Bonus Post: From the life of Frank Cavender #3

Warning: Swearing and nudity.


I remember that the first thing I saw when I woke up in the hospital was my husband’s worried face. He looked at me with so much love and anxiety written all over his face. And then I saw relief.

“You woke up. Finally,” he stated. “I’m sorry, Frankie, this is all my fault. I shouldn’t have forced you into anything.” He stretched out his hand to reach my face. It was trembling all the way, and then it stopped a few inches away from my face. Hesitantly, he barely skimmed the bandages on my face, then grabbed my hand.



“You’ve lost a lot of blood…”

It was not of any use what Waylon said. I mean the apology, not the blood thing. Because however weird it may sound to you, I am glad I’ve got my scar. It made me see things so much differently. This scar is a reminder of the person I was and this person I’m letting go of. Well, not completely. What I was going to say is that I’m improving and, with Waylon’s help, I’m both gaining self-confidence and learning a lot. The amount of love I have for this man is something overwhelming to me and despite all the differences between us and the fact that I know I will never truly comprehend Waylon… Well, despite this all, I’m so, so happy. There were times when I thought happiness was just not for me, these dark times of my teenagehood, when I believed I was the odd one, and the only odd one there is at that. Now I know there is nothing wrong with me. I am myself. And boy, does it feel great to be myself with all that’s attached to being who I truly am.



Waylon has been efficiently introducing me to the gay culture and I’ve discovered so many things I had no idea about. We’ve been to gay clubs, he’s been teaching me some slang terms, which somehow sound super amusing to me (when he thinks I’m being silly, he tends to call me a twink), well, you know, all this kind of stuff.  I think it’s a pleasure for Waylon, too, although it’s me who insisted on this in the first place. I don’t want to feel like I’m missing out on things just because I didn’t live in this open-minded society that Waylon grew up in and has become such an important part of. Honestly, does he have a queer radar or what? Because he does seem to know every LGBTQ+ individual there is in Starlight Shores. Have you any idea of what was his parents’ response when he eventually came out at 16? It was “yeah, we know”. My question is, where do such parents come from and why can’t everyone have them? Again, I do love Waylon, but you have no idea how frustrating it is to me, knowing I could well be born under different conditions and have all these options and possibilities which he had. It is simply unfair that he was discovering his sexuality while I was constantly fighting with my father for the chance to be who I am without anyone trying to shove heterosexuality down my throat. I can’t even imagine what would happen if I actually tried dating a guy at that time. That wasn’t even a possibility back then.


Well, it’s been seven years since that memorable parade I went to and I haven’t even been to another one. It’s not that I don’t want to. It’s just that Waylon is too worried about me to let me go, even with himself. I don’t think there’s been a single week, in which he refrained from touching my face where the scar is and apologizing. I doubt that he will ever be able to understand that this event was a life-changer for me, something that made me realize how much hate there is still left in this world and that there is a need to spread the word that homosexuals are people, too. We live just like the others and breathe the same air as straights do. I wish I didn’t have to explain it to anyone, but reality is often so much different from what we want it to be, as sad as it sounds.



As for the improvements in my life, there have been some, for sure. Seven years is such a long time and so much can happen throughout that time. To list the more important ones: I, Waylon and Clinton moved houses, I got a couple jobs after graduating my studies and finally moved to a rather stable position – although it might be surprising that the shy boy I still am in some ways has been making a name for himself as an advocate for the rights of homosexual people (as well as other LGBTQ ones; there are so many kinds of them), but I have, and this job is rewarding in many ways, taking the environment I grew up in into consideration. Let me just tell this – I am so proud of how far I have come.

