s racing or whatever. Becca was supposed to study for some competition, but you know how it is with her. We ended up crushing at someone’s house and she took up the challenge. I didn’t think she would do it. I think she kind of felt sorry for me and the fact that she would never like me the way I liked her.”


“Wow. She really made herself that cheap?”

38.jpg “Cheaper than you think. She hit on so many guys when you were busy hanging out with Shari – seriously, guys, it was hard not to notice you two were an item. But yeah… Sleeping with her or her obviously fucking around didn’t turn me off as she probably thought it would. Quite the opposite, actually. I kept thinking how I’d be better for her than any of them. You know, the usual thing, protect her, wake up to her, kiss every inch of her beautiful body…” Seeing the expression on my best friend’s face, I figure I must have gone overboard. Aw, fuck.


“God, bro, she’s our sister!”


“I KNOW! I-I can’t help it. It’s just…”

“I kinda… sorta… understand. You didn’t know. But you really, really need to get over her. Not only is she not into you, she’s totally off-limits.”

“Where is she, though? How come no one can find out?”


“I don’t know, I told you. But you know what? Let’s go and find her. Together as bros. Real bros. You two need to talk it over.”

“I’m in. But Ron… Do you think she possibly found out long ago?”


“Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s Becca. She’s an expert at sticking her nose into things that are none of her business.” I nod, looking sadly at the wall opposite him.


“Why so sad? There are plenty of other fish in the sea. Besides, you know I’ll always love you.”

“No homo, bro,” then I burst out laughing all despite myself at my favorite joke with Ron. You’ve no idea how hilarious it gets when you grew up around LGBTQ people.

“That’s the Clint I know!” Says Ron happily. “It’ll be good, you’ll see. I mean, at least you’re not homo. It’s hard not to be attracted to me.” He earns another laugh from me with that.


“Bros for real?” I ask, smiling to my best friend.

“Bros for real,” he repeats. “Now are you ready to face your old man?”

“Sure thing… Hey, do you think our mom likes older men only?”

45.jpg “Yeah, possibly. Okay, let’s make a bet. Older or younger than my dad?” We spend the rest of our way downstairs discussing my real father’s possible age. I don’t know what I’d do without Ron.

Note: Okay, confession – I kind of started shipping Clint and Ron, which is so wrong, because they’re literally brothers and straight. A perfect example of literal bromance, though. I will explore their relationship more at the beginning of Ron’s gen. I think it’s now perfectly clear what will be the main theme for the first chapters of generation 6. I’m so excited to finally not be ignoring Clint, too!

As you see, there is this topic I haven’t touched on much in the past – Frank and Catholicism. I may not have stated it before, but yes, Cedric is Catholic and Frank grew up in faith, which was just another issue for him to face as he dealt with low self-esteem and trying to figure out who he is and what he wants out of life. He eventually gave up faith, but the guilt has persisted for many years.

And ah, yes, another shocking revelation! So, incest. I am in fact really excited to share this story with you, guys, because it was all set up before Becca and Ron were ever born. Although, not like my past story, this time it’s only on Clint’s side. Becca is not at all interested. More on that later, probably.

Since all the characters grew up a bit, they also went over some makeovers. It was quite shocking to me how older Waylon looked when I replaced his significant glasses. And I used the age slider and I think it’s done a pretty good job. Although Frank with wrinkles does look somewhat creepy depending on the light. Hailey pretty much switched back to her old style and she totally does look like a Barbie doll in pink. Maybe it’s because of Cedric that she dressed up like that? Also, this bonus takes place some time after the last chapter and Hailey is after a surgery now. You will read more of it in the epilogue.

And yeah, more on my poses project. I’ve not been making any progress recently, as I’m so fed up with trying to make them perfect, but at least I can use them for my own stuff, so that’s good. It’s hard to find a good amount of great bed talk poses.

And that’s it – are you shocked? More or less shocked compared to how you were when Hailey and Cedric got together? Please share your thoughts. I will see you on Sunday for the grand ending of generation 5. Take care!

