Chapter 5.20 Literally Growing Pains


It’s early in the morning and the kids – or am I even allowed to call our 17-years-old kids? – are still asleep. Reggie is not and it’s totally my and my constant need’s to clear my throat fault. I’m sort of getting adjusted to having a sore throat than never gets healed, but it’s been a bummer not to be able to book new concerts. I’m preparing pancakes, subtly wheezing and hoping that Candy and Reggie, who appears to be focused on his newspaper, constantly shifting it closer and farther away from his eyes, do not say anything.


“I told you to put on glasses when you’re trying read,” I tell Reggie, ever so surprised at how differently my voice sounds, barely audible and hardly comprehensible. I look down on my pancake, pretending that nothing has happened. I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me. That’d be pathetic, to try to make a victim out of yourself. I can tell Reggie’s frowning, even though I can’t see him.


“Your voice is still weird. That was supposed to normalize after a few weeks or so. You haven’t even been singing in the shower, which you’ve always loved,” he notices, ignoring my remark about his deteriorating sight.


“Reggie is right,” Candy interjects. “You should make an appointment with a doctor. That’s not normal. Neither is your current weight.” With a sigh, I put the pancake on a plate and turn around to face my husband and friend.



“I’m not going to any doctor. There’s no need to. It’s just a sore throat is all. They’d just laugh at me for wasting their time,” I protest, though I know I do not sound convincing at all with how quiet my voice is. It is not hard to tell that I’m struggling to get the words out. I fight the urge to touch my throat. There’s so much I didn’t tell to anyone in fear that they’d worry. I don’t want to trouble my family. Besides, it could be worse… right?



“There is a need, Hailey. You’re still a young woman, not an old prick like me. You should be as right as rain and not standing here, barely able to argue with us. The doctors might help you. Perform a surgery or so. I know you miss singing,” he says, reaching out to stroke my cheek. I smile despite myself.


“We’re worried about you,” Candy says. “Hey, let me make a phone call, so you don’t have to. We all know you need that visit. You know it, too, and you can’t deny it.” I look at them, moved by how caring they are. A lump in my throat is worse than usual, as I struggle to respond, finally giving up and letting them take charge.


“Th-thank you. For everything…”


Yes, this is basically how my life’s been going recently. With everyone trying to get me to finally see a doctor until I eventually broke down and agreed. It’s true that I’ve been postponing it for way too long. I’m really afraid of this visit, let me tell you. I’ve been staying at home, doing everything that was supposed to help my voice recover and nothing seems to be helping. Not milk and honey, not resting, not even warm, bubble baths. I even tried to decrease the amount of speaking I am forced to do during the day. Everything to no avail. If there was even any change, it would be the one for the worse.

I can’t complain too much, though. I am proud to be a mother of two wonderful kids and one who is not my kid but feels like it. I decided not to count Clinton as my kid a long time ago, but I am pleased to say he and my kids are close friends. It is a bit ironic how he and Ron often call themselves bros.



Speaking of Ron, it is wonderful and heart-warming for a mother to see how much progress he’s made in the fight with his, now officially diagnosed, dyslexia. It’s heart-breaking to see how many teachers or parents still refuse to believe in the existence of this disease. I’ve been the one who helped Ron to practice his spelling when he experienced troubles. Now he does it by himself. I once accidentally discovered a notebook in which he performed his spelling exercises. I know that the disease bothers him a lot. As a perfectionist, Ron would want to be on the same, or even higher, level as the other kids. Dyslexia and lack of orientation when left alone are not his fault and I feel sincerely sorry for him. He’s such a bright boy, dyslexia or not. And very hard-working, too. I can surely say that he has to be the most athletic boy in his class. He loves exercising, physical or mental alike.



Becca is such a happy presence in our house. She’s determined and full of happiness, getting excited each time she wins another award in many competitions she takes part in. She’s almost like Ron’s guide, always there for him, so he doesn’t get lost. Everything comes to her so easily. She can often be found in her room listening to music and daydreaming, and studies only when she prepares for another competition, but it involves barely flicking through her books. It is believed she has photographic memory which makes studying so easy for her. I am sure that Grandma would surely compare her intelligence to Rosie’s (who is not with us anymore now, as well, which was a huge blow for me, too). Recently, though, Becca has been different and more distant, I’m not sure why.  Eventually, she came to me and Reggie and asked our permission to get a tattoo done. We were surprised, but Becca seemed very determined to convince us, so we eventually agreed.