8.jpg 9.jpg

Meanwhile my son, and brother at once, Clinton, is now a 10-year-old and he just adds up to the pride I am already experiencing. He is a wonderful kid who also happens to have inherited his dad, Waylon’s (because – let’s face this, it’s him who really is his dad), self-confidence. My only wish is he didn’t inherit Hailey’s laziness! Speaking of Hailey, her kids are seven years old now, so we plan to have them meet up, although they are all definitely still too young to try to explain them how complicated the relations between the two families are. Introducing them to one another is going to be the first step towards it, for sure.

Okay, so have I gotten ahead of myself? I know I tend to, but I am just so happy I felt the need to share this all! We are in the present now, so please listen, diary, because I still left a lot unsaid…


It’s one of these lazy Saturdays and I’m reading a book, which belongs to the kind Waylon calls “eternal law-ish rambling”. He often jokes about me having a deep-rooted student PTSD and not being able to chill out and do something not law-connected years after finishing my studies. Maybe he is partially right, but I just find the law fascinating, especially the history of various rules and codes that people came up with throughout the years. I also like comparing what we have in our country to what the people are provided with in other countries. But Waylon doesn’t get it. I don’t think he would actually choose the path of law if not for the family tradition. He treats it very casually, just as a job he has to do to earn money and, after all, it’s his younger brother Kenneth who will take over the family business in the future. He doesn’t like delving into this too much. I have my 1suspicions as to how he got through the studies, but I am smart enough not to voice them. Ever. Some things are better off left unsaid. I might be an advocate by trade, but I am not really a confrontational person in daily life.

Suddenly my reading is shamelessly interrupted by Waylon who leaves the bathroom, pushing a towel to his crotch.


“Get dressed or you might creep Clinton out, especially if this falls to the ground,” I say, not getting my eyes off the book.

“But I’ve forgotten my clothes,” he protests.


“If I were you, I’d rather not go around a 10-year-old with a bare butt… or else.”


“But my butt is gorgeous!”

“I think it-” But I never get to finish this sentence as we both hear someone ring the doorbell.

“I’ll open,” I offer, rising from the chair.

“I’ll go get dressed,” says Waylon, getting to the dresser in haste.

“Keep an eye out on Clinton as I talk to our guest. He’s playing on his computer.”


Before going, though, I get to my husband, touching his bare butt with the towel now dumped somewhere on the floor.


“You know I love your butt, honey,” I say and kiss him lightly, drawing my mouth apart too early. “I’ll go open that door now.”

The person whom I open the door to is probably the last one I’ve expected to see. Sure, maybe his hair is not the same striking blond it used to be, but blue eyes and handsome face that my best friend loved remain unchanged.


My father.

“Oh, you’re home. Excellent, because I’ve been meaning to talk to you,” is the first thing that comes out of my father’s mouth. He doesn’t even address me by my name nor the fact that I have a scar now. No one would think I’m his son by the way he said that. As if I was just a distant acquaintance.

“I guess we do need to talk, Dad. It’s been what, 11 years?” It suddenly strikes me how long it had really been since the last time I had a chance to talk to my father. I desperately try to shut down the painful memories that come at me like a hurricane when I look at his face.

We sit on the sofa and I am not sure what to expect of him. Apology for how he treated me maybe? But I couldn’t be more wrong.


“Is that a hickey?” He asks, eyeing the red spot on my neck.


Don’t blush, Frank, just don’t. I remember the hot make-out session I had with Waylon… when was it, yesterday?… and desperately try to block the heat from rising to my face. I take a deep breath, then speak.

“Yes, it is. But what…”


“I saw you at the parade, when I was called there. With that guy. You were holding his hand, running. Who is he?” I swear I feel like it is some sort of an interrogation. Makes sense that my father is a policeman.

“You must be talking about my husband Waylon, Dad.” His eyes move to my ring finger now and he eyes my wedding ring. After that he snorts.


“If this isn’t ridiculous, then I don’t know what is. So, you live together, right?”


“We do.”

“Eat together?”


“Well, yes.”

“Go on dates?”


“Like every other couple, Dad.”


