Chapter 5.19 Family Ties


“Welcome, everyone. We are all here today to raise a glass to Frank whose organization called GMH, short for Gay Means Happy, has just been founded and it makes me, probably all of us, very proud of Frank and how far he has come in his actions directed at supporting the rights of LGBTQ people in our modern, albeit still full of unnecessary hatred, world. Here’s to equality!”


I raise my glass and click it with everyone, spare for Frank and Damon who are drivers, and Clinton who is just too young.


“Yes, aren’t we all so proud of you, Frankie!” Exclaims Waylon and randomly kisses him on the cheek.

“Oh, stop it, Way, you’ve already congratulated me enough,” protests Frank, even though it’s obvious he’s not annoyed at him at all by the way he discreetly smirks.


“My first boyfriend was bisexual,” says Candy’s mother suddenly. “He pretty much told me that when he dumped me. That and explained to me the only thing he really was after,” she adds bitterly.

“You’ve never told me that, Beatriz,” replies her husband, Damon. “I would have killed the asshole!” Awkward silence falls after these words. I hang my head low, suddenly remembering reading about a certain Beatriz in my father’s diary…


“But we can’t forget about the premiere of your sophomore album, Hailey!” Candy breaks the silence and smiles widely. “Here’s to many more masterpieces from you!”


“Thank you, Candy, although if it hadn’t been for your help, I could have never juggled the responsibility of caring for these kids and visiting the studio to record it all.”


“You aren’t giving yourself enough credit, Hailey. Look at all these kiddos. Our kiddos. They grew up so awesome thanks to you,” Reggie disagrees, looking in the direction of where our children’s laughs come from.



“And thanks to their awesome father,” I add and smile at my husband who has really grown a pair from the last time I wrote about him in my diary. How long has it been? Seven years? How time flies! “But I bet your parents are a bit out of place here, Candy. They came to visit their granddaughter, not cheer for the people they barely know. So, could you please take them to Shari? She would be super happy to see them. Oh, and one last thought – take Clinton with you. He’d probably be somewhere else, as well.” Candy nods to all my sentences and smiles at Frank and Waylon’s kid after I’m done.


“Come on, buddy. Time to make some friends! You’re in?”

“Sure!” Clinton happily jumps off the seat and, along with her parents, follows Candy to the pool. You wouldn’t have guessed, but the area Candy thought of developing into kids’ paradise actually became such – and with Reggie’s consent. My kids totally adore it.


“Okay, Frank, so it’s just me, you, Reggie and Waylon now. Spill the beans,” I say quietly, looking around the table. Frank has asked me before to arrange such a meeting and now is the perfect chance to hold it and have Frank say what he wanted to say.


“So… My dad, he visited me a couple of days ago…” he begins. I try hard not to gasp at the thought of Cedric.


“Seriously, Frank?” Waylon cuts him short. “You’re going to tell this to Hailey and not to me first? Geez.”


“Calm down, Way. I need all of the people seated here to hear me out. To continue… He wanted to meet Clint and I said no. After some further convincing, he agreed on the age 21 as the time to tell him the truth,” he finishes.


“So I get it our kids will be 18 then?” Reggie asks.


“Exactly,” Frank confirms. “That’s why I set the boundary so high. I wanted to make sure that all of them will likely be mature enough to take in the information. We can’t risk any of them not being ready for this and causing us problems. Teenagehood is a tough time,” he glances at me. “So I wanted to make sure we are all on the same page.”


“Wait, so we’re going to keep Clinton uninformed for another 11 years? That’s not going to work out. He’s already starting to ask questions.” Waylon protests.

“So what shall we do? Tell him we don’t know his real parents? He would hate us.” Frank replies.


“We could tell him we don’t really know his mother. A hook-up in the club story we initially went with.” His husband suggests.

“No!” Comes Frank’s answer. “Lying is never a good option.”