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  1. Wellllll, that’s… awkward for Clint o.o Yikes. I didn’t see that one coming. I mean, it makes sense that all those kids hanging out with their hormones all bungled up would start being together. Maybe they should have told them they were siblings, though. And I wonder where Becca is… This was a really good teaser for the next gen – can’t wait to find out where all of this goes. Loving the friendship between Clint and Ron, btw. It’s great 🙂
    Lots of good stuff here, Jowita. Super excited for more! ❤

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    1. That is super awkward for Clint, true. Yup, it is so messed up because Sharicka is the only one who’s not related to any of them. And they had no idea! They should have told them, but no one had any idea what was going on. The adults had other things going on, as in Hailey and her diagnosis and Reggie and his accident. All they knew is they spent a lot of time together, but not who dated whom. Yeah, next gen’s start is all about the mission to find Becca! I love their friendship too, they are really close.
      Thank you so much. And I did use some of your great poses here. I hope you enjoy what’s to come! ♥

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      1. And everything would have been very different if Clint had just fallen for Sharicka instead… But hey, that doesn’t give us juicy drama 😉 Looking forward to the mission to find her 😀
        Oh, yes, I did notice the handshaking poses ❤ I'm so glad you found a use for it ^_^

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      2. Yup. But that’s not the way things were supposed to go. Shari is not exactly Clint’s type, she’s way too quiet and much into art. She and Ron used to be together, but they split up on friendly terms, figuring out that it wasn’t what was best for them. So they’re both single and ready to explore the world – in the mission to find her, of course!
        I did use one of your older poses, too, the one for the bed from the Storypack. It’s a great one too!

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      3. It does make for a more interesting story this way, he, he 😀
        Oh, you did! I tend to forget (and in some cases: ignore) my old poses. I always get so happy when I see them in use, though ❤ (even the old, terrible ones).

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  2. Oh MAN. I could never see that coming although, like Louise said, it does kinda make sense. They kids were together practically 24/7 – and they had no idea they were related! Maybe Cedrik was right for once… yikes! I can’t even imagine the impact this will have on next gen.
    I wonder where Becca is… maybe she somehow just found out and totally flipped? Or could she be pregnant? *gasp* I hope that’s not the case! 😬 I wonder if anyone else is going to find out…
    I can’t wait for what’s next! ❤

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    1. Yeah, that was quite a shocker. I tend to have my bonuses action-heavy! The kids have a pretty strong bond, because Hailey and Frank are friends, so although Clint is 3 years older, they ended up hooking up and that’s how his unfortunate crush developed. Yeah, it possibly could’ve been pregnant. But who would have expected it!
      Ha, ha, no, you’re actually very far from the truth of Becca’s whereabouts and the case of her disappearance. But I do predict that your jaw will drop when you eventually do find out! It is more messed up than you think.
      Thank you! I hope you will enjoy it. I’m so excited for the next gen!

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  3. JEEZ @BeccaxClint. That’s awkward. Couldn’t exactly be helped (at least not on Clint’s side) but…damn.

    Clint is taking it better than I expected, but obviously this is very strange for him.

    The search for Becca is on, huh? I’m afraid of what’s happened to her…even if she went willingly, lots of bad things can happen to a teenager on the run. I’m excited to see more of Ron and Clint and their friendship.

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    1. Yup. That’s crazy, isn’t it? Finding out his long time crush is actually his half-sister. That’s so messed up. And Frank being his brother too!
      Yeah, Clint somehow managed to calm down… for now.
      It is on! Becca is technically an adult, she’s 18, but she’s still so young and we don’t know where she is. You will find out eventually, but it’s not an ideal situation. Yay for Ron and Clint and their friendship!