She ended up with a pink rose on her left ankle.



Shari and Becca are very close, but also very different. Candy’s daughter is really artistic and she can be found doing various sketches on the drafting table in her room, which is very, very green (she says green helps her creative process) and certainly most extravagant of the kids’ rooms. Shari loves posting her comics online and she’s quite popular there, too. She’s also the only who has decided on her future studies. Shari is set on studying fine arts and becoming an artist. I am worried that she isn’t so determined to get good grades as she is on her drawings, but Candy is not anxious. She says she has never been very good at school either. Again, I am reminded of how childish Candy can get.


This woman is my peer and she has Shari’s old toy box in her room and can often be found playing with toys.

As I’ve said, Clinton has never felt and will never truly feel like my kid, but it doesn’t mean I don’t get to interact with him at all, especially as I and Frank have been close friends for such a long time now. Clinton is now 20 and he’s already dropped out of many various universities. Waylon often blames it on the fact that my laziness somehow reached out to his son. It feels much better to spend time with just Frank and Clint. Somehow, I feel like I and Waylon will never truly get along. I guess we’re just too different, the love for Frank being the only thing we have in common. I remember that I once got to use the karaoke machine with Frank while Clinton was watching us.



It felt like we were those kids singing in the choir in those simpler times when Grandpa was still alive and we were both just two innocent kids… Gosh, how long has it been since we did that? It can’t be more than a few years since Clint was still a teen, but I can’t remember the last time I could sing without difficulty. I wish I could bring those happy times back, bring Grandpa back, bring my singing back, or bring my sweet, little innocent kids back… Life used to be so simple.

I know what the title says. It sounds like a reference to my kids growing up, but, in reality, it’s not at all about my kids. This chapter is really just a bitter confession of a woman who wishes she could turn back time. Who mourns her vocal abilities, which she doubts could ever be brought back.

And it’s not even a metaphor, although you might think it is. This is my diary, so I’m not going to lie here. At least here. The truth is I am suffering. Not mentally, but physically.


I am tired of the constant need to clear out my throat, which used to be just subtle glasses of water during my concerts, but then turned into a severe sore throat. I am fed up with not even being able to properly scold my teenagers when they do something wrong. And I hate the fact that I can no longer use my voice to oppose in arguments. I am practically helpless and I haven’t even lost it completely. Yet. I also hate the fact that I have to pretend I’m not feeling like I’m feeling. I know that the people closest to me can see through mine I’m fine‘s, but even if they do, they do not understand the depth of my pain. I will not let them to, because knowing my suffering would break them. It takes out all my energy to keep up the facade of a temporary vocal injury to my kids, so as not to trouble them. Then I drop onto my bed in the evening and I cry so silently for Reggie not to hear. Maybe he does, but he never says anything. He knows me. He knows me so well and he knows that speaking about it makes it feel more real. That when he speaks about it, my pain gets so big I could well choke on my tears and die. Or maybe he doesn’t know. Maybe he just sleeps. Maybe he makes use of his ability to sleep that I no longer own. Do I even own my body anymore? It feels as if it lived its own life now, because I do everything that I can to keep it healthy and it just doesn’t listen. All it does is make the pain stronger. Each day it gets worse. I clench my teeth and try not to think about it. About the fact that it’s not my kids who experience growing pains. It’s me who experiences them. Pains growing stronger by each day. Growing pains.


Literally growing pains.

Note: I know, I know, so depressing. Well, I had to remind some of you which story it is that you’re reading. And so you all, prepare for it to only get even darker. But I am not here today to talk about the darkness of this chapter. I’m going to share some extras. So, everyone ages up in this chapter, including Hailey and gosh, have you seen her?

PS: this is unedited, because I couldn’t be bothered to edit an extra photo.

I honestly think she looks better as an adult than she did as a young adult, when she had that polished, Barbie doll face which annoyed me to no end, though it might just be me. Fun fact: her current hairstyle is similar to my real life one.

Also, I will share some bloopers. You can see some of the things that transpired in my game on the bloopers page here.

I will leave you with a little comparison.

Even if I mentioned in my gender bend post that I wouldn’t mind if Hailey had a son looking like her, I am so relieved that Rebecca and Ron resemble Reggie more than they do Hailey. I just don’t like her and am definitely really tired of seeing her face.