“It sometimes is. Like that time you faked the birth certificate with Hailey,” Waylon chuckles. “It would be easy as a pie to say that you arranged with a mother to write Hailey’s name there, because she wanted nothing to do with a child.” I and Reggie have been silently following the exchange between Frank and Waylon. Now, though, I feel like it’s time to speak up.


“I hate to say this, but I think I agree with Waylon…” I begin, suddenly realizing how bad it sounded. “Not that I disrespect Waylon, but this idea is crazy and might be hurtful for Clinton. However, I don’t think it necessarily has to be a bad one. I mean, it’s going to be hard for him either way and I’m not sure if he’s going to look at us the same way if he finds out now. So, I think it’s kind of… safe? I’m not sure how to voice it.”

“It sounds kinda safe,” Reggie agrees. “Although it’s all your decision, guys. But as for me and Hailey, I guess we will go with the 18 and 21-year-old version.”


Frank nods, realizing he totally lost this battle.


A lot happens in kids’ development through seven years. It was wonderful seeing them grow into their older versions and it still feels great watching them improve. It was even more wonderful knowing I had such an awesome support in my husband, because Reggie finally stepped up and it warmed my heart. I don’t think he’ll ever realize how attractive he is to me when he acts like a good father and that no pills in the world would help in making him look equally good in my eyes.

Speaking of Reggie, he started showing some signs of aging and that became a reminder of how big the age gap between us really is. While I have only just experienced my first wrinkles, he has them all over his face now while his hair turned gray and is getting weaker. I can’t say that I find it off-putting. As far as I’m concerned, he is still my beloved husband.

As for me, like Candy has mentioned, I somehow managed to record my second album called “Hailey Nathifa Hannah”. Even though both albums are under my stage name, Nathifa Knight, this one is directed more at my development and identity struggles I’ve come across, hence why it uses my two names and a nickname in the title. I have my natural hair color on the album cover, which is also part of the symbolism in this album and how confident I am with being all three names at the same time and still myself. Honestly, though, I’m just so tired of having to continuously refresh my hair color and these visits at the salon. I’m fed up and I really have better things to do as I’ve been such a busy lady lately, which is also why I haven’t updated my diary in so long.

Having such little kids really keeps me busy and trying to go on with my career at the same… well, let’s just say it tends to get overwhelming, especially now that they attend school. Rebecca is an exceptional student and all the teachers praise her talent and how fast she learns new things. Ronald, on the other hand, worries everyone. He might be a pretty good athlete and acing his PE classes, but he has troubles grasping the knowledge he is excepted to obtain in school, takes long to think and gets easily distracted. It is suspected he might have dyslexia. Of course, I love my son, but it doesn’t really make things easier. I wish he could be as bright as his twin sister. As for Sharicka, she is pretty decent, not too bad and not too good. The teachers are in awe of her drawing skills.


I always make sure we find the time of the day to take the kids to the beach or the park. It is so hot here in Starlight Shores that it would be a waste to have the kids at home all the time – even if they have their own water paradise there. Rebecca, Sharicka and Ronald love the sea, but we always keep an eye out on them just in case of anything happening to the little ones.

What has been worrying me the most has nothing to do with kids. My main concern at the moment is Reggie who doesn’t want to retire. True, he’s not doing nearly as much as he was when the kids still didn’t know how to walk, but I don’t think it is good for him to take part in races at his age. I’ve been saying this to him, but it’s as though I was talking to a wall. When I share this with Candy she just shrugs and says I should let him do what he wants. I can’t help but worry, though. There are just so many ways in which he might hurt himself really bad through doing what he does.