“And fuck each other?” I’ve somehow managed to control myself throughout this stream of questions, but this is just too much. I abruptly rise from my sit and start shouting.


“Seriously, Dad? Who do you think I am? Because I so am not this terrified little boy I was when you traumatized me at 16 and made the best days of my life that I will never get back a living hell! You are so wrong if you think that you can visit your 29-year-old son after 11 years of not seeing him and ask him uncomfortable questions about his relationship. I have my right to live as I want and I will gladly use it! And guess what? I can do whatever the hell I please! It’s my life and not yours. If I want to fuck a guy as you so elegantly put it, you can’t stop me from doing it!” As I’m done, it’s not because of embarrassment that I’m red all over my face, it’s just pure rage. I can be a peaceful person, a really peaceful person, but it’s not court and I don’t have to be pleasant if someone is openly disrespectful. Even, or especially not in this case, if we’re talking about my father.


“I came as I heard raised voices. Are you okay, Frankie?” I turn around to see my husband’s worried expression.

“No, Frankie is not okay,” says my father through gritted teeth.

“Don’t listen to him. Just go and keep Clinton out of this.”


“I can take care of myself, trust me.” Waylon hesitates for a few seconds, then leaves. I turn around to face my father again.


“Now tell me why you really came here. Might as well get it over with.” Thankfully, he refrains from further comments and cuts straight to the chase.


“It’s about my son, Clinton as you call him. I want to meet him…”

“I’m afraid that’s not possible,” I say before he can finish. “I don’t want to confuse him at 10.”


“It must be already confusing, living with two guys. I don’t envy him.”


“I get you found out. You’re a policeman after all. But if you really think I will let Clinton anywhere near you…”

“I want him to know who his real dad is. Because he really only has one and that’s me. But maybe you’re finally making some sense.  I guess he is young.”

“He is.”


“What about when he’s 18? Would that be the decent time to inform my son?”

“You’ve always said law should be stricter. Change it to 21.”


“You’re kidding me. I may not be alive, then.”

“Guess who’s the dad in the birth certificate?”


“Tests can always prove me right. And you might lose everything if your forgery is discovered.”


“Do you think I’m stupid, Dad? If you take this to court, the reports from ages ago of you having an affair with teenage Hailey will be proven. So what if you win? It wouldn’t bring none of us any good. You wouldn’t do that and we both know that.”

“21 it is,” he says and walks out of my life for the next 11 years.


Hearing the door cracking, Waylon immediately appears in front of me.


“Who was this guy? You need to tell me everything.”

“Just my father.”


“That homophobic asshole in our house? You should’ve told me and I would have shown him the way out!”


“Chill, Waylon. No need to dredge up all the dirt from the past.” He looks at me weirdly and says nothing. I know he’s dying to know, but this will have to wait. Some things are better off left unsaid… at least for a certain period of time.

Note: Okay, so I did say the bonus would be up on Wednesday and it is Wednesday, however I’m almost two hours late compared to the usual time I post. Sorry about that, but there was a lot to prepare about this one and I lost much time with the poses and such. I want to blabber now.

First pictures do not show Frank because I couldn’t find appropriate bandages on the internet. It wasn’t on purpose.

Of course, twink’s definition comes from the Urban Dictionary and can be found here. Fun fact: I had to edit the ad one so it’s in English and the search bar, because my browser is in Polish. I also changed Mercedes Benz to Nercedes Benc, which is how this car is called in TS3. My friend once told me about it and I decided to use it.

I didn’t include much of Frank’s activities with Waylon as I just couldn’t be bothered and I already packed a lot into this one.

Waylon and Frank’s (and Clinton’s!) house was made by Black.Rose and can be found here. I know it’s pretty obvious that it’s not mine, because I can’t build. This one is a masterpiece, though, and I was so glad to have found it. Not only it included a master bedroom, room for one child, all tastefully decorated, the creator also built it in Starlight Shores. I knew I had to use it. The only obvious flaw is the amount of windows which get in the way a lot while taking pictures.