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  4. I’m in shock. I don’t expect that course of events. Frank and Waylon look so old. Everybody look older than a few years ago, which is logical, but age slider did a great job. I think I didn’t want to see W’s acient face – sorry, I had to.
    Frank is really the most exemplary sim in this story (of course the most exemplary and alive sim), so I hope Clinton will understand that his dads wanted the best for him.
    I wonder how it is possible that Cedric is still alive. He has made so many bad things in his life. This venerable character should go into retirement (I mean eternal rest) rather than make everybody’s life more difficult. I have a theory why he is still alive, Cedric has to tell his son the truth, because this is the last thing he has to do before his death. So, don’t hesitate, take Cedric to another world. I won’t be missing him, his time is over.
    I’m not surprised that Clinton’s world turned upside down. His life was a lie, in some part. I’m quite sorry for him, it is not his fault and he has to suffer.
    Omg, I thought he was in love with Hailey at first, IN HAYLEY. It would be crazy, very crazy. I was relieved when I found out that it was about Rebecca. Becca is really smart and I think she knows everything. In addition, I have a feeling that she is pregnant with Clint (everything is possible). Rebecca is social butterfly, especially in bed, where she goes from flower to flower. “There is so many flowers in this world, I have to explore all of them, right?” Have fun, girl!
    Look at them, they are both in love with girls who we all know. Boys are supposed to be a casanova, not the sad beings whose hearts are broken, because of some girls. Clint looks so miserable. I know what unrequited love feels like, so I feel bad for him. He should meet some new girls, one of them will definitely sweep off his feet, but Clinton needs time for this. It’s okay, we will wait.
    I’m glad Ron is in a good relationship (Did I write that someone from this family will be together in a few years? I think I mentioned that). I want to see these lovebirds. I even come up with a name for their child (I don’t believe in first love, sorry. Many of them break up, but I will write it anyway) – Sharon. I wish them all the best and as little suffering as possible.
    I like Clint and Ron too, and I want to see them more in generation 6. That’s why I can’t wait to write it (because of you). And you ask me what was a bigger shock. So, I can’t exactly tell you what was, but all these events was a surprise and in the moment, when I read about them I felt the same shock. I could write that today’s shock was more shocking, but then I would ignore shock related to Hannah’s first relation. So, both events are shocking, every in its own way.
    Adios, till Saturday 😉

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    1. You could say that’s quite shocking, but not something you wouldn’t expect coming from me.
      Oh, yes, Frank is now 40 and Waylon is 44, so they’re considerably older than in the last bonus. I also think that the age slider did a splendid job on them. Lol, I do know you’re not a Waylon fan.
      Of course, important thing to stress – alive. No one could beat Dellie.
      Life is not fair. For example, Dellie could live much, much longer. Cedric is 65 at the moment, he is not that old. Cedric is not the most pleasant person, but thanks to him Clinton now knows the truth and is on his way to try to forget about Becca.
      It is not surprising at all. Poor boy.
      Noo, sorry, it’s my fault, I wrote it in this way, as if he meant Hailey, but it’s really not her. He meant Becca, but I wanted to address it a bit further in the bonus. Sorry for the confusion, my bad. Fortunately, Clint is not interested in older women. He is not that much of a mommy boy!
      No, you’re wrong, Becca is not pregnant with Clint, but there are other things to be worried about. No, actually Hailey is the social butterfly. Becca… Well, she is just sociable, I would say.
      Clinton’s heart is broken. He’s had feelings for Becca for a long time now. But you see him trying to be strong and pretending he’s okay at the end. He had comfort in his friend, but that doesn’t mean that the pain completely went away. Clint definitely needs time.
      You mentioned that, but, sorry to burst your bubble, they’re not together anymore. I mean, Ron and Shari. It ended for them. Sharon, as in Aaron. Should he be gay, then…?
      I love Clint and Ron, too, they make a really great team together. I think you meant that you can’t wait to read it – but you can’t wait to write your own story after all this time. So you don’t want to underestimate one of the shocks, understandable.
      See you back on here on Saturday!