After producing the album, it’s not like I can really go on tour and leave the kids. I don’t want that, I just need to be there with them. What I do is I perform in various venues here in Starlight Shores, which is already enough trouble. Not only the kids miss me a lot (though they do love their father and aunt Candy), I also miss them terribly when I’m not home for too long. It’s strange to think I’ve never had any of that with Clinton. I do not feel anything special towards him. Just mere sympathy. I am more attached to Sharicka, but she doesn’t feel like my daughter at all. My love for my two kids is much stronger, it brings so much warmth to my heart. I’ve never felt like I was capable of feeling it all that before it happened to me. But I am so, so happy it did. Being a mother is truly magical, this is not anything I thought it would be when I fell pregnant for the second time. I was so afraid I would fail at this role. I just… I guess I just felt incapable of it. Now I know that I actually can be a mother. Not good, not nearly half as good as I’d want to be in my heart. But I try hard to be the best I can and I feel like this is what really counts here. Just doing what you can to be that role model for your kids, which is a challenging task that somehow makes me more responsible, to the ends I’ve never thought I could reach. It’s like developing that ability to have eyes in the back of your head. Or the ability to always put your kids’ well-being before yours. I cannot even control it.  I just automatically do it. I may not remember to take all the things I need to take from home, but I will always remember to take something to drink for the kids or sweaters in case it gets cold. I may grab whatever is at hand to dress up myself, but I will always carefully choose my kids’ wardrobe so that it’s not too warm or too cold. I find I can cry both out of my pride for my kids’ achievements or out of sadness for when something doesn’t go their way. I may not be religious, but I am sure to send good thoughts towards my family somewhere there in the sky each night. Without that, I just can’t sleep a wink.


Becca’s achievements warm my heart. She is always there asking me questions I don’t know the answers to. I usually direct her to Reggie. He knows so much more than me, but he doesn’t know how to respond all of them, so he makes sure to check in the appropriate book. He often takes her to the library so she can find out everything she wants to know about. Library, can you believe? That’s just when the age gap comes into place yet again. I’m pretty sure I would just go check it all out on the internet and library wouldn’t even cross my mind. Becca is just a total daddy girl. It warms my heart seeing them together.

And while Becca is a daddy girl, Ron is more of my child as we spend a lot of time together working on getting his skills up so he can keep up with the group which isn’t always easy for him. I also take care of him when Becca is not around as he tends to easily gets lost without his twin sister’s guidance.


So as you can see my head is now preoccupied with twins. I am not sure if it’s a good or bad thing. For me, though, I think I like the turn my life took. Having Reggie, Candy, Ron, Becca and Shari around feels like my own little family. And I’m so glad to have them in my life.

Note: Ah… This chapter was bad. Again. I swear I have so much free time and then I end up doing all the bonuses and stuff and completely forget about chapters. So it’s the middle of the night while I’m writing this note. Thank you to Bee for the awesome poses which you can see in the featured image, as well as the last photo of these chapter. They were initially for a teen, but it looks good on Hailey if you don’t see her feet sinking into the floor. I made a few mine here and there, too. The book ones – pretty obvious they’re mine, because I clearly messed up Reggie’s neck, and the raising a glass one. There’s a whole story to me trying to find good raising a glass poses and failing miserably. Anyway, I do apologize for this chapter because it is rushed again and it’s trash. I’m super dissatisfied with it. Guess there’s not much I can improve about it at half past 1 am, though, so hope it wasn’t too bad.

Edit: My poses from this post can now be downloaded here. Ironically, it’s 1:21 am now, lol.

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  1. You’re too hard on yourself, Jowita. This isn’t bad 🙂 It was nice to see Hailey hanging out with Frank again. And Reggie is getting older! It was inevitable, of course, with the age difference. He’s still looking good 😀
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    Anyway, this was a nice chapter. Hailey is a little more matured, Reggie has stepped up and has a cute relationship with his daughter… bring on the pain, Jowita. I know bad stuff is going to happen soon :’)

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    1. For me it still is. “You’re too hard on yourself” coming from one of the most underrated authors (in their own opinion, of course) is a bit ironic. I can tell you the very same, Louise.
      I just had to have Frank get in there. You know I can’t get enough of him by the number of bonuses I’ve done already.
      Carlo is still the best looking “old man” out there! ♥
      Hailey’s life mostly consists of meeting Sam’s exes under weirdest circumstances, really. I just couldn’t resist!
      Too nice to be true, I know. I can’t deceive you that it’s going to last now, can I?