The towel was made by VenusPrincess and I made a pose around it, which I really enjoy. The expression is just so Waylon. It can be downloaded here.

Another one of my poses is the one next to dresser where Frank comes to kiss Waylon. And I am so proud of this one. My favorite thing about this pose isn’t shown here, though, as these are the hands. The boys hold hands on the pile of clothing, which is super adorable.

I edited Cedric a bit in CAS, including his cheekbones as I feel that really adults need a face job to look older. I also used these awesome wrinkles. Cedric is supposed to be 54 here, so I’m quite pleased.

And because I was on the roll, I also made the hickey and wedding ring poses. I just doubted that there would be a pose with an expression as disapproving as Cedric needed to have here. I just messed up the side, because in Poland we wear wedding rings on our right hands and this is the opposite in game. I didn’t exactly forget about it, but did it automatically anyway. I have problems with orientation and such, don’t judge me.

There’s also hickey and scar that Frank has. I am quite pleased with how they look, too. EDIT: I uploaded all the poses I made for this post, eventually, and you can find them here.

Oh, I almost forgot. I took pictures of Cedric at the parade in the last bonus, but I don’t think anyone noticed. It was dark, so I can’t blame you. They are below.



He stood there as Frank and Waylon where running off as you can see if you take another look at the last bonus.

Edit: I forgot to add that Frank was actually reading a book called “LLama Rights”, so I guess it was about law after all, lol.

I think that’s all the rambling I felt I needed to do. Hope you enjoyed this one. As you see, Frank’s improving and that makes me a proud Sim “mom”. There’s only one Frank bonus left, close to the end of the generation and this one will be mostly about Clint (who, by the way, really has the lazy trait, like Hailey).

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  1. Go away, Cedric, nobody likes you.
    It’s nice to see Frank improving and embracing his sexuality 🙂 I like how it happened – he could so easily have chosen to recede into his shell, but he’s a fighter. I understand why you’re happy. The pictures in this are lovely! Great poses, as well 🙂 and great chapter! ❤

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    1. That’s true. Nobody likes him, lol.
      I love Frank and it warms my heart to see him like this. He definitely deserved after all the suffering Hailey and Cedric put him through.
      Ah, I feel like the houses somehow made the pictures look better. It’s so pretty!
      In conclusion, everything’s great about his poses, ha, ha. Thank you, Louise ♥

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      1. I haven’t even made them, though, because I was preoccupied with taking pictures of Waylon’s butt 😂 Just kidding, I spent half of my day shooting for this chapter.

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  2. I am so so so proud of Frank!!
    He is finally starting to embrace all of the wonderful qualities that make him who he is. Even that scar is a badge of honor.
    And I am so happy that he was able to stand up to his father. From your hints I sort of guessed that Cedric would be making an appearance in this chapter. I was worried that Frank might revert back into that scared little boy that his father used to pick on.
    You are a pose making machine!! I am so proud and jealous of you. I love that towel pose so much. 🙂

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    1. Our Frankie boy is growing up. It is so heartwarming for me and I can’t express how happy preparing this chapter made me. That is Frank stage three I was waiting to introduce to you.
      I think Frank is wonderful just as he is. I wouldn’t change a thing about him. Such a happy fellow with a big, big heart. That’s why I needed to hurt him. That scar was a bit of a life-changer for him, you see.
      Oh, I knew you would guess. Who else could it be? Frank isn’t scared anymore, or at least not nearly as much as he was. Waylon, too, has been helping him, telling him to stand up for himself in the argument and not shy away as he used to do.
      Ha, ha, I’m a bit on a roll, that’s true. The pose that was on the photos promoting the set, I didn’t know where I could get it. It’s similar to mine, but doesn’t have that playful expression I am proud of.
      And I’ve been meaning to say that if you want to make a request, go ahead. I might go and see if I can do that. 🙂

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      1. Frank had been gaining more confidence, but I think that getting attacked was what pushed him.
        Let’s just hope Cedric doesn’t make it for another 11 years. But I hope that they tell Clint about his biological parents before then.
        And I might have to take you up on that offer for a pose request. But right now I think I’m good.

