Chapter 5.17 Daddy Issues… for whom?

It doesn’t matter if I laughed over Candy’s advice or not, she was right. We have communication problems, Reggie and I. Although, she has no idea how hard communication with him actually is. First comes the case of him being at home, or rather lack thereof. To talk you must have your husband close to you, OR have him pick up your phone calls, which he never does. One time when I called him and he actually picked up, guess what his response was? Too busy, talk to ya later is all I got. Sounds frustrating already? It’s only the beginning.


I know to some couples sex is just an extension of their love and good communication they have with one another. To us, though, it’s all we do together, and you don’t have to be some kind of a relationship coach to realize it’s not quite okay. I once heard that people use sex as a tool to feel less lonely in their lives. Maybe it’s true, you know, maybe it does work for some. But the longer this pattern lasts, the lonelier it makes me feel. Does he not care enough to just have plain talks with me anymore? Like a drowning man catches at a straw, I try to tell myself that he does care, that maybe he doesn’t have a lover for he is interested in me and my body still. But you know? It doesn’t work. And I’ll tell you why.


I wouldn’t mind if Reggie had a lover. After all, I used to be the woman on the side, and, speaking from experience, I can tell how it works. It works like that: you are just for fulfilling sexual desires, you are a sex toy that can be thrown away without notice. Wiped away from his life just as suddenly as you entered it. No one cares about such women. They’re homewreckers, so naturally they’re the ones who are expected to take care of themselves. They don’t need a man – a man needs them. That’s what people say, at least. Another truth for you – people don’t have a clue. Do you know what it takes to be a true homewrecker? All you have to obtain is lack of heart whatsoever. I never succeeded at that. That’s why I didn’t get the title. I had a heart, and a young one at that. It’s more dangerous than you realize. I could lose everything because of this. I was lucky.

But I haven’t explained everything yet, have I? Wait for it. Other women are miserable, they are the ones who are a lost cause, not wives. It’s rare that the men actually fall for them. As I’ve already said, they’re nothing but sex toys. That’s why I wouldn’t care if Reggie had a woman on the side. It would mean I’m still the main one. I’d be the one he comes home to, the one he talks to up to the wee hours of the morning. But I’m not the one.

I have become the other woman for Reggie.

So, does that mean that there is a female who plays the first fiddle? To be honest, I have no idea. I’m becoming desperate due to smelling him and his clothes. There’s always a mixture of Hugo Boss perfume, gasoline and sweat. Up to this point I’ve never smelled anything suspicious and/or unfamiliar. Am I going out of my mind? Maybe. Am I just full of conspiracy theories which would explain why my marriage is not working out? Definitely yes. After all, it’s not that casual for wives to make a list similar to the one I add to and think of each day with Candy’s help when the twins are asleep and Shari draws.



Reasons for Reggie’s behavior:

  1. I have become the other woman, meaning there is a wife figure in his life. Proof? None up to date. Theory suspended.
  2. Reggie’s overly ambitious and star-struck. Therefore, he’s getting more and more lost in this world of fame and floodlights, forgetting all about his family. (?)
  3. Reggie still misses Amanda. No signs to support theory, he’s not avoiding me. Theory dismissed.
  4. Cars are more important to him than his family. Proof: suspicious behavior around them (talking, hugging, affection?). Strong base for theory.
  5. Reggie’s childish and not grown enough to take care of a child, therefore he avoids his children. Proof: his story about Amanda wanting him to grow up. Against the theory: fact that he avoids me as well, spare for physical contact.
  6. I’m not attractive to Reggie anymore. Fact that he has sex with me suggests otherwise. Theory dismissed.
  7. Age gap is getting between us. He can’t be serious with a woman who’s the age of his late daughter. Proof: uses me only for fulfilling sexual desires. (?)


I finish writing the 7th theory and look helplessly at my notebook, then throw it at the wall opposite me. I turn to Candy who’s been helping me and sigh theatrically.