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      1. But it’s just much easier to tell others how awesome they are than listening to it from others :’) (You’re still too hard on yourself, tho – it’s not bad).
        Frank is always a nice presence and very appreciated 🙂
        Carlo has aged remarkably well (I won’t allow anything else ahahha…)
        Naaah, I know what you’re up to! 😛

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      2. I know. I think you’re all so awesome on WP and I feel so small throughout all these amazing writers, like I don’t deserve the praise :’)
        Always! That boy is golden ♥
        No, you don’t really know. It’ll be an ominious surprise coming.


      3. I feel the same way most of the time. I think it’s pretty normal 🙂
        I guess I won’t know what kind of disaster happens until it does… but I know there will be disaster and tears 😛

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  2. Well….moving on quickly. The twins are adorable ❤️❤️❤️❤️ And the decision to wait….not sure if it’s good or bad. It’s really a hard choice.

    And so she has managed to produce an album. That’s good. I loved seeing Reggie interacting with the kids and so happy he they seem to have a healthy relationship now…..

    Candy is an awesome friend. ❤️

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    1. I feel like I didn’t have enough twins’ pictures in this one and we’re jumping to teenagehood in the next chapter, because I don’t have time to reflect about them growing up.
      I think the choice is really hard. It was so much easier with Grace and Cole, as she died.
      Yes, another album from Hailey. Somehow she found some time for that. Reggie is finally acting better.
      Ah, agreed, Candy is awesome indeed.

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  3. Alright, first off I have no idea what you’re talking about in your ending note because I really adored this chapter! Starting off, the gathering around the table to celebrate Frank was sweet 🙂 I would’ve been surprised at the huge jump in time had you not mentioned it in the bonus. I almost didn’t recognize Reggie; the age gap between him and Hailey is definitely more clear now. (Speaking of Reggie, I hate to be that person because it makes me feel pretentious, but I noticed a small error when Hailey was talking about him finally stepping up and being a good father, you wrote ‘grown a pear’ when I believe it should be ‘grown a pair’ – just wanted to let you know!)
    It’s interesting to see how despite being twins, Ron and Rebecca are quite different. I love that photo of them hugging Hailey~ my heart ❤ The motherly instinct she developed was something I never thought she would be capable of, which funnily enough, is something she mentions herself. She has grown so much as a character and a person, and this chapter did a great job of showing that. When she talks about her love for her husband and the emotions she feels at her kids' triumphs or failures, it makes you think back to the girl who couldn't do the dishes, and how far she's come. This chapter makes me realize the end of the gen is near, and fortunately things still appear to be going great, hopefully they remain that way 😉 *fingers crossed* If they do go south, I have a feeling it'll be because of when/how they choose to reveal the truth to the children about their relations with one another, which I'm hoping is not the case, but I'll throw that theory out there since I mentioned in the bonus that I don't think it's a good idea to share at all… but I suppose they have to if Clint is growing curious. Well, I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes, this was a very heartwarming chapter ❤

