Bonus Post: From the life of Frank Cavender #2

Warning: One swear word, blood, abuse.

I disconnect the call from Hailey with mixed emotions. I am feeling glad that she is finally at least trying to take on the role of a mother seriously, but at the same it’s worrying me. Hailey barely has any idea about babies, she never really helped after giving birth to Clinton. All she did was continuously sleeping until Waylon had to make sure she wouldn’t starve her own child while he was at work and I attended my studies. So, I can’t say I didn’t have my doubts right after she randomly offered taking care of the child she didn’t give a damn about his whole life. Hearing her voice and the ting of hope in the tone made me soften up a bit. She is his mother after all and she has the right to see her son, which I can’t really take away from her. And this is how I agreed. Giving my consent, however, not only meant I was going to let her tend to Clint, it also meant that I was going to agree to what my husband has been trying to force me to agree to.


“Way?” I gently knock on the bedroom door, where he is still spending his time reflecting on what has transpired between us.

“Frankie, I’ve made my mind. If you really don’t want to go, then I guess…”

“Oh, but no, I do want to go. Let me in and we can talk.” The door opens on Waylon who looks rather miserable. I notice his eyes are red as if he had been crying. He instantly reaches out to kiss me.


I give in, surprised at this sudden change in his mood.

“I’m so sorry, Frankie. I should have never tried to force you to do anything you didn’t want to do. But what were you saying? Come on in.” As I take a place on the sofa next to him, he speaks again.


“Are you sure, Frankie? I can understand if it’s too much and…”


“Yeah, I’m sure. I’ve just been talking to Hailey and…”


“Oh no, not this girly. I told you you can do better… much better than such flighty gals. What was it that she wanted from you this time? People do not call without a reason and certainly not her.”


“Well, she wanted advice on parenting…”


“Are we talking about the same person? Middle height, gray eyes, incredibly annoying, always either sleeping or bombarding you with her countless problems? Hair color not defined, because she dyes it whenever her pinhead’s mind tells her to?”


“I wouldn’t put it like that, but yes, we are still talking about Hailey. And Way, I think she wants to improve.”


“Oh, so when was her improving and responsibility when she fell pregnant with your father? One may think she would improve after that and here she is with another man almost double her age, falling pregnant yet again. Do you think that’s a good improvement strategy?”

“Stop being so snappy, Way. You know she is my best-friend.”


“No offense, but she’s one of your poorest life choices, Frankie. Being too lenient to push away toxic people is one of your biggest weaknesses. This irresponsible brat can’t take care of herself, let alone for a child – or two, it appears! A shame people like her have the right to conceive, we have enough slack idiots out there, really.” You see what it’s like, newfound diary. I can’t even bring myself to tell him what I want to do. It would be just pointless. So, I decide to address the issue in a different way.


“But Clint is her child. She should have the right to see him if she wants to.”


“Clinton is more my child than he’d ever be hers. You know that, Frankie. And don’t let him fall into her hands. God only knows what she might want to do to the poor boy.”


“But if not for her, we wouldn’t have Clinton in the first place!”

“So what? You don’t become a parent through being unable to keep your junk in your boxers or your cookie in your panties. Being a parent means responsibility. Responsibility is the antonym of Hailey. End of topic. What was it you said about the parade again?” I sigh, quietly voicing my discontent. Waylon just doesn’t understand. Hailey is not perfect, but no one is. Not even him. I think he sometimes forgets about that. You have to forgive others so that you can be forgiven, too.

“I said I wanted to go. You know I’d go to the ends of the earth with you, Way.” I send him a large smile and he kisses it off my face.


“I love you, Frankie. But you sure?”

“This could be fun.”

“Fasten your seat belt, then. I’ll show you everything!”



It wasn’t hard to come up with a plan and then make it reality. The people who love you trust you the most. This is how it was in my case. It breaks my heart that I had to lie to Way about leaving Clinton with a friend from my studies. I told him to wait in the house and prepare his luggage (Waylon always takes forever to pack as he does everything on short notice), and I would drop Clint off at my friend’s house and then we would get into the car to head for Bridgeport. Fortunately, it’s even nearer to Bridgeport from Starlight Shores than from Twinbrook, my home town.

