Chapter 5.16 Getting My Priorities Right

Warning: Nudity, one NSFW shot.

A week after my labor Candy comes with a visit. She brings her new-born daughter, Sharicka, with her and, to my utter confusion, takes her boob out of the shirt and starts breast-feeding her.


“Look, isn’t she beautiful?”

“Yeah… Mine are sleeping now.”


“I thought you were earlier than me?”

“I was, indeed. But I was so shocked that I went into early labor last week.”

“Oh. What happened?”

“Well, my friend attended the Bridgeport parade.”

“Ooh, that one. Is he okay?”


“He’s probably going to have a scar for the rest of his life, but apart from that, he is perfectly okay…”


It’s been six months ever since Candy first visited me, not just came to Reggie’s party. Now she’s a constant in my life. God only knows how I would have managed with taking care of these babies if it wasn’t for her help. I mean, I do the best I can, but I don’t get any sleep, my hair has started falling out (not sure if that’s due to many years of dying it, or rather from the unhealthy life I’m leading), and I gave up trying to style it in any way after having it shortened some time ago.


Do you remember when l wrote about not being very eager to regularly take showers? That was a luxury when I had the choice to take them or not. Now the only way I stay clean is by having a sponge bath in the sink. I can’t risk my showers because they take too much time, in which the toddlers might do something irresponsible. After all, I used to be the irresponsible one! Look how the times have changed.


As for Reggie, I didn’t notice a change in his behavior. Sure, he might be spending time with twins, but not much longer than he spends with me, so too little to be able to rely on him at all. I can’t blame him too much, though. Stinky babies who can pee or vomit on you and fat wife who started losing hair earlier than her 48-year-old husband don’t sound like ideal company. Truly, though, I’m a bit hurt by the way he treats us. As though neither of us were his responsibility. All he treats seriously and with respect are probably those freaking cars. And food. I like our meals together. It’s the rare occasion in which we actually spend time together. He made love to me on the kitchen cabinet one time, then he went out.


I feel sorry for our cleaning lady.

Candy, on the other hand, is always there when I need her. Sometimes I forget that she doesn’t live with us. How many times have I woken up in the middle of the night to babies’ screams next door and wanted to ask her to come take care of them this time? At one point I was a heavy sleeper. Becoming a mother, though, most likely makes everyone the exact opposite, because my heart starts beating frantically in my chest whenever I hear something sounding even slightly similar to a baby’s cry. I am not sure when exactly I acquired the ability to distinguish my babies’ cries from all the other babies, like Sharicka’s, cries. But that came with time, too.

Have I already said that Candy is a blessing? Because she is. Not only is she very helpful, she is also a great friend. I mean, I’d had female friends in high school, but never anyone as close as Frank. With Candy I began to discover the feeling of having someone who is able to truly understand all your struggles. She, too, has swollen feet, weight and sleep troubles and doubts the existence of her will to live, which comes to her whenever she looks in the eyes of her daughter, and may I add in the eyes of a son, too, in my case.

We spend most of our days in the nursery talking things over and keeping an eye out on the playing kids. One time we got so engrossed in the conversation we didn’t pay attention to Sharicka and she started scribbling on the wall. It taught us a lesson and Sharicka now has a special corner for her art. Some of the drawings are hung on my ways, others are in Candy’s house (yes, she doesn’t live with me, although she spends more time here than Reggie, an actual resident, does).


As for the other kids, Ronald is another one we have to keep an eye out on. He is super athletic and always moves around. He doesn’t know how to walk and yet he constantly crawls, having acquired a speed that I initially thought impossible.


I mean, it’s crawling and he does it as if he was running a marathon. But Ron is also really, really clueless and he often gets lost in the nursery. I understand that the room is quite big and must appear giant in the eyes of a child, but Ron must know every corner of it by now and yet he often cries when he’s gone too far. In the beginning I thought that the cries meant he needed something, but with Candy we figured out that he cried because he didn’t know where he was. Poor kid.

