Chapter 5.22 Never-do-it-again pt.2

Warning: Swearing, mentions of suicide.

Reggie on the highway (he often does that when he wants to feel the freedom, driving with the furious speed, windows opened with the wind stroking his hair). Getting distracted and abruptly stopping. Getting hit on the back by another car. His head hitting steering wheel. Severe spine injury. I can’t quite register the words that come out of the mouth of a platinum blond who leads me to the room where my husband is supposed to be resting after having experienced a serious accident. For a moment it even does the trick and makes me forget that I am the one that has just gotten diagnosed with cancer. Then it is sinking in with full force and I start hyperventilating. The nurse suddenly changes her mind and claims that I should not see Reggie in the state I am in. I protest, saying that it’s just temporary and I’ll be okay. She gives me a look that says she doesn’t believe me, but doesn’t comment on that. The rest of the way we spend it in silence. It feels as if I ran a marathon across a hot desert when we finally get to the right place. Doesn’t help that I’ve been suffering from a constant need to drink something, my throat constantly dried out and hurting.



When I walk in, the first thing I notice is that Reggie’s face is all red from the bruises. He lies on the bed and a grimace of pain is present on his face as he slowly exhales and inhales, gritting his teeth, as if it could help the pain go away. A shade of a smile and recognition crosses his features as he sees me walk in.


“Reggie,” I gasp and get to his bed in seconds. I gently place my head on his chest and bury my nose in the familiar scent of his perfume, his sweat and gasoline. Yes, the ever-present gasoline. It’s that thing that caused it! If only he had listened to me when I told him to give it up.


“Why, Reggie? Why are you doing this to me?” I pose a rhetorical question. He growls in response.

“Get off me, Hailey,” he barks, showing me away and I land at the far end of the singular bed, which is definitely too small to handle two people.


“What is that? I thought you…”


“Yes, I fucking got myself into an accident and I fucking will not be able to walk anymore! All true! They told you that, right? I’m like a cabbage or something. A disgrace to all the healthy people. A disgrace to humanity which should be shot right away!” He goes on and on. Tears are flowing down my cheeks as I struggle to say something. Anything to break this stream of thoughts. But then… “And you’re not any better! Look at you, Hailey. Look at you. Whatever the diagnosis was, doesn’t make it fucking better. You were a singer. I was a racer. Now we’re both shit, that’s what we are!” Pregnant silence falls after this sentence, his words still echoing in my ears. We’re both shit, aren’t we?


“You can’t do that, Reggie,” I finally manage to say. “You can’t dump all the years we’ve spent together and say it meant nothing. We’ll get through this together. Cancer or…”  But he is ready for a retort, having heard my confession.


“Cancer, huh? See it, Hailey? You will have it easy. Easy to die. I will have to live like this for years with no one having enough mercy to just go and shoot me straight in the head! I am not of any use, now that I can’t drive.” He pulls me closer to him and grabs my hand and I lose my balance, stretching my leg to regain it and not fall off the bed.


“Do it. Do it for me, Hailey. Prove you love me as you claim you do. There’s no hope. Just shoot me so I can have my peace.” I stare at my husband wide-eyed, partly shocked and partly frightened. He is talking as if he was not right in the head. He is talking as if life meant nothing to him. Not his family, not anything. Only… only these freaking cars. I abruptly pull away.


“I will not do it. If you ever experienced love in your life, you would know you’d never shoot your beloved and let anyone harm them. But you never did… You never loved me, Reggie. I was just a poor human replacement for your sheet metal lovers. Now that it’s all gone, that they’re gone, who am I to you? Someone to get rid of? To be bombarded by your attempts to get me to kill you? That’s not right. You can’t ask of anyone to perform euthanasia on you. You can live, Reggie. And you will.” As I finish, he still doesn’t seem convinced, apparently very set on getting himself killed.

11.jpg “I do love you, Hailey, you have no idea how much. I’ve been thinking about it. I wanted to tell you to get a husband your age, someone who would give you all that I can’t. You do not deserve to be forced to change my diapers for the rest of your life nor to listen to my complaints. But we both know that’s not gonna work out. You and I, Hailey. We used to be on the top of this world. Now it dawned on us that we’re both mortals. So, so mortal mortals. It’s better to die by your own choice than to be forced to suffer.” He says it all with so much determination and sincerity that it moves me, even if what he is saying are all just confessions of a man who lost what he most cherished in this world.