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    1. Really? Thank you so much. It’s a treat to get your two comments on one day. I also think it’s very sweet that Hailey congratulated Frank. And clueless Candy’s parents were there, when they don’t even know Frank nor Waylon and they just came to see their granddaugter. And for me to show you that one of Sam’s exes is Candy’s mother. I just love my little messy world and the connections in it. Yeah, Reggie looks old now. Yeah, the time jump. There’s going to be another one as kids will be teens in the next chapter. It’s because I need to wrap up the generation and can’t wait too long.
      Ha, ha, oh my Gosh, thank you for making me realize! I’d want to blame it on me not noticing, but really, it’s because of Marina. I’m having troubles with certain words because of her. She loves playing with words as so there is shampain=shame+pame=champagne, just desserts=justice hurts, froot=fruit and for the Froot album she made up “grow a pear” – see hereSo it’s totally me being a hardcore Marina fan at fault for this mistake. I feel so silly now. But at least you got your revenge for me correcting you. I love correcting, though, ha, ha. LOL, I love the fact I made that mistake. It’s equally hilarious as me spelling my name “Iowita”.
      Ah, yes, this photo is cute, as is Bee’s pose I used for that. She is awesome at pose-making. Hailey has grown so much and we are indeed getting closer to the end of her generation. Who would’ve thought she would blossom into a woman who loves her kids so much after how carelessly she dumped Clint. She’s the opposite of Sam as far as character development is considered. Ah, I feel like you might be disappointed if you keep hoping for a good ending. Hm… that is a good theory, we’ll see if you’re right, or if it might be something else. Ah, thank you, it indeed was quite heartwarming. Going to correct that silly “froot” now!

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      1. Haha, no problem! ❤️ I don’t know how to trim down my thoughts so you get a rather large paragraph 😂 Ooh~ another time skip. I’m looking forward to seeing how the kids look.
        That’s a cute play on words she has there 😆 Revenge seems like a harsh word, I’d prefer a mutual constructive criticism, lol. 😇
        I forgot I was also going to mention that the fact that Hailey doesn’t have an attachment to Clint is kind of sad since he’s still her blood, but since she’s barely spent any time with the kid, I guess it’s understandable… Uh, oh. And now I’m worried again. 😂😭

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      2. I know that you don’t know how to trim your thoughts by how you always cut your chapters so that we wouldn’t get too much Caislyn 😂 Even if we do, it’s still so not enough.
        I know, Marina’s a lyrical genius.
        Oh yeah, I was kidding with that revenge.
        Ah, Hailey doesn’t feel like Clint’s her kid. She even stopped calling him her son in her narrative and called him Frank’s and Waylon’s, not sure if you noticed. I corrected myself, because I thought it would make sense for her to say so.
        Stay worried 😂

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  4. Oh, Jowita, you’re so hard on yourself when you don’t need to be. This chapter was really lovely! I really love seeing the seven years later. Hailey has grown so much, it’s amazing. It’s good to see her embracing motherhood and caring for the twins. I can’t believe how mature she’s gotten; she’s really got her priorities together! The name of Frank’s business cracked me up, but I think it’s great. I can see that working around what and when to tell Clint is going to be a problem. I’m sure Frank doesn’t feel very good about how the conversation ended there. He’s a really good person and he believes in the truth. Lies always bite you in the rear later, yet our characters tell them anyway. 😀 LOL

    I really liked this chapter.

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    1. I don’t know. I just don’t like family chapters too much. Misery coming soon, though. I hope I’ll be more satisfied then, but who knows.
      Yes, seven days later is lovely in that Frank, Hailey and Reggie all developed. I remember how much of a shock it was with how Blue changed in your story. It was awesome! Ha, ha, yeah, I love playing with the fact that the initial meaning of the word ‘gay’ was happy. I remember For Goodness Cakes! It was soo awesome, loved the name.
      Yes, it’s hard to figure out. It’s not like they can even pretend. The fact that they’re gay makes it a tad more complicated. Oh, Frank has a golden heart and he loves justice. He understands, though, that it doesn’t really work out as he’d want it to, and sometimes lies are inevitable. I know, our characters always suffer because of them.
      Thank you so much, Kym ♥

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      1. Blue needed to change…. seriously. LOL Oh, yeah, For Goodness Cakes! hahaha

        I can tell Frank has a golden heart and loves justice. He’s quickly become one of my favorite characters in your story. Dellie is first, of Course. 🙂

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      2. Oh, Blue was baaad. But Sam was so much worse and he never changed
        This! I support fully with my heart. Dellie and Frank are my all time faves. I think they share many qualities, but aren’t quite the same. For example, Dellie is a pretty static character while Frank changes a lot and gains self-confidence. Dellie, I think, wasn’t just too sociable, but he wasn’t shy either. Their childhoods were so much different, too. Dellie’s one was good, because Freddie killed himself when he was an adult and he was a good father, albeit cared for Eddie a bit more. He had never been harassed by his father like Frank was.