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  3. Clint got the lazy trait? Oh no! LOL

    Cedric is a terrible jerk. I hope grimmie comes for him before the 11 years is up. Clint does not need Cedric in his life.

    I feel really bad thinking about the difference between how Frank and Way grew up. I wish Frank had had it better. I did like when Frank told Cedric how everyone would find out he was with a minor.

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    1. Yes, he did, lol. Clinton is a couch potato like his mother.
      Cedric is such a bad father and he brought so much misery to Frank. At least he managed to rescue his younger brother from him.
      Yes, Waylon is a lucky guy. He had everything and was pampered, that’s why he comes off a bit arrogant. Frank, on the other hand, shy attitude and anxiety is what he brought from his home. Now it’s too late to get those years back. Poor guy was in the middle of the drama with Hailey and Cedric.
      The explanation here was different in the beginning. He was supposed to say he would have Hailey and her famous husband on his side and win. But this one is simpler and makes much more sense. No one would treat Cedric the same and with as much respect as a policeman if they found out he was having sex with Hailey when she wasn’t even 18.

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  4. Wow! Everything you made looks really good!!! I was about to ask where you got the towel pose from lol. Frank and Waylon are a wonderful couple. I’m so happy the accident didn’t damage their relationship. Will Clinton ever find out the truth? Hmm…. What would he think?

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    1. Oh, really? Um, yep, I made the towel pose, but I don’t think I’ll upload it yet as I need a whole towel set now. You don’t just go and upload the single pose for the sake of it. At least I am not capable of it. Gotta love accessory poses, they feel so real!
      I love Fraylon, they are my favorite couple and made it through together. Honestly, they are so much better than Hailey and Reggie who don’t even have a catchy ship name.
      I think he will, but the decision to tell him cannot be made in haste, it should be well thought-out. I mean, he’s going to ask questions as it’s pretty obvious two men couldn’t conceive him.

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  5. It’s truly wonderful to see Frank finally coming out of his shell — like a magnificent butterfly! I cheered when he stood his ground against Cedric, who I cannot believe had the audacity to waltz in there. Piss off, you horrible old man.
    Clinton is now 10, time has flown by! It’s good to hear Frank and Hailey are still friends because it kinda seemed like they were drifting apart. Now I’m wondering if/how Hailey and Reggie’s relationship has changed throughout these years…
    Nice bonus!

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    1. True, like the on his shirt that got destroyed because of blood. Now he doesn’t need any because he’s a butterfly himself. I love this new Frank ♥
      Cedric acted horribly and he should have been kicked out right away. So rude!
      I know, Clinton is 10 and Hailey’s kids are seven. I can’t wait for them to meet up. Of course, they are still oblivious to the fact that they are siblings – everyone is a bit afraid to mess in their young heads. Oh, it’s hard to separate Frank and Hailey, they’ve known each other for long. The fact that they sort of focused on their own lives doesn’t mean they aren’t friends anymore. I wish Frank would cut off Hailey, but he didn’t. To mine, yours and Waylon’s disapproval. It’s only Hailey being silly and forgetting about him. Yes, you shall see about their relationship next chapter.
      Thank you! 🙂