I will never be the thing he most cherishes in life. I will never mean more to him than cars have meant. All this time.


“That’s not true, Reggie. There are things worth living for. Look, we have a family. Our kids have just stepped up into adulthood. I don’t know how about you, but I want to see my grandchildren.” I am now sitting on the bed by his side, looking out the window, or rather the small parts of the outside world that are visible through the slits between the thick curtains, which barely let any natural lighting in


“It is wishful thinking on your part. There is a certain line. When crossed, optimism just stops working. There is not a way out of this situation. Life will never be the same and you know it. You are scared to admit that you do. But you so do.” He is right. I know it. I know exactly what he’s talking about. Maybe I’m just desperately trying to make it work, make work something that will never work? Putting together a thousand of pieces that once created a crystal vase, it symbolizing our life stability.

“I do, Reggie. And so what? You can’t do anything with such knowledge. It is useless and hurtful, and doesn’t do anybody any good.” He avoids my gaze as his eyes are fixated on the wall opposite the bed.


“The sound of your voice is moving in itself, Hailey. Just listening to you reminds me of the better times. Now all we have left is a downward spiral. You can get out of it once, you can – well, I could – pretend Amanda and April never existed. But this… This is just an obstacle that’s never going to be overcome by any of us. We are both destined to suffer for the rest of our lives.” I instinctively touch my throat as I listen to my husband and think of how truthful his words are. I wondered if I would ever be able to believe in any curse that’s been roaming around my family through generations. Now I know that’s just life. Life could be a blessing, but it could also be a curse. A curse that casts a spell whose wrongdoings could not be taken away by a single human or force.


“Listen, Reggie. I always thought you weren’t afraid of anything. Not driving fast, not of anything. You should never change that about you. You can’t be a coward, we can’t both be cowards. Taking our lives away is not a solution… There must be light at the end of the tunnel.” Still, deep down I know I’m trivializing. I think someone has just clicked an off button on my optimism. Reggie seems to agree.

“Except that the tunnel is all dark. Who are you trying to deceive Hailey? Me or maybe yourself?” He sighs heavily.


When we both get tired of the talk, I rest my head on Reggie’s arm, trying to fit in the single bed, just to feel the warmth of his body next to mine and the stable beating of his heart.


He is still alive. And as long as I am too, I’m not going to let him change that. When the death comes, then it will come. I close my eyes and dream of finding the corpse of my grandpa, like I did as a 13-year-old. Except that in this dream I also meet his ghost. We’ve all been there, comes out of his gray, effulgent mouth. When the sound of a nurse forcing me to leave Reggie’s room echoes in my dream, I wake up with a ready response. I gently raise from the bed not to wake up my sleeping husband.


This talk must have exhausted him, especially after having been forced to take part in it right after the accident. My lips open slightly as I whisper my answer, knowing he won’t hear it anyway.


Fate, Reggie. It’s fate that I’m trying to deceive. 

Note: Hello! Wow, I don’t think I’ve written a decent note in a long time. In this chapter quite a lot of the poses I’ve been working on made a debut. It’s a huge bed couples dump that I hope to get published at the end of August on my pose site. Unfortunately, for most of them it was also the first time I got to test them in-game and boy, are they laggy. I’m also pretty sure that the patient’s gown that I downloaded from the Store was only enabled for adults (Reggie’s neck was cut, but I think I managed to edit it, so it’s not obvious), so I made changes in MC (more about it in my mods’ guide) and I also edited the bruises in s3pe (you can read about it in my recategorizing tutorial), so that I could use them on my elder male. Yeah, you guessed it, I totally stayed up until 2:30 am to get photos ready. Thankfully, this time I went over my post and hopefully it’s less silly (there were mistakes like “tears are flowing down my tears”). If it still has some dose of silliness in it, please feel free to point it out. And I do know that it’s heavy, but I don’t even think it’s very heavy compared to some other chapters 22nd that have been in my story. Anyway, to end this note – I hope to see you, guys, with a bonus post on Wednesday. Don’t think I forgot about the big parents’ reveal for Clinton. It’ll also be the first chance we get to get to know our future gen.6 heir a bit more. Essentially, I’m slowly wrapping things up for this generation. What else can you expect? My timeline looks somewhat like this:

  • August 18th (today) – Chapter 5.22 Never-do-it-again pt.2
  • August 22nd (Wednesday) – Bonus Post: From the life of Frank and Clinton Cavender
  • August 25th – Epilogue + OC tags for generation 5’s characters.