53 thoughts on “Chapter 5.20 Literally Growing Pains”

  1. Ohhh. Reggie. What happened to you? Lol….. But you are right Hailey looks better as an adult, but I fear for her….and her kids. They are going to be left without a mother or father soon I fear. I anxious to see whatbthe diagnosis is. Of course my immediate thought is throat cancer….but it could be anything. You said dark, and it ismthat dark story sooooo. 😢😢😢😢

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Reggie got old. I couldn’t keep him from aging up. He’s 25 years older than Hailey after all.
      Yes, Hailey finally looks less like a plastic doll.
      Ooh, we’ll see if you’re right. But maybe you figured it out 😥

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  2. I have always and will always love Hailey’s face. There’s just something interesting and bold about it to me 🙂 She definitely looks great as an adult! She aged so much better than Vittoria when I turned her into an adult (but then her face has always been a nightmare).
    Ugh, I wonder what’s wrong with Hailey :/ it doesn’t sound good… I, for one, hate sore throats more than anything. It’s almost like when I had strep throat… I didn’t eat for three days and lost a ton of weight… But I hardly think it’s just that :/
    The kids are looking so great, especially Ron 😀 For a second there I was confused by Becca’s hair colour, until I remembered Heather. I always forget about Heather!
    For a sec I thought we used the same eyes. I changed mine yesterday, but can see from your list that they’re not the same. They look rather alike though 😛
    Great chapter, Jowita ❤ I'm both excited and a little wary of all the bad stuff to come!

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    1. Really? I don’t know. She kind of looks weird to me. But I think she aged up well, though she is extremely skinny now and I’m not used to seeing her like that. Even when she’s skinny, though, her face is still soo round.
      No, it definitely doesn’t sound good. Sore throats are bad. But you’re right, it’s much more than just a sore throat for her. And everyone is worried. She’s suffering.
      Yess, go, Ron, he’s my darling heir and I already love him, because I’m absent-minded, as well. I think it’ll be interesting to have an heir who suffers from dyslexia as a person who is a grammar nazi.
      Yes, it’s Heather. For a moment there Hailey (and I) was afraid that the dyed hair somehow reached out, lol, but no. It’s totally Heather. Fun fact: Ron inherited Reggie’s gray roots, lmao! But I changed, as it was so silly.
      I meant to say I loved your eyes. I thought they were different, but then was convinced that maybe it was just me. I do not use default eyes at all. All my Sims wear contacts, either Romantic Eyes 2.0 by Pralinesims or Sarhra V2 by Burnt Waffles. I do not like default eyes too much. Always too light for my liking.
      Thank you so much. Oh yup, a lot of bad stuff to come…

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      1. I think she has a very interesting, unique-looking face 🙂 But it certainly is very round! It really is odd to see her without her funky curves.
        Oh, I haven’t posted chapters with my new defaults yet, lol 😛 I’m always a couple of chapters ahead, though they’ll show up from chapter 11 or so. I just needed different ones because I’m so tired of the game’s highlights – they act so weird! I’m too lazy to give everyone contacts, so that’s why I have defaults 😛
        :/ We all need to brace ourselves for the misery…

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      2. I don’t know. She takes after Sam a lot, but has Heather’s round face. Well, Hailey is genetically slim, that’s the build we saw in the beginning of her gen. All my girls get it from the Rosenthal genes. I practically call the Rosenthal genes slim and tall, because that’s how I imagined Freddie to be. But she gave birth early and that’s when she got a bit curvy, then as she’s a sloth and slob (such a combo), I imagined she wouldn’t do anything about it. After twins she gained some more. I think it was natural for her and I don’t agree with the system keeping the Sims slim all their lives. Candy is definitely more curvy than her, opposed to her very slim, petite mother.
        Ha, ha, so maybe I imagined it after all. Kudos to you, I haven’t been ahead in a long time now. I am used to contacts and giving them to everyone. I like keeping my options open if I want to use something different. I have default skin, so that the townies don’t bother me too much. But I use ND skins on my family. Fun fact: I changed Reggie’s skin because the one he had acts funny on elders, which I first experienced with Rosie. The face looks completely out of place with the rest as far as tone is considered. But I tried to keep it so that it doesn’t look too different. I don’t think the difference is striking.
        Oh, misery…