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  6. Sorry I’m super late! I saw this on Wednesday but wanted to take the time to properly comment annddd I didn’t get the time until today. But I’m here now 🙂
    First off, I love the gif you used at the start for when Frank was waking up, that was very creative and realistic. I think I’ve already said it, but I’ll just say again that living with a scar is a much better outcome than what could’ve happened. Frank looking up the meaning of twink made me laugh XD it’s nice that he’s finally changing for the better, and his scar is like a physical symbol to represent that. Woah, seven years is quite some time, I’m surprised Hailey and Frank haven’t let their kids meet up already during that time – unless they did but the kids were too young to remember it. I don’t know if revealing the truth about their relationships with one another even when they are older is a good idea. Maybe just letting them think they are family friends would be better for them in the long run, but I suppose I’ll have to wait and see. The towel pose was really well done! Cedric was certainly the last person I expected to see appear, he has no right demanding anything, he’s still trash. You would think all those years would change him, but apparently not. I’m going to be super evil and hope he dies in those 11 years he has to wait, hehe. Seeing Frank stand up to him was nice, and can I also say that he also looked super handsome here~ Frank growing into a rather fine man, both personality wise and physically. I totally didn’t notice Cedric in the parade bonus, I was too busy worrying about Frank, lol. That mades Cedric even worse of a father for not checking on the well being of his son after what happened… Ugh.
    This was a cool bonus! 😀

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    1. Ha, ha, I love it when people here think 3 days is being super late. We all care for each other so much it’s heartwarming. Plus you came just in time to read the new chapter, which clears out what you were wondering about telling the kids.
      Yup, I love gifs, but Gimp is not the best program for doing them as they deteriorate in quality a lot. Firstly, I wanted to make the gif as Waylon appearing from black background, but I gave up this idea when I was almost done, because I liked the blurring so much. I think I blurred the original picture in 20 different settings, always going a bit closer to the original. I quite like the effect, I must say.
      Definitely there are just too many possibilities of things going wrong and Frank was quite lucky with the outcome he got. He could have ended up blind or partly blind for example if the knife got to his eye! LOL, I’ve recently found out what twink means and I just couldn’t resist the urge to try to fit that into my story. I am way too interested in gay slang for a straight woman XD
      He’s getting better, I’m proud of him.
      Yes, you’re right about that, they probably have, but the kids don’t really remember it. Hers and Candy’s daughter are 7 now and Clinton is 10, they’re still pretty little. I don’t even remember stuff from when I was that age. As I’ve said, you will see what they plan to do with the relationship between them in the chapter I posted today.
      Thank you! I loved the towel pose, pretty fun to do, especially with the expression.
      Cedric is still trash, I know XD Kymber said the same thing about him dying. You’ll see if he dies or not. After all, he shall be in his mid sixties, then, so not that old.
      Yes, Frank finally stood up to his dad! I don’t know, maybe that’s the hair I used for him, but he looks exactly the same as he did before. You just somehow found him more handsome this time. I think he always looked good. He has a very boyish look to him and he’s very slim like his mother. Yeah, I figured everyone was worried about Frank. I just like throwing hints, not neccessarily for people to get them. Btw, the book Frank was reading was actually law-connected. It was called “Llama Rights”, lmao. Uh, Cedric is not the best father, is he?
      Thank you and thank you also for always taking the time to write such long, detailed comments. Much appreciated!

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      1. I feel like in the simlit community 3 days is ages 😆❤️
        Ugh, Cedric will still be kind of young so I guess he probably won’t go in a peaceful sleep that early. I shall alter my original statement and hope that he dies a horrible *unnatural death then 😇
        Yup, it’s definitely the hair, it suits him! The scar also gives him a bad boy vibe too, haha even tho his personality is far from it ☺️ but like you said, he’s always been a cutie~ Lool, the sims and their llama fixation 😂 No problem 💓

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      2. I feel you. A lot can happen in here in 3 days.
        Ha, ha, unnatural death sounds like it could be a possibility. Maaaybe..
        I like changing his hair. I think it’s more natural if my characters change hairstyles throughout the years. Though who am I telling this to? Aislyn has already gone through so many phases. Lol, yeah, kinda a bad boy, but it’s amusing to think of *Frank* as one. He’s cute. I hadn’t realized how much I loved the combination of brown hair and eyes in a guy before him.
        Sims and llamas is crazy.