So stay tuned! I hope to experience the end of my 5th generation along with you.

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  1. Ah, so it was an accident that happened to Reggie :/ It was bound to happen, of course. These two are an odd couple, but they also seem to love each other a lot. But seriously, wtf, Reggie, of course your wife isn’t going to shoot you. That’s illegal, man! I don’t think Hailey would want to go the way of her dad… (I know circumstances are different, but it’s still, ya know, killing someone).
    I’m really excited for the prologue and the last bonus post 🙂 In a way, this generation is one of the most heartbreaking, because in a lot of other gens, disaster was kind of just waiting around the corner. Here, it’s like there was a chance for true happiness… so close, but so far.

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    1. Yes, it was. Driving eventually backfired on him. :/
      I also think that what they have is a unique relationship for sure. One of the first factors that made it odd is the huge age difference. You could say that Reggie was searching for a daughter replacement and Hailey for a father, but what they have is certainly not a father/ daughter relationship. I think it’s more Hailey protecting him and taking care of him. But I do not think that it is necessarily toxic. It’s way better than most relationships in my story.
      Reggie is experiencing depression and trauma. He wouldn’t care that much for the fact that he won’t be able to walk on his legs anymore if it wasn’t connected to him having to give up racing. He thinks it would be better for everyone if he left. He’s pretty selfish and just wants to get rid of the burden that is not being able to get behind the wheel again. I think neither of them were thinking of it being illegal or not. Hailey just wanted him to stay alive and he wanted an easy way out – that is suicide. Good news is the inability to walk makes it practically unable for him to commit a suicide. Maybe he’ll get out of it. This man definitely needs therapy.
      Oh, I think you meant epilogue! Prologue should be out in September. I really hope I can figure out Ron’s character, because I’m still pretty clueless.
      Yes, in other generations mainly the relationships were problematic, but here it’s not that. Actually, everything seemed to be going pretty well until it suddenly went downhill with Hailey’s diagnosis. :/ But at least everyone lived. I love how you described it with the chance for true happiness being unobtainable for them.
      Another odd thing about this couple is all their serious conversations take place in the bed. So of course I followed suit with this one, the last that they’ll have in her generation.

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      1. It’s definitely the healthiest relationship you’ve written (aside from Frank and Waylon). And I’ll also say is the character who’s grown the most. She’s made some pretty bad decisions, but she also did things like apologise to Candy, so I think she’s all around not a bad person.
        I did mean epilogue, yeah – d’oh! I don’t know why, but I always switch up those words, though I can’t figure why. It’s not like they’re the same word. At. All. XD But I look forward to the prologue, too! Ha, ha 😛

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      2. I think you could find a few quite healthy relationship in my story, but we can’t really judge them as they didn’t have enough focus. Surely, for example the relationship between Bobbie and Charlotte was great. But um… I really should stop doing extra favors for my LGBTQ characters just because. I promise that wasn’t intentional, it just sort of happened. I feel strongly for Frank. When I think about him, I can almost feel the depth of his love for Waylon. I think I could pull it off well if he was the heir. I always liked him and had better connection with his character than with Hailey’s. And if you considered my whole story, not just heirs, I would have to disagree, because it’s Frank who’s grown the most. He was already a good person, but he shaped up his self-confidence and grew up beautifully. Okay, I’m just biased, because I do love Frank. Out of the heirs, however, I agree that Hailey made the most progress out of them, because the other 4 were practically stable characters all the way and she did mature. She definitely is not a bad person.
        Oh my, don’t worry, I got that. Yeah, I look forward to writing Ron as well. 🙂

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  2. I’m not surprised that cars were Reggie’s downfall. It’s such a shame, but then, I expected the worst. lol I think it’s sad that when Hailey mentioned she had cancer, Reggie was just like, “Yup.” Of course, he’s dealing with his own huge issues which he just found out about. It’s as if they could have reached that happiness they both wanted but then it was snatched away. So sad.