6.jpg “This makes no sense, Candy. Is that what these infamous daddy issues are all about? Can a relationship like mine never work out?” Tears are threatening to burst from my eyes any moment now.

“Aren’t daddy issues all about growing up without a father?”

“So, like I did, huh?”


“Oh, c’mon. That’s not what I was hinting at, hon. You know what you should think of?” She gestures to the cribs. “These little ankle-biters. They could be experiencing real daddy issues if you don’t do anything about Reggie soon.” I frown, looking at my two loves. Maybe Candy’s right. I’m self-absorbed yet again. But what’s she doing? Giving me relationship advice, when she is a single mother, meaning a total loser.

“Do something about Reggie? Maybe you’d do something about Daryll, what about that?” I didn’t mean to do it like that, but I know I hurt her badly by how her face expression changes – from shock to hurt, to anger in just mere seconds.


You know what? You have everything – a huge villa with a jacuzzi and a pool plus a man many would dream of and you can’t even appreciate it. Do you know what I would advise you? To do everything not to end up like me and Daryll. Because if you go on with this let-him-screw-and-go attitude, I see it ending worse than my relationship.” She gestured around the room. “You may lose all of this fanciness in a second, you know? Maybe this would be better for you. Having to finally do something when someone won’t be earning for you to sit with your thumb up your ass will certainly do wonders.” I have never seen Candy in a state like that. I didn’t even know she could be unpleasant until now. “We’re going, Sharicka. Out of this madhouse,” she adds coldly and raises the girl from the floor, not letting her finish her drawing, to her apparent discontent.



“Wait, Candy! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”


“I thought someone was finally being empathetic towards me and accepted my choice not to abort, as no one until you had done. Turns out I was wrong,” with that she walks out the door. I don’t try to stop her anymore, just turn around to face my babies who suddenly started crying, hearing Candy’s raised voice.



Candy was right. This really is a madhouse, with every single member of it experiencing some sort of daddy issues. Reggie, if only I knew what to do to keep you here with us…

Note: And that’s why I said I can’t really have a happy couple in my story. I’m trying, okay?

Note 2: I randomly came back, because I just remembered I was meaning to link a particular cover by Lana Del Rey in this chapter, The Other Woman.

35 thoughts on “Chapter 5.17 Daddy Issues… for whom?”

  1. Oh dear, poor girl. I really hope she is able to figure this out. I don’t want to see her marriage go down the drain. What is up with Reggie? I wish she felt like she could talk to him. They are not the best communicators, are they? lol

    The other thing is, I hope she hasn’t lost her friendship with Candy for good. She really needs her friend right now. She really put her foot in her mouth, though. I hope Candy can forgive her.

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    1. Things aren’t going as well as everyone would like them to. Definitely communication is the key to a good relationship and this factor is missing here. What is up with Reggie? Do you remember when we asked the same question with Freddie. Hopefully, things aren’t as bad in this case. And that Candy will be able to forgive Hailey. She hasn’t been thinking right recently.

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  2. :/ Ouch. Reggie is a worse husband than I expected, honestly… and Hailey is handling it, well, like Hailey. She’s kind of childish, thinking that the wife is the one who’s number one to the husband, when it can very easily be the other way around – the wife being ignored while the mistress gets all his affection. But she is young still. I don’t think that Reggie’s having an affair, necessarily – maybe he’s just a shitty husband.
    Her pushing Candy like that was harsh, though. She needs to go apologise to the poor girl. It’s not like she’s ever done anything bad…

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    1. Yes, he hasn’t been treating Hailey right as he should his wife. That’s a relief you recognized Hailey in this chapter. Sometimes it feels like I’m trying too hard, because it isn’t always easy to separate my train of thought from Hailey’s and when I’m writing her, well sometimes it feels like talking gibberish and trying out weird logic, hoping people will understand that’s not really me speaking. It can be the other way around and she eventually got to this – talking about the possibility of her taking on the role of the other woman while the lover on the side would be the wife, so the more important one. In her logic the wife is just a name to call the person he loves and really cares for. He might just be a shitty husband.
      She really needs to apologize. Candy didn’t deserve it.