Despite my initial concerns, the parade turns out to be a lot of fun.






Waylon has some face paint from the previous parades he’s been to (how many boyfriends has he had before me, though? I’m a bit too afraid to ask…) and he paints my cheeks with the colors of the rainbow. I also get myself a shirt with a pretty butterfly on it. Rainbow-colored butterfly holds a lot of meaning to me. It symbolizes the freedom to finally be who you are. And it makes me feel super gay – in the initial meaning of this word, of course!



We eventually decide to sit down in the park for a while.


We’ve taken a selfie earlier that day and I am just about to send it to Hannah, when someone taps my arm. I turn around to face a man with a knife in his hand.



He’s so fast I am late to scream. I barely dodge so that the knife doesn’t land in my eye.

“Death to the gays!” The man screams. Waylon is unfortunately too late to react and when tries to take him down, he escapes, heading for the other attenders of the parade. It’s rustling in my ears and I feel blood running down my face. My first instinct is to touch my bleeding nostril. Bad move, because my hand is now covered in blood as well.

“It looks fucking awful, Frankie. We’d better get out of here.” Waylon eyes my face and next thing I know is his hand in mine. I’m being pushed to my feet.





Making our way through the crowd, away from the screams, from the sirens of a police car nearby, away from my attacker… Blood is now dripping down my beautiful new T-shirt.


So much for being free to be who I am, dear butterfly…

Note: Yes, that’s it, finally! So yeah, now are you all fully convinced I’m an evil creature or not yet?

First, I would like to say thank you to heatherfeather19 and LieseMietze whose Simmies I used and they can be found here: Jane and Wendy, Bronson Littler (adult version here, for some reason didn’t install for me) and Ace Wilde. ❤ The rest of them are EA townies from Aurora Skies and Roaring Heights: Viktor Valquist & Jasper Sandstrom, Audrey & Dylan Shear. I would have gathered up more, but I’m still super worn out after the wedding, so you have to forgive me.

Now, the exciting stuff – I somehow managed to make my first two poses!

These are the first shots I’ve taken with them, just went in game and was so shocked to see they actually worked. Of course they are still super imperfect and I’m too embarrased to let anyone share this flawed effect of my work, therefore they’ll be available only to me, because only I can write a_jowita_knife_attacker and a_jowita_knife_frank. Lmao, it’s super amusing that I entered the pride household and had Sam attack Frank. I’ve missed my little psychopath.

But one last thing: it’s just a friendly reminder that no one’ll tell you more about Frank if you kill me now. Thank you for your attention and now excuse me, because I’m off to Russia tomorrow (partly to escape my punishment from you, but it’s also how I’m going to spend my holidays). Take care! ♥

Edit: I uploaded the poses and they can be download here.


37 thoughts on “Bonus Post: From the life of Frank Cavender #2”

  1. Wow! This was very cool, Jowita! I really liked the parade and Frank was so darn cute with his face paint and butterfly shirt. I hope Frank’s lie about where Clint really is doesn’t catch up to him. And I hope he will be all right, too. Oh, that little psychopath!

    Congratulations on your first adventure with making poses! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you liked it despite the fact that Frank got hurt.
      Honestly, I was dying from cuteness shooting for this chapter. Frank is so precious and it warms my heart seeing him so happy. I hope he’ll be alright, too. You know, at least it wasn’t Sam who hurt him (like in my first testing pictures), just a random guy. Fortunately, our beloved psychopath is still in jail!
      Thank you so much, Kym. I’ve made 6 so far and really enjoying it.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope Frank stays okay despite the wound. It definitely is a life-changing moment for him, as you will later see how it’s going to impact his life. Yeah, Waylon loves Frank, no matter what 🙂