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    1. Well, yes, Reggie shouldn’t have driven carelessly, especially at his age. I’ve been telling everyone since like the half of this generation that there won’t be deaths and I’m going to keep my promise. Not this time, at least.
      It is sad. Reggie is not in the right mindset now, plus he readied himself for this diagnosed, he’s been readying himself for a long time, having expected the worst. He should have been more vulnerable, but the only things on his mind now are the cars or rather lack of them for him in the future and the inability to walk.
      I agree with you and Louise about the happiness. It could have turned out way better for Hailey and Reggie…

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  3. I was expecting some sort of accident but I didn’t expect him to ask
    Her to kill him…holy shit. Sad that in the end he just cared about the cars. Both of them are now in bad health situations…I sense stress for Gen 6.

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    1. Yeah, that was quite unexpected of Reggie. He’s not in the best mindset right now.
      Cars mean a lot to Reggie and maybe that’s true that he loves them more than people.
      Oh yes, lots of stress! But not connected to Reggie or Hailey. Other family member.

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  4. This chapter was so heartbreaking. I cried through the whole thing! Hailey sadly seemed the most healthy, happy and mature just to have it all come crashing down. Of course Reggie’s cars would be his downfall. Not sure if I’m ready for what comes next……ugh…. Great Chapter exploring how people can truly feel during these times…

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    1. I’m sorry! Have you counted how many times I’ve made you cry? I just keep doing this to you…
      Hailey has matured so much and led a peaceful, happy life. And then THIS happened.
      Yes, Reggie’s cars led to a disaster eventually.
      We never know how people might feel during those times unless we experience it ourselves… Fortunately, I haven’t and don’t wish it to anyone.

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      1. Well, my story is really tragic, though I don’t think people necessarily cry to my (rather poor) writing skills. I generally do not feel that strongly about my characters, though I do have a special bond with Frank. When I get into Frank’s head, then think of Waylon, I get overwhelmed by the sudden strong wave of love and affection and I can feel his emotions really strongly. This doesn’t happen to me with Hailey or other characters.

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      2. No, I didn’t have a deep relation with Sam, lol. Would that make me crazy? But when I did get into the Sam phase, I was surprised how different a person I could become and what I was able to produce in my writing. We are not AT ALL alike. Oh my… The more f’ed up (see, Sam phase) thing I wrote was probably the scene of Sam murdering Heather where I described his exact thoughts about it.

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      3. I know! So was the rape scene. It wasn’t really descriptive at all, spare for the general feeling of helplessness that Gemma felt. I had spent an evening reading a ton of rape stories beforehand, however. When it got to me describing it in first person, it really shrugged my nerves and I felt weak, disgusted, scared and wanted to throw up. Crazy what first person can do to you!

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  5. This has to be the most heartbreaking generation. Hailey started out so naive, lazy and selfish. Then she found true love and was actually happy with herself and with her life.
    My heart breaks for Reggie. That level of depression is hard to come out of. He will never be the same, and is a real danger to himself.

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    1. Well, at least they’re both still alive in the end. Not that makes it a lot better than it is. Hailey was lucky to have found Reggie. One of the best decisions she made was to dump Cedric before he managed to do it himself.
      Reggie is in a really dark place right now. It won’t be the same for him and there’s a threat of him attempting to kill himself.

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      1. Hailey has two battles on her hands. She has her own cancer battle. But she also has to battle to keep Reggie well mentally.
        I am so very excited to see the next special chapter on Wednesday!!

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      2. Yes, it’s a lot to deal with.
        Good news – I already have it written. It explores the relationship between Ron and Clint, which I’m excited about.
        BTW, not sure if it was intentional, but you missed my mods guide. It’s okay if you’re just not interested, though.