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      3. Actually, it’s Sam who messed up Cedric. He became really bitter after he had to fight for his job. If you look for Cedric in the chapter he made his second appearance, so the chapter in which Sam tried to kiss him, he was a lot like Frank. A young, aspiring policeman with big dreams. It’s hard to see that in him after all these years, though. He will never be the same.

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      4. I know many people do not like Cedric, but the reasons for how he is are so different from Sam’s. He just got everything taken away from him and something in him crushed. He realized he was being naive. Then he got into the relationship with Joanne, just to try and make it all feel better. Sam also caused a deep-rooted hatred for LGBTQ people in him. Somehow he developed a feeling that all of them were evil. I know his actions do not make us feel sorry for him, but do you remember how sorry we all felt when Sam caused him to do this job? We haven’t seen his side of the story, which is why it’s hard to sympathize.
        One interesting think about Cedric, though, is the beauty mark on his cheek, which is occasionally there, because I used to take it out and into my game on various points. He had that on on the parade, in the beginning of the story, but not in Hailey’s teenage bonus or last Frank bonus. Okay, with that said, I wonder if he will have if/when he makes his next appearance.

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  5. Everyone else has said the same thing, but I am going to repeat it: you are too hard on yourself. This chapter was great.
    I love seeing that Reggie stepped up and became a better father. And I love seeing how everyone got together to decide how to tell the children about their family situation. I don’t know about waiting so long to tell them. Sometimes it is better to tell them now, and not lie to them. Rip the band-aid off and get it over with.
    Hailey has grown so much. I am so proud of her. She has really embraced motherhood, and has taken to that role so naturally. It is easy to argue that she is the best parent out of all of the heirs (well, maybe second to Dellie).

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    1. Thank you. Well, maybe I am. I still don’t like this one.
      Reggie did it! I am so glad that he changed his ways. Every one of them wants the best for all the children involved. They are just not sure how to approach it not to scare them off. They’re still so little. It is a tough and touchy subject to bring up.
      Hailey has changed a lot and she’s become a good mother. Who would’ve thought? I’m glad you brought it up, because I didn’t want people to think that all my heirs are bad parents. I don’t necessarily think Maddie was a bad mom, she was just caught up in her work and she didn’t have the bond with Eddie that Freddie had, which wasn’t exactly her fault. She was pretty crushed for long after the miscarriage when Eddie was little and that’s when Freddie came into play. Hailey’s relationship with the twins is probably more balanced, but she’s clearly closer to Ron, as is usually the case with the previous heir/next heir thing.

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      1. That is true, Maddie and Dellie were very close. As were Dellie and Gemma.
        I do hope Reggie retires soon. As you get older it is harder to recover from an injury, and the recover time is always longer. Just a part of life. But there are other ways for him to be involved with racing without having to drive the car.

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      2. I wanted to keep it a rule, but then Sam got in the way and I was not able to do anything out of character with him, breaking many of my own restrictions and rules along the way. His gen was a mess.
        Reggie is too passionate, but Hailey is worried. He is too caught up in the job and aging may get into his way as his reactions will be slower and his sight will be worse.

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  6. I I don’t think this chapter was bad, Jowita. It was late and you did a lot of thinking.
    I’m looking forward to every Saturday 🙂
    I’m glad that Hailey is abled to manage her marriage, her kids and her career well and she feels so satisfied with it. And it is always nice to see Frank & Waylon involved.
    But I’m worried about Clinton too. I’m an adopted child and I was eleven, when I found out by myself (with the help of my cousin), who my real parents were.
    My adoptive parents had planned to tell me, when I would be old enough.
    Roller coaster, I can tell you that.
    You never now, what kids are up to and what will come along their way.