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  3. Oh my… Hailey looks so old and frail. In this state even Reggie seems more lively than her. I’m very worried about this sore throat of hers — right now I am guessing she has thyroid cancer. Or something like that. Either way, I’m sure it’s going to be quite bad and potentially wreck this currently peaceful family life 😦
    Little note: I love how Shari’s bedroom matches her eyes. I think she is the prettiest of the kiddos!
    Good chapter 🙂

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    1. Hailey looks old indeed. I changed her weight a lot and she’s so skinny and worn out now. It’s been a long time since I saw Hailey not being slightly overweight.
      Ooh, this sore throat of hers sure is not something that should be ignored. It can be very serious.
      Oh yes, Shari looks a lot like Candy. But she has her father’s brown hair and green eyes.
      Thank you 🙂

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  4. Oh dear, I wonder what is wrong with Hailey? A node on her vocal chords? Cancer? :O I am biting my nails here. I think she kind of grew into her looks. She is pretty. I felt that way about Blue when she went from teen to YA. It was like she really blossomed.

    The kids look so good! I wonder who your heir will be?

    I know bad stuff is going to happen because I know how this story goes… but it was all very nice for a while. lol 😀 😀

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    1. Yeah, what is that? Next chapter is all about her visit. I also plan to have a Frank bonus before that, because you know, clock’s ticking for Clint’s 21 birthday.
      Yes, sometimes Sims really blossom!
      I think the kids look good, too. It’s pretty obvious who my heir is, I think. The one with the surname, that is Ron. 😀
      Yup, you’ve been here long enough, so ya know the drill. So nice for a while…

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    2. Hey, I’m going to tell you something. I actually got the idea for this chapter because of yours called “Growing Pains” in Blue’s gen, I think. It was the first time I heard this saying and I genuinely thought it would be the pains that are growing as I think we’ve seen Leo Jr. and Wilda arguing there. It later and after some searching got to me that it referenced teenage pains. So I knew I had to have it with double meaning for Hailey.

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  5. Like all the other readers, I’m convinced that Hailey’s sore throat is a sign of a much larger illness. I hope Ron and Becca don’t end up losing both their parents at the same time… Reggie is quite old now, after all

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    1. Yes, she is really ill.
      That’s right, Clint is 20, twins and Sharicka are 17. I’ve thought about it for a while and decided that if they were 18, I would have to make them adults and it’s too early, so I kept them at 17, so close to ending school and him at 20, because he hasn’t yet had his 21st birthday. I plan to have the big parents reveal on Wednesday in Frank’s bonus, when there’ll be his 21st birthday. Uh, I hope that’s not too complicated.

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    2. Okay, so to get it right – I was planning to get the reveal on Wednesday, but decided that’s too early, so I’m informing you just in case that I am moving it to the end of the gen as this bonus shall be practically an introduction to generation 6 and I feel like it’s where it belongs.
      So yes, Clinton should still be 20 and Becca, Ron and Shari 17 for like two next chapters. 🙂
      I know, I’m a mess, lol.

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  6. I’m surprised that Hailey lost her voice. I haven’t thought that it could happen to her in 20th chapter. She should go see a doctor, it can be something serious, because it isn’t normal that this affliction takes so long. I normally should write something optimistic, but don’t kid yourself, we know her story is coming to an end. The only thing I can do is thinking about what is wrong with her.
    6th generation will be an adult soon. I can’t believe this story will end in 2 weeks. I (currently) think this story is moving a little fast. I’m not ready for an ending (but I’m still curious what Zeus prepared for Hannah).
    I’m glad Ronald is doing well in school. I’m counting on his success in sport. When I saw him, he reminded me Eddie. I’m waiting for the girls who will be lining up to be his girlfriend.
    I don’t have to overwrite about Becca, because nothing new comes to my mind. She loves flowers so much. And I’m in shock that she wanted a tattoo. I wouldn’t have thought of her as girl with a tattoo. I wonder if she will take another tattoo in the future.
    To be honest, I don’t like the shape of twins face. You are glad Rebecca and Ronald’s look more like their father but I think Clinton is prettier. Speaking of witch, I can’t wait to see his reaction when he found out the truth. Will he run away from home or kill his parents?
    Everyone gets older with each passing day, and we won’t stop the ageing proccess. It’s quite sad Hailey is experiencing a lot of pain in that age (it has to happen, look at the number of this chapter, that’s why “quite”).