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  6. Wow, I have to write it again – you cruel and heartless writer.
    I was close, baceause I was thinking that Reggie will lost his leg. His legs are useless, so he could lose two legs (but no one gets rid of legs because someone can’t walk). It’s very tragic, but it could be worse, really. I know Reggie thinks that his world ends, but he mentioned about a cabbage. Actually, he could become a vegetable. Can’t move (only) legs is nothing compared to not move at all. You can enjoy your life being in a wheelchair. But not Reggie, he can’t continue his hobby. That’s why he has a suicial thoughts. But seriously, he can’t end his life because he can’t walk anymore. He has too much to lose. Suicial is very selfish, but his depression should (probably) be over someday. He can’t leave his children. Nobody want to lost his father, especially in this way. Reggie could die in this chapter. If he is still alive, his life has meaning and he has to do something before death.
    It’s true, everybody has to suffer, but we have to learn how to live with suffering. And Reggie can learn, but he must want it. If not for him, then for his family.

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    1. I’m sorry. I’m so cruel and heartless. 😦
      No, Reggie did not lose any of his legs, but spinal cord injury provides him from being able to stand on them properly and walk. Definitely it’s nothing in comparison to not being able to move. Reggie has still so much life ahead of him to live. And he has a family that loves and needs him. It’d be a selfish step to kill himself.
      He should do it for his family. But you’re right – he has to want to!

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  7. These feelings that Reggie has are all too real, unfortunately. It’s heartbreaking to go through that. He reminds me of the actor Paul Walker, just because cars were a large part of his life, too, but he died in a car accident. I hope Reggie will realize that his family still needs him, but I’m afraid that after Hailey is gone he will probably take matters into his own hands.

    I do think their relationship has been healthy overall. I wonder if it’s true that Reggie cares for his cars more than people. It could just be that he found value in being “fast track Reggie” and now he feels that is gone. He doesn’t value who he is without that.

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    1. Well, yes, it is super hard for him. For years cars were his everything. Racing helped him heal after both his wife and teenage daughter died in a car accident. The only stable thing in his life and now that’s gone. He can’t imagine himself without the cars. Good thing with this misery is it would be hard for him to kill himself while being practically tied to his bed.
      I agree, their relationship was rather healthy. They clearly love each other. That is a good guess that without the Fast-Track Reggie persona… Well, just Reggie isn’t enough.

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  8. Whoa heavy! “He sighed heavily” Yup I feel ya Reggie. Did he cause the accident on purpose then in the first place? Or was it really just an accident. He is freaking out…kinda reminds me of a movie but I can’t think which title. well that will bug me all day.

    Hailey has had a rough life and no matter what else, this will be the worst thing she will go through. For knowing her, she will throw herself into caring for him and not take care of herself. When all she should be doing is fighting the cancer before it spreads. That shows the depth of her love. Perhaps the children can step up and help.

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    1. Oh my. First I thought you were quoting me to correct a mistake, then I thought maybe there indeed was a mistake in tenses, but I checked and breathed a sigh of relief – you see, Hailey’s narrative is supposed to be in the present tense, but I’m more familiar with the past tense and so I try hard not to confuse it.
      No, Reggie would never cause an accident on purpose. As he got older, he doesn’t have the same reflex as in the past. Oh, sorry, that you will now be wondering about the movie!
      This will be a tough time for Hailey. My grandfather, who died last year before Christmas, was stuck in bed for 5 years and my grandmother tended to him. Now Hailey will have to take care of Reggie.W e all know she strongly loves him and will likely put his needs first, which may not be good for her. Oh, children. *gasp* Well, there *might* be an issue with one particular child…