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  2. Woah, Waylon doesn’t hold back at all 😂 I can’t say I disagree with him though, when he says Hailey is one of Frank’s poorest life choices… I mean, she ruined his family dynamic, though Cedric was just as guilty, and even though she helped him out in high school, I don’t know if that’s enough to make up for that… lol, I’d maybe just say it with a bit more kindness than Way.
    Man, I hope Waylon doesn’t blow up at him if/when he finds out Clint is with Hailey, but since Frank’s injured, maybe he’ll get a pass. 😇 Guess what, I’m actually not going to join the angry mob this time because I really thought something worse was going to happen. Frank could’ve been killed or blinded (Waylon too) in comparison, a scar is manageable. So I’ll save my pitchfork for the next time a tragedy occurs, which is bound to happen eventually in this story 😂 Enjoy your trip! Will you be watching any World Cup matches?
    Looking forward to the next chapter 😊

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    1. I forgot I was also going to say congrats on the pose making as well! 🎊 Haha somehow it was very fitting to see Sam be the attacker in the ending photos you attached 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you 🙂 I’ve made 6 poses so far, the rest of them will be shown in the chapter on Saturday, but none of them is quite ready to be out for everyone to grab. I hope to work on getting the details right after I return from my trip.
        It was fitting indeed 😂

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    2. Woah, for a moment there I thought there was a new person on my blog. Such a pretty new avi, Amy!
      Yeah, you thought Frank doesn’t hold back last chapter, but in reality he just quoted his husband’s words. He is right, Hailey did a lot of bad stuff in Frank’s life and being his husband makes him very sensitive to people hurting him or having bad influence on him. I mean, you don’t even have to be his husband to be super protective of Frank. He triggers those feelings just by being who he is! Way is honest to the core and not everyone can take that, which is the reason why some of my readers don’t like Way. I, on the other hand, love him exactly for that. Because we have this trait in common.
      Yes, I think there will be worse things to worry about when Frank’s injured. Waylon will definitely be overcome with guilt for making him attend the parade. Wow, I’m saved this time. What, you really thought I was going to make Frank disabled in any way? God, no, I thought it was clear that I have more than a soft spot for this boy. I wouldn’t be capable of that. And I only hurt him for the sake of his character development; more about that later. The tragedy will eventually happen, can’t deny it.
      Thank you! No, just a trip visiting the most famous places and some memorable ones, like Katyń, which is very important for Polish people due to the horrifying event that occurred there during WW2 (murder performed on Polish officers who were shot in their backs). So Moscow, Sankt Petersburg, Katyń, Smoleńsk (no idea how these are in English, but…) I have posts already done so you’ll be fine as far as reading material goes.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww thank you~ I’ve been taking a lot of photos for fun recently ☺️
        Yeah, I remember thinking he was harsh, but he’s nothing compared to Waylon. But like you said, it makes sense he’d be super protective of him, I mean, we all are super harsh on Hailey because of how she treats frank too 🤷‍♀️ Even though his word choice is a bit harsh (pinhead? Lol) I can respect that about Waylon. I’m glad hurting Frank isn’t something you’d consider.
        Oh okay! Yeah I remember learning a bit about that in history 💔 terrible what people are capable of. I’m not surprised you worked ahead 😆 I hope you have a nice time! 💕

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Everyone else has already said enough. LOL 🙂
        I will say that I am proud of the way Waylon spoke to Frank about Hailey. He didn’t hold anything back. My friend adopted a baby boy from a girl who got pregnant at 15. My friend and her husband are the boy’s parents, not the teenager who happen to give birth to him. So, I can totally see where Waylon’s attitude comes from.

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      2. Yes, Waylon is disgusted if irresponsible people. Frank, on the other hand, is very responsible and hard-working, which is why he admires him. Waylon, too, made a choice when he decided to grow the child along with his husband, even if they didn’t know each other that well back then. Oh, your friends seem like amazing parents.