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      1. Definitely not a good husband, no!
        I did. Her logic is so out there that it could only be her speaking, not you. Really, that is what we should assume from works of fiction – they’re seen through the eyes of the characters, not the author. Though they can be hard to separate.
        Both Hailey and Reggie need to shape up, for sure.
        Great chapter, by the way ❤

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      2. Yeah, I know. But you don’t hear me speaking too often, so I was hoping I wouldn’t get mixed up with Hailey. She and I don’t really get along or think similarly.
        Thank you. I’m not really satisfied with this chapter and last week’s one, because they were rushed. I am finally back home, though, so I should be able to work my way through the next ones peacefully.

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  3. Oof Hailey, that was a bit unfair to treat Candy that way when she was just trying to help… Hopefully they’ll repair their friendship! Hailey needs a friend and her kids need other kids to grow up around. And seriously, what is up with Reggie? Why is he just using Hailey now? Guess I’ll find out eventually…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That was more than a bit unfair. I hope Candy can forgive her. She hasn’t been really herself lately with all the Reggie stuff occupying her mind 24/7.
      Oh, what’s up with all these spouses in my legacy? Freddie and his murder, then suicide, Grace and her bipolar disorder and in the end suicide, too, Seth and his cheating… Heather, practically a spouse, being a prostitute. Why can’t it ever go right?

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  4. I really thought Reggie would have come to his senses by now, but unfortunately that’s not the case..! 😕 What is up with him? There could be a number of legit reasons according to Hailey’s list, but how will she (and we) know if he won’t talk to her? I honestly wasn’t expecting this kind of behavior from him so I must say I’m quite disappointed by him! Bad husband!!
    But Hailey… smh. She screwed up the best current relationship she had, that is the one with Candy (I wonder if something similar happened with Reggie, except he’s not as vocal as Candy, hmmm)! I hope this mess can be fixed!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not yet. But they should be able to talk it over in the next chapter. At last. What we were all waiting for.
      Bad husband sounds like you’re talking about a dog. “Bad boy!” Lmao 😂
      Yup, she totally screwed it. Hopefully, it’s not too late to fix it all.


  5. Hailey was horrible to Candy but she was right. She needs to try fix her relationship or lose everything she has. Reggie has shut down for some reason. She needs to deny him sex until they have an ‘adult’ conversation – not one filled with accusations and blame. And hopefully she can repair her now ruined relationship with Candy… she will needs a friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Candy was definitely right. But sometimes truth hurts the most… Reggie isn’t behaving right and she shouldn’t give in.. They need a good talk now. Maybe there’s still some room for improvement and it can be fixed. A friend would be more than nice.

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  6. Ohhhh my God just talk to him for Heaven’s sake.

    But I feel bad for her. All of her relationships have gone down the drain. She’s gonna become very isolated, and we’re getting close to chapter 21…so what’s it gonna be?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, talking would be the wisest option. If only it was that easy.
      Yup, the total of two. Three if you count Frank, but I guess not. Oh, I’m afraid I can’t tell. But actually nothing connected to the marriage. Not this time.


      1. It is partly Reggie and partly Hailey, but both very separate cases. I hope to get her generation wrapped up before the end of August. I’ve known for a long time as I planned out most of her generation right at its beginning. But two things: it’s not really relationship troubles and no one dies. For a change.

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  7. Well, she’s not the only one at fault for this relationship problem. This is only the second relationship she ever had, and now she’s dealing with two kids and a husband who’s never around. She needs to have a very serious talk with Reggie.