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  5. I suppose it’s not too surprising that Clint had those feelings for Becca. He could feel closeness towards her just like he does towards Ron, but not knowing that she’s his sister, he thought it was romantic love.

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  6. “As if there was not a single thing that’s not controversial or offensive in the times we live in.” <- True that! Well, so many things went down in this bonus… where do I start?
    First off, the long time coming revelation to Clint finally happened. I know Ron is our next heir, but I was kind of curious as to how Clint grew up and how his personality was so I'm glad we got to see a peek of that and that we'll see more of him in the next gen, he has quite the unique situation – being raised by his half-brother and thinking of him as a father. That makes him a very interesting character… He took the news fairly well though, no yelling or crying. Next, Becca is missing? What? I hope nothing too terrible happened, I thought we had to work our way into the bad stuff, now they are happening right off the bat XD That bit about her and Clint was awkward… And even though Shari and Ron aren't related by blood, developing a relationship with someone you grew up with like a sibling is kind of weird, but I shall not judge too much for now. It's nice to see that Hailey is doing fairly well, having had the operation and all. I want her to be able to pull through! Now I'm even more curious as to how things will end this gen! This was great 😀

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    1. Ah, you must have hit ‘reply’ before you finished. All I have in my notifications is the first quote. I hate when that happens. But I got to read it on the chapter page proper.
      I added this sentence after editing out the chapter today an hour before publication. I saw it fit after I read a lot of hateful comments on FB and then I thought it related to Frank especially as an activist of gay rights, who’s also married and raised a child with his husband.
      Yes, it finally did! Client’s situation is really bizarre. Not only he grew up considering his half-brother Frank to be his father, he also grew up with two dads. So yeah, he does have an interesting approach to life and a unique family dynamic, especially with Ron, Shari AND Becca, lol. Also, both he, Ron and Becca have reality old dads because of Hailey’s habits. Basically, Clint prefers to be strong on the surface, especially when he’s around his ‘bro’, his best friend Ron, who also happens to be his real brother. So he didn’t make that much of a scene, but that’s still pretty much a shock, so…
      It often happens in my story that bad stuff happens all at once, sorry! 😂
      Yes, it was pretty awkward.
      About Ron and Shari, well, they knew all along that they weren’t siblings and the thing with them was similar to how childhood best friends later become a couple. If you read Violincat’s comment just before yours, I think she described it perfectly. That’s what happened to Ron and Shari. But they broke up pretty soon anyway.
      Hailey is quite okay, but she can’t speak. I will try to describe her current situation more in the epilogue. I don’t think the ending is that spectacular, but hope you enjoy it! ♥

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      1. I’m usually extra careful to check that I’ve said all I wanted to when commenting, but I think that happens when comments are quite long and contain one liners at the start separate from the rest of the comment. In the notifs WP just pick off the first line and make it seem like that’s it 😂 That’s happened to me plenty of times. I suppose thinking of Shari and Ron as childhood friends is more understandable than the sibling dynamic I was thinking of… but since they’re broken up, I guess it doesn’t matter that much anyway. Unless they have a potential to come back together in the new gen? I’m curious to see Shari grown up and if her personality is like that of Candy’s – she’d make a solid best friend if that is the case. Oh, I’m sure it’ll be wonderful – and sad, most definitely sad 😢 – but wonderful 😊

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      2. That is such a weird thing to do, WP! It needs to stop doing that.
        Yes, Shari’s mother is Aunt Candy to them, so it’s always been perfectly clear they’re not related. Yup, they broke up, I will likely touch on that in Ron’s gen.
        Shari is much more peaceful and not as outgoing as Candy. She’s pretty much an art freak and a bit of a weirdo at that.
        I hope I can live up to your expectations. 💖

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  7. I can’t share all thoughts, which are floating my mind, after reading this chapter.
    My comment would be as long, as the chapter itself.

    Cedric wasn’t all wrong, I think. It was their fault.