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  7. We are all glad Frank is alive. He is so lucky, because you have a soft spot for him. It’s so good he is okay and can live with no further complications.
    Frank’s scar isn’t very visible so this is an advantage, because people don’t focus on his scar. If it was a brighter, Frank could feel uncomfortable. They have good surgeons in the Bridgeport hospital, and they definitely recommended Frank using ointment for the scar.
    It’s very good Frank didn’t break down, because of this awful event, and he draw conclusions. He is very happy and it’s matter, not some stupid people who tell you how to live. At least this attack was a good thing for him, it has to happen.
    Clint is so big. The time flies so fast. He will be a teenager soon. I wonder if he will be flirt with girls, boys or maybe with girls and boys. We will see. Little Cedric will surely excite many teenagers. I have seen Clinton’s hair somewhere…
    Wow! What a surprise. I wasn’t expecting Cedric at all. I thought he won’t appear in this story again, but I was wrong. He was so annoying, just like in a few years ago. His wonderful opinion doesn’t change at all, which is very sad. Poor man, he will die with such a world view. What if in the hell, where he will go to, will be so many gay. It will be a true torture for him.
    Why has he find out about Clint? I know, he is a policeman, but why? Life could be easier, if Cedric doesn’t come back. Now he wants to be a daddy? It’s so ridiculous. He surely wants his big dream come true, to have a grandchildren. He will complicate this situation more. But who cares? Cedric’s needs are the most important.
    Frank did the right thing, he must gave Cedric a real tongue-lashing. After these years it’s hard pretend that everything is still ok. I’m so proud of Frank, he made so many steps forward.

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    1. That is true, I have a soft spot for Frank. Doesn’t mean all the Sims I have a soft spot for are lucky in life *cough, Dellie, cough*.
      Yes, fortunately Frank’s wound wasn’t that deep, so the scar isn’t that big either. It used to be red, but obviously faded out with time.
      Frank did not bring out and as you see he leads a happy life with the man he loves and a certain kid he loves, too. Doesn’t matter who he really is to him, the only thing that matters is how much he loves Clint.
      Yes, Clint is a big boy now. Who knows, he’s still way to have his preferences. Maybe he will have a taste for the people he shouldn’t have feelings for, doesn’t matter girls or boys. Would be truly horrible.
      Hm, yeah, he had that same hair when he was a toddler.
      Cedric did appear in the story to cause more drama, as per usual. He was definitely annoying and telling so much bad stuff to his son. You aren’t insinuating that gays end up in hell, right? Just that bad gay people do. I can’t imagine Frank ending up in hell…
      Cedric has to know everything. He keeps tab on his family or rather the people who used to be his family. Life definitely could be easier. Cedric is selfish to come into his sons’ lives like that.
      Frank finally stood up to him, after all these years. It’s really heart-warming.

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  8. Wonder how they will tell Clint about his complicated family. That will be an interesting conversation!

    Lol, Waylon with the towel. Love their bantering in that scene. They really are so cute together.

    Cedric tracked down where he lives?! Then I’m guessing he already knew the answers to all the questions he asked; he just wanted to antagonize Frank. And he wants to know his son?! I did not think he would care, but maybe he’s thinking that’s all he has left after all these years. He pushed his family away with the things he put them through, after all.

    Love that Frank didn’t let him get the upper hand. He’s so smart.

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    1. It will be hard to tell it all to him for sure.
      I know, I had so much fun making that pose for Waylon. I also think they are a cute couple.
      He did. And I think you are right in that he had already known what there was to know about his son. Or maybe both of them. He was being extra rude with Frank. Yes, Cedric lost a lot – both his sons and his wife. And even Hailey.
      Oh, Frank is smart. And he had a really good argument.