Rebecca, or Becca, as we like to call her, is the wiser of the twins. She also inherited the vibrant ginger hair, which I’m pretty certain comes from my mother. I must admit I got confused for a bit and thought she could have my dyed hair color. No way, though! Can you imagine Clinton with pink hair? She’s already picked up a lot of words and is on her way to learn how to talk, which is pretty impressive at her age. She loves when I read her (not only to sleep!) and I think if it continues to be that way, we’ll be fast to read the whole repertoire of the local bookshop’s children literature.


That girl is also the one who figured out the place where we hid the cookies and came up with the plan to get them and share with other kids. Candy adores her and says that she’ll be a scientist one day. That isn’t even completely irrelevant, because that girl is a true gem.

You might think by now that Candy’s secret to being good with children is her responsibility, but that’s not the case. I’m pretty sure it’s mostly the fact that she herself often acts and thinks like a child.

One time we are surprised because a miracle happens – all the babies are asleep at the same time.


Candy says that we can finally relax and leave the babies to themselves.


I look at the cuties laying together on the floor as we are too afraid to move them to cribs in case they wake up, but I am not sure of this idea.


“But Candy, what if they wake up? You know what they’re capable of.”


“Oh, come on. We need some time to ourselves, too.” I am so tired that it doesn’t take her too much of convincing, so I lend Candy one of my swimsuits and we land in the jacuzzi.



“Why don’t you redevelop this area to fit the babies? They would love some tree houses or sandboxes. They’re going to be bigger soon and would certainly want these!” I look around our pretty garden with everything you could ask for – we even have a pool bar! – and can’t understand my best friend at all.


“You’re overexaggerating, Candy. They’re still super little.”

“But wouldn’t that be lovely?”

“I don’t think Reggie would have agreed to this idea.”


“You, guys, need more communication.”

“They say singles are the first to offer relationship advice,” I tease her.


“It’s true! You know what, I can’t really relax. Let’s go see what the babies are doing.”


Oh, our expressions when we see what the babies were up to. Ronald peed the floor and is now playing in the puddle while Rebecca’s trying to check out Candy’s phone along with Shari.


Candy gasps.

“Candy! What have you done? Did you not switch off your phone, then left it with the babies?”

“I may have…”


So that’s why I and Candy do not try to relax anymore. Not that I work. I mean, my album’s been doing really well and I can’t even perform because of the twins who eat up all of my time. I got my priorities right and I’m not going to do this mistake like the one with Clinton ever again. So yeah, although I have my priorities, some people clearly are not as organized. I wish, especially, that Reggie had them arranged differently, preferably with I and our kids higher on the ladder…

Note: Soo, I’m trying. The breastfeeding pose is mine, as well as making out on the counter. I’m still not the best, but I’m slowly getting there…

Edit: Both breastfeeding and counter poses are now available for download.

46 thoughts on “Chapter 5.16 Getting My Priorities Right”

  1. the pictures are very nice and clear, the hot tub ones are particularly vibrant and your doing great with the poses, I have no idea how your able to make them, I would look into it if I had a bit more time… nice story too jowita 🙂

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  2. Does this bring back memories. Not the same of course. But days where you were lucky to get anything done and even though my husband was very busy with the kids, I still missed him.

    Its good to see that she has finally grown up, even if she still has far to go.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I can’t say I’m surprised that Reggie is so distant… though I thought he’d be a better dad after losing a daughter. Like he would want to be there for them. Guess not!
    I like Hailey and Candy’s relationship, though 🙂 It’s good that she’s not entirely alone.

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    1. Reggie is busy. He’s very caught up in his job and forgets about his family. He lost his daughter, so one may think that, but maybe he’s never been really attentive?
      Hailey and Candy are really good friends and she’s lucky to have her.