    They both knew long before, that this day would come.
    How awkward and insensitive Clinton is dealt with right now?
    What would have happened if Ron hadn’t been there?
    I can’t think of anyone else who could have reached him at this point.
    It was nothing else but cruel with best intensions.

    So much of Clinton’s story reminds me of my own.
    My leading question, after I found out, was why ?
    Then I could put it on the right place and understand.
    I was in love with a cousin, fortunately, he only was related to my adoptive father,
    biological not to me.
    How good, we knew everything about my family already. (I married him)

    Very bitter for Clinton, not only that his first love doesn’t return his feelings, she’s his halfsister too. No wonder that he felt like dying.

    Incest now, as wrongly in love as possible, also a consequence of silence.
    If everything is allowed, what’s called love, why not this ?
    You just don’t need to have children of your own (except you accept the risk).
    They also could adopt a child.
    Why this is wrong and everything else is okay?
    An absolutely controversial and emotionally charged topic, Jowita.

    ” As if there was not a single thing that’s not controversial or offensive in the times we live in.”

    I’m curious, how the story will develop and looking forward to see the kids step out of the shadow of her parents. Both boys are very good looking.

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    1. A lot has transpired in this bonus.
      It actually was their fault and I agree that what they did was not a good thing. Clinton had the right to know long before all that.
      Ron and Clint are very close friends and they both had no idea that they were also half-brothers. It was a shock, but a shock mostly for Clinton. At least Ron knew his biological parents all along.
      I’m so sorry that Clint’s story hits home in that it’s so similar to your own. It wasn’t my intention to bring back your memories. I had no idea. Well, Clint isn’t as fortunate, because he’s very closely related to Becca. They have the same mother.
      It is a consequence of silence. Clinton simply had no idea that he was related to Becca at all. It is a very controversial topic to deal with. This is so different to the kind of love siblings share. Violincat two comments before you had, I think, a valid point in that he confused the closeness he felt to Becca with love. This could also happen to Shari and Ron. They are a very close group of friends and the hormones at this age are crazy. Affection can be easily confused with love.
      Waylon and Frank both love Clinton, but they unintentionally hurt him. It will be hard to regain his trust now. I think that it’s good that he’ll be leaving with Ron. He needs a break and possibly a girl who will be worth him. It just isn’t simply the fact that Rebecca is his half-sister, she’s just not a nice girl. He deserves better.
      I am excited to tell you more about the gen. 6 kids and their lives. It’s their time to shine now.

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  8. Oh, my heart! lol Becca is missing and she and Clint did the woohoo? Oh, no. If I was Clint, I’d leave town, too. haha They need to find Becca, that’s for sure. Things have gotten really crazy. I’m looking forward tot he epilogue and beginning of Gen 6! 😀

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    1. Lol, yup. At least she’s not pregnant, that much I can tell you! Ha, ha, Clint does need a break, doesn’t he? Crazy is a good way to put it! Hope you enjoy it. Hope I find the strength to write it, too, lol.

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  9. i knew that things would be crazy when they finally told the truth. But I was not expecting this!! Once again you have thrown us for a loop.
    If I were Clint or Becca I would have skipped town too. I am so excited to see what comes next.

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  10. Wow I was not expecting an incest situation! And I thought Hailey was a wild one… I wonder why Becca left. Did she somehow find out the truth before the boys did? Can’t wait for the next generation, it seems like an exciting one!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, incest! Crazy, isn’t it?
      It would have been just your normal crush it not for the fact that they’re related! Oh, yeah, hope you enjoy the next generation. And Becca has her reasons.

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  11. I’m not sure how to phrase what I am thinking in my head..speechless I guess.

    I’m surprised he didn’t have any suspicions Hailey was his actual mother. There were a good handful of adults in the picture for Clint. Someone should have told him sooner to start off with and should have prevented the other.

    I’m falling asleep Jowita, so I apologize for the crappy comment. But I wanted to get the chapter read before you thought I had forgotten.