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  3. Go Waylon go! I was straight up cheering through his whole rant. “Responsibility is the antonym of Hailey” = exactly. I do think Frank is being far too kind to her, it doesn’t seem to me that she deserves such a darling best friend like him. Yes, no one is perfect, but she’s on a whole other level of imperfectness from Waylon. However, I hope Hailey will prove Way (and I) wrong about her being an irresponsible brat, purely for the sake of her babies, and for Frank’s sanity.
    Like you said to Amy, Way is unlikeable to some and likeable to others due to his straightforward honesty, and I am part of the latter because I am a brutally honest person myself. Certain people need to be told the truth instead of being coddled, because if they go around hurting others due to their ignorance, like Hailey, someone needs to snap them out of it.
    I’m very glad that Frank only got a cut, I was scared he might have been severely injured. He will probably be quite traumatised though 😦
    I love the pride parade pictures. So light and colourful, and of course Frank looks adorable in his rainbow butterfly shirt!
    Yay for posemaking! Good job on your first ones, looking forward to seeing what else you create.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was cheering for him, too. Just because, as I’ve already told you, I could finally say all I wanted to say about Hailey all along. Hailey doesn’t deserve Frank, that’s for sure. He’s way too kind after all she’s done to him, and nothing to really deserve his kindness.
      Definitely, Waylon being imperfect is harmless compared to Hailey, lol. Hopefully, she does. You know, if Waylon could, he would totally drag Frank away from Hailey, so that he wouldn’t talk to her again. He thinks she’s bad influence and I’m not that surprised.
      Yes, that’s the reason. I know some of my readers can’t stand Waylon because of the way he talks and behaves. Most of it what he said about Hailey was a desperate attempt to make Frank realize. But Frank can’t be convinced. During teen years, she used to be his only friend. I am a brutally honest person, too! Yay! Definitely, Hailey needs to hear the truth about herself and her actions.
      Noo, I wasn’t going to do that to Frank. Yes, it’s going to be quite a trauma.
      Oh, I love them, too. Frank looked so happy before the attack 😧
      I’ve created 6 so far and the rest of them will be shown in the next chapter. I need to work some of them, though, before I make them available for the public.

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  4. Poor, poor Frank. And just when he was coming out of his shell a little… hopefully he’ll have better experiences in the future so he can live a little more freely.
    I don’t care much for Waylon’s rant about Hailey. Sure, he’s right about what he’s saying, but he’s being so unpleasant and negative. I don’t react well to that, to be honest. But I can see everyone else is on board, so it’s probably just my personal issue.
    It was so cute up until the time of that attack – you are a little evil 😦 At least Frank is okay, though 🙂
    Congrats on starting your pose-making journey! 🙂 I hope it’ll bring you a lot of joy 🙂

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    1. Definitely poor Frank. I hope it doesn’t impact him negatively that much. He was unlucky to have experienced that during his first time at the parade.
      Oh, I am with Waylon, but, as I’ve mentioned, not everyone likes such straightforwardness.
      A little evil, yes. But it could’ve been worse.
      Thank you. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it a lot 🙂 I already am.

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  5. Just now getting to this….I’m sooo late! Waylon and Frank are so different. I hope they make it and all of the things that just happenened don’t tear them apart. Waylon can’t stand Hailey and Frank loves her. So he lied to Waylon….not good. The. Giving in to something you really didn’t want to do and getting hurt and probably permanently disfigured, well, that can change things too and I can see Frank blaming Waylon. So with Frank hurt, Waylon will most assuredly find out who is or isn’t watching Clinton. Sounds like some additional conflict for them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t worry, things happen and real needs our attention.
      Waylon and Frank are practically polar opposites. Hopefully, their relationship goes through the challenge and this doesn’t end up badly for them. Yes, Hailey and Frank are very close. But his husband don’t like the fact that they are such good friends. He definitely brings up some good points, but not really in a polite way.
      Oh, hopefully it’s not just a beginning of a brand new conflict.

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  6. That was an exciting trip, hopefully Frank’s injury won’t be too bad. But it is just the other side of the coin. There can always be someone, who doesn’t like who you are and what you do, without even knowing you. and it’s logically, that those people have an instinct for chosing the one, who seems to be weekest. I can understand Frank, as he didn’t like the thought to be among those crowd. He’s a timid person and I think, he wouldn’t like any crowd with him in the center. I also can imagine the feeling of freedom among so many people living a related lifestyle.
    Waylon judges hard on Hailey. It’s easy to see, what issues someone has you don’t like very much.
    But he didn’t “walk in her shoes” and was supported by his parents most time of his life.
    I’m curious about his reaction, when he finds out that Frank lied to him about Clinton being with his mother.
    I enjoyed this special very much, what a nice surprise to see my boys so nicely presented.
    Could be the shirt, that prevented Bronson to show up as an adult in your game. Sorry about that, but you did a good job on him. Ace matches pretty accurately. Thank you for using them.
    The poses look super for being the first ones. I knew you would learn it in no time.
    Enjoy your trip to Russia and come back healthy. 🙂