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  9. I’m so sorry it took me so long to comment! But I’m back now! (and in time for your extra today I suppose? 😉)
    Poor Reggie… I knew it would have something to do with his beloved cars… They both got betrayed by the very things that made them feel top of the world – Reggie was right about that. But he can’t expect his wife to shoot him! I feel kinda sorry for him because he can’t see how much Hailey is willing to suffer for him and their family while setting her own misey aside. And I think he’s being kind of ungrateful; he was at the top for so long and now that his wife needs him as much as he needs her, he’s thinking of bailing? Maybe his first wife’s accident and all of those past memories came crashing down and I’m being too harsh on him, I don’t know 😥 But the man is a mess!
    I would say I hope things will work out for them, but I know they won’t! Can’t wait to see what’s coming next..!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay, I was waiting for you. Hopefully you’re having a grand time with whatever keeps you away from WP! Yes, that’s right, my bonus comes out in about 4 hours from now. Hope you enjoy it!
      Yes, his cars led him to a dark place he’s in right now. And after all – a car accident took away lives of his first wife Amanda and his daughter who would be the same age as Hailey now if she lived. Not the top of the world anymore, now they both have to suffer a great deal. No, he can’t expect Hailey to shoot him, though I’ve heard of couples who planned to commit suicide together. Sounds super crazy! I can’t see myself being able to watch anyone, especially my significant other, kill themselves and not stop them! When Hailey discovered how bad it was with Reggie, she kind of forgot about her own misery. She loves him so much, it’s clear to see. Yes, Reggie had been a top racer for many years, even before he met Hailey. He can’t appreciate it. And to be honest – it’s not like he could go on with this for much longer as he’d eventually have to retire anyway. He’s not young anymore! Reggie can’t see anything spare for his own suffering, the depth of his pain is crushing him and he was indeed reminded of Amanda and April. What kept him from falling when they died was racing and now he was deprived of that, so he can’t see himself living anymore. The idea of not being able to get up from his bed and having to rely on other people for support is disgusting for him. He wants to be independent and if he can’t, he wants a way out. All he sees is him being a burden for everyone.
      And the crazy continues in today’s bonus…

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      1. Oooh, nothing grand I’m afraid – I was just on vacation and when I got back I was super exhausted for a couple of days (I’m really not much of an outgoing or adventurous person, lmao)! I’m so glad to be finally back!
        I’ve never heard of that, but it sounds scary! I can see the logic behind it but, like you, I could never allow myself to do it!
        It’s sad to see that Hailey loves her husband so much more than him. But I feel sorry mostly for him because of that. Now he has nothing, as you said.
        I can’t wait for today’s crazy!

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      2. Yay, I’m so glad you are back! Hopefully, you’ll get your game sorted soon. I’ve recently, for some mysterious reason, lost Master Suite stuff from my Origin. Not sure how, that’s pretty crazy.
        It is scary! And they must have really good reasons to decide to do that.
        Reggie really does think as if he had nothing, but he still has his family (well, almost), because that refers to today’s crazy.

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      3. My game is better now (although I haven’t still used CC Magic, I sorted my cc out a little better and it kinda did the trick 😉 We’ll see how it goes)! I’m preparing the next chapter as we speak, I guess it will be ready until tomorrow – finally, haha!
        What?! That’s insane – I didn’t think it was possible! Does it say that you own it on Origin?

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      4. I don’t think I need CC magic myself, I’m fine with seperating my CC into folders on my own, all packaged and all in appropriate folders. It also makes it easier for building my CC page, which you know is sort of my obsession. Woot! I didn’t think you were already preparing it. It’s been so long and I truly can’t wait! I miss those times when you posted practically once a week! Can’t wait.
        Well, the story with this game is twisted. My brother transferred all the Sims game from his account to mine with the help of EA consultant, except this one. I can’t put CD’s into my new laptop so I had to rebuy it and got the code online. Then I had it for some time, but then I discovered it’s installed on my computer, but Origin shows me that I can buy it and I can’t pick it in the launcher. When I tried writing the code into Origin again, it said that the game was already registered. I have a sort of similar problem with one of my TS Medieval games, I can’t register one of them, because Origin tells me it’s already been registered.

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      5. Lmao, I miss those days too 💕 – in fact, I might able to do it again with gen 3 because it’s already more thought out than gen 2 ever was, haha! This darn story is so difficult to finish, but I’m determined to do it (and soon)! You know, you can’t even imagine how much I admire you for being able to still keep up with your schedule! It’s really impressive! 😀 ❤
        Oh, wow – that would be my next question, if you were able to buy it again… but I see that you're not. It's really strange though! Was there a reason why this one didn't get trasferred? Could a consultant help with that? (Maybe seeing your brother already has it, they could gift it to you if they can't trasfer it!)