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    1. She hasn’t lost her voice completely… yet. Well yes, her story is coming to an end and we can’t expect too much happiness on the horizon.
      I’m sorry, I had to speed it up and the kids couldn’t really shine because of my focus on Hailey. Maybe I will get to change it in the next generation. Oh, there’s a lot prepared.
      Ron is not a heartbreaker at all, he’s very different from Eddie, more like Dellie, yet not completely.
      Becca’s tattoo will come into play later, just note it, because it’s quite important.
      Noo, I hate the fact that Clinton resembles Hailey so much. I’d not want to have him as heir even if he took part in the competition. Which parents? F & W or H & C? Honestly, everybody would be cheering for him if he tried to kill Cedric.
      Unfortunately, everyone ages up fast… Ah yeah, the number speaks for itself.

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  7. Okay, you are starting to scare me. Why do I have a bad feeling that these children will be orphans soon?
    And I noticed their ages. It is soon time for Cedric to come back. Frank & Hailey will have to explain everything here soon.

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    1. Well, I am known for scaring people. It will soon be all out, what I’ve been waiting for the entire generation.
      Actually, they aren’t going to die, or at least not now.
      There’s soon time for that. I plan to have a big reveal on Wednesday.

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    2. Okay, so to get it right – I was planning to get the reveal on Wednesday, but decided that’s too early, so I’m informing you just in case that I am moving it to the end of the gen as this bonus shall be practically an introduction to generation 6 and I feel like it’s where it belongs.

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  8. Oh no, Hailey’s pain is even worse than what she let’s on, and without knowing that Reggie and Candy want her to see a doctor. This is going to be really bad, isn’t it?

    The kids are practically grown up! It’s funny that the one that looks the most like Hailey is the one that she doesn’t consider to be her son.

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    1. Candy and Reggie can at least hear the change in her voice and hear her coughing, which doesn’t seem to stop after some time.
      Yes, the kids are so big! Oh, Clinton looks a lot like her. I’m glad that she has more children, because some diversity in a legacy is always good.

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  9. Hailey is sooo beautiful as an adult, I totally agree with you! But that means Reggie had to grow up as well – poor guy..!
    I am very worried about Hailey’s throat… sounds like it’s much more serious than everyone initially thought. I would say that I hope she stays safe but… we’re talking about your story so I’m not gonna do that! 🙂
    The kids are both very interesting, so whoever you pick as a heir I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading about! But if I had to pick, I’d pick Becca! 😉 She sounds like a wild child right off the bat!
    Lmao at Hailey describing her relationship with Waylon – at least she has accepted the fact that they’ll never get along!
    I’m full of dread and excitement to see what’s about to happen!
    Great chapter! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, she definitely is beautiful. I was surprised that she grew up so well. Oh yeah, Reggie’s an elder.
      It is in fact more serious than they thought. Yeah, we all have to be prepared for the worst.
      It’s no secret I picked Ron as he’s the second born and has my beloved Rosenthal surname. But I also need a boy as I go girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, boy. But Becca is still going to be a main character of this gen, at least in the beginning. You will see soon. Wild indeed.
      I think it is funny because Hailey and Waylon are more similar than either of them is to Frank. But Waylon can’t stand them. A shame because Frank is often torn between those two people that he loves, and he has to make choices, as with Clint and who gets to take care of him during Pride.
      Thank you! There’s a lot in store, for sure.