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    1. It was a good departure from usual. I always enjoy seeing Bridgeport with my lighting mod, didn’t harm that I enhanced the pictures a little bit, but it looked pretty. I don’t usually play there, so it was nice to remind myself how it is playing in a big city.
      You’re right, there’s always someone who’s against you and you can’t really help it. There’s no way in the world that everyone will like you. Just not going to happen. Frank is a very timid person, a shy, loveable guy, who definitely can be considered the weakest in this crowd. It’s easy to spot him and he definitely felt a bit out of place and less comfortable than the other attenders. It was first time at the parade for him. Waylon, for example, has been attending most of his life and he’s a very outgoing person who enjoys company. Their personalities are very, very different. Definitely he was feeling free and understood for once in his life. Sadly, the feeling didn’t last long and he was brought back to reality in a harsh way.
      Yes, it’s easy to see, but not easy to be considerate and think of how it is being another person and living another lifestyle. Growing up plays a crucial role in who the person turns out to be. Waylon had a really good childhood with supportive parents. So he’s a bit of a spoiled kid. He can’t imagine a life like Frank’s with his homophobic father and an unstable marriage between his parents, or like Hailey’s who didn’t have neither of her parents growing up, her grandmother was very distant and acted weirdly with her newly found maternal instinct, and her grandfather passed way too early, just as she was really entering teenagehood. His relation can’t be good. But maybe he doesn’t find out…
      I’m very glad you enjoyed this special. A change of a perspective and scenery is always refreshing. I had a lot of fun with your boys, all CC showed up for me with no troubles, I downloaded the hair separately to be sure. Don’t know what it was with Bronson, but it popped up a message telling me I needed to update my game or something like that. So I edited his teenage version in CAS. No need to thank me. Thank yourself for uploading them. It was lovely to feature them as my special guests, just as you featured Ethan. I always like grabbing new Sims for my gatherings or stuff like that. Great chance to introduce other people’s Sims, even if just for a while.
      Thank you so much, you’re too kind. I’ve been messing with Blender a lot before I came up with them. I still need a lot practice, have made six so far.
      Also thank you for your good wishes. I’m disappearing to enjoy some sightseeing.

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  7. I must admit that Waylon, in this bonus, was annoying just like in the beginning. Firstly, their reunition. Maybe he felf a bit sorry for Frank, but he, deep down, knew that Frank will agree. Frank is dovish, and Waylon has to have his own way. Waylon’s “making sure” that Frank is okay with this decision was fake, for me. I mean, he had more reasons to ejnoy rather than worry and wonder why Frank changed his mind.
    Secondly, his opinion about Hailey, it’s getting boring. We all know he doesn’t like her, but he should refrain from this kind of comments. She is Frank’s best friend and it’s awful, when Frank has to hear about Hannah in this way. Everyone has flwas, even Waylon. It’s so sad that he is forgetting about that, because I could mention his flaws in a short time. Waylon is unbearable. It’s good he doesn’t know that Hailey is babysitting Clinton. He would kill her with his highly intelligent insult or take a leaf out of the aggressor with the knife?
    It’s horrible that even in Bridgeport someone will attack you if you are a homosexualist. Why this guy must choose Frank? The most vulnerable participant… I hope he will be punished, and Frank is fine, because one of my favourite character must be okay.
    Congratulations for making your own pose. It’s great, you have an imagination. When I saw Sam on Frank, I wanted to say – “wrong person, choose Waylon”. Yes, I like him so much 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I knew you’d think that Waylon was annoying, though you know I still like him.
      I don’t know if it was fake as you think. Waylon loves Frank no matter how much annoying he might sound to you. He felt horrible after their quarrel and wanted to be the dovish one this time. But he eventually had his way. He’s a lawyer after all, isn’t he? Means he fights hard to get what he wants. Waylon loves getting his way. He’s exactly the type who would do anything to achieve his goal. And let’s admit that – Frank’s not the hardest to convince, especially if we’re talking about the people he loves.
      It IS getting boring. I’m sorry, I’m using Waylon to voice my own discontent with Hailey as my heir and most of his opinions is just my frustration shining through. I know it might seem like forcing it “a little bit”. He should refrain, but come on, we all know he won’t. That’s Waylon we’re talking about. He believes that he does everything right by trying to protect Frank from toxic people like Hailey is in his eyes. But Hailey has been in the picture longer than him, that’s why Frank chose to lie to him about Clint to help out Hailey rather than refuse giving her Clint to take care of. Oh yes, everyone has their weak points and Waylon definitely does have some, i.e. his giant ego. Err… Don’t think Waylon’s a murderer, though, that’s not Sam we’re talking about!
      It is horrible, but things like that happen still 😦 Yes, Frank was an easy target. We all know he’s vulnerable and wasn’t feeling well on this gathering. Frank must be okay!
      Thank you so much. Ohh, you do love Waylon so much. ❤️