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    1. Yes, a lot has transpired.
      He didn’t think of that. He’s never been the one to overthink situation so he believed what he was told. Someone could have told him, but everyone respected the decision mostly Hailey and Waylon took. Frank played little to no part in this, but it seems like everything is his fault.
      No worries. You may read it when you want.


  12. It’s amazing that Hailey is still standing! I can never understand the mindset of those who run away, but I know that after the family is shaken to the core as it has been, sometimes that’s how people react… Hopefully Rebecca is safe somewhere.
    OH GOD. Well, there is that thing where those who don’t know they’re related can be attracted to one another. Good thing nothing ever happened there though… OKAY NEVER MIND. This is what I get for typing as I go. Holy shit. NOooooooOOOo.
    Oh, and I think instead of “taking a sit” you mean a seat 🙂
    That joke is true. And you can just call everything gay and it’s hilarious. Or at least in my group, haha.
    Okay yeah colour me shocked. I’m just going to mull this over for a while and see what happens… excited to have more of Clint though!

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    1. Yes, Becca’s escape was a huge shock for the family, but Hailey has been through so much, it just another thing to add up to the drama.
      Ha, ha, lmao. Yeah, something did happen after all.
      I meant “a sit”, thank you for correcting my silliness. I really can’t type properly, it seems. Writing’s not for me 😛
      I do love this joke. Actually, Shari and Becca don’t really get why the boys find it so hilarious, but they do.
      Yeah, hope you enjoy what I planned for them!

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    1. I know, I’m sorry. You were angry about me ignoring him when he was still a toddler, lol. Yes, he’s so weirded out now! There’s much more to Becca’s escape, actually. But she’s NOT pregnant as opposed to what some of my readers thought.

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  13. I didn’t see your response, Jowita. You didn’t hurt my feelings. I was worried, I could’ve hurt yours with my unsparingly comment. 🙂 I’m reconciled with my fate. How could you know – Clinton just touches me much, I feel close to him.

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  14. If Clint didn’t freak out from that I’d think there was something wrong with him. But it’s even worse because of his crush on Becca :O
    I’m relieved from reading the comments that she’s not pregnant. But it just makes me question even more why she ran away. Also it’s strange how Hailey and Ron told Frank about it. Like they weren’t really concerned.

    I’m glad Clint and Ron are good friends. I hope with both of them on it they’ll figure out where Becca is.

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    1. He was honestly pretty calm for such news.
      No, Becca’s not pregnant. You will most likely be really shocked when you find out what she’s up to. Well, Hailey can’t speak and Ron wasn’t sure how to bring it up.
      They are really good mates! Hopefully they’ll find her when I find the will to continue writing this story.

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  15. Silence is the worst thing that can happen when it comes to these kind of secrets. However much the parents think they’re keeping quiet for their child’s best, it’s always better to know as soon as possible… Talking from my own experience…

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  16. Oh my, it was so strange to see Frank with wrinkles! Our sweet boy is getting old… *sniffs* I’m sad that he still wants his father’s approval after all this time. When I got to that picture of Cedric, I wanted to slap that smirk off his face. I don’t think it’s 100% right to have hid Clint but honestly, I’m more afraid of Cedric being a really bad influence. Clint seems to be a boy with a good head on his shoulders — he seems to be taking the news relatively well so far — so I hope that old man doesn’t corrupt him.
    Well that is quite the awkward situation *winces* These kids and their hormones, sigh… but as much as I find this situation weird, they didn’t know they were related, so this is the parents’ doing. Yikes.
    I wonder what’s up with Becca’s disappearance? I hope they can find her soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, so strange. And in that sickingly light lighting in the bedroom. I couldn’t get over how weird his face looked! I feel so bad that he’s getting old, too…
      Somewhere deep down, he’s still that awkward teenager, but he rarely lets this vulnerable side of him show.
      Frank and Waylon were worried about Cedric being a bad influence as well, one of the reasons why it took them so long to tell him.
      That is super awkward! They had no idea. Becca’s disappearance… Now that’s something to focus on!

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