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  9. Ah, Cedric… if Frank and Waylon both threw a punch at him, I wouldn’t have blamed them one bit. He needs to get off his high horse. After all, he’s the one who had an affair with a teenager.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wouldn’t blame them either. Frank and Waylon were both consensual adults when they got into a relationship together, plus they clearly love each other. Things like that can’t be said about what Cedric and Hailey had.

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  10. I love how much more open and confident Frank sounds! Waylon is so good for him, although I’m sure if Frank didn’t really want to change, he wouldn’t – even with the help of ten Waylons 😁 So props to him! ❤ (plus, he's sooo cute ❤ – I think even cuter than before)
    I loved the gif at the start! I think it was such a creative way to show Frank waking up without really showing it 😉
    It seems that Cedric gets more and more obnoxious as time passes… a part of me hopes he won't regret his words and actions, and how much he hurt his son in the future, while another part of me thinks he'd deserve it.
    Haha, I love that pose!! And it's spot on, well done! 😉 ❤
    (Ooof, I was so sure I was gonna catch up yesterday – but today I'll definitely do it! 😁)

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    1. Frank is definitely blossoming like a beautiful flower after years of living in a bud. Waylon is a wonderful husband and they clearly loving each other very much. I wasn’t sure about screenshooting Waylon’s butt at first, but I honestly loved the towel scene. I’ve never really delved much into the psychical side of their relationship and I just wanted to refer to it for once. Props to Frank! I also thinks he’s very cute. I don’t really believe that’s only his personality, he just has an innocent, boyish look and that’s exactly how he ended up when I blended Cedric’s and Joanne’s genes in CAS. I loved him right away.
      Thank you so much! Frank was at the scene, but he was wearing his normal clothes and I didn’t think it would be that realistic for a hospital look – and I didn’t download the damn butt-showing clothing 😂 The gif was initially going to be Waylon showing up from the black background – first his eyes, then eyes and cheeks and so on. I had it almost finished, but eventually changed my mind and went for the blur instead.
      Cedric is ugh. It’s really none of his business who his son sleeps with. Plus he should be happy that he sticks to one partner after all 😛 I’m kidding. Frank is sooo far from being a player 😂 He is such a sad, sad man, really. Sam messed him up pretty badly. I had a really interesting discussion with Kymber about that in the comments thread in my latest chapter, so the one you will catch up on next.
      Actually, there are a lot of my poses in this chapter. But this one I especially adore. I think it’s sweet. And it was fun playing around two objects (dresser and a folded clothes) and two male rigs in Blender.
      Lol, no worries, take your time! I am sure you have a crapload of stuff to catch up on in your Reader.

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  11. Nice to see Frank growing more comfortable in his skin. While what happened at the parade was horrible, I think it helped shape him into the sim he is today … well that and Waylon. Waylon is really good for him and vice versa.

    He showed great patience when Cedric stopped by and began his ridiculous grilling. If I was Frank, I would have shown him the door, especially the outside part. Like others, I hope he isn’t around to meet Clinton when he turns 21. It will be difficult enough explaining the twisted relationship without chancing such a horribly close-minded individual to exert influence over any part of his life. He’s a sperm donor and nothing more as far as I am concerned.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree that Waylon played a crucial role in getting Frank to be more comfortable. It is clear that they love each other very much and it’s a shame Cedric is not able to see that. They are very lucky to have found one another. And the parade helped, too despite how bad it was.
      Frank is very patient, he is a lawyer after all and is expected to keep his cool under unpleasant circumstances. It’s a bit cruel to hope he will die, but I can understand that. He is a horrible person and unfortunately only the sperm donor in this case. The relationship is twisted, but there is no doubt that there is love present in his family. If only Frank had such a great father (or two) as Clint does.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. It felt good so see Frank standing up for his beliefs! Finally! 🙂 He might be the biological father, but the “true” father is Frank. Lets hope Clint doesn’t judge Frank for not having told him earlier about his birth…

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