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      6. Yay! Can’t wait. Yeah, it comes with a price, though, because I basically do it at night. Even though I am on my vacation, I attend French courses Monday to Friday from 5:30-7:45 pm and the rest of the day well, I don’t have that much, because I do homework and then I just am here, being lazy or trying to work on my poses. It’s hard trying to keep my game in tune with the story, writing, taking pics, attending French classes, working on my poses. And now this Master Suite thingy. I technically am able to rebuy it, but I don’t want to do this for the 3rd freaking time. I’m so fed up.
        I don’t know if me keeping up with my schedule is impressive, sometimes I wonder how much my story suffers, because I often don’t really have that much time to properly think stuff over and there come plot holes, rushing things, weird content, many filler chapters made up on the spot.
        Hm… My brother told me not to contact EA about it, because this whole transferring thingy is technically not allowed or something. I, too, am a bit worried that they would want to rebuy it from Origin this time.

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      7. It is impressive nonetheless – I get what you’re saying about filler chapters, although I wouldn’t worry too much about them. They’re a means of getting to know the characters better and honestly I wish I was patient enough to make some! 🙂
        Hmmm I didn’t know about it being not allowed, which makes sense because I’m the only person I know irl who plays the sims lmao, so I have bought everything on my own 😂 I really hope you’ll solve this though, it will suck if you have to re-buy it!

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      8. Yeah, I love filler chapters, because I can make them pretty much on the spot and do not have to work too much on them, not as for the not-fillery, like the bonus, which has 45 dang pictures.
        Yup, it’s weird and it’s technically not what EA usually do, that’s why I’m hesitant about contacting them.


  10. I just saw your bonus in my reader, so I’m excited to read it, but I had to first catch up on this – super late once again, haha. Wow, this chapter was so sad. Despite knowing that Reggie is a racer, I somehow didn’t see that coming at all as the reason for his accident. With him being much older now, I’d have thought that he wouldn’t even think of getting behind the wheel like that… and now he’s paying a permanent price for it. It was sad when he asked Hailey to end his life like that, as if he had nothing worth living for just because he would no longer be able to walk. He has a wife, and kids and a lot more than just cars, and the fact that he didn’t even consider that or what would happen to Hailey and his family if she even seriously considered his request is even sadder. I’m glad Hailey stuck by him and talked to him though. I’m sure a part of the reason for his drastic thinking is the shock of what just happened. I can’t wait for the epilogue to see how this all resolves, but until then, I’m off to read the bonus 🙂 This was great and heartbreaking per usual ❤

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    1. Well, I was waiting for you and Sempreviva. Glad to see you both! 🌸
      This chapter was indeed sad – as if no one had expected it, lol. Well, Reggie loves the freedom that driving gives him so he often takes trips like that, driving on a highway pretty carelessly. But he doesn’t have the same reflex as he used to when he was younger. It is not necessarily not being able to walk, but rather not being able to drive. Racing means the world to Reggie. It is very sad that his family wasn’t even a flicker in his head. That’s definitely a shock. Hopefully, he will get better mentally.
      Epilogue will be published on Saturday! Hope you enjoy it!

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  11. I believe the saying that goes somewhere alogn the lines of ‘if man has a why, he can survive almost any how’ is applicable here. They have both lost their ‘whys’ in life. It’s going to be tricky, but not impossible, to get through this. But maybe they can’t.
    I’m excited for the bonus post though! That’s going to be an interesting situation to finally come to light…
    I can’t believe you’re done another generation already! Whoa. I need to speed up!

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    1. Yes, they both have been through some very tough times. Hopefully, they can get out of it too! The thing is, he had cars when he lost Amanda and no cars now. I don’t think it is impossible, though.
      Yay, I posted this one yesterday! Plenty of revelations…
      Yup. But you know, my chapters are never as lengthy and nicely-written as yours!

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  12. When faced with such issues as both Hailey with cancer and Reggie with paralysis, I guess it’s hard to focus on anybody else but yourself… This chapter gave us a lot to think about, it was very well written and I believe you have succeeded in creating characters that have come a long way… You set the bar high for the next generation, Jowita! 🙂

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    1. It is indeed hard to focus on anyone but yourself, especially if these illnesses just stood in the way of them continuing to do their beloved hobbies. It struck both Hailey and Reggie hard. Oh, thank you so much for your compliments and it is a lot coming from you! Yes, although this next generation will be a bit different, because Ron was diagnosed with dyslexia and I am going to alter my writing to get his voice.

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      1. My son has dyslexia, too. He just started high school to become an airplane mechanic, and it will be a struggle… Luckily my husband can help him with the maths and physics part, but he’ll have to work hard nevertheless…

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