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  4. These kids have grown up a little. It’s sad they act up all the time. Toddlers are unbearable, they need to much attention (I still prefer toddlers).
    Another blond boy in this family… Can you handle it? Maybe it was a bad idea that Ronald will be heir. What do you think?
    Besides, he has a talent. I hope they won’t waste that. He could be sportsman. Sharicka is sweet, little girl. I like her, a future painter. My least favourite child is Rebecca. I think her hair color doesn’t match to her skin color. She had a potential too, maybe she should become a scientist.
    I think it’s very good these kids will be friends from an early age. Their friendship will be very valuable. I imagined Ronald with Sharicka as a couple. Too soon?
    What would Hailey do without Candy? It’s unbelievable that Hannah met someone who is in a similar situation like her. She is lucky to have a friend like her. Candy is a true godsend. I’m glad they found common language. I like Candy, if not this girl, Hailey would have problems with twins.
    It’s a pity Reggie doesn’t take care for his babies just like Candy. I know he loves cars, but he should think about the family. He lost his daughter and now he has an occassion to be a father again. His passion ought to be in second place.
    It’s sad Frank will have a scar for the rest of his life. I think it isn’t the end of the world, because he can live with it, but this will be reminding him about an attack. The most important thing is he is alive and it counts.
    I don’t know why, but I want to see Frank with his scar.

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    1. Yes, just a little bit 🙂 Toddlers are a nightmare to take care of.
      No, it was the best idea ever. I will make it work. Blond reminds me of Dellie 🙂
      A sportsman, just like his great-grandfather Seth. Maybe it runs in the family. I like Sharicka, too. The resemblance between Sharicka and her mother is strong. Oh, but she looks a lot like Heather, who was very pale with vibrant, red hair.
      The twins aren’t going to stick just with one another, Sharicka will be with them, a childhood friend. They say childhood couples are the strongest, so maybe it could work out with Sharicka and Ronald. But it’s too soon to judge.
      Hannah is very lucky to have Candy, she’s a good friend. Reggie should get his priorities right, as the title says. But somehow, he is far from it.
      Oh, the scar will remain a reminder. You’re eventually going to see, just when I find the time to prepare another bonus.

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  5. I think Hailey would go crazy if she didn’t have Candy. They seem to have a really nice friendship. I wish Reggie was there more as it’s clear his wife needs a break, even if it’s just so she can shower and take a nap.

    I really enjoyed this chapter, Jowita!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She totally would have gone crazy already if not for Candy. She’s a blessing! Oh, Reggie, don’t we all wish he was more considerate and thoughtful as far as his family goes?
      Thank you, Kym. I’m going to read yours in a while. I’m late today because of Russia and stuff.

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  6. Oh dear… this whole Hailey-Reggie situation seems to be on an increasingly steep downwards spiral. I’m surprised that Reggie seems to have barely any interest in his (adorable) children, I thought he would have been the doting one and Hailey being indifferent, instead of the other way around. I guess it was Hailey’s decision to have the children — this was really not planned, and he never expressed an interest I think — but the twins are still Reggie’s kids, and it’s unfair to dump pretty much all the work on her. Especially because she is clearly not dealing well with the stress, if his wife’s hair is falling out, you would think he would put in at least a bit more effort.
    Like the others said, if not for the wonderful and amazing Candy (it really sounds as if these two are the parents of the three kids), I think Hailey would have had a total breakdown. She looks like she’s on the road to one, if Reggie doesn’t step up. Clearly the whole physical attraction basis of their relationship has now petered out.
    Great chapter ❤

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    1. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t have a solid base to begin with and these are the consequences. Hailey has too much work to do and it’s not doing her any good trying to take care of everything. If only he cared more for his own children…

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  7. I really hope that maybe when the kids are a little older and not so dependent that Reggie will take an interest. He seems to care about them, but just as another possession that he can play with when he feels like it. I have a feeling something is getting ready to happen between them. I am glad she has a friend though.

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  8. Reggie come on, I was rooting for you and now you’re ruining it! 😠 Man, than guy doesn’t seem to be enjoying married life and parenthood at all it seems – and forcing a girl like Hailey to take on all the responsibility of raising two kids could only fire backwards eventually..!
    At least Hailey has Candy now, I really like the relationship of those two! If it wasn’t for her, I think Hailey would have totally flipped – she doesn’t sound like she far enough if her hair has started falling off! 😦 Poor girl..!

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  9. At least Hailey is being responsible with these kids. Her and Candy are a good team, but it is a lot of work. Hailey could certainly afford a babysitter for a night or two to get a break. I wonder if she would trust anyone else taking care of them.

    What is up with Reggie? He’s not even around enough for Hailey to complain about his absence. He should at least make his family feel as important as his career.