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  10. Alright, I’ve had several things I’d been meaning to say once I found the time, and here I am. First off, while seeing the older twins, Clint and Shari is lovely, seeing Reggie at the start there was a bit of a shock, haha. I nearly forgot just how great the age gap between them was. Hailey looks great though! I mean, her hair suits her, but she’s also looking kind of frail which is worrisome. Speaking of which… Man, the second I saw Hailey say that she had a ‘sore throat that never gets healed’ I was worried and when she said “Besides, it could be worse… right?” that confirmed it for me 😥 Something unfortunate is going to happen *sigh* and reading all of her pain and stress at how much she’s suffering without going to the doctor yet throughout the chapter just convinces me of that even more. I still had a sliver of hope considering how wonderfully things were going until here that things would go a different way. Silly me.
    When you mentioned last chapter that Ron was struggling a bit in school compared to Rose, I didn’t expect him to be dyslexic, I wonder how that’ll come into play when it comes to his diary! Interesting to see how different he is personality-wise from his sister. I like that they have a solid relationship. Sometimes when siblings are so different it’s easier for them to be distant. I love all of the kids’ rooms, so bright and colorful 😀 Considering the kind of parents Clinton has, I wouldn’t peg him as the quitting type. I’m excited to see what’s in store for Ron when his time comes to take over, but I’m not looking forward to the journey there. I suspect some tears, and heartbreak and perhaps even a death… or two along the way… Despite all of that darkness, this was a great chapter! ❤ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay, I’d been waiting for a comment from you 🙂
      Oh yup, actually all of them are siblings spare for Sharicka who ironically feels more like Hailey’s child than Clint does. Reggie aged up to elder in my game, as well as all of the people from his generation, like Sam, Cedric and Waylon’s parents. Meanwhile Hailey, Candy and Fraylon are adults. The difference between Hailey and Reggie is 25 years, meaning she is currently 39 while he is 64, so I couldn’t really keep him young forever, even if I wish I could. I can’t risk messing up the ages in my game. That hair was kept in my game for the simself I never got to create. Then I discovered how much it fit Hailey. Yes, unfortunately there is a lot to be worried about. No, I couldn’t allow them to happen any other way. If only Hailey’s illness was the only bad thing in store.
      Yes, Ron is dyslexic, which makes it hard for him to write and takes more time. I will try to touch on it in his diary, but I don’t know how I’ll make it happen. Becca, on the other hand, is a genius. I loved designing the kids’ rooms based on their favorite colors!
      Ah, that’s when Hailey as a mother comes into play, because I would totally peg her as the quitting type if she ever went on any studies, that is. But I needed Clint to not study as there’s something different in store for him for the next gen.
      I vowed that there’d be no death in this gen and I’ll keep my promise. But that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be tragic.
      Thank you 🙂 ❤️

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  11. Oh, Hailey, no! Ignoring health issues is never the solution. I’m hoping it’s some sort of overexertion (many singers end up getting vocal cord problems, at some point), but I have a feeling it’s more serious.

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  12. Oh, no! Losing your voice is a hard thing to deal with. I wonder if it’s like throat cancer or something though I’m not sure how likely that is given she doesn’t smoke. Ignoring health stuff is always a bad idea even if I do it all the time, lmao.
    I really feel for Ron. I know a lot of people with dyslexia and often they’re incredibly smart, but the rug is pulled out from under their feet constantly. It’s such a struggle to fight something that literally makes reading and writing etc super hard, especially given that it’s something we do on a daily basis.
    It’s nice to see that Reggie is still around. I was sure he’d leave at some point given the difficulties they’d had.

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    1. That is a huge struggle, especially for a singer, as it’s singing that mainly concerns Hailey. She is afraid and is slowly trying to get adjusted to the idea of not being able to sing anymore. It’s been her passion for years.
      I think there’s always a possibility of cancer occurring, especially if you’re genetically inclined. We don’t know much about Heather’s side of Hailey’s family and their health.
      Don’t we all tend to do that just to avoid going to the doctor? Whoops.
      Ron is indeed struggling to fit in. It will be a challenge for him to write for the next generation.
      It’s a relief that Reggie is still with Hailey.

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  13. I myself always liked Hailey’s look but she will probably be one of those people who gets better looking the older they are….don’t you just despise those people secretly???

    What on earth is going on? I fear a bad bit of story coming ahead and I’m also hoping we don’t hear the “C” word. She has too much life left to live! Can’t imagine what it would do to her both mentally and emotionally, if she wasn’t able to sing ever again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I myself have never really got used to Hailey’s look. I just rolled with whatever the game threw at me. But yes, I do despite such people. Ugh.
      Ah… It is explained in today’s chapter. Definitely a burden for her to carry 😥 She is so young still.

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  14. OMG – a fast forward jump again! More drama… Losing your voice is bad for everybody, but it must be close to dying if you’re a singer! I fear for Hailey’s health… Both mental and physical… 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, I have a set amount of chapters and the heir has to be young adult when the generation comes to an end. The kids came late in this generation, hence the time jumps. Sorry! I know, Hailey’s not doing well now…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s true! I’m now piecing together generation 6 in my head and I want it to begin with an introduction – so half of it will be sort of like a Frank bonus, because I want to make it clear what the current relationship status is between Frank, Waylon and Clint (I left off not explaining that) and then the other half will be Ron, possibly saying goodbye to Sharicka before they leave to find Becca. I also finally uploaded the pose pack that took forever to make, so at least that’s out of the way. But it’s going to take a while before I’m ready to continue working on the story.

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