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  8. I’m so sorry for my late comment! 😥
    This bonus was very cool! I loved seeing sweet reserved Frank finally liberating himself, even just a little bit ❤
    But the way Waylon talked about Hannah, that kinda rubbed me the wrong way. He really doesn't give Frank and his choices much credit. He's mostly right of course, but I guess it's his way of saying it that bothers me I guess! And he prefers to leave his kid with some stranger he's never seen before and knows nothing about than his own birth mother?! Who's the irresponsible one there Waylon?
    Poor Frank! 😦 Fortunately what happened to him wasn't *that* tragic (except maybe if that scar takes a symbolic meaning as well – which I hope not)!
    And lol, I loved seeing Sam at the role of the offender in your pose! 😂 Good call, I kinda missed him for some weird reason, hehe!
    And congratulations on making your first poses! Here's to making many many more! 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no, you’re two days late, we’re not friends anymore! 😂
      I’m so glad you enjoyed this bonus. Frank was really happen even if for a short while. But that could be a good start.
      Yeah, I guess I have Hailey defenders in my comments, but no matter what you think, the last heir I really liked was Dellie, which is probably due to the fact that he was the last one I chose traits for. But uh… Frank’s choice in friends wasn’t really the best one, was it? Well, you don’t know if it’s a stranger. Clint had to be taken care of at times before, so maybe he knew the person Frank told him about. Hailey, still Hailey’s the irresponsible one. I wonder what you’d say if her taking care of Clint went wrong, lol.
      Ah, yes, he’s a poor fella, that one. I wonder about the scar…
      Yup, it was so funny seeing him again, attacking Frank for no apparent reason in that shirt with heart-shaped bisexual flag on it!
      Thank you so much. I’ve made six so far, but I need more practice.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I’m so surprised to see Jane and Wendy! Thanks for thinking of them, I’m sure they loved attending, well, before someone ruined their party. 😡
    With that said, I’m definitely glad Frank is only injured and nothing worse.

    Ahh, the reason Way was talking about Hailey makes sense now. I do get his frustration, and I don’t think Hailey has any right to see Clint honestly. She’s never treated him like her son. Being a parent means much more than just birthing a child.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I love taking up every occasion I have to feature some familiar faces. Yup, everyone was having a lot of fun until this horrible, insane man showed up. Uh. Thankfully, it isn’t that severe for Frank. But he’s going to have a scar as a reminder.
      Yes, Waylon is protective of both Clinton and Frank and he thinks that Hailey isn’t good influence on neither of them. I also think she isn’t his true parent.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. For a first attempt at making poses, they came out very nicely. 🙂 And what a turn of events!
    Personally, I think Hailey can bring something good if she gets to see Clint once in a while. She seems to have grown up mentally, finally becoming a mother again

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. They have flaws as do all my poses, so I need to clear it out first. As for the breastfeeding, I think I will need to create a whole pose pack as the internet lacks in them and not all Sim mothers want to feed with a bottle!
      She’s grown, but she is too focused on her own children at the moment.

      Liked by 1 person

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