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  10. Wow, I have to say that, like the others, I’m a bit surprised and disappointed in Reggie. He was so concerned over the different surname thing, but he doesn’t even pay attention to the kids so why did he even get mad? Lol. I feel bad for Hailey, but the fact that she has to take on this responsibility solo – for the most part – has made her mature, thankfully. It’s great that she has Candy to help her, as I feel like she would’ve raged and given up if she didn’t; having someone to share struggles with makes things more manageable, and less stressful. Speaking of stress, yikes to the hair loss! Reggie needs to step up his game, big time. On the other hand, Ron already has a great head of hair, haha. Nice chapter ❤ And great breastfeeding poses! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I was midst through reading yours, but I have to get back to leave a comment tomorrow. Internet is really weak.
      Yes, it’s a wonder he even cared for the surnames and doesn’t even care now. At least Hailey has matured.
      Oh goodness, hair and stress doesn’t sound good, does it? Ron is a sweetie. If only Hailey’s hair was that great as his.
      Thank you ♥

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  11. I would have thought Reggie was the responsible one! At the moment when you need the most to hear that you’re beautiful, that you’ve got motherhood covered, and when you need to now that you can count on you partner, that’s when Reggie just decides that’s it’s not his scene. I wonder what their life would be like if Hailey had to take care of the housework as well…
    Your poses seem very good, especially the breastfeeding one.Will you share them?

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    1. No, unfortunately he’s not what we all hoped he would be. At the moment it’s him who’s the irresponsible one, not our darling Hailey. Who would have thought! Reggie really disappointed us all. I don’t think she’d have managed with housework as well. She is the antonym of tidy.
      Thank you so much. I actually messed up the eyes of a mother and baby’s neck in these poses, so I figured I’d need to fix my poses before I let anyone else try them and I’d have to be embarrassed.


      1. Even taking the loss of his wife and daughter into count, he has had an “easy” life, devoid of responsibility. Women all over him, parties and races. Nothing to prepare him to settle down once again…
        I’m enjoying your poses immensely, can’t wait to see more of them in your next chapters! 🙂

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      2. Yup, he hasn’t been acting like a responsible adult for at least the past few years…
        Thank you so much. My big project is a huge pose dump with talking poses, because I always feel like there aren’t enough for them. First, though, I will get working on fixing the old ones and uploading them for others to enjoy.

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      1. Mistakes happen, I can relate to that, being tired and excited about a finished job and wham! I won’t leave my laptop, can’t wait for those poses! I’ll show you a picture when I’m done taking them!

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      2. I’ve been setting everything up the whole day, trying to make sure everything is perfect. Oh my… I hope they will work for you. Look if it works now, it should. I totally did a painstaking job with this whole archive.

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      3. I will attack Derek’s part of the story during my vacation in August, that’s when I’ll try your poses… I love how you’ve explained the mistakes, it makes the whole pose-making process more realistic, even if I truly understand it’s not easy to twist and tweak to get everything just like you want it to be! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your work! <3<3<3

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      4. I thought you might have wanted the breastfeeding for the women of the people he now lives with, after the plane crush. I don’t know. But I hope they are alright. I am just too tired to fix them anymore. I just hope Bee will not reach out to me for all the mistakes with how perfect her poses are. I just haven’t ever been really crafty, lol. I thought it would only be fair to tell people how it is, so they don’t get pig in a poke. I want them to download them and be aware of how and in what way I goofed. No problem! ♥

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      5. You were right about how I will use them. Bee is such a lovely person, and an extremely talented pose maker. I have no worries – she’ll understand the process you’ve gone through, she’s been there herself in the beginning. Think of it like that, this is the beginning, and if you’ll get better at it for each pose you create, you’ll be amazing one day. Err… I think you’re already awesome! 😀

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      6. Bee is awesome. She noticed the mistake which caused my poses not to work – I made them at 1 am and spelled my name Iowita instead of Jowita. I think I fixed most of my silliest mistakes, anyway. The ones that remain are not that obvious, I think.
        I was just kidding. I admire her skills.
        Really? Am I? Thank you so much, you are too sweet. I just am too stressed that I messed something up and I don’t know, lol.

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