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  8. Wow, Reggie is becoming an even worse as time goes on, which I didn’t think was possible, but here we are. I hope Hailey confronts him because I really want to know what’s on his mind and what’s causing him to act this distant, no way it’s just him focusing on his work… right? Maybe he wasn’t ready for the amount of responsibility that would come with being a husband and father again?… I want them to have an open and honest conversation, but I don’t know if Hailey will be able to bring it up. Things were going suspiciously well, so I suppose it was only a matter of time before everything started to go south. I feel bad for Candy, she was being a good friend and giving sound advice but Hailey snapped at her, rather harshly too; she needs to apologize asap before that bridge gets burned. The fact that Hailey is sniffing around Reggie’s clothes and making a list of theories behind his behavior is both sad and slightly amusing. Like Louise mentioned, you can see her age peeking through in how she’s processing the situation. I wonder how things will go from here :/ I shall still have a shred of hope they can create a happy household… a very, very small shred of hope.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, Reggie’s getting no better at the moment. Hopefully, it’s not too late for things to get better. Some say it’s never too late, but you know, it’s my story, so we’re fine before chapter 21.
      Reggie’s acting like a mess, for sure. They will have a talk in the next chapter. Reggie is highly irresponsible. It’s not a coincidence that he is with Hailey at his age. There is no way they’d get along if he was a perfectly average 48-year-old. He’s a bit messed up himself, which is why this relationship came into force in the first place. Yup, suspiciously well for my story. I swear I wasn’t even trying, it’s just I don’t feel the thrill in happy relationships and never find them really convincing.
      She needs to apologize to Candy. Her behavior towards her was very unfair after all she’s done to help.
      Hailey is…. you know, being Hailey, as Louise has said. That’s just her way of dealing with it and it’s rather ridiculous.
      Oh, hope…

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  9. I don’t know what Reggie is doing. He has got lost lately. It’s very possible that he has a lover, because he is acting suspiciously all the time. To be honest, I don’t want it to be true. Part of me believes that Reggie isn’t this kind of man. I hope he won’t disappoint me and Hailey.
    The second option is that he is too busy working, but it doesn’t mean he hasn’t time to talk with his wife. That’s why this is far fetched theory, for me. Everyone can say that he is so busy, but he can make something else in this time.
    He loves cars more than his own family. It’s ridiculous, because car is only a toy and family is alive and needs interaction. If Reggie really loves car more than his family, he is stupid child in over 40 years old body. It’s high time to grow up 😉
    And I think the age difference shouldn’t play major role in this complicated situation. I don’t think Reggie fall out of love with Hannah just like that. She would notice previous signs. I really don’t what is wrong with Reggie. I hope the situation will change, because wife isn’t a sex machine.
    I’m not surprised Candy’s reaction. She had to listen Hailey’s grousing all the time. How many times does one person have to bear this kind of torture? If you are constantly talking about your problem, you shouldn’t be surprised the fact a the listener is getting boring. Hannah ought to do something with her life. Maybe she goes to Reggie’s work or doesn’t have sex with Reggie if they don’t talk first. I don’t know, something has to be done or she will lose more people in her life. Hailey can hire a private detective too. So, she has a few possibilities.
    And don’t write you are trying to have a happy copule. You could make them happy, but it would be trite. In their life something is happening, something more than hugs and sweet words. So, reality is preserved.

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    1. I knew you love theories. I see you even analyzed most of them.
      Reggie is, uh, super irresponsible. He doesn’t act his age at all, so that’s most likely why they could develop a relationship with Hailey. They’re both a bit off. The age difference didn’t matter mainly because of Reggie’s immature behavior. But now it’s just causing problems. He would want to be young forever if only that was possible. But he needs to step up and become the father Rebecca and Ronald need, before it’s too late.
      I know you don’t like him, but Candy experienced something similar to Waylon with Hailey pouring down all her troubles on her. What really broke her is the fact she mentioned her ex who left her alone with a baby, Darryll. It was cruel and inconsiderate of Hailey.
      There are possibilities. Talk should come first, though. They really need it.
      Well, yes, you know it’s just too easy to let them be happy.

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  10. Candy voiced my thoughts in the last chapter. The only thing she has to worry about is herself and her children, a luxury for any toddler mom. Thing is – time, and will.