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    1. Thank you, Doris. Oh, I don’t know if I did a lot of thinking. I just wanted it to be out at the right time.
      Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoy my Saturday updates.
      Hailey is doing really well, as are Frank and Waylon.
      I had no idea you were an adopted child, Doris. It’s always tough to tell your kid in fear they might start to hate you. Clinton’s situation is a special case because he will know there’s no way two men could bear a child. And when he finds out, it may crush him that Hailey kept her two other kids and not him. We will see how that unfolds.

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  7. Exactly that was my thought. My mother kept 6 of her 7 kids.
    She gave me to her sister, because she needed everything except another baby and
    my adoptive mother lost her babies. My real father was a rough man.
    I felt special after I knew that and loved from both. But that took its time.
    Well, hopefully it will not be too bad for Clint.
    And I am with Frank, a lie is always a bad start. Happy weekend.

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  8. It was very family meeting time. I’m glad Frank supports sims who need help. I hope GMH will be legendary.
    It’s good Hailey back to work and she has recorded another album. Her professional life is as important as a family. Keep up the good work, Hannah!
    I’m proud of Rebecca, she will definitely achive success, but Ronald doesn’t make me happy. When I found out he is a trouble, I thought – Oh no, another heir may be a trouble. I hope his problems at school won’t turn out to be a first-rate problems.
    It’s so great for kids that Sharicka lives with them. They must be very close. Another sims can be jealous of this relationship.
    I’m glad Reggie has finally remembered that he has a family. I thought he won’t change, but surprise. Good for him.
    I think Reggie should do what he loves. Maybe his work is very dangerous, but Hailey knows exactly he will be driving, no matter the consequence. On the one hand, he has been driving for several years, and he knows what he is doing behind the wheel, but on the other hand, if the unfortunately accident will happen, his old body couldn’t handle it. The best solution is trying not to worry. Bad thoughts can attract bad events.
    I can’t wait to see these kids as teenagers. I have a feeling that their lives will definitely be interesting.

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    1. Definitely this chapter was based around family and very good friends (like Waylon xD).
      Hailey needs to go on with her career. She lost a lot of time to take care of her babies.
      Rebecca has a bright future ahead of her, probably. As for Ron, he isn’t stupid, but has some serious troubles which reared their ugly head as he began attending school.
      Sharicka and twins are all very close.
      Hailey should support Reggie, but it is understandable that she’s worried. She is his wife and doesn’t want anything bad to happen to him.
      Interesting? Always!

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  9. Hailey looks to be very content here. She has finally found herself, it seems.
    I somehow doubt Clinton will be ok finding out his close ones kept his mother a secret from him as long as they did.

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    1. Yes, Hailey is finally content. She won’t be for long, though, as I’m just too evil.
      I don’t think Clinton will be okay with that. Still, it’s hard topic to discuss with a child.

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  10. Wow, I never thought I’d say that, but I’m so proud of Hailey! She’s come such a long way since we met her – who would have guessed? 😀 Which makes her upcoming doom more scary than I imagined 😢
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    I’m happy Reggie’s decision to change seems to have stuck… I was worried he would go back to his old ways but fortunately that’s not the case!
    I wonder if the decision everyone made will be the beginning of the end. It seems good-natured enough, but if not treated carefully, it could have disastrous results… Can’t wait to find out! 😀 ❤