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  11. Hmm, out of Hailey’s list I think the cars being more important to Reggie and childishness are the most likely. I really hope he’s not cheating on her, even though Hailey claims she wouldn’t care, lol.

    Ouch, she really thinks single moms are losers? That’s practically what you are, Hailey, with Reggie never spending time with the children. Maybe she’s projecting how she feels about herself onto Candy. Either way I hope she apologizes.

    Candy was so right that Hailey’s relationship could be ruined if something isn’t done about Reggie’s behavior. And she has had a lot handed to her without doing much (if any) work for it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. These two options seem very likely. I hope he’s not cheating, too.
      I think she could be considered a single mom now that Reggie doesn’t give a damn about her. She should definitely apologize.
      Candy gave her sound advice, but truth hurts. Yes, she has a luxurious life after all, it’s just her seeing all the bad sides to it.

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  12. Hailey is not handling these issues with Reggie very well. Instead of talking with him, she lashes out at her best friend. Maybe she can get him to talk if she can try to close her legs for once!
    BTW- how was Russia?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, where were you? You almost missed this one.
      Hailey is definitely not handling it well. The closing legs advice is a good one for sure.
      It was great, I saw Moscow, St. Petersburg and some other places. I particularly enjoyed Hermitage (so many famous artworks) as well as museum with Fabergé eggs.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That sounds like so much fun. Russia is on my bucket list of places to visit.
        Yeah, this week has been crazy. This is the first day I have had to sit down and open my reader. I have a lot to catch up on.

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  13. Reggie, you dumbass. The fact that Hailey has resorted to sniffing his clothes and writing theories in a notebook (like some crazy conspiracy theorist) is a giant warning bell. They desperately need to talk honestly with each other, and for that to happen I think she should stop giving him exactly what he wants all the time.
    As much as I feel bad for Hailey, my opinion of her once again dropped as soon as she thought “she is a single mother, meaning a total loser”. I hope that was her stress talking because that’s such a horrible and stupid thing to say about Candy, who has been strong enough to raise Sharicka well on her own. And Hailey is pretty much a single mother as well, to be honest. That, and her causing Candy to leave, is kinda making me start to think that she doesn’t deserve such kindness.
    Great chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She does sound like some crazy conspiracy theorist. But then again, she’s not really emotionally mature and is childish. They really need to talk, you are right about that. Hopefully, they can make it happen soon.
      It’s so easy to make your opinion of Hailey drop, but you know, I hate her myself while I also write her, so I can’t oppose. Candy is a very good mother. She not only takes her for Sharicka, but also helps Hailey to raise Rebecca and Ronald. Definitely, Reggie is not helping to make Hailey feel less like a single mother. She might not deserve the kindness she gets.
      Thank you!

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  14. Oh boy, where to begin…………………. That was cruel for sure, but she could have said worse. Truth hurts, but just because you are thinking it doesn’t mean you should say it. And in times of grief, we say things we didn’t know we were thinking at all. I hope she doesn’t lose her friendship. It’s all she really has in her life. Although maybe Candy is right, sometimes it take losing everything to go out and get a life, or have a better one. (Can’t help it, thinking of my mom here)

    *tapping my fingers on the keyboard………………………………….trying to decide if Reggie is worth fighting for or if she would be better off finding that life of her own and giving her daughter something better. I mean she is pretty good off in the home and money situation………………hard to know what is right. As a reader, I definitely want to know what is up Reggie’s butt!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She shouldn’t have said this to Candy. Her parents basically kicked her out when she fell pregnant and was left by her boyfriend. So that is a very touchy subject for her. Yes, she definitely spoke without proper thinking. Candy gave her sound advice, she just wasn’t in the right state of mind to appreciate the truth.
      Hm… We’ll see if Reggie is worth it or not. Ah, Reggie’s too focused on his career. Next chapter is when he and Hailey have a heart-to-heart.

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