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    1. Yes, aren’t we all proud? She’s come a long way, but if you are a caring person, not like Sam, usually parenthood changes you. Gemma’s death has always had a big effect on Hailey. She realized she wouldn’t want a mother like Gemma nor a father like hers for her own kids.
      No, they aren’t. Beatriz was a virgin when she met Sam and he played a game with her to get her to sleep with him. After he got what he wanted, he dumped her. I think that would be really stupid even of Sam not to use proper protection on her first time and the only time he wanted and planned to have sex with her. “She was like a log in my bed” – to quote his words, all nearly tied into the Lust chapter, which still is my total embarrassment. I made Candy’s father as a rip-off of her so he is a male, older version of Candy. Maybe you would have seen that if I provided a proper close-up. But see, Sam didn’t ruin the life of all the people he’s met. Some of them are actually happy. Fun fact: I got inspired to get Candy to look like she does after watching IISuperwomanII on YouTube. Both she and Beatriz look Indian to me, which is also why Beatriz was such a prude. Then you know, Candy kind of fell into the trap with her ex-boyfriend, Darryll, who dumped her when she got pregnant with Sharicka. Also, how crazy would that be if the twins found out that not only is Clinton their step brother, but Sharicka is always their cousin? That’d be super messed up, I tell you. The level of messed up even I am not willing to achieve.
      Yes, Reggie is doing quite well with the kids, but particularly well with Becca.
      Hm, that decision is really nothing compared to what is in store, though you are right it will stir up some drama. All about that in the last Frank bonus which somewhat will go along with the big ending. Stay tuned!

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      2. I know it’s 1 hour later for you. I pretty much keep up with the time zone differences with most of the people I talk to on here, sometimes through stalking what time is displayed on their blog when I leave a comment.
        LOL, don’t be sad. I haven’t written anything new yet, so it’s not like even I can offer you more. But I played ahead in my game and all the kids are now teens! Not that my chapters are that good. I hated this one especially.

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        Whaaat! I loved this chapter! You described Hailey’s feelings towards her husband, kids and internal growth perfectly – I’m not a mother, but I’m pretty sure Hailey’s thoughts on her family are spot on and beautifully described! ❤

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      4. Ha, ha, I wish. I am nowhere near being a mother, I often talk to my own mom, though and I described mainly what I gathered from her own thoughts and how she’s been supportive and caring my whole life. I mainly hate the pictures, though. This was done on the last moment and they’re not nearly as good and there aren’t as many of them as I’d like.

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      6. Aww, thank you 💕 Yup, that’s practically my lighting mod combined with Photoscape. Actually, 20th chapter is always full of foreboding. And it shall be present in the next week’s one.

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    1. Frank is definitely doing some good. He loves that he’s supporting people similar to him.
      Oh, Sam traumatized a lot of people.
      It’s a hard thing to figure out how to say. Clinton is still very little. They are not sure how he’ll react.
      Yes, their lives have been going great You’re right, Reggie could never give up racing.

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    “thank you so much Jowita for all your hard work” 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 I hope my words give you a little smile and show you how much your story’s are appreciated 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    1. Aww, Darren, you are too kind, I don’t know what to say. 🙂
      I wanted to feature some family friends and have a meet-up during which I could present everyone and have that Sam reference in that Beatriz, Candy’s mother, was his girlfriend. I slightly edited the photos, too, so that they’re lighter. Maybe that helped in getting that sentimental feel.
      I mainly complain because doing the chapters on the last moment is not good for me. Each time I do that I experience a self-confidence drop and think of them as not good enough. I am glad you don’t think that it was bad.
      It’s difficult when you are the one to see all your mistakes, even the tiniest ones, especially if you also happen to be a perfectionist. I know, all my WP friends are so kind and positive, always. I don’t know what I did to deserve you. 🙂
      Your words certainly gave me a smile, Darren. Thank you so, so much, for appreciating the work I put into this story. ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂

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    I’m not quite sure about not telling Clinton about his real parents for so long, but like Hailey said, either option won’t be easy. I just want Clinton to stay away from Cedric because that man’s presence spells nothing but trouble.
    Nice chapter!

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    1. It was a bit melancholic, true. Hailey has grown a lot and she and Reggie are still together. Reggie is actually still an adult here, but he’s an elder in today’s chapter.
      The decision with Clinton is not an easy one, for sure. Definitely it’d be a good option to stay away from Cedric.

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